“Megaphone”. Tariffs “No overpayments”, new line of 2020


Historically, operators offer updated tariff lines every spring. Throughout the year, tariffs are fine-tuned through marketing campaigns, this is a reaction to the actions of competitors, but the basis is laid in the spring. Therefore, it is important to understand what the basic tariff line looks like, how convenient it is and what the logic is in building tariffs. I hasten to remind you that tariffs differ from region to region, check them on the operator’s website. In this material, I took tariffs in the metropolitan area as a starting point.

But first, you need to understand what questions all operators face in terms of tariffs. The consumer wants simplicity, a clear idea and see exactly what he gets and to what extent. Package tariffs came to the court, they became the basis of any line, but how to make the choice as easy as possible? At MegaFon, big data analysis is responsible for this, computers are fed impersonal subscriber data and then they look at the trends that appear. This is not only the data of MegaFon subscribers, the analysis is carried out according to the profiles of all Russian operators, which is logical, because it is necessary to create an offer for both a loyal audience and those who are not yet in MegaFon. For the line of tariffs “No overpayments”, and this is the name of the family, the data of 20 million subscribers were analyzed. An impressive figure, but before the first acquaintance with the line there was a fear that the tariffs would either be cut in large pieces, which is not needed for many subscribers, or there will be many of them to capture the largest part of the market and offer various solutions.

But familiarity with the line “No overpayments” shows that the selection of tariffs was very simple and successful. The main line of package tariffs is reduced to five tariff plans, as well as two premium ones. In Moscow, one tariff less, since the “Minimum” plan is available only in the regions (for convenience, I will not repeat the name of the line everywhere, just keep in mind that this is “No overpayments. Minimum”).

The line “No overpayments” is perfectly complemented by the previous tariffs, they form a complete offer for any wallet. So, there is a separate tariff without a monthly fee, as well as a converged one with included home Internet and TV, plus a tariff for data transmission, focused primarily on routers and modems. I propose to look at what MegaFon considers the basic services in each package tariff of the No Overpayments line, and then look at each of the tariffs.

Basic services in tariffs “No overpayments”

All tariffs of the line include the MegaFon TV service by default, when using it, no traffic is consumed. This is a convenient way to watch TV on a mobile device, and even save your internet. The basic package includes 50 channels, on premium tariffs (“Premium”, “VIP”) as the number of channels grows, and the ability to watch TV series and films is added. They are not included in the basic package, but you can purchase them. The converged tariff “Combine” gives you 188 channels.

On all package tariffs, messengers are available even with a zero balance – these are applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, TamTam, e-Motion. A nice little thing that can help in a difficult situation, you always stay in touch. With a negative balance, messengers will work for one month, which is understandable, otherwise many will get themselves SIM cards with such tariffs and start using messengers forever.

Protection against accidental connection of paid subscriptions is also a default option, something that many subscribers want to see initially in their tariff plan. When you try to subscribe, you will receive a Push notification, and only by answering it, you can activate a paid service.

But the main innovations concern the mobile Internet, you can distribute your package to other devices, there are no restrictions here. So, if you have a certain Internet package, then you will distribute it until exhaustion, and if it is an unlimited tariff plan, then distribute as much as you like. It is necessary in practice to see how MegaFon will restrict those who try to download terabytes on unlimited plans, distributing the Internet to everyone around them. But the safety margin of the network allows us to say that even “heavy” subscribers are unlikely to face any restrictions on the speed, volume of data transfer. They are unlikely to reach this theoretical ceiling, which they certainly do. For many, this moment will become fundamental in the new tariff line “No overpayments”, not only unlimited Internet, but also the ability to share it as you like. This is a strong move.

Another important point related to traffic is the transfer of unused GB for the next periods, the service was named “Piggy bank”. Depending on the tariff, your piggy bank will have a volume of 25, 50 or 100 GB, it is unlimited. For example, you did not completely use up your traffic package in the summer, as you were on vacation, and it went to the piggy bank. In the fall, you started to consume more traffic than usual, but no additional packages were needed, since you entered the “Moneybox” and took traffic from there. This is also a very handy thing that will be useful for many. It is worth remembering that at first the traffic from your tariff is spent and only then the “Piggy bank” begins to be spent.

