Operators, news about the strange. Yes again

The Duma ordered to block the phones of prisoners in the colonies, oh! Suddenly. “Life cycle contracts”: strictly speaking, not a novelty, but have not yet been encountered in IT projects in Russia. Test laptop of Beeline employees: an almost finished illustration for an anecdote about the Elusive Joe.

You give the prisoners’ phones disconnection!

Now everything will become good and blissful in the colonies. And then, you know, it was impossible to force the prisoner to sweep the floor in the cell, he refused to distract himself from an exciting conversation on the phone. How to force the Duma to oblige citizens to cross the street only on a green light and not litter on the sidewalks? Otherwise, it is already impossible, herds of janitors cannot cope with the waste of the vital activity of citizens engaged in careful monitoring of the vital activity of other citizens. Not otherwise, the Duma resolution will not be enough, a special law is needed. Or even an amendment to the Constitution.

Operators, news about the strange. Yes again

I mean, guess for yourself why the frequency and duration of telephone calls of prisoners from colonies are not regulated in any way. Probably, simply because such calls do not officially exist in nature and, accordingly, there should be nothing to regulate. And the fact that every year 5 mobile phones are confiscated in Russian correctional institutions, so they are kept listening to melodies and playing the “snake”, and not, God forbid, call. I’ve seen a lot and got used to a lot, but you don’t have to make people look like idiots. FSIN is not able to prevent massive “deliveries” of phones to prisons and colonies? So this is either the blatant incompetence of the Federal Penitentiary Service, or, on the contrary, the department’s excellent knowledge of this “market” and the competent collection of “tax” from it. I don’t even know which is worse, but I see no other options. So the quotes:

“Moscow. February 17. INTERFAX.RU – The State Duma adopted in the third reading a bill that will give the regional departments of the Federal Penitentiary Service the right to seek blocking of mobile phone numbers if these numbers are illegally used in colonies and pre-trial detention centers.

The decision on blocking will be made by the head of the territorial body of the penal system, which is in charge of the isolator or colony.

Telecom operators will be obliged to stop servicing the subscriber numbers specified in the letter by a letter signed by this manager. Numbers of both individuals and legal entities will be subject to blocking ”.

You can read the original source of Interfax here.

In general, if we “for some reason” are not able to stop the illegal bringing into prisons and colonies of 5 phones every year and then “for some reason” also cannot find these phones in the cells, then let’s at least block the SIM cards of these phones. At least something needs to be done if they complain, or the bosses suddenly become very interested. Of course, all this was possible before, but, it seems, only with the approval of the court. There, too, of course, there are elements of a circus show: I read that if they made a scam and found something, then they get a decree and everything goes according to the law. And if suddenly nothing was found, then, as an option, there was no shmon, and the robbers threw the things on the floor.

About Leisure

No, about quite decent leisure, and not a name that has long become a household name.

Operators, news about the strange. Yes again

I just sat there and idly flipped through the ad sent. Even before receiving it, I suspected spam, but the mood was complacent, and decided to take a look. It turned out to be spam, but the eye “caught” the picture. No, we don’t need such leisure! We would have something easier. Read a book there or wash the dishes … It took me a while to realize that the picture is an advertisement for theater tickets, but in a theater anything can happen, that’s why he is a theater. I hope I amused you a little with this short offtopic.

“Life cycle contracts”, what kind of animal is this?

A very sensible-looking project that has been asking for a long time. The name is quite telling and means exactly what you probably already thought of. In order not to retell in my own words, I will quote the press release of the Ministry of Digital Science:

“The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation announces the possibility of concluding life cycle contracts for the creation, operation and decommissioning of IT systems. The change, enshrined in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 11, 2021 No. 160, also applies to data processing centers and software and hardware systems.

The contract will allow one contractor to take responsibility for the full cycle of work on an IT system, including design, creation, commissioning, maintenance and reorganization of the system. This form of contractual relationship can be the subject of public-private partnership.

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 28, 2013 No. 1087 “On determining cases of concluding a life cycle contract”, earlier this type of contract was possible for the construction and maintenance of highways, seaports, airfields, medical centers and other significant infrastructure facilities.

“IT projects are moving to life cycle contracts that were previously available only to large infrastructure facilities. The contract will allow one contractor to control the implementation of the project at all stages. Such work should become effective for the consumer and cost-effective for the operator of the IT system, ”said Vasily Slyshkin, Director of the Department for Architecture Development and Coordination of Informatization of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation.

Even from the point of view of primitive logic, such contracts should be more efficient. In Russia, after all, the favorite pastime is the competition in psychotechnics, when the one handing over the project to the next contractor fiercely proves the highest level of work performed. And the next contractor, exactly the opposite, is trying to prove that the lame horse did not lie there, and if it did lie somewhere, it will still have to redo half of it.

This super deficient test laptop

Operators, news about the strange. Yes again

I read here a fresh continuation of a long-running story. “Ponytail” itself is short, but funny, although the author is clearly no longer laughing. We are talking about “Beeline”, if anything, but I read similar reviews about other operators.

“one. Within a few days he was trying to find out if we had 1 Mbps in our house or not.

