Operators, boring news

What funny news could there be in January? Sadness, melancholy, and I don’t want to work. I tried to pick up something more or less interesting for you, don’t blame me. I say right away: there will be no special sensations, but I really tried. Here, damn it, I also split the glasses, although not the two glasses themselves (?), But the frame. But still, the usability of the device dropped to ~ 20%, and it became very difficult to work.

Apparently, they write the truth that now all lenses, except for the insanely expensive ones, are made of plastic, this is rational and practical. And cheap, by the way. Okay, now the main thing is to live up to the manufacture of new glasses without any falls and other excesses such as stepping on a cat, after all, I have a full centner of weight, and the common phrase “Arctic fox to a kitten!” I hope to hear only in anecdotes, not live. Yes, and my wife figs will drag me to the bed, if I have a heart attack from a crushed cat, she is a fragile and tender girl. I will order two pairs of this simple device at once (I’m talking about glasses, not about my wife) and I advise you the same if you use it. After several years of wearing it is generally enchanting, what a wild helplessness appears from the lack of glasses, so a spare pair in a stash is a must have for any responsible user.

Okay, I cried – well done, I felt better, but something was carried away by the prelude. No, I’m not a Kalmyk who travels across the steppe and bu-bu-bu what he sees, it just happened. Let’s go.

About the obligatory payphones in the villages: “You did not serve for long, but honestly …”

Remember those bright red vandal-proof payphones in well-lit and strategically important points like near the village council? How much has been written and rewritten about them, I also noted. The unit is unique in its own way, created for an unkind Russian climate and an even less kind Russian consumer. They write about “telephone booths”, but in fact these are not booths, but simply devices tightly bolted to the poles with small canopies for rain and snow. Although I do not argue, it is possible that somewhere “real” booths are being erected. By the way, where did all the thousands (many thousands!) Of full-fledged telephone booths, which were removed from all major cities, go? These booths would be transported to the villages, otherwise it would be wet and cold to call from a pay phone in winter and in the rain. And then a bunch of goodness was clearly dropped somewhere, and in this “somewhere” it safely rotted away.

Operators, boring news

When the program of mass telephone installation of villages and townships was just beginning, these payphones were an excellent and very popular solution. And they seemed like a huge achievement: wow, you can just go to the coveted unit and call at any time of the day. After all, everything depends on the starting point, if there was nothing at all except a telephone at the post office and in the village council on weekdays from 9 to 16 o’clock, then such a device is already great. And if the village is small and without a post office / village council, then it’s just a miracle. I repeat: it all depends on the starting point of reference, because if there was zero, but there was no, and the phone, then this is a colossal progress. And yes, I once had a chance to call from such a device, it’s okay, and it was even interesting. The chain from the tube to the bracket on the pole, however, was three kilograms in weight, at first I dropped the tube from my hand out of surprise. But this is Russian specificity.

Then there was a project to organize centralized Wi-Fi in the villages, sort of like fashionable, youth-progressive. And as a complement to the wired pay phone, it is voice and data together. This business “did not take off” for them: the contingent of consumers is already more discriminating and morally not ready to concentrate at a distance of 150-200 meters from the post in order to receive mail and read the news. Although how to say, I saw a photo with benches, awnings and other simple “infrastructure” around the coveted pillar. If the people built it with their own hands, then the “infrastructure” was in demand, you must agree. So the idea was correct, it was a movement in the right direction, it remained to take the last step. It is now done, Rostelecom will begin to install base stations of cellular communications in settlements for 250-500 residents.

