Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

Tomorrow will be the last weekend of the calendar winter, which means that very soon the holiday of March 8, so it’s time to think about gifts. And it would not be superfluous to save money. Let’s take a look at what is available in federal retail stores that specialize in electronics. And I will immediately remind you of the previous edition of the “Promotions and Discounts Guide”. Despite the past weeks, it has not lost its relevance, many promotions were announced by stores with an eye to all holidays at once.

“M Video”

By tradition, we start with M.Video. Of the new shares, it is worth noting, as usual, the loud promise of a discount of up to 80%. But in the description of the action, the store immediately clarifies that the declared amount of the discount is only taking into account the previously issued promotional codes for the action “Get a discount”. At the same time, promotional codes that are issued within the framework of an already new promotion give a discount of only up to 30%. Its maximum size is also limited – up to 20 thousand rubles. In general, there is a cut in the ability to save, even taking into account promotional codes. Not to mention the fact that these are promotions of the type favored by stores, when the discount is given only to those who have already purchased the product. 

It’s the same story with promotional codes that don’t involve pre-purchase. WOW codes have been cut to three denominations: 8% discount, 10% discount and 15% discount. On the one hand, 8% is better than the basic approach to start discounts at 5%, but a maximum of 15% is very little. Moreover, there are no expensive goods in this category anymore. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

As for thematic or branded promotions, first of all I would like to note the offers for gamers. Gaming is a non-gender concept, so gifts by March 8 may well be found in this section. For Playstation fans – here. For everyone else – right here. In the last section, not everything is discounts, many positions are products with additional bonuses accrued to the loyalty card. By brands, offers in M.Video are available from Nokia – a discount of 1 rubles on a Nokia 500 smartphone, from Honor – a discount of up to 3.4 rubles is possible for all brand products and a discount of up to 16 rubles from Xiaomi for smartphones. 


In Beeline stores, the most notable campaign is for Samsung smartphones. It is not new, but it is worth reminding about it for the reason that it will end on March 3. So if you are going to delight the beautiful half of humanity with Samsung smartphones and not go broke, then you should not especially delay. The maximum benefit, as the seller promises, is 24 thousand rubles in savings. They consist of two parts: trade-in discounts and discounts for purchases with accessories. Of course, you can use only part of the promotional offer. Then the discount will be limited to 15 and 000 rubles, respectively. And, of course, the price of an old smartphone handed over to trade-in will not necessarily be equal to one ruble. The choice is even easier with accessories. They mean protective films and glasses, cables, cases, sets of batteries, monopods, headphones, headsets, car holders, cleaning products, portable chargers, memory cards, USB-drives. And you can collect a whole set of them, the main condition is that the amount you give for accessories must be at least 9 rubles.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

“El Dorado”

If M.Video promotes the Honor brand, then Huawei is in the first place in Eldorado. And the discount for them is more – up to 20 thousand rubles. The selection is dedicated to February 14, but the offer is still valid, so you have time. As usual, it covers all positions of the brand, from the simplest accessories to laptops. The accrual of increased bonuses will also be a pleasant bonus if you are a regular customer of Eldorado. There are no additional conditions for the promotion. If you need a smartphone, but not Huawei with these, you know, troubles with an application store, where there is almost everything, but an honest Chinese smartphone with an honest Android OS, then the offer from Xiaomi will come in handy. It is exactly the same as in M.Video, with a maximum discount of up to 7 thousand rubles. The difference can only be in what devices, in what color and configuration will be available. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

And if not a smartphone, but a TV? And then Eldorado will have an offer. And right off the bat – the 8505 Performance Series from Philips. This is a 4K smart TV based on Android OS, with screens from 50 to 65 inches. And very humane by the standards of class and size, price tags from 46 thousand rubles. This is subject to discounts. Without the discount, it would have cost 14 thousand more. As with other shares in Eldorado from this issue, there are no additional conditions for obtaining a discount.


If Beeline offers discounts on top-end Samsung, then MegaFon focuses your attention on the more popular M-series. Large batteries and undemanding hardware make these smartphones very popular with those who cannot live from wall outlet to wall outlet. And, as a rule, these are those buyers who are attentive to literally every thousand rubles. Therefore, it is impossible to pass by the discount of 4 thousand rubles on the Galaxy M31S and 2 thousand rubles on the Galaxy M21. Of course, this is not as impressive as the $ 24 savings on the new flagship, but any of these devices initially costs less than that discount. And then there is the operator’s 1 rubles for communication services. But it’s not that simple. You will need to meet three conditions. First, to have or to purchase a MegaFon number from a certain tariff line. Secondly, hand over the old device to trade-in. Thirdly, you will need to make a prepayment for communication services. Yes, the latter will return to you with an increment, but right away you will pay not at all the money shown by the advertising price tag. And this is a completely different story from the point of view of psychology, colloquially called a toad.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138