2. A technician came and installed a new cable and a new router. Naturally, he did not have a laptop, so it was impossible to check the quality of work.

3. A week later: Low Internet speed, several hours of communication with the AU on the phone. As a result, a technician was called with a test laptop to solve the problem.

4. The technician came WITHOUT LAPTOP. Nobody told him about the laptop))) Poking around, poking around – he said that it should get better.

5. It didn’t get better. A few more hours of communication with the AU, two times flashing the router – the speed was both low and remained. The girl on the phone offered to call a technician with a test laptop. I said that it was already, but the technician came without a laptop. She contacted the management of something and someone, said that this would not happen again, we apologize, everything is under control, the technician will be exactly with the laptop and blah blah blah.

6. The technician comes. The same as last time … .. And, of course, again without a laptop …. And, of course, I couldn’t do anything again … ”.

Some dreary hopelessness emanates from this whole story, and it seems that the person himself does not believe in a successful outcome. Have you noticed the “red thread” of the story? The whole “global” problem here is the lack of a free test laptop. “A technician came without a laptop. Nobody told him about the laptop. ” Everywhere you look – everything about this sacred test laptop, be it wrong. Words like “no one told him about the laptop” are very similar to lies. The technician could hardly have been unaware that there is a 90% chance that he will need a test laptop. I think that the technician is not a stupid guy and understood that, ignoring the call, he could get luli up to a reprimand, even if he refers to an unexpected attack of diarrhea. And having pinned down to a call without a laptop to talk to the owner and leave, having sipped tea, he risks only a mild reprimand in the style: “Vasily, how is that, eh ?!” What is there to do? “We shared an orange, there are many of us, but he is one!” The laptop, if it is left alone, cannot be divided, unfortunately.

By the way, the question is: where did the rest of the laptops go? Have you written off? They usually buy this for all line employees in the amount of each plus or minus. A laptop is reliable and rarely breaks down, a professional laptop breaks down very rarely. All laptops were out of order at the same time and were decommissioned? And where did the written-off ones go, if not a secret? Gritting your teeth and throwing them into the trash with tears in your eyes? True, they left one for at least some work, otherwise the authorities will suddenly become interested in an unexpected laptop pestilence, which completely mows down laptops, like COVID people.

However, everything could be even more prosaic: the warehouse manager, or whatever they call him, having received it on the balance sheet, immediately cleaned up these laptops from sin (otherwise they will be stolen!), Leaving only the absolutely necessary minimum in the public domain, without which it is completely impossible to work … “This is Russia baby!”. Here the blast furnace will not be stolen (large, contagion), but a ladle for spilling metal – they may well. If, of course, the ladle has time to cool down.

In general, in this particular case, I would not arrange hysterics, all the same, in small groups, usually warm, trusting relationships and it is extremely difficult to prove anything. And then it is generally unrealistic. Therefore, they spin as they can.

Favorable offer from the bank

You know, not so long ago I was furiously pissed off by offers of loans, sometimes pissed off to shaking. I do not know how to send people in plain text to straight, without rounding, letters. And then somewhere I read an ingenious script of dialogue, and since then this very type of spammers even gives me some pleasure. So, after listening to the saga about the available percentages and the minimum required documents, you ask incredulously: “Is this definitely a profitable offer?” “Very profitable, almost a gift!” – the girl chirps happily. You say with emotion, what a wonderful voice she has and that for such a voice you are ready to give her an even more generous gift for such a voice: you lend the bank exactly the amount voiced by the girl and take 0.5% less from the bank than he wanted to take from you. That is, the offer for the bank obviously becomes even more profitable. Have you ever heard the sound of rusty gears in a delicate girl’s head? Try it, you will like the sound. Of all my interlocutors so far, only one drove in right away, muttered something that looked very much like a mat, and hung up. Another with a didactic intonation said: “We give, we do not take!” – then quietly oykal and also hung up. The obvious benefit is a clear and quite noticeable reduction in the number of spam calls. Maybe it’s a coincidence, the jester knows him … Perhaps the dialers put some markers of their own in the lists, and I would not be surprised if the operators themselves prepare something on this topic. After all, they are also not interested in dialers “burned out” in a matter of days. In general, I have not cooked inside this “kitchen”, and in recent years spam technology has certainly perfected to the highest level. I do not advise you to argue, shame, swear, for all this the girls are perfectly prepared mentally, while they know all the words no worse than you.


With mysterious test laptops, everything is clear in the sense that nothing is clear, but I didn’t really want to understand. So, routine. With the FSIN, of course, it is much more interesting. It doesn’t want, oh, how the FSIN doesn’t want to deal with the many thousands of illegally transferred phones to prisons and colonies, but at least something needs to be done, right? It seems that the last idea on this topic is to force cell phones to block phone numbers, calls from which are recorded from the territories of colonies, etc. Correct and reasonable: the FSIN, it seems, has not done anything wrong in front of the “godfathers” (it’s not they , these are all mean cell phones!), and measures have been taken (the phones are blocked) and the FSIN has something to report – the work is in full swing! At least that’s how it is seen from the outside. Perhaps I am wrong, I do not insist on my vision and will gladly listen to your versions.

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