Operators, boring news

I highly recommend RBC’s relatively recent material, read it here. Poem, just a poem! All this was and often is still. By the way, this is an excellent illustration of the fact that operators still have a lot of work to do and beyond the Moscow Ring Road, too. And then, you will not believe, many people think that cellular communication in Russia already works everywhere and cellular operators just sit and count income. No, it is necessary not only to expand and increase the capacity, but also to build from scratch where there was no cellular communication in the past. Quote from RBC:

“Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky told reporters that within the framework of the universal communication services project, the company will begin to install base stations of cellular communications in settlements for 250-500 residents, the RBC correspondent reports. “The [universal services] project priorities are changing significantly. We will install mobile communication stations in settlements with a population of 250-500 people. Emphasis will be placed on them, ”said the president of Rostelecom. Until 2020, the universal service included the installation of payphones in all settlements of the country, as well as Wi-Fi access points in settlements with a population of 250-500 people. “

All the same, very tiny settlements “drop out” of the attention zone, but it is easier to solve the issue with them through cellular communication. Somewhere you can reach with a radio relay, somewhere you can forward a cable to a small tower. Her Majesty flexibility. The main thing is that the notorious “last mile” in terms of coverage becomes really a mile and even more than a mile, and not a miserable 100-150 meters. And 100-200 inhabitants is not such a small village, by Russian standards. God willing, and such settlements will get. True, here in the literal sense of the word “race for survival”: will they have time to put up a tower, or, while they put it, half of the remaining residents will die out / scatter? And the question arises squarely: do these “threshold” 250 residents count by the number of living souls at the time of preparation of plans, or do they count later, at the time of the start of work in a particular settlement? Otherwise, things connected with us in Russia are going very slowly, and at the time of the start of construction, half of those interested may have time to smoothly migrate to the city or in direct transit to the cemetery. The division of the population into groups according to the number of people seems to me somehow very conditional, but there should be an objective criterion, this is also a fact.

Minute funny

Operators, boring news

You know, sometimes you read something that you don’t understand, cry or laugh. According to Interfax, all languages ​​have been banned in Ukraine except the native language, how terrible it is to live! Especially to those Ukrainians who have not mastered the “MOV” because they are unnecessary in everyday life. I remembered my long-term experience of visiting I do not remember what a small but very proud Baltic state, they immediately told me that they did not know Russian and did not want to know. As well as myself, however. I don’t care, I switched to English, but the Baltic states thought and suddenly suddenly remembered Russian, miracles happen! But this is so, experiences are different. I don’t want to be indiscriminate, in the Baltics I have many friends whom I sincerely respect, and in Ukraine there are also many of them.

PS I changed the frame of my glasses, life is getting better! If I had known, I would have changed it earlier: on a new loop frame, a fundamentally different, new (for me) design. It is hoped that the tricky hinge hinges are made better and will not get loose. While the “flight is normal”, the elephant is happy, but it is too early to express any judgments seriously. Anyone interested, ask me in half a year, I will answer with pleasure. Glasses are one of the most conservative, purely utilitarian accessories, but here too there was a path for progress, which is good news. So take note if you wear glasses. Better to try it yourself, the issue price is 2 rubles. with work in not the cheapest optics, maybe you will not go broke, and spare glasses will come in handy in any case.


One can argue about the politeness / correctness of Omon, and the demonstrators too. Only there is no point in arguing. It is clear who, what and why is seeking and, regrettably, they will achieve their goal. Probably. Although at this rally, law enforcement officers behaved simply exemplarily. Unfortunately, the oppositionists need a “sacred sacrifice”, a couple of such victims are better. And they will most likely receive this sacrifice, because human patience is not unlimited, and the riot police are also people.

What about communication?

What was there at this Sabbath with the connection, by the way? It’s interesting! Generally, at such “events” it is better to turn off cellular communications completely. Nobody believes in fairy tales about spontaneous spontaneity and all sorts of things “at the behest of the heart”, all this is well organized and the process is coordinated in real time. Ideally, of course, it is best to track down and neutralize the organizers, but such people are not very eager for publicity. Strange, isn’t it? Okay, what can be done is to at least locally take away their communications in order to make it difficult to coordinate the actions of the protesters. There are no technical problems with this, there are inconveniences for those who accidentally “fall under the distribution”, but you can put up with this for a couple of hours.

