Mobile apps, monster invasion

This time let’s talk about MTS Bank, the former MTS Money. Some kind of amicable insanity on huge multifunctional structures that should be able to do everything. Why is it needed and who needs it? Probably, someone needs it, because “the stars just don’t light up.”

So after all, who needs dimensions and many, many functions in one shell, developers? Perhaps I agree, they are paid for it. Surveyors who spend days trying to figure out complex constructions and then clearly describe and praise all this wealth? It may be the same, because among the reviewers there is probably a certain percentage of masochists. It is more difficult to describe clearly the situation, but it can be simplified and, I’m not afraid of this word, almost automate the process. The copy / paste method, well known to science: you take the software manual and transfer it in paragraphs into your “unique” review, diluting in the process with your own comments. Who else needs these software monsters? To users? There is a certain percentage of masochists among users, but they are hardly the majority. Hopefully. Smartphone manufacturers need it? In principle, yes, but somehow, very indirectly, they benefit from this. As the English say, “in the long run”, i.e. in a very long term. And what, it turns out a dead end in reasoning?

OK, let’s go from the other side by the method of contradiction: to whom does all this hectic activity hinder? By and large, it does not bother anyone, and even benefits the economy. If really “by and large.” Also, with an oh-oh-very great desire, you can add a political context: they say, the user will not trample on the rally, but will remain at home and fiercely fight with the rebellious application. Developers are also in business, receive some money and are engaged in generally useful business.

This offtopic chapter is precisely offtopic: what has been done, what has been done, and now you and I will live with these applications and some of us will suffer. The trend, in general, is clear: modern smartphones react more or less calmly to large software products, and users are already used to combining many functions and capabilities under a common shell. Although I, if they really want to do something all-encompassing, would prefer to see this something broken down into subsections in the format of separate applications with their own icons. After all, smartphones have long allowed many screens. But, again, what we did, we did it. All this is not necessary for us to master, but the other is unlikely to be. As many years of experience show, software for smartphones gravitates towards a united monumentality, and not to splitting into separate tasks-applications that quickly launch, work on any smartphones and which are easy to understand even for inexperienced users.

MTS Money invested in MTS Bank

An SMS from the MTS.Dengi service can be considered a news occasion, see the screenshot below.

Mobile apps, monster invasion

I don’t consider myself such an active user of this service, but from time to time, willy-nilly, you have nowhere to go. It’s just that a long time ago, a certain% from each card payment operation is credited in the form of a “prize” to the balance of the phone, a kind of progenitor of modern cashback. But not in the MTS bank, tk. This service has worked for me and has been working for many years even before the appearance of MTS Bank, and touching a long and well-functioning service – God forbid! It’s just that any monetary transaction (except for spending on communication services) in MTS is carried out through MTS.Dengi, and now it is MTS Bank, so you have to be a little perverted.

Mobile apps, monster invasion

As I already wrote, the difference is that I have this ordinary money on my balance without any of these cashback tricks, features and restrictions. And without dozens of pages of “explanations” in small print about the peculiarities of using this very “cashback”, separate explanations-documents about the second cashback account and so on, so on. It’s easier to hang yourself than to understand all the subtleties. With the accrual of ordinary money to a card account, everything is much easier, although this money is now called by the familiar word “cashback”. Personally, I have adapted to spend this monthly “cashback prize” on rent from time to time, this option suits me. I don’t like the extra hassle, but here every time a pretty decent amount is paid, and this event happens quite often. The main thing is that I pay without commission. I can assume that MTS sent this informational SMS to everyone who at least occasionally used their MTS Money service. And I hope that this will be a good reason for you not to be too lazy to look at how your cashback account is managed by default and whether you have one at all. In these difficult times, even a few tens of rubles a month is small, but a help, why give it up? Again, entertainment for you.

