Must watch in June: 2 films, 2 TV series and 2 super films


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To begin with, if the weather is fine outside, and the local authorities are allowed to go outside, then it is better to walk than watch TV shows. Or, at worst, watch from your phone while walking down the street. By the way, we have an excellent selection of the main smartphones of the month. Sony launches the Xperia 1 II super duper with an unreal screen and dynamic vibration, which is made for watching videos. But Xiaomi (Mi Note 10 and Redmi 9 series) and realme also have new profitable devices. They have a high brightness screen (600 nits), so it will be quite comfortable to watch TV on the street.

June, to tell the truth, is not happy in terms of the abundance of loud announcements. But there are a couple of good TV shows, a movie and a few cartoons. Also, if you missed it, I recommend watching Cosmic Forces, which is a light, enjoyable comedy series that premiered on Netflix in late May. I ended up watching it in a couple of days. The idea for the series belongs to Donald Trump, who ordered to withdraw the “space troops” into a separate department.

Main announcements of the month

The Last Days of American Crime

Where: Netflix
When: June 6

This is probably a fantastic action movie or thriller. The plot is very entertaining. The US government has come up with some kind of audio signal, once they hear which, people can never knowingly commit an illegal act. The protagonist of the film is a criminal who has never hit the jackpot, and he decides on the last day before the signal to pull off the “robbery of the century”.

The film is based on a “graphic novel” or, more simply, a comic strip. In theory, it should work out well. For example, Loki’s Keys, also a Netflix series based on the comic book series, turned out great. Netflix has taken a creative approach to its plot, making a product that is fun to watch, even for those who have already read the story.

The trailer is good:

“Forests” / The Woods

Where: Netflix
When: June 12

This is a Polish TV series commissioned by Netflix. A robust detective thriller is expected. The series takes place in two time periods: 1994 and 2019. Warsaw prosecutor Pavel Kopinski still suffers from the disappearance of his sister, who, while in a summer camp, went into the forest and disappeared. But in 2019, when solving the murder of a man, investigators discover that this is a boy who went into the forest with the missing girl. This gives the prosecutor hope that the sister is still alive.

Netflix has a knack for filming detective series with intricate storylines. Based on press releases, it is expected to be one of the top European releases of the month.

“Perry Mason”

Where: “Amediateka”
When: June 22

Unfortunately, I haven’t read Gardner’s book about Detective Perry Mason. But, as I understand it, this hero is known and loved in the USA. More than 80 novels and short stories have been published about him. Perry Mason is a criminal defense attorney, and the plot of the books is generally typical: he has to defend the innocent and take investigations into his own hands. But in the trailer for the series, he is called a “detective.” So, apparently, they rethought the hero.

Initially, Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to play in the new film adaptation of the detective, but in the end he became a producer. The series is set in Los Angeles during the Great Depression. And by genre it will be a noir detective thriller. For me, the series immediately became associated with the game LA Noire.

Crossing Swords

Where: Hulu
When: June 12

The main cartoon of the month for adults. Politically incorrect vulgar jokes, deliberately simple graphics reminiscent of Lego.

The action takes place in the Middle Ages, but this is a satire on our everyday life.

In the center of the plot, Patrick is a kind-hearted peasant who received the position of squire in the castle. But his lofty ideas about the greats of this world and life in the castle are quickly shattered by the harsh reality.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands

Where: HBO Max
When: June 25

Great news for fans of this gorgeous and cheerful cartoon.

4 new XNUMX-hour episodes. In the first episode, the BMo console will go into space. The second is dedicated to Princess Bubblegum and the vampire queen Marceline, who will jointly carry out a certain mission. The third episode “City of Wizards” is about the Mint lackey, who goes to school to learn magic again. And the fourth episode “Together Again” is about the reunion of the Human Finn and the dog Jake.

“Personal life” / Love Life

Where: HBO Max
When: already

HBO launched their streaming service. It is unclear when he will appear in Russia and whether he will appear at all. In theory, it may appear within the “Amediateka”.

Personal Life is a romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick. The description is given as follows: each season will be dedicated to a new hero, and the story of a person’s personal life from the first to the last novel will be told.

