Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!


Rumors that Spotify will launch in Russia have arisen from year to year, it has become a kind of adage – now they will definitely launch their service, because one cannot ignore the market, which is one of the ten largest in the world for streaming music. Why not? The Swedes have proven that they can, and have done so successfully for many years in a row, Spotify hails from Sweden, although many consider it American by default. At the beginning of 2020, Spotify was officially presented in 80 countries of the world, 286 million users in total, of which 130 million signed up for a premium subscription, that is, paid for additional services. It is the largest music service in the world and surpasses Apple Music in popularity in its home market of America. Look at how the shares of all services in the world are distributed, I offer two views on this market.

Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!

An impressive 35% of the market remains that way for years, new entrants don’t change the balance of power much, there’s Spotify and everyone else. The other day I was asked to comment on the release of Spotify in Russia and was asked the following question: “Why is the cost of Spotify the same as that of Apple Music, Play Music from Google? After all, the market is already saturated, and in order to attract users, you need to offer a lower subscription price? ” This perception of the service is typical for those who have never used it, it is fundamentally different from all analogues in the quality of the selection of music, charts and the way you listen to them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more recent information from Spotify, only for 2017, but on average, a paid user listened to 40 new, unique artists per week!

Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!

I can say that my experience with Play Music or Apple Music, and Yandex.Music, is such that I mostly listen to the music that I know, and to a lesser extent – selections made by services, their charts. They are too monotonous, quickly become boring and do not give anything new, they can clog your time and your head, but you will not get much pleasure. And music is about the pleasure of listening and discovering something new, something that you did not know. The magic of Spotify is that the company realized the key needs of people and made a modern radio, which has personalized selections. This is your personal radio that adapts to your tastes. Therefore, the Spotify library has 50 million songs, but 4 billion playlists. This is not a mistake, as it might seem at first glance. It’s the different, personalized playlists that make Spotify so special. Look at another graph, the rise in Apple Music and Spotify paid subscribers. Apple’s marketing machine is huge, the impact of the company on the market and the minds are undeniable, but they are losing the race.

Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!

Spotify is very popular in Russia, it is a service that is popular among a narrow layer of those who once tried it and could not stop. In a good way, Spotify can be called sticky because you like it and you can’t stop. Moreover, the conversion between free and paid users in this service is one of the highest in the world, usually the distribution of shares is completely different.

It’s good that Russia received Spotify along with 12 other countries, let’s list them: Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and North Macedonia. Better late than never.

The service is available in a free version and by subscription, I will quote a press release: Spotify Premium opens access to the full service package for 169 rubles per month. Spotify Premium for a family, which will cost 269 rubles per month, can connect up to 6 people. The new Spotify Premium plan for two (219 rubles per month), in addition to the capabilities of a standard premium account, offers Mix for Two, an automatically updated playlist that combines music that both will like. With this tariff, the debate about who is the DJ at home today will come to naught. Spotify Premium for Students Available for $ 85 / Month.

Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!

The application for Android and for iOS, plus or minus, is the same in its capabilities, but on Android it is more convenient due to the greater capabilities of the system. For Russian users, we offer three free months of Premium subscription (if you did not have such an account before). Various options and playlists are also declared:

  • Personalized music recommendations and finding new music: Spotify’s recommendation system includes both international and Russian artists. Users can now discover new music through exclusive personalized Spotify products: Mix of the Day (up to six daily playlists combining your favorite music with tracks you might like), New Release Radar (a playlist with new artist releases, which you follow or listen to most often is updated on Fridays) and Discovery of the Week (a playlist of personal musical discoveries, which takes into account your unique taste, is updated on Mondays);
  • Custom Playlists for Russian Users: With nearly 100 new playlists in the most popular genres created by our Russian team, as well as billions of playlists created by our editors around the world, musicians and fans, Spotify has a playlist for every mood and occasion.
    • Top playlists: “Main Hits”, “New on Fridays”, “This is in Russian”, “Full Fresh”;
    • Genre playlists: Hip-Hop Cannon, Pop Non-Stop, Rock Today, Solaris, Indie Squat;
    • Popular artist’s “This Is” playlists: “This Is FACE”, “This Is GONE.Fludd”, “This Is Little Big”, “This Is Nina Kraviz”, “This Is Rauf & Faik”, “This Is Noize MC” , This Is Max Barskikh, This Is MARUV, This Is MONATIK, This Is Mujuice, This Is NK, This Is ONUKA, This Is Time and Glass, This Is Klava Coca “,” This Is Levan Gorozia “,” This Is Malbec x Suzanne “,” This Is ILO “,” This Is Olga Seryabkina “,” This Is Sergey Babkin “,” This Is Tim Belorusskikh “,” This Is Charlotte ” , “This Is SBPCh”, “This Is Ivan Dorn”;
    • Thematic playlists: “Easy Breath”, “You Sing Great”, “Disney Hits”, “Russian Millennium”, “This Is Definitely Love”, “Hugge”, “Swap Party”, “Life is Beautiful”, “Good Night”, “It’s Complicated”.

Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!Music service Spotify launched in Russia. Finally!

I do not yet have a formed opinion regarding the Russian part of Spotify, you need to listen and evaluate, but there are no complaints about playlists in general. Evaluating the service against the background of competitors, I can say that it is more interesting. Choosing between different services at one time, I refused from Yandex.Music, as it is simpler, not particularly interesting selections and they do not match my taste. Apple Music showed great hopes, since at the time of the launch, the music selections were interesting, but everything quickly slipped into nowhere, Apple could not keep up the pace. And the version of their Android app was made explicitly for show. The choice of Play Music was a compromise, also poor playlists from the service, but a fairly large library. Google, however, decided to shut down the service and turn it into YouTube music. I do not like this transition, and I am migrating to Spotify, since the cost is one-to-one, and the service is incomparably better. Whatever one may say, it is for me that the choice is predetermined and obvious.

There is no point in campaigning for Spotify, you will gradually see how more and more people around you will start using it, links to playlists or songs will start appearing in Instagram stories and other social networks. This streaming is sticky due to its quality, it is sticky in an amicable way, and not like a melody that gets stuck in your head. Without Spotify, the Russian music streaming market was clearly incomplete, now this error has been fixed, and you can choose from all the services, there is an alternative.

I know that there are many of our readers who already use Spotify, tell us about your experience, what you like and what you don’t. Those who are just trying the service will be interested to hear what you liked and what you didn’t like.

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