Operators, news of autumn 2020

Those hoping for a quick victory over the coronavirus were overly optimistic. Unfortunately, we have to live with this muck for a long time. War of “MegaFon” with gardeners: the people have little entertainment this summer, but here at least some kind of movement and entertainment. Fresh report from MegaFon on expanding and improving 4G coverage in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Kovidniks – to be?

The continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic can be confidently called the most important, albeit far from the most pleasant news. It seemed that a little more, and we will begin to return to normal existence, but no, early we were happy. The statistics on the increase in the incidence are alarming and do not seem to promise anything good for the foreseeable future. People are already tired of sitting at home, even more tired of bad news, but what to do? It is better to look at things soberly and, perhaps, even with excessive pessimism, than to experience severe disappointment later. For Mobile-Review, this topic is not at all offtopic, since life during an epidemic dramatically increases the need for communication services. Moreover, it increases, one might say, on all fronts at once. Look, here is the delivery of distance education services to the consumer, and remote medicine, and much more, including such a banal thing as simple human communication. People are much less grouped “live”, and all this puts an additional burden on the voice and data networks.

I don’t remember if I wrote specifically about the “pandemic” specifics of the load on the telecom network. This specificity exists, and it is pronounced. Not a single network is being built with a large margin of capacity, with the exception of the beginning of a cellular operator’s operation in a new area for it. Planned work to increase capacity and improve coverage is always carried out in accordance with the forecast increase in load, and then suddenly the pandemic turns everything upside down. If the “centers of gravity” of people are emptying, then this is not only an increase in the load on communication networks due to a sharp drop in the volume of direct communication, it is also an unexpected and unplanned asymmetry in the geography of people. A simple example: if 300 people do not go to the cinema to eat popcorn and then happily discuss what is happening on the screen on the way home, then the same 300 people, or at least a significant part of them, will first download the data transfer channels by downloading this film, and then rush to load with no less success voice communication channels discussing the next masterpiece of cinema. A holy place is never empty, and the need for continuous communication will be satisfied in any case, otherwise there will be an information vacuum instead of the usual information noise and the appearance of all sorts of frightening thoughts about a person’s place in this unkind world, etc., and this is already a mess!

So it turns out that the geography of network loads during a pandemic seems to be mocking the planners. Where earlier base stations already smoked from the load, now they almost uselessly heat the air, and vice versa, in quiet places unexpected user activity suddenly creeps out, and rare base stations cannot cope. I also mean that you shouldn’t grumble about the ugly work of the network where everything was fine until recently. It is one thing to fit some mobile BSs to the stadium for the period of a match of popular teams, and quite another to cope with the unexpectedly increased traffic around the entire perimeter. No matter what they fantasize about the massive transportation of base stations from place to place, they rarely do this thankless job and only for serious reasons. One thing is good: the epidemic will end sooner or later, and the created supply of network capacity will allow us not to worry about the quality of communication in residential areas for a long time to come.

Operators, news of autumn 2020

In the meantime, as they say, “open your eyes” and look around, what are the victories over the coronavirus that they are writing about? If you delve into the news at least a little, then these are not victories, but attempts to somehow smooth out the consequences of an obvious defeat. I also liked the friendly cries in the press just like a carbon copy: “There is no second wave of the epidemic and there will not be, hurray!” For some time I could not understand where the legs are growing in this strange collective fit of optimism (is it contagious ?!), until I read the original somewhere, one of the officials spoke out. There was something like: “No, this is not the second wave, it’s too early to talk about the preconditions for the second wave. So far for Russia this is a continuation of the first wave. ” The press is so impressionable and unpredictable! To rip a piece out of a correct quote, distort and replicate is a sacred thing. In general, if it does not come again to the massive closure of everything and everyone, then it can be considered a great luck. We will take a look, but we definitely should not delude ourselves. So far, they are not going to fine for appearing on the street and they do not threaten to block social cards either, but who knows how it will turn out. But the Duma finally has something to do instead of stamping out not always useful bills, take it and develop, for example, a law on flexible admission of dogs to the walking distance depending on the breed and the actual size / weight of the animal. For example, for some chihuahua, determine the maximum distance from the house at 11 and a half meters, and for an adult mastiff and 218 meters from the house can be distinguished, at 11 meters barely two mastiffs fit, and these Chinese little dogs are easily two dozen, and still free the place will remain. To distribute roulettes and forms of fines to the police, and to the owners of dogs to issue obligatory paid certificates on the breed and distance of walking the dog, then there will be order and replenishment of the city budget. A mandatory color photo of a pet strictly in a certified salon will also not interfere with the well-being of the budget. And then the dog lovers are completely loose, they walk where they want, when they want and without documents for free.

Gardening affairs

I pulled from the forum a photo of a notification stuck on the base station. The station itself was installed on the territory of the gardening partnership and became a bone of contention in the relationship between MegaFon and apple gardeners-enthusiasts.

Operators, news of autumn 2020

I don’t even know what to write here and how to qualify the confrontation that has formed out of the blue between the mobile operator and the board of gardeners. It seems to me that the conflict is based on an elementary lack of mutual understanding and established stereotypes. “MegaFon”, most likely, cheated a little, using electricity, which was paid by the gardeners. There was something to pick up the cable, and they picked it up. Perhaps even after persuading for God’s sake to connect, just give me a connection. And so the administration of the partnership decided to reclaim this money, because it is useless to steal electricity from honest gardeners, you have to pay for everything, and the administration was chosen, among other things, to look after the interests of the working gardeners.

