Operators, about Internet banking and again “visiting the simkomat”

Sberbank reported on the popularity and success of its Internet bank. It’s funny that Sberbank has already perfected their mobile application to such an extent that, for example, the updated interface of Sberbank Online, for example, is absolutely creepy for me, no matter how wonderful it becomes. I suspect I’m not the only one. Vending machines for Tele2 sim cards in the Moscow metro: repetition – the mother of learning or attempt number three?

Sberbank Online, a success story?

The bank reported on the absolute success of its updated banking interface and said that more than 12 million users have already evaluated and approved the changes. I confess I did not appreciate it, because I do not use it, although I have every right to consider myself a fairly active client of Sberbank. It’s just that the last year and a half or two, all my relatively modest needs have been successfully “closed” by the application for the smartphone of the same Sberbank, and playing with banking software / interfaces just out of curiosity I consider harmful to the nervous system and potentially dangerous for the wallet. By the way, I don’t advise you unnecessarily. There are so many exciting computer games in the world, including free ones, and games with banking software can be expensive. Consider this a warning, which I saw fit to voice. It is clear that there are all sorts of Trojan hackers, but the banal carelessness and negligence of the user will also not be discounted, “we are all people, we are all human.”

The very fact that I no longer remember how Sberbank Online looks or looked, speaks of some redundancy of tools for managing an account. Redundancy in a good sense of the word, because choice is always welcome. A couple of quotes from the press release, the full version is here.

“New features have become available to customers, the design and interface have changed significantly, and the customer journey has been completely revised. SberBank Online itself has become more atmospheric, emotional, flexible and modern thanks to the update. It works equally well on computers, tablets and smartphones. “

Well, just a couple of years ago the phrase “works equally well …” in relation to Sberbank software would have caused the same hysterical laughter from users, but now we are already getting used to the fact that Sberbank software can work normally and still works, hero-developers glory! How many years did it take for the management of Sberbank to realize that continuing to live with such self-service tools is not only shameful, but also corny dangerous to financial health? Or have they never used these tools themselves, and the streams of complaints from outside are all “slanderous enemies”? I fully admit it. Maybe the management of Sberbank and rubles “live” has not seen for a long time, who knows them, the inhabitants of heaven?

In general, being a lazy retrograde, I don’t want to experiment on myself, but I am looking forward to your comments and will gladly quote them. There must be at least some practical benefit from the readers, right? (there was a smiley here).

Operators, about Internet banking and again "visiting the simkomat"

All the same, for the sake of order, I honestly tried it, and, alas, unsuccessfully. Sberbank did not want to recognize me at the mail address, although this address has definitely been in the system for many years. The password, judging by the comment of the system, is recognized correctly, so experiment with “Forgot your password?” I will refrain. And then suddenly I practice to the point that the application on the smartphone stops opening, and I would not want that from the word “absolutely”. The way this new Sberbank Online remains “… more atmospheric and emotional” with itself and without me, otherwise, God forbid, I will emotionally ruin the atmosphere for him with all sorts of bad words.

Simkomat Tele2, sometimes they come back!

To be honest, I thought that the experiments with the robotic sale of sim cards in the metro, albeit with varying degrees of success, were over. Having successfully demonstrated the weak performance of this idea in Russian conditions. We got out a lot of problems, both organizational and technical. Probably financial problems too, because the love of the Moscow metro for money has long been a talk of the town, and I can’t even imagine the rental price of as many as two square meters of metro area (the unit itself plus the way customers approach it). With technical problems, everything was more interesting and varied, you can read about the monumental Tele2 unit here, about the MTS birdhouse – here.

Operators, about Internet banking and again "visiting the simkomat"

Thanks to the reader for the collage that he sent once. As a summary for those who don’t like to read too much: both operators had technical problems, although the problems were surprisingly different. Hopefully, over the past two years since then, they managed to sort out technical issues even in a very leisurely mode. Although who knows, who knows … We love to postpone everything until the last moment, and I myself regularly sin with this. Below is a photo of the Tele2 simkomat, most likely, these cars will be washed, serviced, revived if necessary, and again placed at metro stations.

