MGTS, tariff “BO-Smart”

The tariff appeared in October 2019. For 400 rubles. they give 400 minutes, 400 SMS and 20 GB of traffic per month. A tariff of the “for friendly” category is available only on condition of availability or activation of fixed services from MGTS. Unlimited intranet, however, it is also in the MGTS and MTS networks.

MGTS, tariff "BO-Smart"

I had no idea about the existence of “BO-Smart”, people began to discuss it and I became interested. The name of the tariff is telling, although what exactly it says to science is unknown. Even what language he speaks is also unknown, whether it is “Vo Smart”, or “Bo Smart”. Okay, happiness isn’t in the name. The gradual rise in prices from other operators automatically makes the package tariff for 400 rubles / month interesting, in Moscow there are almost no public tariffs for that kind of money. I remember only “My Online” Tele2, also for 400 rubles, but there is no SMS in the package and unlimited on MTS and MGTS is more interesting than on Tele2. The “Internet” tariff in MegaFon is quite similar in terms of parameters, however, it is already for 500 rubles / month, and the parameters of “BO-Smart” are more interesting in places.

MGTS, tariff "BO-Smart"

The package of minutes in “BO-Smart” is not spent when making calls to MGTS and MTS in the home region, a valuable and rare feature at present. We can say that this valuable “trick” turns a package of 400 minutes into real 500, or even more. Intercity is included in the package of minutes and this, of course, is a minus. On the other hand, intercity costs are not 15 rubles / min, as is the case with lower package tariffs.

You can view the tariff on the MGTS website here. If you have any problems with accessing the site, a pdf-description of the tariff can be found here. Perhaps an accidental coincidence, but my MGTS website opened very uncertainly for three days, one of those days never opened at all. It looks like the site hasn’t fully recovered yet after a major interface upgrade.

The form of payment in the “BO-Smart” tariff is credit, the limit, if you believe the description, is 3 rubles. For many, this is an important plus, but I talked with people who generally do not accept credit form of payment. In some ways they are right: despite the obvious convenience, there is some unpredictability, and on a prepaid tariff we usually cannot pay much more than we put money on the balance. Also, of course, everything is already blurring: here you can also replenish the balance from a linked card, and an operator loan in the form of an opportunity to go into negative territory up to a certain limit.

You can hardly find the “BO-Smart” tariff on the MGTS website on your own, but the tariff is valid and seems to be even available for connection. In any case, the “Connect” button is active and, when pressed, prompts you to fill out an application for connection. In general, the tariffs section on the MGTS website is a thing in itself, it is in the Tariffs subsection (the Mobile Communications section of the website) that prices start from 650 rubles / month. You need to go to the “Hits” subsection, it’s more interesting there.

MGTS, tariff "BO-Smart"

For example, the tariff “All MTS Super” for 495 rubles / month, it provides fixed Internet 300 Mbit / s, 149 TV channels, 1 minutes of mobile communication, 000 SMS, and even mobile Internet unlimited. Generously? For Moscow it is very generous. True, I suppose that Internet unlimited will be at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s, but still too generous. Won, they ask for 4 rubles / month for the “Smart Modem” tariff, in which only mobile Internet is unlimited at a speed of 700 Mbit / s. I can also assume that these 4 rubles / month for the “All MTS Super” – already taking into account the promotion for the first 495 days, they kind of practice this at MGTS. The mark “Action” is present, but I did not find the essence and description of the action. As, in fact, the description of the tariff “All MTS Super”. There is also a package “Internet + Mobile Communication + TV”, the parameters are exactly the same as “All MTS Super” but they want 90 rubles for it. The mark “990% discount” is present, but even with it 34 rubles comes out, and not 650 rubles.

Or on the tariff showcase “Smart Modem +” and in the description of unlimited Internet traffic up to 10 Mbit / s, on the same page of the site there is a note: “Connect Mobile communications from MGTS at the tariffs” Smart NonStop “,” Smart Modem “or” Smart Modem + “and get unlimited Internet at speeds up to 4 Mbps.” So 10 or 4 Mbps?

No, definitely the previous version of the MGTS website was much more logical and understandable. If they wanted to repaint it in red colors, they would have taken it and repainted it without touching the rest. Now the tariffs have been scattered across different sections of the site, they’ve made a mess of promotions and temporary discounts, you won’t find pdfs with a hunting dog. I have no idea how people navigate the site and find options that are suitable for them.


Speaking specifically about the “BO-Smart” tariff, then for 400 rubles. per month we have the following parameters, which are unusual for a tariff of the lowest price category:

  • The tariff is valid throughout Russia
  • Intercity is included in the package of minutes
  • Calls to MTS and MGTS phones are free, unlimited and do not spend a package of minutes
  • The package includes 400 SMS, and messages in excess of the package within the home region for a ridiculous price of 0.50 rubles. for a thing
  • Rounding off 100KB internet traffic could be worse.
  • Credit form of payment

Among the “Wishlist” we can mention the transfer of balances, unused minutes, SMS and megabytes are not transferred to the “BO-Smart”. I also did not find an opportunity to fasten Internet unlimited to the tariff, even if it only works in the home region. Otherwise, I liked everything, and if you use the Internet, Internet + TV or MGTS home phone, then you should definitely think about this tariff. Moreover, the tariff is relatively fresh (October last year) and, I hope, will live happily ever after.

We will assume that some carelessness on the MGTS website is a payment for the presence on the site of tariffs that are not bad at the present time. Not every day you need to go to their site, but you can be patient once.

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