Operating experience Predator XB273

Having received an offer to get acquainted with another monitor from the Predator gaming line, I remembered the experience with the previous model and mentally prepared for something similar to a big one. In fact, everything turned out to be a little more modest, but still more than the screen of my regular work computer. Plus, the screen in the hero of the material is not curved, which, in general, is neither a plus nor a minus, if, of course, there are no pronounced preferences in this aspect.


  2. Assembly, ergonomics
  3. Appearance
  4. Display, gaming experience
  5. Competitors and impressions

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)


  • Type: gaming monitor
  • Screen curvature: none
  • Matrix type: IPS (AHVA)
  • Backlight type: Q-LED
  • Diagonal: 27 “
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9
  • Maximum resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Native refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • Maximum refresh rate: 165 Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Contrast (static): 1000: 1
  • Peak brightness: 400 cd / m2
  • DCI-P3 Color Gamut: 90%, 8-bit color depth
  • Optional: Supports NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync and HDR 400, VESA 100×100 Compatible, 90 degree display rotation, built-in speaker, front RGB backlighting, matte finish
  • Equipment: monitor with stand, cables (USB 3.0, DP, HDMI, 2 power cables with European and British plugs), power supply, documentation, brief instructions.
  • Dimensions (with stand): 61 x 53 x 24 cm
  • Weight (with stand): 5.85 kg
  • Cost (RRP): 48 rubles

Assembly, ergonomics

Again, thinking back to the Predator X38, I was ready for a heavy monitor to pant over when assembling. In fact, everything turned out to be much simpler: the monitor with a stand weighs a little less than 6 kilograms. The stand is made of metal and has two long legs and one short one, everything is reliable, nothing bends or squeezes, a rubber insert is provided on each leg to ensure stability. The connection of the stand to the central column (or VESA wall mount 100 × 100 mm) is carried out using a bolt that can be tightened without a screwdriver. And the rest of the tools are not needed: just insert the mounting pad into the groove, pulling the movable element, and that’s it, you can connect the necessary cables.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

To do this, it is worth passing the cables through the specially provided hole in the bracket. In addition to the monitor and stand, the kit includes HDMI and Display Port cables, a solid and plump power supply and documentation. The panel with connectors is not protected by anything, it does not look as neat as in the same Mi Gaming Monitor, but at least something. A small nice touch is a lever that pops out of the case on which you can hang the headphones. The top panel of the bracket is also suitable for this.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

After installing the monitor on the arm, you can safely proceed to adjusting the position of the monitor horizontally and vertically. The Predator XB273 is able to tilt forward and backward in the range from -5 to 20 degrees, as well as turn right and left by the same 20 degrees. Both the usual landscape and portrait modes are available for the model, which, to be honest, was a novelty for me. Moreover, when you rotate 90 degrees in any direction, you can still adjust the monitor for tilt and swivel, while the case remains the same stable. All manipulations are easily performed with one hand.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

Of course, this mode will come in handy for hardcore gamers, programmers or streamers, in my scenario of use I can easily manage with one monitor in the usual orientation, but the very fact of having such an opportunity is already not bad. A 90 degree turn is available at the highest point in height, which changes by 11 centimeters. Probably, for such a “trick” there are scenarios that are not tied to a specific activity, if you have such experience – share with him in the comments. But the experience with two horizontal displays will be more interesting to me, however, my current desktop does not belong to computer furniture and does not have enough width to comfortably work with two monitors. So I will tick the box for the future, taking this opportunity to say hello to the manufacturers of gaming computer desks.


Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

Predator XB273 appeared on the Russian market in early July and replaced the XB271 model. The novelty received a slightly more versatile design without aggressive red accents, and, of course, a new matrix, to which we will return. As in modern gaming laptops, the design of the monitor does not immediately reveal its belonging, unless, of course, you pay attention to the inscription in the center of the lining of the lower frame. By the way, it is quite thick here, bulging out of the case. Apparently, this is due to the need to hide the equipment responsible for RGB backlighting somewhere. Two RGB elements are symmetrically located to the left and right of the Predator label. The backlight is adjusted from the monitor menu; both a static mode and two dynamic modes are available – flickering with one light and a “wave” with alternating colors going from the center to the edges of the monitor. Slightly to the right we see the monitor power on indicator, on the same panel to the left there are information stickers, without them anywhere.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

At the rear, the beveled surface of the rear panel is immediately evident, as well as the large Predator logo on the center column. The surface is visually divided into two areas: both are made of plastic, but on the top it is processed “like metal”, and on the bottom – a simple black matte material. Both materials like to collect touch marks on themselves, of course, this is unlikely to happen often during use. Upon closer examination, I did not find any assembly flaws, everything is tightly fitted, when turning and changing the angle of inclination, the body does not creak.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

Closer to the lower right corner are the monitor menu controls: a few ordinary keys and a joystick button, the concept is simple and already familiar. On the left side there are two USB 3.0 connectors, but you shouldn’t be happy: they are designed to connect optional and purchased separately light strips. This is in case you want to arrange yourself an analogue of backlighting, which will be synchronized via a dedicated application with standard RGB elements. For connecting devices and peripherals, two more ports are available in the connector panel.