In “Citylink” a big campaign started by March 8. As you might guess, this is again not a new and special offer, this is a redesign in accordance with the current moment of the traditional sale, which goes on almost constantly. Again, the products “Already at a discount” and “Super price”, of which the former are immediately shown taking into account the discount, and for the latter, you need to enter a promotional code to receive a discount. The promo code this time is FORHER. The promotion does not have any additional conditions, here again everything is unchanged. The only thing left to add is that, despite being dated March 8, the offer will be available until March 11. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

It was an action for individuals, and for legal entities another one, “Business Proposal”, will be running at the same time. The promised size of the discount is up to 50%. Products are also marked with a “already on sale” marker, so no promotional codes are required. But there is a condition, which is unusual for promotions for legal entities, that there can be no more than two items in one order of one position in one order of one position. Despite the fact that firms often buy the same computers or smartphones in quantities much more than a couple of pieces, they decided to protect the store from problems with outbidding. Why is an interesting question, because the discount is not so great that someone would seriously consider the possibility of enriching themselves with the percentage of the difference in price that Citylink has in comparison with the market average.

In addition to the aforementioned big sales, you can also find products from the Hiper brand and Keenetic routers with a discount in Citylink. Hiper offers you various accessories and smart home elements until February 28th. Discounts are small, as are the cost of the items themselves. Keenetic also gives not too big discounts, but this is also related to the cost of goods. Routers are offered at home level, so the price tag for them does not go beyond 7 thousand rubles.


Two notable promotions have appeared in MTS stores, both of them from Chinese brands. The first one is a trade-in discount when buying Xiaomi smartphones. Above, I have already mentioned the variations of this proposal from other networks. In MTS the action is called “Trade-in light”. It promises a discount of up to 4 thousand rubles, which will be available to buyers of the Xiaomi Redmi 9, Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9. Among the remarkable features is that you do not actually need to hand over anything to the trade-in. When buying online, you just need to enter the appropriate promo code. When buying offline in a store, you can simply show a photo of the old device and inform the seller about your desire to take part in the promotion. In short, we can say that until March 12, a discount of up to 4 thousand rubles is valid on the Xiaomi model.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

The second promotion is an offer from Huawei. It is split into two parts. Until February 28, you make a purchase of a promotional product, in which you are given a promotional code. From February 24, this promo code can be sold as a discount on Huawei’s promotional product. The discount can be up to 30% of the product price. They promise to accept promotional codes until March 15.


The DNS store is usually renowned for the fact that a simple listing of promotions can easily take a page. And these are only those that have a direct discount or include a gift, without taking into account bonuses under the loyalty program or profitable lending. But not at this time. There are proposals, they are not bad, but there are not as many of them as before. On the other hand, a new type of discount has appeared, which has not been previously encountered in this network. Some products are now cheaper if you pay online. Now there are two such proposals. Discounts up to 1 rubles can be obtained by purchasing Blackview smartphones in this way. Up to 000 rubles (and possibly more, this is the maximum that I could find in the assortment of Moscow stores) discounts for online payment will be offered to buyers of JBL audio equipment. At the same time, there is just a discount for some positions, with which the online discount is summed up. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

Although this is not about discounts, I must say. The DNS store website is one of the most buggy, and with confusing glitches. This time, many promotional positions look strange. Immediately under the attractive picture there is an unattractive inscription: “All the kits have already been sold out …”. At first, I even thought that a rather commonplace phenomenon had really happened – the promotion started a few days ago, was profitable, and everyone was swept away before the completion date approached. However, no. These are not kits sold out, this is just a template error, there were no kits in the action initially, this is clear from its description. It is no less confusing that there are positions in the lists of promotional products that have no discount. And here, simply reading the description of the action does not solve the problem – only a comparison with the price tags of other stores, after which the question involuntarily arises, is it really a promotional product, because it can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Or for the same money. In general, be careful, don’t take DNS at its word! And now – a list of what is offered at a discount:

Plus a discount on a router from Xiaomi, provided that you buy it together with a Xiaomi smartphone. This is just a bundle promotion, so there are no mistakes. If necessary, you can replace the smartphone model in the standard offer, the promotion is not rigidly tied to the combination of models.


In “Svyaznoy” you are promised that you can win no less than the new Playstation 5 console. And the chances of this happiness will be every day until April 3. The conditions for participation in the drawing are extremely simple, but immediately hinting that your chances, on the one hand, are few, but on the other, they are still quite high. The fact is that the condition for participation in the drawing is the purchase of goods in “Svyaznoy” in the amount of 15 thousand rubles or more. The check will contain a special code that can be registered on the site in order to take part in the drawing. Every day the console will be raffled among all those who registered their check on that day. Since there are relatively few such registrations per day, the chances of winning are high. The downside is that you can register only once, one check at a time, and the very next day you need a new purchase to try your luck a second time.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

I will mention two of the actions that do not require checking their luck. Discounts of 2 thousand rubles (maximum, depends on the chosen gadget) until March 8 are valid for realme wearable electronics. And until February 28, up to 50% discount will be on controllers and accessories for the Playstation 4 console. In addition to the actual gamepads, only a charger for them is offered. In Moscow, there is practically no choice anymore, but the action is valid throughout the country, so check the availability in your region.

If you know about promotions and discounts that are not included in this review, write in the comments!

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