The series received high ratings in internal testing, and HBO decided it was so good that it could be used to launch a new service.


Where: Amazon Prime
When: June 19

Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in a German thriller about hijacking an airplane. Described as a tense tape narrated from the cockpit of a Berlin-Paris plane. In the cabin, hostages are being taken, and all that separates the intruders from control of the plane is the door to the cockpit (they say there are good doors).

The title of the movie “7500” is a code indicating that the plane was hijacked. By the way, there is a 2014 tape with the same name.

Unfortunately, the trailer is only in German so far. But since the film will be shown on Amazon Prime, there will definitely be English voice acting. And there, you see, and Russian subtitles will be tightened.

Other series

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Where: Netflix
When: already

This is a documentary on the outgoing spite of the day. On August 10, Epstein committed suicide in the prison cell where he was on charges of trafficking in minors. Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire, had friendships with members of the British royal family, and was involved in charity work. He went from the very bottom to the highest circles and untold riches.

Reality Z

Where: Netflix
When: June 10

Mini-series for 10 episodes about the zombie apocalypse in Rio de Janeiro, telling about how people came to participate in a reality show, and at that moment zombieland began in the city. By genre, this is a comedy horror film. It is a local product for the Brazilian audience. If you didn’t know, then Netflix has a policy – to shoot local films and TV shows in regions that are significant for the streaming platform. By the way, recently there was news that France wants to legally oblige Netflix to shoot a certain percentage of local content. The idea is to stimulate the local film business. Bookmarked the series just for the sake of some sort of cultural diversity. It is interesting to know what, in theory, Brazilians “eat”. I do not urge you to watch, but you can get acquainted.

Da 5 Blood

Where: Netflix
When: June 12

The film is about soldiers who return to Vietnam to find the remains of their former commander and a tip, where a certain “treasure” was buried, hidden during the war. Judging by the description, this is a typical comedy action movie for the evening. There is a small minus. The film was directed by Spike Lee, respectively, the main characters are African Americans, and along the way the viewer is explained how hard it was for them in the Vietnam War. Frankly, I’m a little tired of the whole progressive agenda, when in each series the authors consider it their duty to engage in moralizing.

A Whisker Away

Where: Netflix
When: June 18

Recently, it is believed that watching anime is not shameful. Lately, a lot of things have ceased to be strange, as geek culture is becoming mainstream.

I will only leave you with a description of the plot and will not say anything. You’d better tell me whether such a right to exist or not.

Plot: Miya Sasaki is a bright personality. She is full of energy at school and at home, and she is secretly in love with her classmate. Miya tries to get his attention, but to no avail. She realizes that the only option is to turn into a cat, but at a certain moment the border between her and the life of a cat is erased, and she has to remain a cat forever.

Starring (in the anime, the main role!) Miraya Shida, who starred in the anime studio Ghibli (this is the one who makes Miyazaki cartoons). By the way, a book has recently been published about Studio Ghibli itself.

Looney tunes cartoons

Where: HBO Max
When: already

Looney Tunes cartoons, I think, one way or another, everyone watched. HBO has promised 80 new 11-minute episodes. I suspect that cartoons should be politically correct, with a gender agenda and questions about the rights of sexual minorities. They will not beat each other on the heads with hammers, will they? Just for the sake of it is worth a look.

Alex Rider

Where: Amazon Prime
When: June 15

Plot: after Alex learns that his uncle did not die in a car accident, but worked as a British spy and was killed on a mission, his life changes dramatically. Suddenly, it turns out that Alexa (unbeknownst to him since childhood) trained Mi6 to become a super spy. And now Alex is sent on a mission to an elite boarding school to investigate the cause of the death of two billionaires.

He added the series for the reason that it turns out to be based on the super popular series of books about Alex Ryder. Sony Pictures is responsible for the creation of the series. The series even created their own website. Considering that this is a series of books, it seems that Sony and Amazon are counting on them to have a high-end franchise and are therefore investing in full.


By tradition, I urge you to tell what interesting you are watching. I’m looking forward to Mondays right now to watch the new episode of Billions and the fantasy series Through the Snow on Netflix.

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