Operators, news about a little strange

Is 3G doomed and dying much earlier than ancient 2G? Contactless payments from smartphones are spreading across Europe, and how they are doing! Even a little envious. Statistics of future (today 16.02.2021/23/2021) gifts for February 25, 000, in some places I want to cry with emotion. But this is life, and it has always been, it was simply not advertised. And what should we, wild boars, wear ourselves? So that you don’t run to take both heat and a loan of XNUMX, and don’t carry a battery with you on a trolley? The “Remelting” project: we survived, people are already twirling their noses and throwing more usable smartphones into the trash heap. And there, in the trash, smartphones are just undesirable, if you think a little about ecology.

So what about 3G?

You know, it can be bitter and insulting to read such news, is 3G really all? Well, or almost everything? Yes, I myself wrote about this many times, but somehow I could not believe it. Although objectively 3G should have died out earlier than 2G. All 2G-only devices are “carriage and small cart”, but 3G-only devices still need to be looked for. Although I have something exotic lying somewhere on the shelf. In any case, the disappearance of the network in the 3G bands will create incomparably less stress for users than the “loss” of 2G, this is an indisputable fact.

The actual source can be read here (Interfax), quotes:

“Moscow. February 16. INTERFAX.RU – 3G technology in Russia will disappear earlier than 2G, says Sergey Emdin, CEO of Tele2.

“Today’s paradigm is that 3G will be the first to go to the dustbin of history, because with the presence of advanced 4G, this technology has actually become a dead-end branch of technological evolution. At the same time, we still need 2G both for coverage and for voice communication. If you think about what will happen in the future, most likely, in the next 5 years, 3G should disappear, although there are exception regions, ”he said during an online press conference on Tuesday.

The CEO recalled that in Moscow, for example, Tele2 has only 3G and 4G networks, while 2G is missing. Therefore, Tele3 will not be able to abandon 2G technology in Moscow.

“But in most regions, the first technological redistribution is 2G / 4G, then, I hope, 5G will spread and, accordingly, this will lead to the withering away of 2G in favor of the most modern technologies,” he said.

What I love about Tele2’s management is its clear language and, in my opinion, human formulations without any bureaucracy. If you feel nostalgic, then you can remember quite a few, with whom 3G was born in agony and with whom it will have time to die safely. But this is exactly the case with the Moor, who did his job, and did well. Amen!

At the same time, Sergei Emdin reminded us that with 5G there are still more questions than answers because of frequencies, first of all. As always. Regardless of the final decisions made, “clearing” the frequencies is an expensive pleasure. Just expensive or very expensive, depending on how they end up agreeing. The situation, of course, is enchanting: it is high time to prepare 5G for broadcasting, but so far no one knows in what frequency ranges. Officials are still being kicked from all sides, otherwise they would have been sitting at all, shifting pieces of paper on the tables and asking in surprise: “5G? What are 5G, what are you talking about, tavarisch ?! ” And, of course, there is not enough evil for how stupidly they donated frequencies to those who did not really need them. According to the principle “maybe it will come in handy, but for such a thing it is not a sin even to bring an official to the sauna.” Although I did not hold a candle, my attitude to frequencies in those days was something like this.

Who pays with what in fraternal Europe immeasurably loving us?

In general, it’s not hard to guess: digital contactless payments from smartphones and other devices such as smart watches. What surprised me was that credit cards fell into the “retrograde” category. Here you go, who would have thought!