This is where the standard options in tariffs are over, it’s time to look at the entire line and understand the principle of separation.

Tariff line “No overpayments” – we consider each tariff in detail

Tariff “Minimum” (available only in the regions, in Moscow it is not)

The idea of ​​this tariff plan is simple – to provide a minimum set of services for those who call little, use the Internet from time to time, for example, messengers or news sites. In my opinion, this is a good choice for silent people, elderly people, those who take calls and make few calls themselves, but at the same time they need the Internet. It is also a good option for an additional SIM card, which must be active, but you don’t want to pay a lot for the tariff.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Tariff “Internet”

This is the basic tariff, which has 15 GB of traffic, 500 minutes of calls to local mobile numbers of operators (landline numbers are not included in the package! It’s worth knowing). Also there are no included SMS-messages, they are paid separately. Of the additional goodies, there is no limit not only for instant messengers, but also for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki).

The name of the tariff plan fully reflects its essence, this is a tariff for those who spend their time on the network, communicate little via voice and SMS.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Calls tariff

This tariff plan costs 600 rubles, but it is a counterweight to the Internet tariff, since it has only 5 GB of traffic, unlimited messengers (it is absent on social networks) and 600 minutes of calls to any numbers in Russia. This is a fairly balanced tariff for those who communicate a lot by voice or by correspondence, but at the same time do not consume traffic somewhere other than news sites, do not watch video. There are a lot of talkers in our country, and this tariff is great for them. The plus is that all calls to MegaFon numbers throughout the country do not spend minutes from the package.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Tariff “All”

The subscription fee is also 600 rubles, as in the “Calls” tariff. But here you get 30 GB of data, a package of 600 minutes of calls throughout the country (after the end of the package, unlimited MegaFon numbers throughout the country are activated). The tariff does not include SMS. It is easy to imagine that this will be one of the most popular tariffs in the new line, it is ideal for those who do not need unlimited Internet, but do not want to be pressed by any restrictions. The package of voice in the tariff is sufficient for an ordinary subscriber, it is enough for the eyes.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Tariff “Maximum”

The subscription fee is 1 rubles, this is not a premium rate yet, but the elements of these offers are present here. Firstly, this is a VIP service, a quick response from the support service, a dedicated line, and secondly, it is a variety of gifts from partners (discounts, codes, films, and so on).

In the tariff itself, you are offered unlimited Internet (throughout the country, as, indeed, in other tariffs, exceptions to this rule are common, and everyone knows them, for example, this is a satellite Internet zone). Package of 1500 minutes to all numbers, SMS is also not included. This tariff plan will be interesting for everyone who needs unlimited Internet, since the following tariff plans are already more expensive.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Tariff “VIP” – premium tariff

The subscription fee is 1 rubles. Just like in the “Maximum” tariff, there is a VIP service, additional gifts and unlimited Internet. A package of 800 minutes for calls within Russia to any numbers. There is also a package of 2500 SMS. A month of using the tariff gives you one day of free roaming services (“Roaming goodbye” option). For frequent travelers, this is an interesting offer, the savings can be significant. Also here MegaFon TV includes access to films and serials.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

“Premium” tariff – premium tariff

The subscription fee is 3 300 rubles. This is a repetition of the VIP tariff, but for a month of use you are given two days in roaming for free, the package of minutes is twice as large (5000 minutes). The tariff looks like an addition to VIP for those who speak a lot on the phone and therefore need so many minutes. In terms of price / quality ratio, the “VIP” tariff seems to be optimal.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

Tariffs of other lines complementing MegaFon’s offer

“Switch to Zero” tariff

Basic tariff without monthly fee. Everything is very simple in it: calls to local MegaFon numbers – 1.2 rubles per minute, to other operators – 1.5 rubles, SMS costs three rubles, and Internet – 100 MB for 25 rubles per day. You can activate the “Switch to zero +” option, this tariff turns into a package tariff, the subscription fee is 5 rubles per day. Calls to local numbers of MegaFon without restrictions, to local numbers of other operators – also 1.5 rubles, SMS – three rubles. But an Internet package of 3 GB appears, it is valid for thirty days.

