Operators, 2021 promises to be fun

Tele2 has published a “hit parade” of New Year calls from its subscribers to the support service, that’s great! A very decent selection, and it’s great that “conversations are recorded.” Fortunately, the names are not disclosed, they are simply shared. Informing about the price of an outgoing call, why did this question suddenly “surface” and who will pay for the banquet? About validity periods that no longer apply. About the much wiser telephone robot Oleg.

“Help those lost in space and time”

Not in my rules, but I publish 2/3 of Tele2’s New Year’s press release with almost no edits. He is all good and will surely improve your health, if not shaken during the holidays, then at least your spoiled mood. And there is a reason to spoil the mood, now the next significant holiday is only in March. Let’s go! My comment.

“During the holidays, the Tele2 service line received a number of unusual requests. Their share of the total number of calls was about 2% – Tele2 chose the most memorable ones. The leader of the rating is the appeal of a client from Yekaterinburg: he called the personal support service on January 1 with the question: “What day is it?” At the same time, the subscriber specified the local time and inquired about the weather in the city. The Tele2 specialist was not at all embarrassed and provided the client with up-to-date information on all the questions asked.

This, guys, has been a “classic of the genre” for many years, there are many such curious. To the question “what day is it?” the correct answer is “I’m afraid it’s not the best for you!” But who will answer that? Politically incorrect! But for some reason they are rarely interested in the weather, they usually ask for help with determining the date and time of day. The beginning of January is the shortest days of the year, and it is not always clear whether it is morning or evening. And if the clock is not electronic, but with arrows, then it’s quite a disaster … Once I read that the dials on watches in submarines were broken by 24 hours, not 12. To avoid confusion. Well, in the first days of January, many feel like on a submarine.

In second place is a question from Moscow about the cost of an excavator. The client ran out of traffic, but he urgently needed to find information about the technique. He contacted the Tele2 support line, and at his request, the employee looked at the Avito site for the cost of the excavator. When his client was not satisfied with the price, the operator helped to find an advertisement for a car rental.

Excavator, Karl! Urgently reward the person who asked the question! A person, even on New Year’s celebrations, does not let go of the thought of work, such responsible people must be nurtured and cherished in every possible way. Although everything may be simpler, I once saw a photo of an excavator transporting hard workers in a bucket across a river. If you can move around like that, then it’s probably comfortable to sleep, so the person wanted to rent an excavator. Maybe they don’t let him sleep at home. Cats stomp loudly, children scream, but you never know what else.

The third place is taken by the dialogue of Potter fans in the chat. The client asked the operator what to watch to create a New Year mood. The operator advised the winter classics – The Chronicles of Narnia and all the Harry Potter episodes. The last piece of advice she hit right on target – the client turned out to be a fan of the Potter and immediately uttered the most famous spells. The operator continued the conversation with a promise to kill the bad mood with Avada Kedavroi, after which the satisfied client went to watch his favorite movie.

I read it and understood almost nothing. I remembered the joke “the patient read aloud the recipe and accidentally summoned the devil.” In general, “Avocado Cadavra” to all of you and New Year’s mood too.

The fourth position was taken by a question from a lover of nightlife from Kazan. On January 1, the subscriber turned to the Tele2 call center with a request to find a working nightclub in the capital of Tatarstan. The same place in the list is occupied by a practical question from a client from Novosibirsk, who ran out of mobile traffic at the wrong time, but wanted to check the train schedule. The operator quickly found the train schedule and helped the subscriber plan a trip out of town.

Oh-oh-oh, the transport schedule is another classic of the genre. When for some reason everything is spent somewhere, the packages are over, the balance is unexpectedly empty, the wallet is also empty, and life has cracked. Escaping from such an inhospitable city is the last chance to survive in this unkind world, and the contact center worker is the last remaining guardian angel, since it’s free. By the way, it was in Kazan that the guide once persistently warned us about the completely absurd prices for club vacations, alcohol and local “priestesses of love”. He advised to abstain and be patient to more tolerant cities.

