Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

If the end of 2020 was frustrating with the modestness of discounts on promotions, and the prices of goods, taking into account the discount, irresistibly tended to the level of the summer baseline, then the beginning of 2021 raises the question whether there are any promotions in stores. It would seem that the first cyber Monday of the new year should trigger a whole stream of different proposals, but in reality – nothing of the kind. On-call sales with a small discount. And, actually, that’s all. There are only two real ways to save money – to accumulate bonuses for loyalty programs and to take goods on credit at a discount of interest (the so-called “installment plan”). Both have pitfalls. In the first option, stores seek to remove the most popular products from the list of those that can be paid in whole or in part with bonuses, but still allow you to accumulate really significant amounts with bonus points. With the second, something happened that had long been feared. Banks began to track lovers of freebies, refusing to provide loans to those who had previously abused the opportunity to buy goods “in installments”, then closing the debt in one or two payments. For their part, the stores introduce a condition on the impossibility of early repayment of debt before a certain date or enter into the conditions for granting a discount its accrual on the last loan payment. 

All this is quite natural. The market has been in crisis for a year now, and the stores have no prerequisites for prices to go down. So if earlier they had to get rid of old receipts by lowering the price, now it is just enough to wait for a new batch of goods, which will be more expensive than the previous one. Under such conditions, there is no need to expect big discounts. Plus, the crisis with the supply of components limits the possibilities for ordering large quantities, and over-stocking of warehouses ceases to be such a big problem. Probably, when the situation begins to change, we will again see really large-scale sales, but so far the Russian electronics chains will not indulge us with them.

“M Video”

In M.Video, only one of the shares is actually new – Cybernedelya. It is presented in two parts: a catalog of goods for which a discount is obtained when a promo code is entered, and a catalog of goods with discounts. It is also easy to distinguish them in the general catalog. Some have a sticker indicating the amount of the discount, while others are simply labeled as “Cyberdny”. A quick comparison with other chains shows that all (or almost all, some models are unique to M.Video) products are sold at about the same price throughout the federal retail. As usual, someone bet as a discount, someone simply lowered the price, and someone cheats and gives only an increased bonus. In this regard, it makes sense to look towards M.Video for two reasons. Under the loyalty program, you will receive at least a full accrual (some products will give you increased bonuses), and the discount is direct. Lending is available, but it is not possible to pay with bonus savings (only gift certificates are accepted).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

“El Dorado”

The story is exactly the same in Eldorado. Only if in “M.Video” the promotions are called “Cyber ​​Week” and “Cyberdney”, then in “Eldorado” you will be greeted by “Cyberskills” and “CyberSale”. The conditions are exactly the same as the deadline for February 1st. The restrictions are the same. The only tangible difference is in the catalog. In M.Video there is a big bias towards household and kitchen appliances, while in Eldorado there are more proposals for digital devices. There is one important difference between the promotions themselves – concessional lending is available for CyberSale.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136


The situation is about the same in Citylink. Formally, you can count a few more shares here, but if you look at it, it’s the same Cyber ​​Monday, which, like everyone else, stretched out for a week, until January 31st. Actually, the main promotional section on the site is called Cyber ​​Monday. Prices are indicated immediately with discounts, no additional conditions are required to obtain a discount. Of the restrictions – all goods are sold on the principle of “one product in one hand”. Cyber ​​Monday has a separate catalog for legal entities. But not only a separate catalog, but also prices and conditions for obtaining a discount. Here you need to enter a promotional code (some of the products are marked with a label “Already at a discount”, they do not need a promotional code), it is possible to buy several identical products, and there is no compatibility with other promotions and discount offers. Cyberweek for Samsung TVs is also worth it. She has her own section, her own start and end dates, there is no opportunity to purchase goods for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, there is no compatibility with other promotions and it is impossible to buy on credit (a discount on a TV purchased on credit from the promotional list will not be provided). 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

However, there are a number of actions that have nothing to do with Cyber ​​Monday. Until March 27, Citylink has “special prices” for Beats brand headphones. On the same dates as Cyber ​​Monday, but regardless of it, Lenovo Legion 7 laptops are on sale. Discounts for models can be 18, 27 or 45 thousand rubles. An impressive amount even taking into account the fact that the price tag on the model only starts at 136 thousand rubles. Moreover, if you buy in a Lenovo brand store, the price tag for the same models will be high. By all standards, a good offer, if not for everyone. For those who do not need a gaming laptop, but need a “typewriter”, but cheaper, Citylink can offer a promotion for ASUS Vivo laptops. Also very nice price tags at the bottom of the market.