Operators, news about a little strange

The original of a large and very detailed material (in English) can be read here. Indeed, there are giant steps towards the “digitalization” of payments, which is quite natural. And yes, when choosing a checkout from 5-6 people working in a supermarket, I already intuitively focus not on the length of the tails (they are about the same) and not even on the fullness of customer carts (the difference is also small). Here, rather, a game of “guess the melody”: by the faces of the paying people to guess who and what will pay. The cashiers are trained to the level of automatism, and the goods simply fly along the conveyor belt, and the main delay is precisely on the payment itself. Especially the ritual of finding a wallet in a bag and slowly knocking out coins from it, exactly up to the desired declared number of kopecks. You may not believe it, but check it out and see for yourself: when paying by phone or card, on average, payments are twice as fast. If not three times. And this, my dears, is no longer technology, this is the economy as it is in all its glory. I’m thinking: will we live to see the time when people who pay in cash will be forced into one big queue? It seems inhumane, but why should I pay with my time for an aunt / uncle whose grandchildren do not bother to make a primitive debit card in almost any bank? Grandchildren are too lazy and have no time? Then let the aunts / uncles stand, and the length of the queue at such a cash register will quickly brainwash the aunts / uncles. The sympathetic comments of pensioners from the neighboring, “fast” queue will also help the pensioners understand who exactly “scored” on them in this situation, and a half-hour standing will also contribute. You look, in the end, this snowball of public censure will work and come to callous grandchildren.

By the way, again I ask myself: why did the British dislike bank cards and for what sins they were lumped together with cash payments? Honestly, to pay from a card not an iota longer, or even faster than from a smartphone, because for some reason every payer from a smartphone voluptuously flips through it for 15-20 seconds before attaching it to the terminal. Maybe this is their ritual like that? Like a flamingo mating dance?

In general, read those who are interested, the material is quite specific, but quite informative. To some extent, it affected me as a shake-up, I didn’t even think that it would hook me.

What will be given to whom on Defender of the Patronymic Day

The statistics were adjusted by MTS Bank, for which we are grateful to him. An interesting selection. Fool with them, with the growth of transactions, the most popular categories are interesting in themselves.

Operators, news about a little strange

By the way, where are the socks ?! Where did this popular, convenient and not very ruinous gift go from the table? Probably, socks entered the second most important category “Clothes” and hid there.

With the category “Souvenirs” everything is clear: this is when a lady of fantasy has zero point tenths of a thousand, but the rudiments of intelligence are present. Accordingly, it is a shame to give socks to her. Then his Majesty gets a souvenir, and the peasant’s task is not to twist his face at the sight of another useless garbage (socks, whatever you say, are better, because they are more practical!).

So, lottery tickets! Oh, hold me seven! I will give something to my beloved – I don’t know what, with a high probability I’ll give it all a zilch. How many tickets does it win? One in 100 or less? Truly the apotheosis of the gift to the defender of the fatherland.

Books! Oh, what a cultured people we have! Although in last place, the books entered the top 10, which is already great. If a man has not read anything thicker than a newspaper since his wedding, no one will give him a book, and once they have given it, it means that he can read and at least sometimes allows himself to read something like that for the soul. The average check per book is 510 rubles, and now I myself will dig my own grave in front of your eyes. There is a Fix Price store in which, especially for such cases, they keep several shelves of clearly garbage books with beautiful covers at a price of 50-70 rubles. for a book, on the eve of the holidays, the shelves are drastically empty. I once took a certain “Do not interfere with the executioner” for a test, I have been reading it for the fifth month. I have already forgotten the plot, and I am afraid that I will have to quit. I can’t do it! The trouble is that I am starting to feel sick even before the storyline has recovered in my head, I throw it. Such a continuous process is obtained, which must be forcibly stopped, there are no other options.

Okay, we have sorted out the main thing. Any holidays – the movement of the hair on the head of the observer, and February 23 is still the most innocent holiday, which most ladies do not even want to count as a holiday. But the Sabbath on March 8 is yes, it is a natural disaster. A special glamor is considered to be overdone on March 8, received on February 23 (often, after all, men are given handkerchiefs that are universally suitable for everyone). But here you need to soberly assess the weight category of your beloved, otherwise, in frustration, she will put a frying pan so that she will leave the hospital for May.

So, what to wear yourself?

We have more or less decided what would be nice to receive as a gift, and what would be better not to receive is also approximately understandable. If you have a girl who can easily buy you 5-7 thousand for a gift for herself for the Defender of the Fatherland Day, then I congratulate you. Most don’t have such a girl, so you have to take care of yourself.

