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“Beeline” issued statistics that users of the “Beeline Books” service read in 2020 and on New Year’s holidays 2020-2021. FAS was angry with Tele2 for the increase in prices for archived tariffs. Traffic in the Moscow metro has grown by 20%, which is good news. Russian ski resorts on the mobile Internet and chatting opportunities turned out to be quite at the level. Some viruses I come across in the mail are uninteresting, but I come across.

What would you like to read?

We learn that people have not forgotten how to read and still consume even fiction at the level of not very reliable rumors. And that is true: who in our time would come to mind to read books ?! When there are still so many unseen vidos, 24 hours a day is not enough to review everything! However, there are still retrogrades, they read, and the most notoriously notorious even buy paper books, can you imagine? If you still remember what a paper book is. I have seen such unique people personally and not only in the mirror. Thanks to Beeline for the statistics, although I do not understand well the operator’s benefit in maintaining and servicing the Beeline Books service. Traffic is scanty, or the matter of vidosics, which, if the consumer has free time, devour this traffic as if not into himself, often causing the operator a good additional profit. And then some books, fi! Is this pure “Beeline” altruism?

Look, not quite altruism, it turns out. Or altruism, but not entirely pure water, 243 rubles. this book pleasure is worth a month. Read a detailed description of the service here. Surprisingly, a search on the Beeline website gave me zero (!) Links to the service, but through Yandex search, I found everything at once, and did not change a single letter in the request. What they are in “Beeline” shy! But that’s okay. I wonder if you can download books there or just read them online? I suspect that only read, otherwise in 7 free days you could collect yourself a good library not only for this, but also for the next surge of the coronavirus epidemic. As usual, the list of previous queries displayed by Yandex is already informative in itself: 9 out of 10 questions – “How to turn off this happiness?” It hints that the advertising campaign of the service was carried out, but they “forgot” to indicate the way of disabling it. Okay, I’m not greedy, I share valuable information: “To disable the service, send an SMS with the text“ STOP ”or“ STOP ”to 6277”. But I will refrain from trying on myself, because I don’t know if this “STOP” works in reality. Still, there are suspiciously many questions “How to disable?” In Yandex. So try with caution, and if you disconnect, then start disconnecting at least a day before the end of the trial period, leave yourself time to calmly quarrel with the support service if something suddenly goes wrong.

Wow, people are still reading Bulgakov! Nicely. And try to say that this is not a classic of literature. And the book “The Subtle Art of Do not Care” will have to look through on occasion, what if I’m missing something important? Not advertising, just the name liked it. In general, they have such an interesting hit parade, judging by the screenshot.

I don’t know, even if you can only read books online without downloading, then for a few evenings or days this is quite an occupation. In the end, at least briefly familiarize yourself with the book and then go on to the Internet for the available free version, if you liked the book offhand. I do not encourage piracy at all – God forbid! – but books in Russia have traditionally traveled from hand to hand (I don’t know how it is now), and no one even asked for a pie with jam as payment for renting the coveted book. Although, I am probably wrong, and now business models work differently.

FAS on guard of prices

Read at least a fresh note dated February 11, 2021 in Gazeta.ru here. Our defenders in the Federal Antimonopoly Service are keeping watch, just day and night. So that, God forbid, the Herods-capitalists do not unreasonably raise prices by a single kopeck. Quotes:

“The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has opened a case against the mobile operator Tele2, TASS reports on Thursday. The reason in the press release of the department is called an unreasonable increase in tariffs from 2021, which affected 12 million subscribers.

“Raising tariffs in the absence of technological, economic and other justification infringes on the interests of consumers,” the service emphasizes.

And, accordingly, Tele2’s answer:

“New quality criteria require large investments in network development,” the operator says. “In order to guarantee the clients the proper level of service and the relevant content of services, the company cannot but adjust the outdated tariffs from time to time.”

