MTS, the new “My Smart”

I want to note right away: the “My Smart” tariff in its cheapest configuration now intersects so closely with the Smart tariff that the conclusion simply suggests itself that Smart will be sent to the archive very soon. It makes no sense to keep the same tariffs with a 7% difference in the monthly fee. So if you really want to save 30 rubles. per month, then grab Smart while they give. If you miss it, it’s not a big deal, the My Smart tariff looks much more interesting due to its flexibility, this advantage is definitely worth 30 rubles.

Some overestimation of the tariff took place, this is a fact. Even when tariff-constructors were relatively rare, in some review I advised you to look at the usual tariffs first. As a rule, when choosing the same parameters in the constructor as in another tariff, the resulting price turned out to be much higher.

MTS, the new "My Smart"

Especially for you, I have combined into one plate the prices in the new and old tariffs “My Smart”, the prices of the new version on the left. It is easy to compare because some of the sets of packages are exactly the same. As you can see, the average price has decreased by ~ 80 rubles. per month.

The news (for Moscow) can be read here. It is worth reading, since the news covers most of what should be known to those who are looking for a package tariff. The link to the tariff itself (the Moscow site of MTS) is here.

Now for the good news about instant messengers. If you haven’t noticed or haven’t read it, then the quote:

“Also, from June 30, 2020, a new option“ My Messengers ”with unlimited Internet is launched on WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Discord, etc. It is available only on the“ My Smart ”tariff and its archived versions

On the “My Smart” tariff, which is open for connection and transfer, the “My Messengers” option is included in the initial package of services upon connection and transfer and is provided for 0 rubles. On archived versions of the “My Smart” tariff, the daily fee for the option is 2 rubles. ”

As you can see, the option “My messengers” is available for free only on the current version of “My Smart”, on archived versions of the tariff this pleasure will cost 60 rubles / month. So in the metropolitan area, I do not see any reason to hold on to the archived “My Smart”, it is more expensive in itself, and even for “My messengers” you will have to pay separately if you decide to connect this option for yourself. I warn you just in case: when you switch to another tariff, the option is automatically disabled.

From the point of view of traffic consumption, the savings are not very great, but they are undoubtedly there. This is, of course, not included in the plan unlimited YouTube, but still not bad.

Flexibility is a good thing, but when you connect or switch to this tariff, you have to pay 500 rubles for the first time. you still have to, quote:

“When connecting or switching to a tariff, a set of packages of 10 GB, 400 minutes, 400 SMS per month is provided. The first provision of Internet packages, minutes and SMS is carried out at the time of connection / transition to the tariff in full. Then the subscriber can independently change the set of packages in the My MTS application or on the MTS website, choosing packages of the required size from the proposed options. “

Features that may come as a surprise to migrants from other operators:

  • Intercity (except for MTS) from the package of minutes is not spent, it is paid separately and at a not very good price of 6 rubles / min, the price of local calls (except for MTS) after the package is exhausted at 3.50 rubles / min is also not particularly benevolent.
  • SMS, including local ones, also cost 3.50 rubles. for a trick, but it is not critical, since SMS are included in the package. But the package includes only local SMS, and 3.50 rubles. for posting to another region may come as a surprise.
  • Calls to MTS consume a package of minutes, that is, in fact, the declared unlimited on MTS is turned on only after the package is exhausted.

MTS, the new "My Smart"

I noticed that on the tariff showcase the minute / SMS and gigabyte engines each have 7 fixed positions, but in reality they each have 3. Was it just for the sake of beauty that they designed the picture like that, or at the time when they were drawing, more configuration steps were planned? Okay, this is a trifle that does not affect anything.


I can’t say that the new My Smart tariff turned out to be downright super profitable, but it is at least better than the previous one. And this is very strange to observe at a time when everything in tariffs is slowly but surely becoming more expensive. Either they really overdid the prices for the “My Smart” tariff last time and the connection statistics turned out to be sad, or in this way they are preparing to be sent to the Smart archive. Moreover, they had been planning for a long time, but somehow it did not work out.

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