Display, gaming experience

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

The matrix installed in the Predator XB273 is made using IPS technology, and AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) is often added to this abbreviation. These displays are manufactured by AU Optronics, a merger of the display divisions Acer and BenQ. In essence, this is the same IPS, except that in games it manifests itself a little faster in places. The viewing angles are close to 180 degrees, however, with large deviations, large distortions of the picture clarity are visible. As in the Predator X38 test, I rated a large and subjectively excessive margin in brightness and cool colors compared to my stock monitor.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

The color gamut of the monitor is declared at the level of 90% of the DCI-P3 range, it is expanded due to the “smart” backlight system. In the settings there is an option to emulate the sRGB mode, as well as a number of preset modes for different modes of operation and genres of the game. There is also native support for HDR400, even if it is not the top-end format, but if you are an unassuming user, then you, like me, will have enough declared characteristics.

With the proper approach, the monitor can be quickly adjusted in gamma, the factory settings do not cause rejection and are made at a decent level. In my opinion, you can limit yourself to calibration and creating a suitable color profile, on the other hand, I plunged into this topic not so long ago, so I do not claim to be the first instance. But just such a monitor will be able to push to the study of “materiel”: a variety of color schemes and modes of operation cannot fail to attract attention. I did not experiment much in the context of a small amount of free time and set the DCI-P3 color mode, which I am used to on a smartphone.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

To my great regret, it was not possible to test the monitor on top-end hardware, so I had to check the gaming aspect on Apex Legends when connected via HDMI to my monoblock. Of course, the impressions are great, even if the maximum refresh rate is achieved only when connected via Display Port. The Predator XB273 produces a noticeably smoother picture, and in my case, the difference was noticeable even at the default settings. What to say about working together with Adaptive Sync – FreeSync and G-Sync. The response time is super fast, it is 0.5ms from gray to gray, in order to achieve this value, you must activate the maximum overclocking Overdrive.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

Visual Response Boost (VRB) technology will add additional smoothness and clarity to the image, it also reduces eye strain. But if you are sensitive to PWM, then you should pass by, because, in fact, activating the function turns the backlight into flicker mode, which can cause unpleasant sensations for some users. I don’t have anything like that, but I didn’t use this function, it was more important for me to get an adequate frame rate using adaptive synchronization, these two functions do not work together.

On the visual side, everything is just super, except that subjective complaints may arise on the uniformity of the backlight.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

But with the sound, everything is, frankly, “sour”. The standard speakers work tolerably well, but even an old candy bar in comparison with them sounds much louder, more voluminous and cleaner. In place of the manufacturer, I would probably use the example of Xiaomi and abandon this element, you see, and the cost would be more pleasant. The sound path can be called my biggest gripe about the monitor, so in my work I used gaming headphones, which I promise to tell you about in the near future.

Settings menu:

Competitors and impressions

Let me remind you that the recommended retail price of the Predator XB273 is set at 49 rubles. The choice of analogs will entirely depend on the preferences of the user. A successful curved gaming monitor from Xiaomi will cost 000 rubles, while its diagonal will be larger and the exterior will be more versatile. But the matrix is ​​better in Predator in terms of its parameters. If we talk about flat monitors, the ASUS ROG Strix XG37Q is slightly more expensive, it is estimated at about 000 rubles. Its characteristics are close to the hero of the review, there is more energy efficient and “long-playing” W-LED backlighting, but there is no rotation by 279 degrees. Many manufacturers now produce monitors with matrices from AU Optronics, if this parameter is important for you, then follow the abbreviation AHVA.

Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)Operating experience Predator XB273 (XB273UGS)

Despite the fact that it was not really possible to test the monitor in games, it proved to be more than reliable in operation. It is clear that a potential buyer is unlikely to scroll through endless tables and text files on such a monitor, but it’s nice to know that the Predator XB273 can do everything. Add to this the widest possibilities for customization, the option of using in vertical mode and support for modern technologies of adaptive synchronization, and we get a curious and powerful monitor, which, most likely, can become a reliable assistant in work and “defense” from network opponents.

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