Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

MTS received a license to deploy 5G in 83 of 85 regions of Russia. And what, to run after a new smartphone? If you run, then not for the sake of 5G, from which ordinary users are still of little use. Merciless naming is a headache and plagiarism, but it can be fun to watch. Convert a tariff for 600 rubles. in the tariff for 4 500? Easily!

Is 5G moving?

The news about the MTS license for 5G frequencies is undoubtedly important, you can read the review in RBC here. Note the frequency range: 24,25-24,65 GHz. As they say, “Fedot, but not that one.” Or rather, not quite the one I would like. We know that the higher the frequency, the smaller the radius of propagation of radio waves at the same power and, accordingly, the smaller the coverage area of ​​one base station. In the 24 MHz frequency range, it will not be a big exaggeration to say that the coverage radius of such a base station does not exceed the visibility limits, and radio waves of such a frequency do not go around obstacles. To build a cost-effective 5G network, it is vital for operators to have frequencies in the 3,4-3,8 GHz range, but these frequencies are occupied and used by the military, who categorically do not want to give them away. Actually, this is the main stumbling block that slows down the launch of 5G in Russia, cellular operators are ready to build networks of this standard. But, apparently, without the 3,4-3,8 GHz range, they consider this venture a pointless waste of money and resources. However, MTS decided to play these dubious games, “we sing a song to the madness of the brave!” Or, at the expense of MTS, those who are tired of the constant rethinking of the topic about the omnipotence of the military against the background of the complete helplessness of the Russian government, “decided”. And MTS promised something tasty as compensation for costs and for courage. Even so, we are unlikely to find out the terms of the deal. It’s hard to be the first, you get all the bumps alone, and sometimes unexpected bumps. I recently wrote about the protest rallies of fearful 5G antennas, read the review here.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

By the way, thanks to the reader, I posted a wonderful photo of “5G cream” in the comments. At first I thought it was a photoshop or a joke, but just in case I went to Yandex to look. No, it’s not a joke, people sincerely believe that a miracle cream saves from 5G radiation, and they cheerfully buy up a wonderful product. This harvest began from suckers in the USA, after a while the miracle cream reached Russia. Read this success story, for example, here. Truly, human gullibility is limitless! I think that our government recklessly missed the opportunity to promote itself well and at the same time explain the burdensomeness with the introduction of 5G in Russia. All that had to be attributed to the delay was sincere concern for the health of the country’s population.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

I must say that the specialized media in the West closely monitor and comment on more or less significant events in Russia, you can read about obtaining an MTS license, for example, here. It is also useful to read the local telecom-media from the point of view of terminology. Did you know how “Roskomnadzor” stands for correctly in English? I’m not sure in Russian that I’ll decipher it correctly. Who needs it, I give a quote: “The license was granted by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor)”.

Who and what will get from 5G in Russia

Good question. We, as ordinary users, will not get anything yet. And, no, I’m lying: we will get tariff increases, because we need to build 5G networks that are absolutely useless for us for some time. There is nothing to be done, the introduction of all new technologies is accompanied by discussions on the topic “the old horse will not spoil the furrow” and it is better to bring existing solutions to mind, and not spend crazy money on something new and obscure. I still remember the times of 3G formation and serious publications with convincing figures and calculations. We compared the new 3G with the latest EDGE implementations and proved that the speeds are practically the same, and then why pay more? The topic of the history of standards competition is fascinating, but offtopic for this review. Maybe someday the idea of ​​writing a memoir (big smiley).

The specificity of high frequencies is unlikely to allow hoping for continuous coverage of such 5G, even in the distant future. And if not for individuals, then for whom should these networks be built? In order not to rewrite in my own words, I will simply quote material from RBC:

“Large enterprises and businesses are expected to be the first users of the emerging 5G network. MTS is already developing its proposals for the use of 5G for them. It is assumed, in particular, that oil and gas companies will be able to use 5G to monitor their pipelines and other infrastructure facilities using drones, and industrial enterprises – to control equipment. In addition, it is possible to use 5G in such areas as:

  • medicine – for performing remote surgical operations and monitoring the condition of patients;
  • retail – to create full-format biometric payment systems;
  • logistics – for the automation of warehouse operations and unmanned control of forklift trucks.

“The 5G standard will allow corporate clients to actively use artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality technologies for remote control of equipment, the development of unmanned vehicles, interactive training programs and the creation of the latest quality control systems in production,” explained MTS President Alexei Kornya.

That is, it is assumed that such a 5G network will be deployed to a greater extent for a certain large client, and not vice versa: first we build, and then we recruit users. And what, this is also an option, and not bad.

We can hope that some of the private subscribers will be lucky enough to be in the coverage area of ​​such 5G. In this case, a modem or router that supports this standard may come in handy. If, of course, the operator takes the trouble to draw up an appropriate tariff plan. In any case, it is too early to talk about it.

For fans of numbers, there is some technical information. The license for the whole of Russia (83 out of 85 regions), frequencies in the range of 24,25-24,65 GHz, the network operates according to the 5G / IMT-2020 standard, the license was issued by Roskomnadzor until July 16, 2025.