In fifth place is an appeal, which began with a question from a subscriber from Izhevsk about charging a subscription fee, and ended with singing. The operator quickly resolved the customer’s question about mobile communications. Fascinated by the employee’s charm, the grateful subscriber congratulated the operator on the New Year and sang the chorus of the Niletto hit “Lyubimka”. “

Everything is clear here, it is not for nothing that the proverb “finances sing romances” has been for many, many years. Apparently, an empty wallet contributes to bursts of vocal creativity. Just kidding, of course, and willingly ready to believe in the wonderful effect of the employee’s charm.

I want to know where and how much I am calling! Or don’t I really want to?

How much time has passed, and the people are still “hiccuping” the notorious “cancellation of roaming”. Which not only turned out to be very crooked, but also “forgotten” to cancel the intercity. And people are traditionally confused in terms of roaming / long distance. The second factor, which I have written about more than once, is those who “come in large numbers” to large cities with their SIM cards from other regions, as well as knowingly buying such SIM cards. Tariffs in other regions are actually several times lower, and many from the high bell tower do not care how much the caller pays them, just to save themselves. In general, they played, played and played out, the Duma has come to grips with the issue of informing the caller about the price of the call. I suspect that this child of some high-ranking official accidentally “punished” the daddy with such a call for a hundred or two rubles, while officials only give out state millions, and for their hard-earned 200 rubles they can gnaw the offender’s throat. So they started this “informing” buzzword. There would be no way to call the contact center and just say: “My idiot unknowingly spent 200 rubles, return the money!” But no, let the operators now implement systems informing about the price of a call in real time, and we will pay for all this happiness. Even if the intercity has not been used and we are not going to. We will not discuss the issue of the intercity already imposed in our teeth, and without that much has been said on this topic.

I highly recommend the material in Kommersant here, a sensible article, and everything is laid out on the shelves. The general director of TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov counted tens of millions of rubles for each operator to implement such a system, and the figure does not surprise me personally. You need to understand that there are not so many subscribers who make long distance calls, but the information system should work for everyone! In general, that is still a headache for cellular operators. True, it is mentioned in passing that they want to oblige to inform only about a long distance call, but how much is it possible to implement in real time? We’ll see.

Another small quote:

“… For example, if a subscriber with a Moscow SIM card leaves for St. Petersburg and calls from there to another Moscow number, the call will be charged at an increased rate, even if the called subscriber is in St. Petersburg.

This is often faced, for example, by senior citizens who cannot understand the tariffs, MPs point out. They propose to oblige operators to connect text, color or any other notifications about incoming, outgoing or missed calls from regional numbers. There will be no budgetary costs for this, it follows from the project ”.

I sob with emotion, how far our deputies are from the people! “… Color or any other notifications”, three times ha! They don’t even know how many elderly people they say they care about are still using inexpensive phones with monochrome displays. However, younger deputies may not know that displays are NOT color. In general, if it is really on the case, then such information should be done by voice. Once a person calls on the phone, he is able to perceive speech by ear, but whether he can read the message is another question. This is if we are really talking about the needs of the elderly, and not dragged them here for PR. Well, a short phrase like “your call will cost two rubles 50 kopecks per minute” is unlikely to stress anyone and will certainly be more humane than forcing a person to peer at the screen in search of the price of a minute.

Another reason to burst into tears is the wonderful phrase “No budgetary expenses will be required for this, it follows from the project.” That is, this is the main thing that worries the officials. The fact that all these hundreds of millions of rubles of costs will be “smeared” by cellular operators on all their subscribers and this will inevitably affect all subscription fees, this “trifle” does not bother officials, they are state people, they think globally and strategically.

