How to stay in touch using instant messengers and cards, even with a negative balance?

The most important thought!

“Beeline” introduced the “Zero insurance” service. Messengers, maps, navigators and Beeline services are available even with a negative balance for 24 hours. Service FREE… Access to popular applications is activated for 24 hours every time the balance runs out and the number is blocked.

A nice feature is that while “Insurance at zero” is used, the Internet package included in the tariff will not be spent.

Why is it needed?

Not so long ago, an unpleasant situation occurred: the mobile Internet suddenly stopped working, and when trying to call, a polite electronic voice said that there were not enough funds in the account. The situation was all the more incomprehensible because I had a prepaid package tariff, and only a week ago a new paid period began. Subsequently, it turned out that the fee for the music was written off, which took the balance by a few rubles into minus. According to the law of meanness, I was out of town, left the second smartphone at home (under the slogan “less equipment on the day off!”), And it turned out to be problematic to replenish the account from the card, since banking applications need the Internet (but it doesn’t! As a result, I put my phone down and had a wonderful day off in nature without a phone, and in the evening I paid for the call from home. Unfortunately, this is a one-in-a-million case when you can afford to be disconnected for the whole day.

Here, of course, they can object to me that there are options that allow you to go into the minus. One of my operators even mentions full trust in the name of this option. Apparently, from the operator’s side to me, since I don’t trust him and I prefer to just know that no matter what happens, I’m definitely not going to stay owed. For such distrustful individuals (like me), Zero Insurance is ideal. Everything is always paid for and provided for, but no one canceled force majeure.

How to stay in touch using instant messengers and cards, even with a negative balance?

What services does the service work for?

Access to applications is provided on smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems through the official application clients.


ICQ, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber provide the ability to exchange text and voice messages, make and receive calls, as well as view received files and share your own. It is quite logical that the transition from applications by external links is not available.


The most widespread cartographic services have been connected to the Beeline service. Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Navigator and Google Maps provide an opportunity to build routes, check traffic congestion and search for necessary addresses without authorization in the service, as well as with authorization, if at the time of access activation it has already been done.

Bank card “Beeline”

Beeline has its own bank card. When the “Insurance at zero” service is activated, full card management is available in the application.

How to stay in touch using instant messengers and cards, even with a negative balance?

By the way, the map is worth paying attention to. There is an ordinary one, and there is a credit one with a limit of up to 300 rubles.

The main advantages of the card:

  • Cashback bonuses up to 10% on your favorite categories, which are updated every month
  • Free service
  • Free cash withdrawal at any ATM
  • Bonuses can be used to pay for your tariff or pay them up to 99.99% of the cost of smartphones and accessories in Beeline retail

Beeline even drew a comparison with the cards of other banks. More information about the card can be found here

How to stay in touch using instant messengers and cards, even with a negative balance?

Who is the service available to?

The service is available to all Beeline subscribers, with the exception of two tariffs – “Everything for the Family” and “Simple Family” (without reference to the main number within the framework of the “Delhi Everything” and “Delhi Gigi” services).

How to connect?

If you are not a Beeline subscriber, then you can think about porting a number. Beeline will do everything well and correctly: send a courier, compensate the coin spent for the transfer. By the way, the operator has an eSIM, and now there are discounts. For example, when you connect to the “Not alone at home-2” tariff, you can get a 30% discount for the next six months of service. You can see it here.

If you are a Beeline subscriber, then you can activate the “Insurance at zero” service in the “My Beeline” application, in the special offers section.

Are there subtle points and limitations?

No, but there are two points to keep in mind.

Firstly, it is important that all applications must be installed before the number is blocked due to lack of funds, after blocking the number, application installation / registration is available only via Wi-Fi.

Secondly, if the Always Online service is connected at the same time, it will have priority. Access to the “Insurance at zero” service is activated after the limits for the “Always online” service are exhausted.


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