Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

In all previous issues, I talked about the fact that everything is getting more expensive, so you won’t be able to save money on buying electronics, by and large. Simply because prices have increased in comparison with mid-2020 and there is no chance that they will return to the same level any time soon. But this is the reality, you already have to live with it. Including on holidays, before which, willingly or not, many people need to buy gifts. So stop worrying about the days gone by, let’s talk about what you can find right now in federal electronics chains with discounts or other pleasant bonuses.

“M Video”

Many promotions were launched in M.Video at once, each of which is of a certain interest. First, there are a couple of sales. One of them is an offer with a promo code. In fact, the store simply gathered in one place everything that can be bought at a discount if you enter a promo code. The promised benefit is up to 20 thousand from the base price. Actual savings will vary, depending very much on the actual value of the item. The WOW proposal also adjoins it. No, it’s not a wow offer, but with that name. You can get a 10% discount for one more day using the WOW10 promo code, and WOW8 will give a discount on the iPhone until February 22. The second big sale is the usual offer at weekend prices (for those who bother, they are valid since Thursday). Again, this is just a selection of products for which the store has dropped the price tag a little. Also, a whole section in the promotional part of the site is a selection for those who play. For the most part, this is just a broadcast of discounts from manufacturers. If you are interested in something specific for gaming, it is convenient to look at the dedicated section. In part, the catalog overlaps with the previous action.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

As for the sales from individual brands, they have also been updated in M.Video. And Samsung is in the lead here. At the start of sales of the Galaxy S21 series, you can get two discounts at once. The first is the “Your Price” program. Gives a discount of 7-9 thousand rubles for new items. The second is an additional discount of 15 thousand rubles, if, when purchasing a new product, you hand over your old device to trade-in. It is added to the cost of the model handed over, but, as a rule, upon acceptance in the store, your smartphone will be appreciated at a minimum, so it is more logical to hand over what gives a discount, but no longer has value. Further, Samsung continues to give discounts on TV sets and soundbars to it. The discount is very good, but be careful not to find out that the TV is given at a discount for the reason that it is a display case. OLED screens are unlikely to benefit from many hours of use on the counter, not to mention the fact that the parts in the kit have long been lost. The discount on such TVs should be much greater than the one traditionally offered by the store. But the story with Samsung TVs in M.Video does not end there. There is also an action aimed at popularizing interior TV sets that are relatively new for the market. As a gift to this, they give another traditional one. However, it should be borne in mind that those offered as a gift are models of outdated series. Given that they belong to Smart TVs, this can negate all the benefits of the purchase. Something similar is being carried out by Sony. There is only one promotion, but depending on the model, it may contain either a second TV as a gift, or a discount on a soundbar. And the last thing for M.Video is a discount of 4 thousand rubles on the GoPro HERO8 Black camera. The offer is from the brand, so you can search for it at the same cost from all official suppliers.

“El Dorado”

The second brand of stores has long been a unified electronics sales network, this time demonstrating a minimum of independence. The only question is which shares “Eldorado” highlights, and which – not. Plus, as a standard reminder that the small details in the conditions of the promotions between M.Video and Eldorado differ and may be critical in a particular case. By February 14, the store launched Your Favorite SALE. In general, this is the same #EldoSALE, only by February 14th. You can choose a refrigerator or a washing machine, and put a valentine inside it. Or Valentina / y. And spice it up with budget Honor. This is if you don’t like promotional codes. If you like, you can choose all the same, but within the framework of a different promotion. The difference is mainly in the catalog – if at your favorite Sale you will be mainly offered to purchase household appliances, then in “Give gifts from Eeldorado” mainly electronics.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

There is also a promotion for gamers called Gamer’s Day, as well as a discount on EA games. The first is the sale of “gaming” computers and accessories to them. Of course, Samsung’s shares have not gone anywhere. Here is a TV as a gift when you buy a TV. Here is also a gift in the form of a TV, but when buying an interior TV. And here is a TV and a frame as a gift when you buy a TV of The Frame series. And here’s another gift in the form of a 4K TV when buying an 8K TV. 

Smaller devices include promotions for smartphones and fitness bracelets. For the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5, the price is reduced to 2 rubles. And when you buy a Huawei Watch GT490 smartwatch, they give you a pair of Huawei Mini Speaker as a gift. There are also discounts on smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. List of models, let’s be honest, so-so. And it can be supplemented with all the same offers for new items from Apple and Samsung, which, not only are included without a charger block, but also stand like a wing from Elon Musk’s rocket. Even taking into account discounts and trade-ins. Therefore, it is better to look at the GoPro Hero 9 for 8 thousand (versus the usual 31 thousand) or the GoPro Hero 35, to which as a gift you will be given one of the suitable accessories (battery, head mount or monopod tripod). 