Then a press release from AliExpress hit me like a wave, and I even got a little angry. A lot of interesting things have been written, but here’s the trouble: often for me it is half a “Chinese literacy”, and I rather vaguely imagine the mechanism of action of all this high-tech crap. Read the press release, maybe for you all this is a long boring routine.

AliExpress: Russians are 3 times more likely to choose technological winter clothes

Users take an active interest in technological innovations, including heated clothing

Experts from the AliExpress Russia platform found that this winter, Russian users were 3 times more likely to buy high-tech heated clothing compared to the same period in 2019. On average, users are ready to spend from 1,5 to 15 thousand rubles on such models. Analysts linked the rise in demand to harsher temperatures and interest in techwear – tech and innovative clothing.

The most popular products in the category are down jackets and heated vests. Most often, Russians choose jackets from Xiaomi with charging from an external battery. In addition, the turnover of special carbon fiber warmers has doubled. The third most popular subcategory of goods is jackets made of graphene-based material, which conducts heat faster and retains it better. Most often, technological warm clothes were ordered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Vladivostok. “

For example, a heated jacket with external battery charging. This is what kind of battery you need to carry on your hump in order to provide effective heating of the jacket for at least eight hours of a working day at a temperature of minus thirty? From KAMAZ? And another cute quote:

“In addition, the experts noted an increase in sales of heated insoles with USB charging. Thus, the total turnover of popular models of such goods increased by 2021 times in the winter of 8 compared to the same period last year. According to analysts, Russians most often choose orthopedic insoles with remote temperature control. Users on average are ready to spend from 350 to 2500 rubles on such goods. “

Insoles! With USB charging! And if something goes wrong, the insole will short out during recharging, and you will dance a hopak in the snow in your super insoles or super socks? And in general, at least someone tested the conductivity of these insoles in a wet state? And what about insoles that are damp with sweat, which is an excellent conductor of electricity? Have you tested it? Did you compare the conductivity of insoles for men’s and women’s shoes? Did you compare the figures in different regions? The climate is different! Although the idea itself is not bad, I agree. But in Russia, the soul is taken out so much when agreeing on something non-standard that the most persistent will spit and announce the transition to the production of frying pans. Moreover, the pans are cast-iron and, ideally, generally cast, because why do we still need to gouge with the material and design of the bolt with which the handle is attached to the pan?

Tele2, project “Pereplavka”

Operators, news about a little strange

The Tele2 operator can do something better, something worse. But what succeeds with consistent success is to surprise others. The main thing is that in this particular case it is almost impossible to suspect the operator of selfish interests or something else that is not quite beautiful. Well, in fact, they are not expecting some Vasya Pupkin from the village of Verkhniye Kabany, who will bring them a slightly dusty Vertu in perfect condition, dreaming of a certificate of 1 rubles. to buy a new smartphone? Like the hunter got lost, the bear ate the hunter, and niasil this piece of iron and spit it out, since then the piece of iron has been like a memory: there’s zero sense from it, but the thing looks good and it’s a pity to throw it away. And here, you know, such an opportunity suddenly appeared! Okay, enough clowning, let’s move on to facts and statistics. Quotes:

“For the second year, Tele2 has been implementing the operator’s eco-project“ Replavka ”to explain the importance of recycling mobile phones and to encourage customers of all operators to dispose of them correctly. In 2019, within 3 weeks of the action, customers from 11 regions of the country handed over 1217 old devices for recycling.