“At the same time, we act as carefully as possible and make the revision of conditions imperceptible for subscribers. The January changes affected only a number of archived rates, some of which have never been changed before. On tariffs with an adjusted subscription fee, the revision amounted to an average of 20 rubles. “

In FAS, of course, well done, they obviously have plenty of energy and free time. The money is probably also available, I suspect that all the food and other small household items are brought to the house for officials free of charge. Otherwise, they would not have noticed that absolutely the same set of products in the same store (I am very conservative in my choice) goes up in price by 30-40 rubles every week, and if something does not rise in price, then a liter turns into 850 ml, and 100 grams is 90 grams at best. But I haven’t read something about weekly lawsuits to supermarkets and grocery manufacturers. Is this a selective approach, or does the FAS prefer to hunt only big game, with which it is guaranteed that there is something to take in favor of the budget?

I in no way advocate a complete “release” of prices, not those times in the yard now. It’s the selective approach that I don’t like. With cigarettes, the prices of which are constantly growing, I have no questions about these prices, this is an increase in state excise taxes, and not the prices for the product itself. The manufacturer has either nothing at all or just a penny from this price increase. And you, if you cannot pay or the amphibian is strangling, do not smoke, quit is not fatal, and even, on the contrary, is good for your health. But you can’t give up your mobile connection, but in the foreseeable future it will rise in price, like the same cheese and sausage. Which, too, you will not really quit eating. The only positive thing can be found in the fact that it has practically lost the point of reading into each new tariff, because the probability of getting something better than you already have is very small. And more and more subscribers understand this and accept it as a model of their behavior. There may be an interesting effect: when all this is over and the operators think about intensifying competition, the consumer will react sluggishly or not really react at all. Like “we know, we know these your enticements, passed!”.

Metro – indicator and indicator?

Here is 100% that thoughts attract other information on the topic, I’ve already noticed how many times. Once it came to an anecdotal situation, I just forced myself to finish, put an end to it and send the text for typesetting. And all the same, even until the evening, materials continued to appear that “well, it would be so nice to add!”. Now I wrote “… when this is all over”, poured myself some coffee and glanced at the mail. So it is, fresh from Beeline.Analytika with hints that everything is gradually returning to normal and life, if it is not yet seething, has already begun to gurgle. Let’s read it, though interesting numbers have been drawn.

“Muscovites are gradually returning to the usual rhythm of city life before the pandemic. After the restrictions were lifted in the capital, Beeline for the first time recorded an increase in the number of its customers in the Moscow metro. From January 25 to January 31, 2021, the number of Beeline subway customers increased by 12% compared to the previous week (before the restrictions were lifted in Moscow). At the same time, the number of passengers on weekdays in the last week of January increased by 50% compared to the New Year holidays.

According to the research project Beeline Analytics, the company’s clients began to use more mobile services while traveling on the metro. After the restrictions were lifted, mobile traffic grew 20% compared to the weeks during the restrictions and will continue to grow week by week as the total metro passenger traffic increases. Passengers of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line use mobile Internet most actively, accounting for 18% of the total Beeline Internet traffic in the metro. Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line is on the second place – 15%, on the third – Zamoskvoretskaya line – 14% ”.

Oh, this Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya branch, all the time there people are falling on the rails, then a technical cataclysm is happening. I don’t remember, the train, pierced through by a pile driven in from above, also went along this line? I would stay away from this branch, but it won’t work, I live there.

“As a result of the development of the Beeline network in the Moscow metro, the average download speed of 4G content has grown 4 times to 22,8 Mbps, and the maximum can reach 350 Mbps. This speed allows the company’s customers to continuously and in excellent quality access their favorite services from their smartphones throughout their journey in the metro. Beeline customers prefer to communicate in messengers and social networks while traveling on the metro, but video services account for the greatest growth in traffic. “

The maximum speed of 350 Mbit / s is okay, this is PR, but you can find the “right” place. Especially if you know exactly where it is, this cherished place. But the average speed of 22,8 Mbit / s is really a very good result for the metro. If they do not embellish, then no “Maxims” with their dominance of advertising are needed. And the declared maximum growth in traffic for watching vidos even reassured me: everything is fine and in line with modern trends. Again, if the Internet did not cope, then there would be no significant growth in video traffic either, it can be considered an indirect indicator.

What else can you do at a ski resort besides talking on the phone?

What, what … To watch Vidosiki, judging by the traffic volume, what else can you do in a ski resort? Good statistics from Tele2. Although if the average traffic consumption is 6 GB in total for the average 6 days of rest, and not 6 GB every day, then sometimes they also managed to ride. And we understand that this is traffic only on the slopes, the hotel usually has Wi-Fi for free or at a symbolic price.

