Moshi Accessory Selection

Moshi, founded in 2005 in California, initially focused on creating accessories for Apple devices, but today it produces a lot of different products without focusing on a separate brand. Moshi-branded accessories include chargers, bags, cases, cables and more. The company is so confident in the quality of its products that it gives them a 10-year international warranty.


  1. Moshi snapto car mount
  2. Moshi Porto Q 5K
  3. Moshi otto q
  4. Moshi iGlaze and Vitros

Moshi snapto car mount

Moshi’s SnapTo car mount is part of the SnapTo range of accessories, a variety of chargers and holders with branded magnets that hold the device without clips. However, just buying a holder is not enough, you also need a special Moshi case from the SnapTo series, on the inside of which there are special niches for installing branded metal inserts. Alternatively, you can purchase the versatile SnapTo Transformer Pad, a tabbed pad that sticks to the back of any smartphone case or device itself (probably not worth it, as it will be very difficult to remove it later). The first solution is, of course, more aesthetically pleasing, since the tabs are not visible, but visually it is a normal case, in our case it was Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 11.

Moshi Accessory Selection

If we are talking about the Moshi SnapTo car mount itself, then this is a small platform, a front panel made of rubber, under which there are powerful SnapTo magnets, and the back is made of high-quality plastic. There are four small air vents on the back of the case, which is essential when wireless charging is in use. And also there is a neat indicator of work, which, in fact, you almost never see, and in general it is not necessary. At the bottom of the holder’s body there is a Type-C connector.

Moshi Accessory Selection

The paws with which the holder is attached to the air ducts are reliable, they are made of metal with a rubberized coating, so you can not worry about the safety of the plastic parts that the accessory will cling to. The fastening mechanism is connected to the platform with a ball joint, thanks to which the angle of inclination of the device can be changed, and this is done quite simply after installation, and the fixed state does not get lost during movement. A second mounting option is also provided. The device comes with a small plastic stand with an adhesive base, which can be permanently fixed on the front panel of the car and already insert the holder into it.

If we are talking about installation in air ducts, then the Moshi SnapTo car mount mechanism allows you to install it in almost any type of ventilation grilles, only in some cases you will have to look for the required position. So, for example, in Jeep I did not immediately realize that the most optimal position for installing the holder is the lower bar of the air duct grille, and the device itself must be leaned against the frame. Before that, I tried different options, but due to the design features of the car’s air ducts and since the holder is quite heavy (about 100 grams), it always lowered the device with the screen down, which, of course, is inconvenient. In general, for different cars you have to try different options, but I can definitely say that Moshi is always securely fixed and does not fly out even with strong shaking. As for the SnapTo magnetic holder, the device is strongly magnetised to the platform, it does not fly off while driving, and it can be removed very easily with a minimum of effort. Yes, according to the manufacturer, SnapTo magnets are capable of holding a weight of up to 1 kg, so that even the largest smartphone will hold on calmly, as, indeed, any tablet.

Moshi Accessory SelectionMoshi Accessory Selection

Since Moshi SnapTo car mount is not just a holder, but also wireless charging, the manufacturer included a USB-A – Type-C cable with the accessory, its length is 1,2 meters, which is not enough, and besides, the wire tough enough. Wireless charging is ordinary, according to the Qi standard, with a power of 10 W, which is quite enough for a car, but it works without any problems.

As a result, I can say that Moshi SnapTo car mount is a convenient holder with quick and easy installation of the phone, and even wireless charging as a nice bonus. This solution has only one drawback, it is the need not only to purchase a holder, which currently costs about 6 rubles, but also to buy either a Moshi case compatible with SnapTo, or a universal platform. The first one costs in the region of 000 – 1 rubles, the second – about 500 US dollars (I did not find it on sale in Russia). Yes, there is also a regular Moshi holder for a car on sale, it is similar to our solution, only it lacks wireless charging, and in Russia it costs from 2 to 000 rubles.

Yes, you’re probably wondering if SnapTo is compatible with the MagSafe used in the new iPhone 12. Unfortunately not, so for a new iPhone, if you’re already using a Moshi holder, you’ll also need a new case or a universal pad from that manufacturer.

Moshi Porto Q 5K

Next up is the Moshi Porto Q 5K wireless charging portable battery. This is a fairly compact 5000 mAh external battery that weighs 156 grams. The device is made of high-quality plastic, on the bottom of which there are also small plastic legs, although I would like to see rubber pads in their place, since the accessory slides a little on a smooth surface. The upper is covered with fabric in the manufacturer’s signature gray color, which looks very nice and unusual. There is a rubber bezel on the fabric so that the device is securely fixed on the charger, the Moshi inscription in the center is also made of rubber.

