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Of course, not without a rise in prices, who would doubt it. Unlimited 4G Internet in Beeline is now for an additional 100 rubles / month, but it’s worth it. Chukchi matters: everything is very serious, and the Arctic Connect project is well known to specialists. E-commerce through the eyes of Tele2, this time we are talking about statistics of online sales and connections.

Unlimited 4G in Beeline, Moscow

They will now take as much as 100 rubles for this unlimited. per month (Moscow). And there will come a great groan of the tortured working people, who bought the last pennies they earned from the hucksters of the “left” corporate tariffs in the hope of unlimited Internet. Well, what about? If there is no wire, and fresh videos on YouTube, on the contrary, appear constantly, but this whole thing must be immediately commented on in all social networks! Poor girls wash their fingers to the meat, and young men, in addition, are also regularly noticed in this matter. However, demand creates supply, and they say that written communication is not provided at all in “TikTok”, you can only try on the camera. That in many respects caused the wild popularity of this social network, they found how to attract modern youth. All the same, only unlimited will “save and preserve” peace of mind and plates in the kitchen, which otherwise could be violently crushed against the walls by an unsatisfied customer. You can, of course, buy a public tariff in the salon, but this is the way of suckers, saved 100-200 rubles. we’d better spend a month on beer or whoever drinks what. And the operators are swimming in luxury even without us, they still don’t have to pay for some kind of radio waves on the air! Look, we don’t pay for electricity and water, and they are unlimited, but the Internet is worse? Although … Indeed, we pay for electricity and water, and they are never unlimited. Not a very good example, you have to look better. But cellular operators are still bourgeois and greedy, they drink the blood of the working people in liters.

You can read the news (Moscow) here. Speech, as you already understood, about corporate rates, where prices are often, in principle, ridiculous and even additional 100 rubles. monthly fees – in percentage terms, a rather significant rise in price. We are not talking about the connection price, it can be anything. How much the huckster wants, so much will take from you. But this is exactly the huckster’s “left” income in his pocket, and these are +100 rubles. will receive the operator, so it’s not very offensive.

About separate counters. Although now you don’t need to puzzle your head, everything is simple and clear. Quote:

“Previously, the service consumed the Internet traffic of the main package of the tariff, and only after its end, the unlimited Internet in the 4G network was activated. In the updated version, unlimited Internet is provided to users automatically when they are in the 4G network, without affecting the volume of the main Internet package in the tariff.

If communication services are blocked at the request of the subscriber, the fee for “Unlimited Internet in 4G” will not be charged. “

That is, unlimited in 4G by itself, and the package of all other traffic is by itself. In my opinion, an ideal solution for us, limited packages are not spent on an unlimited part of the traffic. Although those who like to look for a trick are still likely to dig up something. Maybe, of course, something like that will come up in the process, but so far I don’t see any dirty tricks, and it seems to me that the separate counters were deservedly estimated at an additional 100 rubles. per month.

And to complete this topic for today. I often swear at how operators raise prices for everything they can and even what they can’t. Especially on budget tariffs, which, due to their popularity, bring significant additional profit even with a minimal price increase. So, unlimited, even if only in 4G, does not fit into the category of “budget tariff”, you must agree. This is already a higher level. Although in some regions symbolic prices for 4G-unlimited are quite possible, but somewhere they can even give it for free in the form of a bonus in order to increase the subscriber base. And let me remind you that 4G-unlimited is an order of magnitude less interesting if at first it consumes the package and actually turns on only after it is exhausted. This is a key feature that many fellow operators “sin” with (we will not point the finger), and here it is a shame to see approximately the same prices for a product that is essentially different in essence. It is clear that “a goof is not a mammoth, a goof will not die out,” but you and I do not have to rely on the loyalty and customer focus on the part of the mobile operator. This “loyalty”, as a rule, “unexpectedly” wakes up only when a good and fat customer suddenly starts a transition to another operator. And, of course, if one operator actively promotes its service or price, then colleagues have to carefully look and evaluate: either ignore the initiative, resigning themselves to some loss of customers, or take part in the “game”, adjusting their version of the promotion to minimizing your financial losses. And in general, marketing is not boring and it is far from just sending out press releases. There, such passions-muzzles rage inside even at the most superficial glance from the outside …

I would say that when choosing a tariff, it is rational to use the “immersion method”: first look at the key parameters for you, and only then, if everything suits you offhand, start delving into details such as the price of a minute, etc. As in today’s example: unlimited in 4G is good and useful for everyone, but if it first eats up the entire packet of traffic, then the value becomes very doubtful. Unfortunately, we do not have 4G coverage in every Russian gateway, and without a universal traffic package, we risk ending up without the Internet exactly where it is most important to us.

Chukotka is an important matter, not just a topic of anecdotes

Indeed, it is true that anecdotes and sayings about the Chukchi do not dry out, but this has already developed historically and does not in any way affect the real state of affairs and the importance of Chukotka for Russia. In the field of telecoms Chukotka has become famous for its very unkind prices, fierce restrictions and other offensive “discrimination”, but what to do? Almost the only region in Russia where the entire Internet is driven via satellite, which is not cheap by definition. Therefore, whatever tariff you open, you are almost guaranteed to find a clause about the fact that the conditions do not apply in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. If all this changes, then it will be great and we will be completely sincerely happy for the inhabitants of the region, who have enough specific difficulties even without getting themselves the Internet prohibitively expensive and a teaspoon per hour. Quote from the press release:

“MegaFon and the government of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug have agreed on cooperation within the Arctic Connect project, which provides for the construction of an underwater communication line from Europe to Asia. MegaFon plans to build branches to Anadyr, the administrative center of Chukotka, and Pevek, the northernmost city in Russia.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Gevork Vermishyan, General Director of MegaFon, and Roman Kopin, Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. It is aimed at interaction during the construction of branches to settlements and joint work on the implementation of innovative digital services and solutions. The regional government will provide coordination and administrative support to the project.

