MegaFon, cleanup month?

Judging by the complaints of users and the operator’s unclear news, in May 2020, MegaFon will actively clean up the subscriber base, forcibly transferring users to less favorable tariffs for them. It seems that this time a lot of people can get “under distribution” on archive tariffs. It is also interesting to look at the tariff created last year especially for such “translators”

We are talking about package offers, tariffs without a monthly fee are a separate issue, although even here cell phones regularly offer such subscribers something “tasty” and non-public. The topic is multifaceted and usually generates a lot of discussions, so we will try not to embrace the immense, but focus more on practical aspects. The rise in the price of communications is an objective process, there is inflation, and the ruble exchange rate, and the growing appetites of the special services, and all sorts of “spring packages”, and much more. The resources of mobile operators are great, but not unlimited, read our review about the forcedly postponed “Yarovaya” here. Enlargedly, there are two main reasons for the forced transfer of a user to another tariff:

  • A legal user of an archive tariff that has become insufficiently profitable for the operator. In the context of constantly growing prices for communication, the operator is not interested in subscribers who stubbornly sit on old, more favorable tariffs for them. I want more money, but the subscriber is not to blame for anything, so they are transferred either to another archive, or to the current one, but with a good discount for six months or a year, or to a non-public tariff.
  • Semi-legal user who got himself a corporate plan for a one-time fee. Conditionally, super-profitable tariffs that are illegally designed and sold to the side by the operator’s employees themselves can be attributed to the same category. If cell phones catch such subscribers, then there is already a high probability of transferring to the current tariff without any discounts, special offers and other ceremonial bowling.

MegaFon, cleanup month?

In general, no one guarantees the “inviolability” of any tariff if the tariff is archived. depends on how this tariff got to the seller. For example, if it is a “collective farm”, then something is unlikely to happen to the tariff, but if the connection is “left”, then the fate of the tariff is unpredictable. Also, the times are now such when many enterprises are forced to close, respectively, and tariffs can be withdrawn from former employees.

You were warned

If you missed, then read the news from April 17, 2020 here. It is called “More opportunities with” MegaFon “and, I remember, I have already seen such a title of the news. At first glance, the news is completely harmless, but in fact it is a warning, a small quote:

“For those who like to watch movies or listen to music – we provide more Internet traffic, for those who call friends and family more often – we select tariffs with a large number of minutes. The needs of subscribers are changing, and we are revising the content of tariffs so that they meet the wishes of users. “

That is, the “filling” of tariffs will be revised and the subscription fee will be increased in accordance with the wishes of users. Not just users, but some violent masochists gathered in MegaFon. One way or another, in May 2020, we can expect active work on transferring subscribers to another tariff and it seems that this time a lot of users will be hooked. Let’s take a look at a sample of what they have to offer.

“Turn on! For you”

Version for Moscow. The tariff is not “left-wing”, it is quite officially existing. Just from the category “personal offer” and, accordingly, non-public.

MegaFon, cleanup month?

You can see the description of the tariff here, if you haven’t removed it yet. At present, the tariff is good, although there are much more profitable options on the illegal tariff “market”. The advantage of this “For you” is that you can hope for stability and not guess how many more weeks / months you will be able to stay on the tariff.

The subscription fee is 400 rubles / month, today it is practically the minimum level for a public package tariff in Moscow, the only cheaper is “Turn on! Write to Tele2, but it is much more modest in terms of package content. Discussed “Get on! For you “in terms of its parameters and price is quite close to the tariff” My Online “Tele2.

The package of minutes is not symbolic, but quite at the level of a good working tariff, 1 minutes to all mobile numbers in Russia. That is, intercity is included in the package of minutes. But calls to fixed line numbers – alas, 000 rubles / min to local city lines and 2 rubles / min to city numbers in other cities. They were greedy with SMS, they are not in the package at all, you will have to pay separately for 5 rubles. for SMS to all numbers in Russia.

MegaFon, cleanup month?

The 8 GB Internet package seems to be not very generous, but look at the set of unlimited limits that consume the main traffic package. They did not “forget” to put in the package Instagram unlimited and even YouTube traffic eater, not to mention music. So for many “popular” user profiles, the basic 8 GB package can be considered additional.

As you might expect, the Internet does not work at all in the modem and router. The subscription fee is debited for the first month on a daily basis, then once a month. I like the tariff, there would be about fifty more SMS and calls to the city from the package to it, so it would be very good for that kind of money.


Those who will be translated from the archived “Switch on” are unlikely to suffer much if they fall for this “Switch on!” For you”. But if in “MegaFon” they take seriously the subscribers of corporate tariffs, then the people will cry. After all, such tariffs are traded, and it is a shame to pay decent money and end up at the usual tariff.

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