Wait a minute … Then the press release from Tele2 “suddenly” arrived with a delay of several days. Uh … it looks like everything is not so or not quite so simple, read the UPDATE at the end of the text. Everything we love: intrigues, scandals, investigations and other yellow-press nonsense. What is there to do? Okay, so long as I leave it written “as is”, do not be angry.

Operators, about Internet banking and again "visiting the simkomat"

The press release from Tele2 about this event can be read here. It looks nice, but I still doubt that this scheme works. It’s not even about the technique, which, if desired, can be “licked” and brought to mind. There are two global “plugs” from which you can’t get away: who will be to blame if something goes wrong? For example, who will be to blame if the presented passport turns out to be fake, the car could not recognize the fake, and in fact the anonymous sim card will take part in the next pseudo-mining? It is useless for the simkomat to “sew a deadline”; it does not matter where to stand. Simkomat can stand up and sit, if that. And the second gag is the price of the issue. A live employee in relation to the sale of sim cards is clearly more practical, because he not only sells sim cards, but also does a lot of other things. Again, Simkomat does not have to be rewarded for fulfilling the sales plan. But, in general, with a simkomat, I can’t even imagine how many sim cards need to be sold for the project to reach the payback level. I’m not sure that the unit can generally work so much without serious damage. On the other hand, money has already been invested in the development and production of these units, and it is a shame not to use the existing resource.

In general, for all the advertising attractiveness of the project, I do not see any clear prospects yet. Still, the labor force in Russia is so cheap that we are still very far from replacing people with robots, even in Moscow with its relatively high salaries. Economic expediency decides, if not everything, then almost everything. Of course, it is useful to attach the simkomats left over from the last time, but how many of them survived and how much will it take to invest in them to bring them to mind? I doubt that someone has been doing this “for future use” since the last experiment. And what do you think?

And one more thing: I don’t know how it all worked now, but exactly two years ago, a number of different problems “took place”. So, for all the tempting idea of ​​”quickly grab a SIM card on the way to work”, it is better not to count on such a scenario, but focus on losing about 10 minutes of time. And this is provided that there are no other people in line in front of you. I also advise you to re-read the old Tele2 simkomat review here. If nothing has changed radically, then you will be able to assess potential “non-folding” in advance and save time. And if most of the “jambs” have been fixed, then so much the better, pleasant surprises are always welcome. Successful battles with the simkomat robot, and be sure to write in the comments about your impressions.


How easy it is with one photo to destroy the entire logical (it would seem) and neatly built chain of conclusions! Judging by the photo (see below), the Tele2 simkomats freshly installed in the Moscow metro are very different from their previous version. Although the devil can take them apart: neat – very neat! – the sidewall of the unit was photographed strictly, and what is there on the front panel of the device is unknown to science. Have you installed an old device, a new one, or just a decorative screen with the inscription Tele2 photographed? They know how to photograph “correctly”, great skill! But the intrigue has been preserved, and this is important. I can only say one thing: photographing only the side of the unit (if it’s really not a screen on strings) is absurd, professional photographers don’t work like that. Therefore, all the same, we will not rush to conclusions, we should first approach the object, examine it and, perhaps, even feel, I am not afraid of this word.

Operators, about Internet banking and again "visiting the simkomat"

One thing I can say: if this is really a new model of the simkomat, then bad thoughts about the vulgar cut of the budget begin to stir in my head. The previous version of the simkomat worked quite well for itself, the shortcomings were mainly in the software part, and it is incomparably cheaper to fix it than to design and build a new device. However, let’s look at the device itself, the sidewall or even the screen in the photo will tell us little. And yes, they could just change the exterior for some reason, leaving all the giblets the same. As the saying goes, “we’ll see.”

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