New tariffs “Beeline”: how to get the maximum benefit

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Self-isolation is a great excuse to watch and read everything that was postponed to the best and to which your hands did not reach. Beeline decided to provide all possible assistance in this matter.


  1. Mobile telephony
  2. Digital subscriptions
  3. Beeline TV
  4. “Beeline.Music”
  5. “Beeline. Magazines” and podcasts
  6. “Beeline.Cloud”
  7. Prices and which tariff to choose

The operator introduced two new thematic tariffs – “Not alone at home” and “Not alone at home-2”.

The idea of ​​the tariffs is that they combine communication services and digital entertainment services: Beeline TV, Music Beeline, Beeline.Magazines and Cloud Beeline.

Before moving on to studying the proposal, you should remember:

  • The operator is not forever. Changing the operator is a matter of a couple of clicks. Beeline and other operators provide free delivery of SIM-cards at a time convenient for you. At the same time, “Beeline” returns 100 rubles spent for the transition!
  • A tariff is not forever. In the official application “My Beeline” it is easy and simple to change tariffs once a month for free. This way you can get the most out of each new proposal.

Both new tariffs are packed to capacity with movies, TV channels, magazines, podcasts and music, which do not consume the mobile Internet tariff. When the quarantine is over, then, most likely, you physically will not have time to keep up with consuming so much content. However, judging by the news, you will have to stay at home until July 1, so why not take advantage of a profitable option for a couple of months? And then, if anything, you can change!

Mobile telephony

Beeline offers two simple and understandable tariffs. The tariffs are similar, differ only in the number of minutes, gigabytes and SMS.

TARIFFS: Not home alone
1 2
Internet (GB) 20 30
Minutes 500 1 200
SMS 300 300

The description of mobile communication pleases with the complete transparency of the conditions. On tariffs:

  • Internet throughout Russia;
  • calls throughout Russia to all operators;
  • SMS throughout Russia;
  • the Internet can be distributed via Wi-Fi to other devices for free and without connecting additional options;
  • Internet is not spent on services (movies, music, podcasts and magazines, cloud) included in this tariff;
  • additional promotions “Gigi for …” (sleep, detox, brains, steps) are valid with tariffs. This is an easy way to get an extra 7.5 GB of internet for free.

There are no pitfalls or restrictions. If you want – distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, if you want – download or play games. This, of course, pleases, since you don’t have to read the fine print under the tariff description.

Digital subscriptions

Both tariffs come with a powerful media component – films, television, magazines, music and podcasts. The advantage of such subscription services is that they greatly simplify the search and selection of content. At normal times, it may even be curious to surf the Internet, browsing dozens of pages in search of a movie for the evening. But do it every day? Dismiss!

Beeline TV

On the tariffs of the “Not Alone at Home” line, the subscriber receives 155 TV channels, as well as a subscription to the “VIP Play” service, which relies on new and popular films and series.

First, it’s time to revisit both parts of Home Alone. I think you, like me, last saw this film at least 20 years ago. Review! Believe me, you will not regret it. At the same time, notice how much the world has changed.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

In “Beeline TV” films, of course, are sorted. You can see all the recently released new items. For example, Guy Ritchie’s Gentlemen or FORD vs. FERRARI.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

But there are also themed collections. For example, the collection of the best films of 2019, including Pain and Glory by Pedro Almodovar, starring Antonio Banderas. The film received high marks on the thematic sites IMDB and Kinopoisk. But in Russia it was watched by less than 100 thousand people, and in general the tape went unnoticed.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

In addition to films and selections, 155 more TV channels, many of which are in HD quality, are included in the tariff. Turn on the TV in the background, but instead of a pessimistic chatter of news, it’s better to have HD History or a channel about travel.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit


30 million tracks, can be listened to online and offline. Each telecom operator today has its own music service. The main advantage of such services is that they do not consume Internet traffic! At the same time, the catalog of songs and performers in all streaming music services, like the price, is almost the same. Subscribers of the “Not Alone at Home” tariff line receive a subscription, of course, for free!

In “Beeline.Music”, in addition to collections and playlists, there are video clips and a tape where users mark their favorite songs.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

“Beeline. Magazines” and podcasts

Magazine subscriptions are one of the coolest components of the new plans. For example, a new issue of Esquire with Sergei Bodrov on the cover can no longer be bought, although the publisher has promised to print the print run. However, of course, it is in the application, as well as over 100 different magazines and podcasts.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

If you missed it, then you should pay attention to the April issue of Popular Mechanics with an interesting selection of the great personalities of our time and their views on the future.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

Don’t forget about Snob. This magazine can be read regardless of the circulation date. After him, there are always ideas which books to read, travel to which countries to think about.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

Perhaps even the three listed magazines perfectly beat off the cost of the “Not Alone at Home” tariff. And don’t forget, there are podcasts too. For example, ARZAMAS, for which the subscription costs 150 rubles.

It seems to me that, sitting in quarantine, many have lost sight of the press, focusing on video content.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit


Subscribers of the tariff are given 10 GB of cloud storage for use. Of course, you can buy more space. Today everyone has a cloud account. For example, I have 3. Two for work, 1 for personal files. How to use Beeline.Cloud is up to you. In my opinion, this is a good option for sharing files, storing backups of contacts and applications from the phone.

New tariffs "Beeline": how to get the maximum benefit

Prices and which tariff to choose

Two tariffs “Not alone at home” – an interesting proposal for the period of quarantine. “Not alone at home” was estimated at 800 rubles, “Not alone at home-2” – at 1 rubles.

The main advantages of tariffs:

  • A lot of Internet (20 GB and 30 GB) operating throughout Russia
  • You can connect to the tariffs the promotions “Gigi for …” and get another 7.5 GB
  • Minutes and SMS are valid for all operators in Russia
  • You can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi without restrictions
  • Free movies and 155 TV channels
  • Over 100 different magazines and podcasts
  • Free music service
  • Free 10GB cloud storage

One of the bonuses of using additional services from Beeline is that the operator does not charge traffic for them when you use services through applications. Also, traffic is not charged in the web versions of “Music” and “Magazines”.

“Not Alone at Home” rates are a bargain. Let’s look at the example of the younger one for 800 rubles. A tariff with such a set of minutes, SMS and Internet is usually estimated at 600 rubles. Accordingly, for 200 rubles you get additionally films, television, music, magazines and the cloud.

Usually, when you sit at home, the mobile Internet is consumed less, so if you self-isolate in an apartment, then “Not Alone at Home” is perfect. After all, Wi-Fi is always close at hand.

If you left the city, where there is no wired Internet, then you need to take “Not alone at home-2”. Movies, music and magazines are free to download. And 37.5 GB of packet traffic (subject to the performance of the “Gigi for …” promotions) is enough for the rest of the cases.

More information about tariffs can be found on the official website of “Beeline”.

Published – 19 May 2020


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