The tariff “Unite! Hit”

Convergent tariff, which includes broadband access for home Internet, television, and a SIM card. Full unlimited for mobile Internet, also unlimited for home Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s. You can rent a set-top box, it doesn’t cost anything. For a Wi-Fi router, the operator will charge 55 rubles a month. The voice package for all of Russia and for all operators is 1200 minutes.

The subscription fee is 800 rubles per month, but a 50% discount is also possible, it is issued when you pay for one full month of service in advance. The broadband access service is provided by Net By Net Holding LLC. But the discount can be up to six months. If you are a client of “MegaFon” and “Net Buy Net”, then you will be given a discount for one month if you prepay a month. If the client is only one of these operators, then the discount will be for three months. New client – the maximum discount will be six months. A very good promotional campaign aimed at attracting subscribers from other operators.

Rate “Download”

MegaFon is positioning this unlimited tariff for routers, modems and tablets, although the latter are not important here. The Internet operates all over Russia, in the version “Download! Easy ”for 700 rubles per month, the speed is limited to 4 Mbit / s, this is not much and, perhaps, is needed for smart home systems in suburban buildings. For the distribution of the Internet and comfortable use on several devices, this will not be enough.

But “Download! Full ”for 1 rubles removes speed limits, becomes an excellent offer for everyone who needs mobile Internet in a router and does not need any restrictions. A good tariff plan for “heavy” subscribers in terms of mobile Internet.

"Megaphone". Tariffs "No overpayments", new line of 2020

For those who use unlimited Internet occasionally, we have provided “Download! At any time ”, the price is 70 rubles per day, no speed limits.

These tariffs look very interesting and balanced, they will suit a large number of subscribers who are tied to the mobile Internet and use it to the fullest.

Warm welcome option

This option is available for connection in MegaFon salons, makes calls to Uzbekistan (2.5 rubles per minute) profitable, Tajikistan (MegaFon Tajikistan numbers) – 2.5 rubles per minute, Armenia (Ucom Armenia numbers) – 2.5 rubles per minute and, finally, Kyrgyzstan (MegaCom numbers) – 5 rubles per minute.

Conclusions on the 2020 tariff line

The logic of the tariff line “No overpayments” looks simple and understandable, and the slogan fits well with the spirit of the times. The simplicity of the line, clear conditions for using the Internet and the absence of hidden restrictions (you can distribute the Internet to any number of devices) – all these are the advantages of these tariffs. MegaFon’s competitors will be forced to take similar steps, remove hidden fees for distributing the Internet to other devices, fees for using any social networks or instant messengers.

Who is this line for? Not only for those who do not get out of the network and who need unlimited Internet, but also for those who just know that they need not to feel the restrictions in their tariff. One of the little things that catches your eye is the lack of an SMS package in the initial tariffs of the line. How important are they? I think not very much, most of the communication takes place in messengers, and here their traffic is not taken into account in most tariffs.

The feeling that MegaFon did not just analyze subscriber data, but listened to the fact that people wanted to get simple and understandable conditions, without any asterisks, footnotes and features that come out during operation.

Even before the appearance of this line, I assumed that the tariff scale would change, we would be given a greater number of services, but their price would rise. This did not happen, and therefore the tariffs “Without overpayments” can be called an anti-crisis proposal. Unfortunately, there are no ideal tariffs anywhere in the world, not a single operator. These rates are in addition to those that already exist and which many of you are sure to use. Someone tariffs “Without overpayments” will be extremely beneficial, someone will remain at their tariffs, as they will find them more convenient. This is the normal approach and rightly so. But, in my opinion, the main thing that MegaFon did in the tariff line of 2020 was built a common basis for all tariffs, made them attractive in terms of price / quality ratio in each of the segments. Pay attention to the tariffs “VIP”, “Maximum”, they are interesting for unlimited Internet (“Download!” Also do not forget, it is good), “Calls” are suitable for talkers. For those who are focused on a moderate number of calls, but quite noticeable Internet consumption, this is “Everyone”. Convergent tariff “Unite! Hit “is interesting even without a promotional campaign, and with it he just becomes damn good.

All in all, MegaFon has an interesting, balanced lineup. I did not manage to find any pitfalls in it on the move. What did you like about the tariffs, are there any options that are attractive for you and your use cases?


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