Moshi Accessory Selection

There is a small button on the side surface with which you can activate four indicators showing the battery level. And at the bottom there is an operation indicator, which is activated when the device is installed on the site. The upper end is for connectors, Type-C for charging the battery itself and USB-A for recharging devices over the wire.

Moshi Accessory SelectionMoshi Accessory Selection

The battery can simultaneously recharge two devices at once, one on wireless charging, and the second on a wire, which is convenient and allows you to immediately charge, for example, a smartphone and wireless headphones. However, the Moshi Porto Q 5K is also ideal for charging one device, as it allows you to choose the type of charging depending on the situation. In the same cafe, you can put your smartphone on wireless charging and connect it with a cable on the go.

The 5W Qi wireless charger can be used even when the device is connected to an external power source, so the Porto Q 5K is also a stationary charger. True, in the latter case, it is worth considering that a short 50 cm Type-C – USB-A cable is included with the device, and the power supply is not included in the package.

Moshi Accessory Selection

To summarize, the Moshi Porto Q 5K is a cute accessory that can be used both on trips and at home. Of the advantages – an interesting design, the ability to charge two devices at the same time, as well as use as a stationary charger. Of the minuses, I note that fast charging is not available. The average price of Moshi Porto Q 5K in Russia is 7 rubles.

Moshi otto q

Another wireless charger from the manufacturer, this time stationary. The Moshi Otto Q model has a round shape, it is quite compact, with a diameter of only 10 cm, and weighs 137 grams, so it can be taken on trips. The lower part of the accessory is made of plastic with a silver coating, during testing it completely retained its appearance, although initially there were concerns that the paint would wear off during transportation. Most of the bottom is covered with a rubber pad that prevents the charger from sliding on smooth surfaces. The top, just like the portable charger, is covered with a signature gray fabric with a rubber piping and rubber Moshi letters in the center.

Moshi Accessory SelectionMoshi Accessory Selection

Wireless charging according to the Qi standard with a power of 10W, it has overheating protection and is able to recognize foreign objects that have been placed on it. The operating indicator is located on the beveled edge, so that in some cases the device lying on recharge may overlap it. The Otto Q comes with a meter-long Type-C to USB-A cable, but no power supply.

Moshi Accessory SelectionMoshi Accessory Selection

Charging is nice in appearance, very compact, with a power of 10 W, which is not a record for today, but quite acceptable. Of the shortcomings, I note the absence of a power supply unit and a short wire, nevertheless, for a stationary device, I would like to see both a longer cable and a charger in the kit. The latter is especially true now for iPhones, which also come without a charger. The cost of Moshi Otto Q is on average just over 3 rubles.

Moshi iGlaze and Vitros

Finally, two iPhone cases from Moshi, the SnapTo compatible iGlaze and the regular Vitros.

Moshi Accessory Selection

The iGlaze case has a recess inside for metal SnapTo plates, although they just come with stickers from the box, and you will have the plates in the kit with the holder. The back of the cover is made of durable plastic, while the sides are made of silicone. iPhone 11 sits in the case exactly, cutouts for connectors and key niches completely match those on the device. The camera lenses of the smartphone are located below the surface line of the case, so they are protected, and the side edge goes just above the display. Yes, iGlaze is rated to provide drop protection and is MIL-STD-810G certified. Thanks to the smooth back, the device in the case is easy to take out of the pocket, unlike the fully silicone cases, it does not cling to the fabric and does not turn the pocket out.

Moshi Accessory SelectionMoshi Accessory Selection

Of the shortcomings, I note that without any external influence, the silver paint began to peel off on the silicone edges of the case, and in different places. As a representative of the company told me, most likely this is a defect, and if the user has something like this, he can contact Moshi support and use a 10-year warranty to replace the accessory with a new one. In general, the manufacturer is completely confident in their products, and if something unusual happens, as in my case, they are ready to fulfill their warranty obligations. I was also offered to test the support work on my own experience, but since I did not register the case due to the lack of purchase documents for the test samples, I would have to act through the dealership, and this would have turned out to be a not entirely honest experiment.

The second Vitros case also fits snugly on the iPhone, has raised edges to protect the camera and display, is also MIL-STD-810G certified, and should eventually protect the device from impacts if dropped. The back wall is made of transparent dense rubber, the side edges are made of silicone with a silver coating, which, unlike the iGlaze case, remains completely intact. Of the disadvantages of Vitros, I would note that it is quite slippery, does not jump out of hands, but still, if you are not very careful, then the smartphone in it may well fly out.

Moshi Accessory Selection

Prices for covers fluctuate depending on the model of the smartphone and the store, the plug is somewhere around 1 – 200 rubles.

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