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Beeline has tripled the capacity of the data center. Strange tariff discrimination when trying to connect VoLTE. The next changes in numbers, codes and the order of their dialing for “distant” calls. Credit card “Beeline” – what is this new inhabitant of the banking jungle?

Beeline triples the capacity of its data center in Yaroslavl

I remembered that I had already written about this Yaroslavl technical center “Beeline”. It turned out that he wrote exactly 10 years ago, when much was still in the relatively distant future. Anyway, the text is quite informative, and I myself read it with pleasure, so I recommend it, you can read it here. The press release that came to me was sincerely pleased with the fact that everything is working, developing and Beeline even considered it possible to “report” on the results achieved. At the present time, when many projects are frozen, freeze, or simply fly into a mess, maintaining forward motion is already great news, and how much the project “fits” into the schedule drawn up even before the pandemic, it is even indecent to ask. How do doctors answer the question “is the pressure of xxx good or bad?”, “Thank you for being alive!”

Now the actual press release with the numbers that we love. And we love it for a reason: several times I have been rescued by quotes with numbers in my own reviews. For some reason, some numbers sometimes magically disappear along with press releases, but everything remains in place with us, take it to your health. So:

“Beeline is increasing the capacity of its own data processing center (DPC) in Yaroslavl to implement the tasks of a client-centric strategy. The company has put into operation two new data center modules that will help maintain high-quality customer service in the face of constant traffic growth, increase network reliability, allow launching additional and develop created customer services, for example, VoLTE, and also lay the technological foundation for the launch of 5G.

The new data center modules will increase the capacity of Beeline’s technical infrastructure, which is necessary after a large-scale increase in the number of base stations and an increase in data traffic. According to internal analysts, Beeline doubled its 2018G network in 2019 and 4, and in 2 months of 11, the 2020G network grew by another 4%. Mobile Internet speeds in large cities increased by 21-20%, mobile Internet traffic grew by 40% over the year, the share of LTE traffic in the total data volume also increased and is 44%.

The new data center modules are designed to accommodate 320 racks with server equipment, the total net power of the data center increased 3 times, from 1,2 MW to 3,6 MW. This will allow the network to continue to grow and increase its reliability.

To accommodate equipment in the data center, two new machine rooms were built, cooling, ventilation, security and uninterruptible power supply systems were installed. The new data center modules meet all the advanced maintenance and monitoring requirements. They provide for a round-the-clock change of service personnel and equipment redundancy. The new modules will allow, in the event of emergency situations, to preserve the full functionality of all network functions. According to reliability standards, the facility meets the Tier III level. “

Operators, news ...

For reference. There are four known levels of the Uptime Institute standard:

  • Tier I – basic infrastructure without redundancy;
  • Tier II – infrastructure with spare capacity;
  • Tier III – infrastructure supporting concurrent repairs;
  • Tier IV – Resilient Infrastructure.

If interested, read about the classification of servers in an excellent and not at all abstruse article on Habré here, quite informative.

VoLTE at Beeline

I spied a link to a brief description of the VoLTE technology on the forum, went to read it here. And I advise you, in very simple language, about difficult things. I have already forgotten that the Beeline site knows and remembers everything about everyone who once entered, even the visitor’s phone number is displayed somewhere at the top of the screen. It’s nice, but sometimes it is also offensive when your favorite operator faces the table.

Operators, news ...

The second surprise was that my tariff plan does not support VoLTE technology. Tariff plan, Karl! Yes, I have a simple tariff without a monthly fee, because I do not use the “Beeline” number as the main one, but what is the technical connection between the tariff and technology? Is that the administrative connection, such as “you did not come out with such a beggarly tariff and you are not worthy of our latest super-technology VoLTE!” In general, try and tell us, suddenly we learn something new and interesting. For the sake of trying VoLTE in Beeline, I am not going to connect any tariff of 800 rubles a month. Again, I don’t know the “passing score” in VoLTE “Beeline”, I will plug it in, and they will say: “800 rubles. a little, come on, darling, connect at least to the tariff for 1 “.

Operators, news ...

And the most important thing: personally, I have already seen enough of this VoLTE both in Tele2 and in MegaFon, and in MegaFon at a tariff without a monthly fee, Surprise! Nowhere did they try to discriminate against me on the amount of money brought to the operator. And I don’t remember how many years this VoLTE has been working in Tele2. Almost from 2015 or 2017, if not confusing. So it is unlikely that I will see or hear something completely new in VoLTE “Beeline”, respectively, for me it would be a senseless waste of money in any case.

And so I sincerely advise everyone who is just too lazy to delve into the settings, having VoLTE at hand, to connect to VoLTE. The main charms of the technology when talking with a subscriber are also VoLTE, but even a call to a phone in the usual standard is more pleasant. The sound is cleaner, there is no interference, the dialing is fast. So don’t be lazy, plug it in, it’s worth it. If, of course, you pass the property qualification in “Beeline” (malevolent laughter off-screen).

PS I saw that 4G advertises the ability to simultaneously talk and transfer data. Something seemed familiar to me, I remembered. Back in the days of 3G, there was such an opportunity on certain models of Nokia phones (if not confusing), and it even worked, albeit crookedly. Then in 4G there was a “crutch” in the form of CSFB … There was a lot of things, in VoLTE everything should work without any additional tweaks.

Will the sets of numbers for “long-distance” calls be changed in Russia?

