Nexus is back? Pixel 5 thoughts

16 September 2020

Max Lubin

On September 30, 2020 Google will present the fifth generation
smartphone of the Pixel line, conflicting rumors about which began to run in
networks long before the announcement date of the announcement.

The Pixel line itself, which replaced the Nexus smartphones,
came out very controversial and garnered no less criticism than praise. Despite
on a truly revolutionary camera and “pure” Android, which turned out to be
not clean, Pixel
from the very beginning they could not boast of one of the most important parameters –
battery life. Year after year from the bowels of the laboratories of the exploration giant
unusual, interesting smartphones, equipped with batteries of frivolous
capacity, which made the use of “pixels” a mixture of pleasure and pain.

On the network you can find a variety of reviews about the battery, among which there will be many of those who foaming at the mouth will prove that it is his Pixel that lives, if not very long, then certainly no less than the flagships of other vendors. It is difficult to say what is the reason for such a conscious closing of the eyes, maybe with the desire to justify the loyalty of one’s choice, perhaps with resentment and a desire to prove something to someone. However, the reality is that “pixels” live less on a single charge than flagships from other manufacturers.

At one time, I also owned both Nexus smartphones,
so then the Pixel smartphones. In particular, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, which left
after myself a very pleasant impression and which I would continue to use,
if not for the battery.

The fourth pixel was no exception, which, apart from
the same weak battery, and also lost the usual fingerprint scanner.
Experiments? Please, but not at my expense. It is for this reason that I
missed the fourth generation, and when the first rumors about the Pixel 5 surfaced, the first
my thought was – well, again it will turn out to be great in design and
the capabilities of the phone, which at the same time cannot be carried far from the outlet.

I must say right away that I did not consider buying a version
XL and “a”, because the large pixels are too wide, due to which
it is almost impossible to use them with one hand, and versions “a” lack one
one of the most important characteristics of modern smartphones for me is water resistance.

Time passed, more and more information about the device appeared, and
among all this information noise, the alleged
characteristics, among which the figure of 4000 mAh flashed. What? Are you seriously?
Did Google hear the owners of their smartphones, and the personnel reshuffle
in the iron development team bore fruit? Is it really the first time a small version
pixel will acquire a sane battery capacity by modern standards?

But, just as trouble does not come alone, so joy should not be
one-sided. Among other pleasant changes in the list of possible functions of the device
you can find mention of the fingerprint scanner.

However, as often happens, there will always be those who do not
please. And one of the goals for criticizing haters was the mention of the non-flagship
processor, which immediately resulted in massive discontent:

– How is that, non-flagship processor?

– What can he do with such a processor?

– Why is he so needed?

Approximately such statements can be found almost under
with every piece of news about the possible specs of the Pixel 5.

As for me, I don’t see any problem in this, so
as if the processor is really a Snapdragon 765G paired with 8 GB of RAM
memory, there shouldn’t be any performance problems at all.

Another good news was the estimated cost
new items, set at $ 699, which, with all others, is automatic
makes the top five very attractive to buy. But the mentions are great
version (XL) has not yet appeared, from which we can conclude that from
XL decided to drop and focus on one version. What I personally don’t see
no tragedy.

Of course, despite the presence of only two lenses, as in previous generations of pixels, the camera will be very, very good, definitely able to compete with the best camera phones, or even plug them in the belt. It is believed that there will be three lenses, but even if there are two of them, knowing Google’s ability to pull the maximum out of iron, the result will be excellent.

And after all that I heard, when I put everything together
rumors about an upcoming new product, a thought, willy-nilly, appeared in my head – really
Nexus is returning under a different name? Has Google come to its senses and will start again
make cool smartphones at an attractive price?

If all the rumors turn out to be true, then perhaps in the market
a potential hit of sales will appear, which will be able to bite off a hefty
market share of current bestsellers from other manufacturers.

The only thing left to worry about is
so that Google engineers do not forget about protection from water, without which I personally cannot
presenting a modern smartphone.

How do you feel about rumors about the characteristics of the upcoming new items?
I invite you to comment on whether the Snapdragon 765G processor is enough for you and
two lenses. Or, for commercial success, a smartphone
do you need a flagship processor and a whole lot of lenses?

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