Operators, tariff news and fresh “Yarovaya”

They are raising prices on unlimited tariffs, recently MTS is on Tariff, now Tele2 is on the Unlimited tariff. At the same time, let’s talk a little about Tele2 tariffs. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications allowed the operators to postpone the implementation of the most expensive parts of the Yarovaya Package for a year. Who will pay for the gift phones for veterans on May 9? State? Sponsors? Someone else? Try to guess without looking at the end of the review.

I recall with nostalgia the times when operators tried not to touch the subscription fee, making do with price adjustments within tariffs. Now it is difficult to predict anything, they can raise the monthly fee and change the parameters within the tariff separately, or both at the same time. Archive tariffs are also becoming more expensive, and people are gradually realizing this as a given, getting rid of the mistaken belief that the archives are not being touched. Inflation rates dictate the frequency of new tariffs and entire tariff lines, which is also reflected in the fact that at first cellular operators avoided raising prices too explicitly and are now catching up.

MTS, “Tarifische”… From April 15, 2020, the “Unlimited Internet” option costs an additional 200 rubles. per month in Moscow, in the regions it is cheaper. The tariff is one year and 8 months, during which time it was corrected several times. You can read the first review of Tarifishch here, but I would not advise you to waste time. The last review is dated February 17, 2020 and is definitely worth reading. Initially, unlimited Internet was part of the tariff, then it was made a separate free option that needs to be specially connected. And it works without limit only in the home region. In general, a lot of things have changed there, and the review of February 17, 2020 can still be considered an up-to-date reference guide-analysis of “Tariffs”. Quote from the operator’s description:

“The indicated cost is valid for subscribers who connect the option from 15.04.2020. For subscribers who activated the option before April 15.04.2020, 0, the option cost is XNUMX rubles / month.

The “Unlimited Internet” option provides unlimited Internet access when you are in your home region. The 25 GB package included in the tariff is not consumed.

Outside the home region, the “Unlimited Internet” option does not work. When traveling across Russia, the MTS network will operate a 25 GB package included in the tariff. “

In general, if “Tarifische” used to be taken for the sake of unlimited Internet with action throughout Russia and a good (for Moscow) price of 650 rubles, now it is mutilated many times and at the same time has risen in price to 850 rubles. the tariff does not cause excitement among potential users. But now “Tarifische” organically fits into the tariff line of MTS, beauty and harmony!

Or is it a trend? In a recent review of MegaFon’s new line, I wrote that in the tariff “Turn on! Communicate ”made the option“ Unlimited Internet ”for an additional fee of 300 rubles. per month. So 200 rubles. for a similar option in MTS even more divinely. On the other hand, “Unlimited Internet” in “MegaFon” is valid throughout Russia, and on “Tariff” MTS is unlimited only within the home region, so the price difference is understandable.

Tele2, “Unlimited”… This is a very recent example. On April 27, 2020 Tele2 announced the sending of the Unlimited tariff to the archive and the appearance on April 28 of a new version with the same name. In general, yes, they warned in advance, you can’t argue. Considering the time of the news and the opening hours of the salons, there were some hours to connect to the now almost archived tariff. With the transition to this tariff, it is easier, but all this is provided that the person carefully studies the news of the operator of interest to him every day. The news can be read here, quote:

“Tele2 informs about the launch of the renewed“ Unlimited ”tariff plan.

On April 28, 2020, a new tariff plan “Unlimited” will be available, the current tariff plan will be renamed to “Unlimited 04_2020” and closed for connection without changing the parameters. “

Operators, tariff news and fresh "Yarovaya"

“Unlimited” has risen in price by 100 rubles. from 650 to 750 rubles / month, I did not see any other changes. RUB 100 – a decent amount for a tariff for 650 rubles, but still I was very mistaken with my forecast, I assumed about 850-900 rubles. per month. It would always be so wrong, but more often it turns out in the other direction.

Operators, tariff news and fresh "Yarovaya"

The line of Tele2 package tariffs in Moscow now looks like this. The last detailed review of Tele2 tariffs can be read here, a couple of small quotes for those interested:

“The changes are specific and different for different regions. I looked into the Tele2 salon, was politely sent to a well-known address: “There are no changes in Moscow tariffs, and I will not print out a leaflet with tariffs for you. If you want – take pictures, but it’s old. ” The young man got a little excited, there are changes. For example, in the “Classic” tariff, calls to all numbers in the home region were 2 rubles / min, and they were 2.50. “Unlimited” in Moscow has risen in price from 600 to 650 rubles. per month. The tariff “My Online” for 400 rubles / month has been crumbled sincerely: calls to local landlines are now billed separately (hello from the experimenters from “MegaFon”!), Intercity calls to other operators are now also for separate money. If this is called “no change,” then I am a Mongolian breeder.

Returning to our tariff rams. “My Online” was so “modified” that I would not consider this tariff as an option now, De mortuis aut bene aut nihil. If you are planning to switch / connect to Tele2, now it makes sense to start thinking about options starting from the “Everywhere Online” level. “

The review is dated as early as December 09, 2019, since then My Conversation has risen in price, My Tele2 has disappeared for 7 rubles. per day and appeared “Light” for 10 rubles. per day. Now here is “Unlimited”. All the same, my opinion and key conclusions have remained the same so far, and therefore I quoted “my beloved”. Tele2 is interesting for many, go look in Moscow for a package tariff for 250 rubles. per month! In MTS the cheapest Smart is for 420 rubles, in MegaFon for 400 rubles. “Turn on! Write “, in” Beeline “and at all” Close people 2 “for 700 rubles, no cheaper.

About “Yarovaya Package”

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications partially agreed with the request of the operators to postpone for some time the implementation of the most intense parts of the Yarovaya Package for them. Read the explanatory material in Kommersant here, key quote:

“On April 23, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications sent to the government measures to support IT and telecom companies. “Kommersant” has a copy of the letter, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications confirmed its authenticity. The ministry agreed to requests from telecom operators to postpone the entry into force of the most costly provisions of the Yarovaya Law, which stipulates the obligation to store subscriber data: it is proposed to postpone the annual increase in storage capacity by 15% for a year (operators wanted a two-year delay, see Kommersant from 15 April). It is also proposed to exclude video traffic, the consumption of which has grown due to the epidemic, from the calculation of capacity ”.

That’s right, when this “Yarovaya Package” was accepted, people “in the subject” clutched their heads from the scale of the disaster. Now an epidemic has been superimposed on it. In general, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications is a generous soul, if at someone else’s expense.

Operators, tariff news and fresh "Yarovaya"

Recently I wrote a text about special telephones and free tariffs as a gift to veterans for Victory Day, you can read it here. I then wondered what part of the gift set the state would pay for the operators, a small quote:

“We do not know how much of this package (device + tariff) the state compensated the operators. And what / how compensated. If compensated. It is clear that the state always strives to shift the costs to commercial structures as much as possible, leaving itself a nice PR ”.

As it turned out now, my bad assumption “if compensated” turned out to be correct, mobile operators not only provided a very preferential tariff with a free package, but also paid for the phones. Since all these expenses, one way or another, will be passed on to subscribers, you can safely consider yourself a little involved in the gift to veterans.

Operators, tariff news and fresh "Yarovaya"

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