Tinkoff, robot Oleg is getting smarter right before our eyes

Tinkoff has completed the integration of Oleg’s smart telephone robot into a customer call center. During the pilot project, Oleg learned to help more than 5 thousand people at the same time, instantly recognize the essence of customer requests, advise the interlocutor, and also unload the call center, preventing the formation of a queue on the line.

Telephone robot Oleg can report the balance of the card or send an SMS with the contract number. He also helps to change the tariff, change the date of payment under the agreement, can act as a consultant and interlocutor. In total, Oleg’s telephone bot has been trained to work out 60 query scenarios that customers use most often.

I listened to samples of Oleg’s speech with interest, I liked it. And this is a professional opinion, I worked as a simultaneous interpreter for a long time, and the first couple of phrases of the client was enough for me to immediately assess the “scale of the disaster”. Listen for yourself here and here.

What, “robots are attacking”? No, 80 percent of the question here is about the economy. To “break through to the body” of a live operator, you need to make a lot of effort, and those who spend 3 rubles a month on communication do not have such an opportunity at all and are not even foreseen theoretically. For it is disastrously meaningless to spend on customer service many times more than the client himself spends on communication. So they do not spend, who will undertake to condemn cellular companies for such an approach? A telephone robot is a modern and workable compromise in those cases when a person still needs help “with a human face” and the subscriber cannot get something from a simple multi-stage informant. Once I wrote about this problem, and then it seemed to me almost insoluble: either to figure it out myself, or to go to the office / salon to take out the girl’s brain, there was no third way. It is clear that there are no completely deadlocks, but two years ago I could not even imagine what intelligently beautiful solutions would appear. I would venture to write that such robots are most likely just a workable solution that should suit, if not everyone, then almost everyone.

What can robots do? They can do a lot, and here it is easier to quote a press release.

“Oleg’s phone bot can:

  • report credit and debit card balances;
  • send SMS with bank details;
  • send SMS with the number of the concluded contract;
  • make early repayment of the loan or deferred loan payments;
  • change the payment date;
  • help to replenish your credit account or tell you how to do it online;
  • report the status of the application;
  • send a certificate;
  • tell you how to recover your PIN, login and password from your personal account;
  • block the card and, after finding out the reason for blocking (loss, theft, fraud), help to reset the password;
  • advise the client on other products of the Tinkoff ecosystem. “

Not enough for you? It’s enough for me, but someone will still have to go to the office to sort it out “live”. There is also the issue of information perception: “we are all human, we are all human,” but we consume incoming information in very different ways. For example, I categorically prefer retrograde letters on paper or a screen, at times I miss the audio information in whole blocks and cannot do anything about it, and my mother, even at a very old age, unexpectedly well perceived and recorded information by ear. The cat strives to perceive information tactilely (through stroking), but he also listens attentively, his eyes shine with intelligence and understanding. Only an intellectual system can more or less please everyone and everyone, to which we are slowly but surely arriving.

Tele2, “The validity period no longer applies!”

Over the years, I don’t remember whose advertising slogan was originally, it seems, MTS with its “Jeans”. Never mind. Today’s initiative by Tele2 looks prettier, if only because a few years ago all “sonorous” shares were weighted with a bunch of conditions and additional restrictions in small print, it was sickening to read. However, here, too, it was not without restrictions, a prerequisite is the correct payment of the subscription fee. A couple of quotes from the press release here:

“Tele2 is again changing the usual rules of the telecom market. In 2017, the operator was the first to launch the ability to save packages unused in the current period, and today it has improved the popular service. Now all the remaining minutes and gigabytes will be accumulated and transferred without limitation of their validity period.

The service is provided in case of timely payment of the subscription fee, operates on open tariffs of the “My” line: “My conversation”, “My online”, “My online +”, “Everywhere online”, as well as on “Everywhere online +” in St. Petersburg “.