If they do, it will not be “right tomorrow”, they threaten in 2025. Although four years is not a period, we will not notice how they fly by. Read, for example, an article in Izvestia here. Quote:

“In Russia, from 2025, for calls within the region, mobile and long distance, you will need to dial 0 instead of 8, and for international calls – 00 instead of 8-10. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the order “On the approval and implementation of the Russian system and numbering plan” was published on Thursday, February 11, on the portal of draft regulations. It is noted that the format 0 and 00 is recommended by the International Telecommunication Union. “

Well, maybe it’s really time. About 20-25 years ago, we were traveling in a bus from the airport, I don’t remember which country, and Madame Guide patiently explained to us how to dial 0 and 00, and also that 8 at the beginning is not part of the number, this is the code. Which is not needed here. And zeros, on the contrary, are needed, although they are also code. Predictably, half of the group did not understand anything, did not remember, or got confused. Gidessa knew this very well and forbade her to go further than 5 steps from her on the first day before arriving at the hotel. To avoid, so to speak. We must assume that the International Telecommunication Union recommended these “noughts” more than a dozen years ago and we have matured. Okay, any project must keep its own under the cloth, the main thing is that they have not forgotten.

In general, games with telephone numbering are the favorite entertainment of our officials from the telecom. I still cannot forgive them, they “stole” (took away) my beautiful city number 130 … they urgently needed it for emergency services. After two years of deliberation, they decided that no, they did not need this number for emergency services, and sold it to someone. They were ashamed to offer me to buy back the number they had taken from me for some reason. Surely there were many like me. And how should I treat these dishonest businessmen from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications? You guessed it, this is how I treat them since then.

Returning to the topic of numbering. I don’t understand at all why, without the most urgent need to change something in this area. And the urgent need is somehow not visible in the foreseeable future. Someone is forcing us to urgently integrate into the European numbering plan? I doubt it. But I have no doubt about the mess that will come after turning off 8 and 8-10, people are used to it. And if you do not disconnect and leave them to work in parallel, then why bother to start all this? People have used 8 and 8-10, and will continue to use them. In general, the next modernization is not clear why, it is not clear to whom and it is not clear for what. Surely they will come up with something and paint it beautifully, but I don’t have enough imagination to guess what exactly. When officials selected beautiful numbers in order to sell them later, the goals / incentives were at least roughly clear, but here they take 8 and 8-10, just so that life does not seem like honey? Okay, I have long gone mad about the number taken away from me, but, judging by the publications, the reformers from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications are still itching to do so. If they have nowhere to put state money (where to put their own money, they know very well), then they would distribute subsidies to sick children, whom the whole world collects for operations drop by drop via SMS.

Credit card from “Beeline”: where does it take you?

The laurels of MTS-Bank are haunted, they started a joint project with Alfa-Bank and issued a super-duper credit card.

Operators, news ...

MTS-Bank is a well-promoted project with a large number of government contracts up to, if I’m not mistaken, receiving and processing payments for housing and communal services. Alfa-Bank … I don’t really know, so I won’t say anything, because banks are very sensitive to any comments, except laudatory ones. Which side is “Beeline” to Alfa-Bank? I don’t know either, probably there is some mutual financial interest. And not only financial, so I received an offer to open this card? But this is clearly not about the close interaction between the operator and the bank, this is a separate project.

I am not going to advertise this “wonderful” map, to criticize it – all the more so, because I did not delve into it. Only the eye cut the black color of the card. Previously, only fairly expensive banking products could traditionally boast of black color, and, albeit unofficially, a black card was a plus to the status of the owner. If you don’t care deeply about such details, then I understand you perfectly, but many people do not care, and marketers are well aware of this. Therefore, making an ordinary credit card black is not quite an ethical decision and some “hooliganism”, but marketers know better, and you will not sue anyone for it. But in the place of a potential client, I personally would be a little wary.

Operators, news ...

In general, read it yourself here. I looked diagonally, and it immediately struck me that cashback is only in Beeline stores. And then I saw the small print under the asterisk: “… if you pay off all your credit card debt before the interest-free period expires.” This is one of the conditions for the furiously advertised 100 days interest-free period. Do you think many people carefully and completely zero out their credit card debt every three months? And if not zeroed, then, probably, “caught”. On the other hand, there are meticulous people who do not have a special need for money, who can easily maneuver their finances in such a way as to consistently use other people’s money with a 100 days delayed return of this money. At least the first year with free service. And their money lies quietly and earn at least small, but interest. There are a lot of banks, and once a year, closing the card of one bank and opening another bank is not a big deal if you are “in the know”, and the procedures / conditions are probably similar for all banks. Or are banks already filtering out such “smart guys”? It is unlikely that such a trifle cannot be attributed to the notion of “fraud”, it’s just a small and completely legal optimization.

Well, we also remember that the main “card” earnings of banks for those who grab a credit card quickly scoop up its balance of available funds and runs to another bank for the next card. And for the empty card he pays-pays horse interest every month. If he also withdraws cash from a credit card, then this is generally a golden client. I hope you are not one of these sufferers for whom I am truly sorry.

By the way, I have never been interested: do all sorts of restructuring with a decrease in the credit burden apply to card debts, too, or only to ordinary loans? I’m ashamed of my financial illiteracy, but I’m not very interested in digging into all this, there is no incentive at all. And I perfectly understand that in this financial mess you need to cook yourself and delve into everything. And all this advertising “Just give us money, and we will do our best and we will earn golden mountains for you!” – exactly advertising and nothing more, it is better not to fall for these guys on the hook.

Probably, that’s all for today and there will be no “resume”, there is a fair amount of variety of topics. All good mood and successful trips in this not the best weather for travel. On the other hand, there is a small unexpected plus: continuous snowfall has hammered all the slightest cracks and leaks in the windows, the house is warm and cozy.

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