Well, as usual, the total figures. They are beautiful, which is why they are usually published without going into any recalculations of gigabytes / minutes per person on average.

“In 2020, subscribers preferred ski resorts in Central Russia. The largest number of the operator’s clients was recorded at the Novinki resort in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In addition to the residents of Nizhny Novgorod, subscribers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Chuvashia also often traveled here. In 2020, they spent more than 1600 TB of Internet and 97 million minutes on calls. The second most popular was Bobrovy Log in Krasnoyarsk, which was visited by clients from Irkutsk, Khakassia, St. Petersburg and Moscow. They accounted for more than 1500 TB and 73 million minutes. The third place was taken by the complex in the Moscow region “Snezhkom”. The most active Internet users gathered here, who spent more than 2700 TB of Internet, as well as 64 million minutes. “

Look, what popular “New items” were in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Take note, next winter will come unexpectedly as usual, and it is best to book in advance. I admire the enthusiasts who flew from Moscow to the Krasnoyarsk “Bobrovy Log” to go skiing. But in the Moscow Region “Snezhkom”, it seems, with the Internet in hotels and boarding houses it was not very good, since “… the most active Internet users gathered there.” Yes, and on the minute / terabytes oversight, this can be suspected. Also take a note, although I don’t know if this is good or bad. If you go for a drive, then it’s probably good.

Statistics provided by Tele2 (thanks to them, by the way), but I have no doubt that the average figures for other operators for Russian resorts are almost the same. You can ski in other countries as well, but there the price range will be significant and difficult to compare.

What kind of Trojan hit me in the mail?

Maybe not a Trojan, but the probability of a viral nasty is about 85%. With The Bat! I feel more or less calm, it is enough not to poke with overclocking links and do not climb on the move to open attachments to letters from unfamiliar addresses. And so the “Bat” itself parses the letter into components and presents everything in pieces for viewing in its own secure viewer, and then the user decides what to do. I was immediately alerted by the sender’s address BERKANT … According to the text, the letter seems to be from a reputable airline, of which it is simply indecent to have a completely “left”-looking email address. Immediately I realized about the second non-folding box: a confirmation check like in img format (if you believe the extension), which is somewhat strange. Graphic arts? No, all graphic images are set by default to open in a relatively simple and very effective program Irfan View (the program is free), but here my Irfan View did not recognize the graphic format and did not even offer its services. Hmm … Well, and the most important thing: I didn’t deliver anything to anyone and didn’t expect any receipts for payment, but I don’t need someone else’s. The name of the file is also “inhuman”, more like a random collection of letters and numbers. And with us, even a banal scanner by default gives out a more or less meaningful name, then simply changing the serial number of the file. Finally, Windows recognized the mysterious SOA10442.img as a “disk image”, a good format for just a purchase confirmation check, right?@serfades.xyz>

How many obvious “inconsistencies” have we counted? Three, four, or more? All this I mean is that powerful and expensive antiviruses are often redundant, enough elementary common sense and quite a bit of attention. Although if the office is an inexperienced girl, then without antivirus in any way. And then you can stomp your feet and shout: “Why did I climb on any porn?”. And she will sob and honestly answer: “Yes, I have not even entered the Internet today!” And one more thing: I suddenly remembered how my The Bat! I was only outraged when I tried to accept an infected file, but here everything was quiet, no one was outraged by anything. Okay, let’s go, just take a note just in case. And do not ask me to send you this miracle, I deleted it from my computer a long time ago. It has long been a reflex not to leave this on the car, otherwise, it is not even an hour, I will forget …

I also continue to receive from time to time another set of carbon-copy text about the fact that without my $ 600-700, within 3 days after receiving the letter, I will be disgraced for the rest of my life for my unhealthy addiction to porn. I’ve been looking forward for a year now, letters come regularly, but they don’t want to embarrass me for some reason. They probably regret it. But even writing about this is boring, just for every short-term burst of activity it is clear that the database with email addresses was once again sold to someone for a penny.

Perhaps that’s enough for today. I sense with my liver that tomorrow morning I will get something interesting, but it will be tomorrow, so tomorrow we will sort it out slowly. Good luck to everyone and take care of yourself. And-eh, I already want warmth, honestly!

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