In general, it is logical and there is nothing to complain about: the operator is not a luggage room at the station in order to save all your gigabytes for free and give them to you on demand. By the way, have you seen a lot of free luggage storage? They are at train stations, but as an additional service that increases the value of the main passenger transportation service. Yes, a good incentive not to forget to pay a subscriber on time, but the event is also mutually beneficial for the operator / subscriber connection. I’m still wondering whether this experience will take root with other operators or will it remain an exclusive advantage of Tele2? Whatever you say, redundancy of packages combined with monthly burning of residues is the cornerstone of the profitability of package tariffs for the operator. Therefore, I wang that if colleagues decide to answer symmetrically, they will add their own restrictions.

A separate issue is the “density” of interaction between marketing departments of different operators; in this particular case, the collected statistics are of considerable value. Here, after all, a kind of “swing”: the operator benefits from the fact that the client carefully and timely pays the subscriber (the client feels sorry for his “stash” of minutes and gigabytes), but also loses from the fact that many are interested in their package consumption. According to the principle “if you pay accurately every month and without delays, then at least not overpay, and, by the way, shouldn’t I switch to a cheaper tariff, since the packages have stopped burning altogether.” And what will be the bottom line for the operator? I think that marketers communicate informally with each other, and the very fact of whether other operators will accept the “rules of the game” and in what form will tell us a lot about whether such an undeniably interesting initiative worked in Tele2.

PS In the meantime, he noted for himself the correctness of the press release, the need to pay a subscriber was indicated in plain text. It is clear that you still need to read the description of the service, and the press release mainly serves to give a start and generally to inform about the new product as a whole, so no one would complain about the lack of this information in the press. release, but well done, they wrote. Quote:

“Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is renewing its unspent package balance transfer service. Now minutes and gigabytes will accumulate forever. The service is free of charge and does not provide for any restrictions on the number of transferred packages and the time of their use.

The service is provided in case of timely payment of the subscription fee, operates on open tariffs of the “My” line: “My conversation”, “My online”, “My online +”, “Everywhere online”, as well as on “Everywhere online +” in St. Petersburg “.


No matter how much I understood different schemes for transferring the remaining traffic to the next month, I was always angry at the cunning of marketers. Then, you understand, the insidious sequence of using traffic half kills the idea, then in general the devil himself will not figure out how it all works and why it is not possible to transfer the leftovers more than once every two months. In the scheme proposed by Tele2, I don’t see such cunning, but who knows, who knows … Again, the declared “will accumulate forever” does not really explain the details of how it will be spent, and the tombstone with an inscription like “the dead man managed to accumulate 648 756 gigabyte “is unlikely to be of interest even to the relatives of the deceased.

Offtopic “based on”

It has been a long time since such a quantity of slop was poured on me as after the last publication, in which there was little about communication during the rallies. The funny thing is that Eldar first read the text, called me and asked me to remove a couple of paragraphs that, in his opinion, could be perceived as politicized. I shrugged my shoulders, I’m not sorry – the topic and, accordingly, the conclusions were about something else, and the text did not suffer much. It’s just that the topic itself is insanely politicized, and it is impossible to completely evade the notorious “politics”, although it seemed to me that I had rather carefully avoided all the sharp corners. But since Eldar is reinsuring … Aha, shchaz! He was never reinsured. The “cleaning” did not help, “it just rushed through the pipes,” and how it started! Whistling. I learned a lot about myself and my relatives, and the late mother, it turns out, in her youth sinned with the donkey, which was the reason for my birth. Whatever you want, guys, but this is a sect. With absolute intolerance to any opinion other than that of their chief shaman. If this is real democracy, then I prefer double totalitarianism, in which at least they do not try to wrap the same g … in a beautiful democratic wrapper. And yes, I am now morally ready to read everything that the champions of true democracy will definitely write to me. It was always difficult to surprise me, but last time I was given a severe vaccination against tearful sentimentality, the respected authors of their letters tried their best. With which I sincerely congratulate them and wish them every success.

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