In “Citylink” again skip Valentine’s Day in favor of preparation for February 23rd. As one song said: “This, I understand, is a holiday, not like March 8th.” In fact, this is a revision to the date of the traditional heading “Already at a discount” and a promotional code. Accordingly, either you immediately see the final price of the product, or you will need to enter the FORHIM promo code after you place the product in the cart. Although, to be honest, on February 14, Citylink is not ignored. There is an action called “For the most loved ones”. But the love for it is specific – these are discounts on Ubisoft games from February 8 to March 8. The same “love” can be found from Electronic Arts (until March 21st).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

Among other promotions, I would like to note an offer for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. For them until February 28, the LOWPRICE promo code is valid, giving a discount of up to 40% of the cost of the goods. For everyone else, another (now until March 11) renewal of discounts on Huawei laptops is offered. You can save 17 or 20 thousand rubles, depending on the chosen model. Until February 14, there is a 100% discount on the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet, but on condition that you buy one of the brand’s smartphones – Honor 10X, 30S or 30i. Until the end of February, Citylink has a 15% discount on Alcatel Internet centers, and, like everyone else, the cost of GoPro HERO14 Black has been reduced until February 8.


There is a large scattering of small shares in the DNS again, so for your convenience I will combine them into thematic groups. Let’s start with gamers. For them there is:

Smartphones, Phones and Tablets:

Accessories and camcorders:

TVs and audio equipment:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

Computer technology:


There are not so many shares in Svyaznoy that would not duplicate offers from other federal networks. The main ones, probably, should be called proposals for the promotion of new models of smartphones. These are the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Huawei P Smart 2021 series. The maximum discount on Samsung is stated at 24 thousand rubles, taking into account the discount and trade-in. The discount on the new product from Huawei is much smaller, but this is understandable if you look at the difference in price between the “state employee” and the flagship. In addition to new smartphones, they are offering discounts on new TWS earbuds from Honor. At the start of sales in Svyaznoy, the HONOR TWS Magic Earbuds model will cost 1 rubles less if you use a promotional code. The Honor Watch GS Pro smartwatch can drop in price by 000 rubles, also subject to the use of a suitable promotional code. On the “fly in, fall in price” principle, we can recommend stocks for GoPro HERO2 action cameras and Samsung smartwatches. The models for the market are not new, but they cannot be called outdated either. The price tag looks quite adequate against the background of the current level.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137


Of course, MTS did not pass by the promotion of discounting Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. But they did not add anything of their own. The conditions (undoubtedly coming from the representative office of Samsung in Russia) are the same – the maximum discount is 24 thousand rubles, provided that two options are used: a discount on a new product and the handover of the device to trade-in. Apart from that, there is another option to save money on Samsung. Buying two accessories for Galaxy A series smartphones will give you a 30% discount. It sounds good, but you need to understand that accessories for the Galaxy A series mean screen protectors, glasses and covers. Of course, the price of some of them may exceed the amount of 3 rubles, but in most cases it will still not be about such significant savings in absolute terms for the buyer.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137


In the salons of “MegaFon” revelry Huawei / Honor. Yes, yes, we perfectly remember that these are not just different brands, but also two different companies, but it just so happened that customers perceive them as a whole. Therefore, we will not procreate entities and talk about what is:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

But Huawei is not the only one that MegaFon stores are strong. They also have boxes with Samsung in their stash boxes, which also need to be quickly distributed among the happy Russians. So that smartphones are distributed faster, and there is more happiness, discounts of up to 15 thousand rubles are offered on almost all models (the discount depends on the specific model). And for some there is also an additional discount for handing over the old device to trade-in. And this is not a duplication of the action, which I have repeatedly spoken about above – the list of models is wider, it includes not only new items, but also older (by the time of their debut on the market) models. A separate promotional code for discounts is also available for Samsung watches. You can save on them from 1 to 440 rubles.

And a special bonus for those who love the best Chinese smartphones or think that only the iPhone is a real modern smartphone (and therefore there is no discount on it, because you have to pay in full for supernovae technologies). So, catch it. A discount of 2 rubles for a promotional code for Redmi Note 000, which is almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note, but for 9 rubles (excluding the discount). Discounts from 18 to 990 thousand rubles for the iPhone 2 and iPhone SE series and additional discounts for trade-in on them in the same amount.


In the salons of “Beeline” you can also find discounts on new Samsung products and not so new from Apple. In the first case, they promise up to 24 thousand for a trade-in and novelty, and in the second – up to 30 thousand for a trade-in, with a communication package and accessories. As you can see, the protective price tags are already actively beginning to melt, acquiring the first modest discounts on certain conditions. So far, of course, conditions (especially in the case of Apple) do not allow us to talk about big savings, but the trouble is the beginning. The main thing is that the always wooden one does not dive somewhere. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 137

For more budget Samsung smartphones, another promotion is available. Buy a smartphone, connect the option “2 500 | 3 | 500 rubles for communication through the action ”and you will receive“ Yandex.Station mini ”or some other accessory as a gift. Headphones, bracelet or smart watch. It sounds profitable, especially since the money spent on connecting the option will be returned to you in the form of communication services. Although, of course, I would like a gift just like that. But even Xiaomi will not give you just like that in Beeline. Although, when did you ever see stores handing out phones just like that? Therefore, getting ready to buy Xiaomi at Beeline, remember. It will become 4 or 500 rubles cheaper due to free communication services, if you buy accessories with it for an amount of 1 rubles or more. All the pitfalls of “promotional communication services” have not gone away, read carefully the terms of the option to understand how much money you will really save.

Do you know about any other promotions that were not included in the review? Write in the comments!

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