But the DNS network this time again becomes the absolute champion in various proposals. And again, due to the fact that instead of one promotion that unites similar offers, a whole heap of small ones was rolled out here again, one brand in each. Of course, there is a common one called Cyber ​​Monday. There is nothing special in it, a standard offer with everything, everything, everything, offered at a discount until January 31st. But there is also one that really corresponds to the definition of Cyber ​​Monday. This is a long list of suggestions for computers and accessories:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

You can also get a discount on your TV when you buy it with a bracket to mount it. The promotion is valid for models from the brands Philips and Samsung. The degree of profitability of the promotion strongly depends on the selected package. For some options, the offer will be of limited benefit (discount is less than the price of the bracket), in other cases it turns out that it is more profitable to take a TV with a bracket, even if you do not need one.

You can also mark a couple of promotions for smartphones. These are discounts for Tecno (up to 2 rubles) and for Huawei (the brand’s offer is broadcast, the price is the same as in the brand store). They cannot be called mega-profitable, rather they were included in this release as a demonstration of what kind of discounts on smartphones, in principle, can be expected now. Also, I cannot fail to mention the promotions from Digma and GoPro. Digma gives a discount on its DVRs. It is small, up to 000 rubles, but Digma registrars are not premium either. The premium is GoPro MAX 1. And the discount for it is 000 rubles. This is not a DNS offering, so you can search other stores until the end of January. Nikon cameras can also be considered premium. And you can get a discount on them too. But on condition that, in addition to the camera itself, you also buy a certain gadget. The set of gadgets causes some bewilderment (everything, except for graphic tablets, does not look very necessary for a person with a digital mirror), so I have no idea who this action is aimed at. Write in the comments your thoughts, why buy the Nikon D360 Body together with the Lenovo Tab M4 tablet or the kit Nikon Z000 with Nintendo.


In “Svyaznoy” not only “Cyber ​​Monday”, but also Student’s Day. And right up to February 5. And not only for students. In short, it’s just a name for the promotion and a date for the occasion. Because you do not need any student or diploma to prove that you were a student. And the stock products have nothing to do with the students. There was just a date, there were plans for an action, and here you are. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

As for the smaller shares, there is an offer with a discount of 4 rubles for the GoPro Max, which has already been mentioned in relation to the DNS network. You can also get a discount on Recam cameras (in the amount of 000 rubles, provided you use a promo code) and Samsung smart watches (minus 1 rubles for a promo code). As you can see, there are no big discounts on anything, unless the brand itself offers a significant discount.


MTS stores have been the main driver of discounts on phones and smartphones for several years now, so Cyber ​​Monday in the salons of this operator is an event expected for freebie lovers. The catalog, as usual, is very large, and the discounts are very different. Since the price tag, as always, is crossed out by the one that was larger, it is difficult to estimate the true scale of the distribution of elephants. Offhand, I could not find any super-profitable offers, at first glance, everything is like everyone else’s. But I do not exclude that this is my already blurry look, so write in the comments if you see better. But I noticed that MTS is adding more and more devices to the discount offers that do not have a direct discount, but only give increased bonuses, which have long ceased to be as attractive as before.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

Separately, the share from Huawei is highlighted. The declared amount of the discount is up to 5 thousand rubles. And the minimum is zero rubles. Yes, this is such a special offer with discounts. In fact, of course, formally, the product is really promotional – it offers an increased bonus (so-called cashback) and a preferential lending program (so-called installment plan). But you must admit that when you enter a catalog where you are promised benefits of up to 5 rubles, it’s rather strange to see a price tag without any discount on the goods.


MegaFon runs Cybernedelya until January 31st. The action combines several types of discounts – some products are offered simply at a discount, some require a promo code, somewhere the discount is indicated up to 10 thousand rubles, and somewhere – up to 30% of the cost. In general, it does not look any different from other networks. But there is a large set of offers from Huawei:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 136

There are also increased discounts on trade-in for Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones. Of course, if you have a smartphone in good condition, then this discount will in no way be comparable to the amount that you can get for it in the secondary market, but if you change the device due to the fact that your old one has already served, then this is interesting sentence. As well as a discount by a promotional code on an iPhone. Including new models. 

Do you know about interesting offers outside of federal retail? Write in the comments!

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