Judging by the text of the SMS from the MTS Money service, these are not minor improvements, but a serious modernization with a significant expansion of functionality. The pages of the updated service follow the link here, study for health. It is important that all user-created payment templates are promised to be saved, this is a big plus for the developers’ karma.

Mobile apps, monster invasion

They promise to save everything that was created by the user, quote:

“All your banking products, templates and auto payments will be saved and displayed in the new application. Use the mobile bank as usual and test new functions: link cards of any banks, pay and transfer in a way convenient for you, including from the MTS phone balance ”.

Mobile apps, monster invasion

The eye immediately caught on to push notifications, I hope it’s free. In my opinion, SMS notifications are more convenient (history is saved), but banks are now striving to take money for this service, and this is already unsportsmanlike. Naturally, the updated application is more interesting for the clients of MTS Bank, however, MTS insists on the absence of “coercion”, and whoever just used the MTS Money service will continue to use MTS Bank in the same way, while receiving new additional opportunities.

About features

I recommend to your attention the “More functions” section, there are many interesting things. For example, about the eternal headache with the mandatory identification of the money transferor. Here we see as many as three categories of users of the application, quote:

“To register in the application, you enter only a phone number and a password. If you are registered with MTS Bank by this phone number, then you are automatically assigned the “Identified user” status. If not, then you are assigned the “Anonymous user” status, since we do not know your full name and other data. With this status, you can make payments in the application, but you cannot transfer money (Federal Law “On the National Payment System” No. 161-FZ).

If you are an MTS subscriber, when registering a SIM card, you indicated your full name and passport data. In this case, you are assigned the status “Simplified-identified user”. With this status, you can make payments in the application and transfer money to cards, accounts, e-wallets, phone bills.

If you are not an MTS subscriber, but still want to transfer money through the application, you need to go through identification. The system will suggest it itself if you try to make a translation. “

Despite the certain cumbersomeness of this MTS Bank, the application functionality deserves your attention. We must try and see. As for some monstrousness of this design, I already wrote at the beginning about modern trends: we will heap up everything that is possible and that is almost impossible, a lot – not a little! Fool with them, if only there were no other surprises. Here, a few days ago I received an update to the My MTS application, and I was not too lazy to first read what was new in the list of permissions. New was the requirement to allow information to be displayed on top of other open windows on the screen. Something I immediately got sick of downloading and installing this update. It seems that the application is going to constantly work in the background and continuously inform me about something important, but I definitely do not want this. I’d rather like the old-fashioned way, through my Personal Account on the website I will look and see what I need and only when I need it, than to constantly plant a battery for the sake of … sacrifice to progress? For the sake of my already established by the law of great knowledge about the state of the balance of my phone number? Or for the sake of the desire to continuously load me with advertising of their “partners”? For what, I guess, but to be honest, it’s just too lazy to check. Again, electricity costs money, and why should I be scared to sponsor MTS, and even for my own money, for reading their advertisements? For their beautiful eyes? As they correctly write, “To be better every day!”; replace “better” with “smarter”, and the slogan will sparkle with new colors.


With the obligatory identification of the person sending money to someone, everything is clear, this is not a whim of MTS. It would be easier and safer for the operator to live without additional administrative burden. It would have been easier for us too without all this, but nothing can be done.

As for the updated MTS Bank service, the devil is not so terrible as it is painted. The tendency to swelling of mobile applications personally does not make me happy, but here it is already on the principle “don’t like it – don’t eat it”. After all, no one forces you to use all the functions, right? But, of course, forcing people to download and install software monsters just to find out the balance is not the most humane decision. Alas, nowadays all the operators are freaking out over the long-suffering balance, striving to slip advertisements instead of the simple answer “Balance xxx rubles.”

Mobile apps, monster invasion

I wanted to traditionally “in the subject” recommend the command # 100 #, for which a USSD response came with a balance number, as in the good old days, however, alas, the service is not available. Is it permanently disabled or is it really temporary? This is unknown to science. If forever, then it’s a pity.

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