For those who nevertheless decided to actively participate in this “holiday of disobedience”, it is better to turn off the phone in advance. And turn it off not at the place of the rally-procession, but very early. Ideally, it is better to leave the phone on at home at all, but very few people will master this, we are all a little bit telecom addicts. So at least turn it off. All the same, you are unlikely to be able to call, and all sorts of vatsapchiks with telegrams will somehow manage without your close attention for a couple of hours. At such events, you cannot know what situation you will find yourself in, but law enforcement officers can and will know your location to within meters. If they want, of course. Do you need it? I doubt it. And let me remind you that even a sim card bought on the market and a cheap phone bought there will keep your anonymity for a very short time. You are not James Bond, and you can get through on something. For example, out of habit, put the device with such a SIM card in your pocket next to your other phone and there are many more different options. Yes, even if you sit in a cafe with a friend for an hour, forgetting about the included “anonymous” phone in your pocket, here a whole chain is already being built.

The “meanness” here is that it is enough to pierce one and only once and that’s it, the “anonymous” SIM card has ceased to be anonymous, the phone from the market is the same. I read about the “rule of one call”: professionals buy a phone for the sake of one call, after which the phone is turned off and mercilessly thrown into the trash. They say that MegaFon’s super-cheap phone cards were in great demand in this role. How much you need all these dances with a tambourine is up to you, but it is desirable to decide. And not to leave everything to chance according to the principle “oh well, these are all empty horror stories!”

By the way, do you remember the wave of calls most often from the territory of Ukraine about pseudo-mining of various objects? And the very costly emergency evacuation of thousands of people from shopping centers? Somehow they dealt with this problem and such calls practically stopped, although the caller from another country, it would seem, is invulnerable. And I strongly doubt that the “jokers” are simply tired of calling, there should have been much more compelling reasons. I hope there were no lethal outcomes, I’m not bloodthirsty.

Telegram overtook WhatsApp?

So far, only in the Moscow region, but still overtook. Quote from press release:

“MTS analysts have studied the activity of users of two popular messengers in the Moscow region in 2020 and early 2021. For the analysis, we used impersonal data on the traffic of Telegram and WhatsApp applications in the MTS mobile network for the period from December 20, 2019 to January 20, 2021.

According to forecasts of MTS analysts, the volume of traffic in Telegram in 2021 in Russia will continue to grow at a faster pace than WhatsApp due to the fact that Telegram attracts a user audience with content and replaces media sites, news portals, some financial services, aggregators of discount programs, technical support for products, etc. much more. Telegram will continue to gradually attract users who will start using it to communicate with each other.

In December 2020 and January 2021, the mobile Internet traffic of MTS subscribers in Moscow to Telegram and WhatsApp services became equal. The active growth in traffic to the Telegram mobile application occurred in the middle of summer 2020, when Roskomnadzor canceled the restrictions on the messenger in Russia. In July 2020, after the restrictions were lifted, compared to May 2020, when the restrictions were in effect, mobile Internet traffic to the Telegram application increased 11 times. If we compare the periods from 1 to 20 May 2020 and from 1 to 20 January 2021, then Telegram traffic has grown by more than 50 times. “

And how much noise was made around the struggle of officials with the rebellious messenger, remember? They threw in a lot of money and strained people, but the result is zero. Although I’m still not sure that the “keys” from Telegram were never given away. Somehow this does not look like the policy of officials in Russia, they could have agreed that they would get access to the correspondence, but they would declare that the Telega was kept in order to calm the public. In such a scenario, everything would be super, just super from any point of view: Telegram walks with its head held high and brags about its adherence to principles and “indestructibility”, users rejoice at their security, and those who are supposed to work calmly read the correspondence, to nobody and nothing without bragging, they just do their job. At no time do I insist on such a version of the development of events, but I will refrain from dismissing it for now. Regarding the competition of messengers, they write that already beyond the Moscow Ring Road and further, WhatsApp’s positions are still stronger, but this is not a matter of principle: people have a choice, and this is the main thing.

That’s all for today, my dears. Take care of yourself, a couple of times I almost plowed through the snow porridge on the sidewalk. And the weather is rotten: a small plus during the day and a minus at night, just so that everything thawed by morning would be covered with a crust of ice. There is a life hack from the middle of the last century: strips of adhesive plaster (ordinary, fabric, which are sold in rolls) on the soles. There were enough glued strips to get to work and then back home, but in those old days, reagents were not poured onto the sidewalks, so you have to try. Maybe now this patch will not be enough for a dozen steps along the sidewalk.

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