In 2020, the geography of the project expanded and covered 64 regions. You can bring old phones to telecom stores until November 1, 2021. During the four months of the program, more than 4000 devices were handed over. The residents of the Volga regions are most actively involved in Pereplavka: they handed over more than 1000 phones for recycling. More than 950 devices were “fused” in the Urals and about 530 in Moscow. Those who take part in the program before November 1 will receive a certificate for 1500 rubles to buy a smartphone in the operator’s communication stores, and Tele2 customers will also receive 10 GB of fast mobile Internet. “

I don’t know – I don’t know about the certificate for 1 rubles. From the very depths of memory, recollections of the great action on the acceptance of old TV sets in stores even under socialism surfaced. The team from the party was instructed to take TVs in any condition (yes, they also broadcast something about valuable giblets) and also gave either a certificate or a certificate for the purchase of a new TV. But – TV only of a certain model from the short list. Do I need to say that these particular TV models were distinguished by an absurd price, which, as it were, they “forgot” to lower it during the general decline in prices for television equipment? Almost no one needed these old TVs for rent, they just drove to the trash heap. The task was to “clear the clearing” for new equipment, and the pyramid of two or three TV sets did not stimulate the purchase of another one. However, the old TV equipment, which is being handed over by the population in large quantities, also turned out to have its own specifics: almost every second TV set had a hefty brick pulled in by a clamp inside the case. And nothing else, other radio components were not observed in the case. They say that as a result, many local bobbyists acquired capital, warm dog kennels made of brick instead of the former flimsy plank structures, in which there was a blow from all the cracks. So there is a silver lining.

In the current action, you cannot get hold of building material in the form of bricks, after all, the cases of even the oldest smartphones are not so spacious that you can shove a brick there. And what else is valuable in a modern smartphone from a consumer’s point of view? Well, probably, a certain number of service centers will sort it out for themselves “by pull” on the principle “maybe it will come in handy for spare parts.” Sparsely, probably. This is also to the question of how much the effective life of all this technology has been reduced. They put in these devices now a much shorter period of existence than 10 years ago, but few devices even “nurture” this greatly reduced period: the owner will throw it away or hand it over to some kind of “Remelting”. Eldar, as far as I remember, loves to analyze such topics “from” and “to” brick by brick, and I often lack patience.

They are also working in Moscow, modernizing!

You regularly blame me for writing mostly about Moscow. Right, but what to do? If there is actually a lot of regional news, but there are so many regions in Russia that everyone gets a gulkin’s tail from the pie. In the end, you will not believe me, but I feel guilty: I could have written about a new antenna on a Christmas tree in Verkhniy Zakhryupinsk, but I myself wrote about a complete upgrade of a network section in Moscow. And obviously not one of me was touched with this topic, the people are simply afraid to write according to the principle “Yes, you yourself are squabbling, leave me alone!” Still, I would venture to quote Interfax, the numbers are important and quite interesting. So:

“Moscow. February 17. INTERFAX.RU – MTS plans to invest about 16 billion rubles in the development of the network in Moscow and the region, the first vice president of the company for telecommunications business Inessa Galaktionova told reporters.

“We have doubled the budget for investments in Moscow, the Moscow region … and the budget that we are investing this year – about 16 billion rubles,” said the top manager.

According to her, in particular, the company plans to build an additional 6,5 thousand base stations (BS), which is 2,5 times more than in 2020. The largest construction volumes are planned in the Novomoskovsk and Troitsk administrative districts of Moscow, as well as in Khimki, Mytishchi, Balashikha and Krasnogorsk.

In the Moscow region, MTS is also upgrading equipment at existing BS – this will double the peak throughput of the MTS LTE network in the capital and the region.

The operator also intends to build a wired fiber-optic GPON network in ten cities of the Moscow region: Podolsk, Domodedovo, Korolev, Lytkarino, Zvenigorod, Noginsk, Stupino, Aprelevka, Naro-Fominsk and Krasnoarmeisk. “

See for yourself whose habitat the lucky chip fell, and check. I wanted to offer to write me about my impressions, but changed my mind. Sense of offering? A long-known phenomenon is at work here: if a person with a poor connection is not very well connected, then he purposefully pounds everyone he can reach. If the connection is repaired or upgraded, then the complainant simply dissolves in the blue distances, without even writing a farewell word. Why, if the mission is complete?

Opensource projects, eh, something not very optimistic, I got today’s selection. More precisely, colorful. I will try to improve next time. In the meantime, enjoy the warming (I’m talking about Moscow) and write me at least about interesting topics, and only then disappear. Don’t be selfish!

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