News “Beeline”: gifts, tariffs and updating the application “My Beeline”

New Year’s Eve (despite the griefs of the coronavirus and dull weather) pleases with the fact that the spirit of gifts is in the air. There are two gifts from Beeline that everyone can receive: both the current and the new subscriber of the operator.


  1. Gift # 1 (to warm up)
  2. Gift # 2 (main and chic!)
  3. Conclusion

Gift # 1 (to warm up)

Since November 12, the operator has made the Internet in the Moscow metro free and unlimited!

Beeline has been actively investing in the construction of the network for a couple of years, being the leader in the pace of construction. The operator has already invested more than 5 billion rubles in the development of the network. In 2019, the first phase of transferring the network to 5G Ready took place, and this year was dedicated to the final revision. The quality of the network has increased significantly, as Beeline is preparing to launch 5G, and as you know, the new generation of communications needs a much larger number of base stations.

By the end of December, Beeline plans to complete work in the Moscow metro, covering all stations and tunnels with a 4G network. Now 4G is already available at 80% of stations and in most of the adjacent tunnels (by the way, there are 218 stations in the Moscow metro).

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

On the eve of this grand event, Beeline is already offering to evaluate a new level of Internet quality. To take advantage of the promotion, no additional steps are required. It is enough to be a Beeline subscriber with any prepaid payment system tariff. And then we put on masks, gloves and go for a drive on the roundabout and watch the series “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Case” on Vip Play.

By the way, it turns out that not everyone knows about it, but on the overwhelming majority of tariffs Beeline gives a free subscription to Vip Play and TV channels.

Gift # 2 (main and chic!)

“Beeline” gives Internet, minutes, discounts and much more! Here, look at the poster.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

I have already experienced the action on myself and now I will share how everything works!

Step №1

So, first you need to be a Beeline subscriber. If your balance is already positive, then you are great!

If not, then there are two options for becoming a subscriber. First, you can go to a communication salon. Beeline’s salons are good, some even serve coffee. The sellers are all wearing gloves and masks. Although ordering via the Internet is more profitable. So, when ordering a tariff on the site, you can get a discount of 10-30%.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

Well, if you are lucky and your smartphone supports eSIM (virtual SIM-card), then you can not even wait for the courier, but immediately connect to Beeline. Pay attention to the picture above. There, above the name of each tariff, it is written whether it supports eSIM or not.

You can order a SIM card in the Beeline online store. There you can also see the addresses of the offices and the coverage area of ​​the operator. You can also download the My Beeline application and order SIM and eSIM from there.

Step №2

If you were a Beeline subscriber, then you probably already had the My Beeline application installed, since this is the easiest way to manage your tariff.

The app can be found in the Google and iOS app store via search. Or use the QR code, which is located on each operator’s SIM card.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

Step №2.5

If you have already installed the application “My Beeline”, then do not forget to activate one cool option – “Insurance at zero”. From time to time, everyone may find themselves in a situation where they forgot to pay the subscription fee. This is usually fraught with the fact that at the most inopportune moment the Internet is turned off, applications do not work and not even call. Beeline made a free option “Insurance at zero”. The idea is very simple. With a negative balance, instant messengers and cards will work for exactly another day.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

A very good and correct free option that can help out in a difficult moment. Don’t be lazy to connect!

Step №3

After installation, we decisively go to the “My Beeline” application, log in by the phone number, vigilantly look around and look for the “Get a gift” banner!

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

Click on it and wait, what will surprise “Beeline”. It is important to note here that the application automatically comes up with gift options, making a decision based on the analysis of your statistics and user profile. Thanks to additional free services, Beeline customers will be able to improve their tariffs by adding, depending on the number of available bonuses, Internet packages, unlimited options for social networks, instant messengers, video, unlimited Internet, as well as get discounts on smartphones, accessories and much more.

So everyone will have their own gifts. Beeline offered me a doubling of the current Internet package, discounts on smartphones and discounts on accessories.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

Additional discounts on smartphones and accessories are, of course, good, but somehow I did not plan to buy anything yet. However, if you are aiming to buy something for yourself or as a gift for the New Year, then by all means take a look at what Beeline has to offer before making a purchase in other stores.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

But the doubling of the package of gigabytes pleased. I have as much as 25 gigabytes on the current SuperCity tariff, as well as unlimited instant messengers. Well, with a doubling will be 50 GB! I especially liked that this, as the operator writes, is forever! Well, either until I change the tariff or turn off the option myself.

News "Beeline": gifts, tariffs and updating the application "My Beeline"

In my opinion, doubling your traffic is the best gift, but there are many other options as well. Most of the gifts are valid for 3 months from the date of their activation in the mobile application “My Beeline”. The most pleasant and correct thing is that you do not need to set up a reminder about the end of the promo period – the services will turn off automatically. To continue using the service you like further, you just need to independently activate similar options in the mobile application. That is, not a single extra penny will be debited from your account!


If you thought about changing the operator, now is the time, as you can get a good gift in the form of doubling your Internet package. If you take one of the tariffs with unlimited Internet, then Beeline will delight you with free subscriptions to various services.

By the way, speaking about unlimited Internet, it should be noted that one of the distinctive features of Beeline is that the operator does not prohibit distributing traffic to other devices. This sets it apart from its competitors.

Learn more about the promotion here.

You can look at the available rates by clicking on the button below. Well, if you are already a Beeline subscriber, then just open the My Beeline application and see the gifts!

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Published – December 08, 2020


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