Due to its geographical location, Chukotka is currently the only Russian region where communication is carried out through satellite channels. The branches to Anadyr and Pevek will allow residents and businesses to receive a completely different quality of communication, including high-speed Internet. MegaFon is developing its own infrastructure in the region, expanding its LTE network: in 2020, 15 new communication facilities were launched that support this standard. MegaFon plans to further develop the digital infrastructure and expand the coverage of high-quality modern communications in the region’s settlements.

The underwater communication line from Europe to Asia Arctic Connect will run along the bottom of the Arctic Ocean along the Arctic coast of Russia. It will connect the continents, which are home to 85% of the population, and provide the fastest signal with the lowest latency. The launch of Arctic Connect with 200 Tbit / s bandwidth will help to cope with the growing volumes of global traffic. Taps built from the main line will provide high-quality communications to consumers in the Arctic and the Far East, including enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. “

It was this press release that I did not find on the site, but I didn’t really look for it, I copied everything basic for you. Traditionally, having saved you from reading paragraphs with praise, somehow the hand does not rise up to replicate all this once again. You can also read the latest press release on the topic of MegaFon and Arctic Connect here, in it already about Yakutia. And as always, when you read about such serious and expensive projects, you involuntarily recall the sincere righteous anger of commentators, who are sure that everything in cellular communication has been built and working for a long time everywhere, and operators sit on their priests exactly and only collect money from users.

E-commerce through the eyes of Tele2Russia, statistics

We love numbers, and online connections in epidemic times are really actively replacing direct sales in showrooms. We read the press release, there are really interesting statistics:

“Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is summing up the results of the e-commerce segment in 2020. The regions of Baikal and the Far East, the North-West and the Urals became the leaders in terms of the increase in online connections. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the number of SIM orders with home delivery has increased in 2020. In Russia, this indicator increased by 64%.

In 2020, the epidemiological situation pushed the telecom market to accelerate the development of online sales and digital services. Tele2 records the active growth of connections through the operator’s website in all regions of its presence. The largest increase in connections through the digital channel in 2020 was recorded in the regions of the macro-regional subdivision of the operator “Baikal and the Far East”, it amounted to 111%. The number of connections in the North-West also increased significantly – by 57% and by 55% in the Urals. “

And about transfers via MNP (transfer to another operator, in this case in Tele2Russia, with its own number). For some reason, operators rarely indulge us with their MNP statistics. Either the results are highly ambiguous, or they prefer not to focus too much on this issue. It seems like it is assumed that, against the background of the total number of connections, MNP transitions are minuscule at the level of statistical error. You read the press release and realize that there are no MNP-transitions, almost a quarter of all connections through the site can not be called a minuscule. Moreover, now online sales are growing rapidly, and this can be seen even with the naked eye from the outside, so a quarter of such sales is really a lot. Yes, go to some large shopping center yourself: frankly bored employees of empty communication salons and cheerfully snapping up kits for online check-in at the checkouts of local mini-supermarkets.

“The operator has analyzed what proportion of connections is the transition of clients through MNP. In the capital, this figure reaches 22% of all connections through the site. The Volga macro-region is slightly ahead of Moscow and the region in terms of transfers to the operator’s network with its own number, where 23% are recorded. The regions of Baikal and the Far East became the leaders in terms of the share of MNP portings in the total number of connections, where the figure was 29%. In Russia, the average result was recorded at the level of 17% ”.

They write that the regions of Baikal and the Far East became the absolute leaders in this indicator, where the number of SIM orders increased 36 times, 11 times in the Black Earth Region and 7 times in the South. That’s what I, in fact, wrote about above. What is going on there on Lake Baikal and the Far East, I wonder? Are the tariffs attractive, or is the network being actively built? Most likely, both. Or, alternatively, people started to actively leave local operators. There may be many reasons, and it would be nice to listen to the locals.

Instead of a summary

That’s all for today, see you soon “on the air”, my dears. Take care of yourself. I must say that now it has become easier to take care of yourself, utilities in Moscow are working well. And, what is important, I observe a clear change of priorities: they no longer clean the paths “for beauty”, but first they clean the most popular routes among people, and the tractor drivers carefully “pass” even small internal passages, freeing the janitors for more “delicate” work. You look, by April all the algorithms will have worked out to perfection, and in May the snow will no longer be terrible for us. However, every year the same thing happens anyway: an unexpected natural disaster in the form of snow that fell in winter, ankle-deep snow for happiness, high boots full of snow are a common thing. A couple of days of collapse, and the utilities woke up, the janitors were given new shovels to replace the ones that had been stolen in the summer, the tractors were also driven much more actively (could they not start the engines for two days?).

But these are trifles. The house is warm / cozy, and a thin T-shirt is our everything. At minus 12 on the street in the warmth of the apartment, a crazy fly suddenly woke up, and the cat opened the hunting season with delight. I mean, it’s a sin to complain when, by and large, there is nothing to complain about. Hopefully, I was looking for something in a bottomless clothes closet, came across a thick fleece jacket and nostalgically remembered that a few years ago it was my standard household outfit for the winter. Somehow I even felt ashamed of my funny and petty today’s Wishlist. Compare with what happened, not with what you would like now.

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