В «МегаФоне, скорее всего, сперва даже толком не поняли, чего от них хотят. Оператор поставил и подключил свою БС, обеспечив сотовой связью вряд ли такое уж значимое количество абонентов. Да ещё и наверняка абонентов с ярко выраженной сезонностью активности, чего операторы ох как не любят. Вроде садоводам нужно радоваться и забесплатно подносить работникам оператора овощи-фрукты и прочие дары природы, а они, наоборот, каких-то денег за электричество требуют! Другие годами такого счастья ждут и чуть ли не предлагают самостоятельно довести до места кабель, только дайте связь. Вот, это второй стереотип. Не знаю, чем дело кончилось (если кончилось), но справедливое недоумение обеих сторон я прекрасно понимаю. Искренне надеюсь, что в «МегаФоне» не пожали плечами и не увезли свою БС, а сперва попробовали цивилизованно договориться. В таких ситуациях расходы на электроэнергию — такая мелочь, о которой и говорить не стоит. Желающих заполучить станцию близко к даче наверняка хватает, будут платить за электричество с удовольствием и радоваться доступности сотовой связи, так что если решат увезти, то вряд ли придётся везти далеко.

This particular situation looks grotesque, but it illustrates well the constantly arising conflicts between cellular operators and the owners of the territory of the BS installation. There is open sabotage at the approval stages, and the construction of artificial obstacles that suddenly magically disappear after reaching an agreement with the local authorities, and months of red tape with registration, and God knows what else the Russian official will come up with to snatch his piece of the pie, our people are talented … I mean that I constantly see righteous anger in discussion forums, they say, cell phones are sitting and spitting at the ceiling, and then just put one lousy antenna, and so many people will be happy! It is not so easy to stick in this unfortunate antenna. Ever noticed buildings bristling with mismatched antennas? Yes, in some cases this is a winning geography of a particular structure, but sometimes two equally tall houses stand side by side and one is all studded with antennas, and the second has an almost clean roof. Most likely, it is impossible to come to an agreement with the managers of the second, or the management company does not need even minimal unnecessary trouble. And this is also the city administrations often help operators negotiate with the owners, and at the suggestion of the administration of Moscow Mayor Sobyanin (if not confusing) they try to control some approvals.

MegaFon, improvement of 4G coverage in Moscow and the region

MegaFon’s report on the work on the coverage and capacity of the LTE network in the capital region. It’s nice that they indicate specific areas with names and some numbers, and not abstract ones “… deepened, improved.” I am happy to quote the press release below. I don’t even know how I would work without the release mailing list. Specifically, I dug this release (I had to find it and give you a link) on one of the many MegaFon sites, read here. The principle of sorting news by sites has long eluded me, and I took it all for granted. It is on this site that the previous press release is dated December 27, 2019. According to this site, the previous press release was born at MegaFon exactly 9 months ago and the company demonstrates just phenomenal stability in our volatile world. It’s great if nothing extraordinary has happened in 9 months and everything just goes according to plan. If you don’t believe it, then you have to assume the scattering of press releases and news on the wise and fair principle “from the bulldozer.” Or the press service likes to play darts, where instead of rings and numbers on the target there is a list of numerous MegaFon sites. They write a press release, print it, fold the sheet into an airplane and throw it at a target with a list of sites. Where it arrives, there is a press release and is posted, which means that God sent it there. If the press service has its own version, please share it, I will take note with pleasure.

Okay, let’s not get distracted by the intricacies of the press service, a couple of interesting quotes from the release:

MegaFon provided high-quality communications to 100 residential complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region. Installation of base stations of the modern LTE and LTE Advanced standard will allow more than 500 thousand Muscovites to use mobile Internet in new buildings at speeds of up to 150 Mbit / s.

The owners of apartments and guests of the residential complexes River Park, Heart of the Capital, Neva Towers, Dom na Mosfilmovskaya, Gavan, Novo-Nikolskoe, Mir, Mitino can appreciate the new quality of communication. “,” Zakharovo-park “and others. All of them can use digital services necessary for work, study or leisure, quickly exchange large files and watch HD-video at a higher speed. “

Operators, news of autumn 2020

Check the list and write in the comments if you noticed any changes. I drove past the “Gavan” microdistrict about a year ago, indeed, there was a frail 4G. On occasion, I will try to evaluate the changes, if any. And the continuation of the press release:

MegaFon is constantly improving the infrastructure in Moscow and the Moscow region, one of the most dynamically developing regions. We pay close attention to new and under construction residential quarters, where, due to the large influx of citizens, there may be a shortage of capacity. This year we have strengthened our infrastructure development plan and built over 100 base stations in the LTE and LTE Advanced standard. As a result, high-quality communication and high-speed Internet will be available to residents of more than 200 thousand apartments by the time of check-in, ”noted Andrey Abramov, technical director of the Metropolitan branch of MegaFon.

Since the beginning of the year, engineers have installed and upgraded about 1 000G base stations in the Moscow region in addition to those already in operation. “

Here are 1 base stations – is that a lot or a little? For Moscow, it seems to be a little, but this reflects the scale of improvement of the already long-standing good coverage. And, in theory, each of this thousand BS covers a certain object or even only a part of the object where it was desirable to improve the existing coverage. From this point of view, 000 BS is quite a lot, because this is targeted work with certain coverage areas, and not just carpet covering of “undeveloped” territories.

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