At this stage, you and I need to understand that the presence of 5G support in a smartphone in the coming years is unlikely to give the user any noticeable advantages. Therefore, 5G support in a smartphone should not yet be considered a competitive advantage, and one should not be seriously concerned about finding and purchasing such a device. I readily admit that the situation may change, but so far it is hardly advisable to overpay for 5G in a smartphone.

About “sausage”

We are all about serious things, and it is also harmless to relax and laugh. Especially when there is a good reason. And the reason turned out to be quite good and “on topic.”

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

Wide strokes of red paint with text in a square against the background of these strokes are the advertising “face” of the last (now the penultimate) official image of the operator. The face is naturally well recognizable. The advertisers of the meat manufacturer pulled the picture and painted something very similar, making the stylized sausages look like paint strokes. And finally finished off the recognition with the name “Sosisische”, beating in it the name of the popular MTS tariff “Tarifische”. Hooliganism, of course, but whether it is possible to attract the agency for plagiarism, I do not know. It is necessary to ask experts in the law, I heard something about the permissibility of such “theft” in cases of different spheres of occupation of the victim and the culprit of the plagiarism. And the food industry and the telecom do not seem to intersect in the common market.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

And yes, once the poultry farm scoffed at MTS for a long time and with impunity, packing its products in packaging, decorated on all sides with the operator’s logos. MTS was deciphered as “Traditional Freshness Brand” (smiley). The noose client was once good too, check out the review here, you should like it.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

Regarding the “sausage” in MTS, they told me that they were aware of what had happened, and shared the “calling card” of the plagiarist agency (see below). Creative agency “Agency of creativity”, flight of fantasy, flight of fantasy! Yes, that is still a flight of imagination for the guys, creativity splashes out of them.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

I must say that in MTS they themselves often provoke all sorts of jokes and gags in their address. An egg as a logo of a solid corporation was a grandiose joke in itself, but there were plenty of small “finds” with names. Remember the “Hype” tariff and its forced transformation into “Tariff X”, you can read about this wonderful story two years ago here. The name “Tarifishche” was also a source of inspiration for many witches. I don’t even know if this is all good or, on the contrary, not very good. I tend to think that it is rather good. And you certainly shouldn’t take all sorts of “sausages” with funeral seriousness, it’s just a reason to laugh and nothing more.

About “left” tariffs

Since the text turned out to be completely about MTS (I do not on purpose, I swear!), Then a few words about an interesting phenomenon with a tariff of 4 rubles. per month.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

When I read about a magical transformation of the tariff for 600 rubles about a week ago. in the tariff for 4 rubles, then I did not even pay attention, you never know what technical incidents there are. The numbers seemed too absurd. Then there was the second case, then the third … I don’t believe in regularly recurring accidents, it became interesting. I didn’t have to look so hard, the puzzle was formed even without a brain massage.

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

We are talking about a little-known to the general public tariff “MTS for insiders”, do not confuse it with “Smart for insiders”. The tariff appeared in October 2017, our review of this unannounced MTS product can be read here. It is unlikely that there were a lot of people willing to pay 4 rubles / month even for a good tariff, but perhaps it was originally laid out as a basis for special offers. The hypothesis looks logical: if one or another discount is attached to the tariff, then you can impress the client with the amount of “savings” by showing him the price tag of 500. Other versions of the origin of such a tariff are also possible, now it does not matter anymore. So, what happened next?

Operators, 5G in MTS and other news

Then, almost immediately, something went wrong. Even in the comments to the review, more than a year ago, we see messages of the form “called (from MTS?), Offered this tariff for 900 rubles.”, As well as offers quite dumping, 600 rubles. It can be assumed that an employee or employees of the operator successfully picked up a discount that was not intended for this tariff and set up sales of “MTS for their own” for 600 rubles. to all comers. If they managed to sell a lot of such a “leftist”, then MTS could become interested and began to unwind the chain of origin of the tariff. Again, it doesn’t matter now, the important thing is that MTS seems to have begun systematically trapping and “shooting” those who got their own tariff, which, perhaps, had no right to exist at all. People, of course, are offended, they probably paid a lot of money for connection, but such is life.

Personally, I feel sorry for those who firmly believed in the exclusive legality of complete unlimited unlimited on everything, everything, everything for 600 rubles, although there were hardly many such people. Typically, tariffs with a significant connection cost are bought by those who have at least a guess about the origin of such a “product”. The story is about the same with the “left” corporate tariffs, we have already discussed all this more than once.

I’m not going to moralize on this topic, just once again I would advise you not to rush to connect mobile banks and other “strapping” to such tariffs. You never know, suddenly you have to urgently change the operator? Obviously, the one who paid 600 rubles. all the same he will not start paying for the same 4 and even 500 will also refuse to pay. A person will look for another tariff “leftist” at a reasonable price and wait until they turn it off / not turn it off. It’s a master’s business, for their own money, everyone has fun as they want. And the operator has the right to change the tariffs for its subscribers as they like, and recently they often use this right.

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