Realme watch sports watch review


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Contents of delivery

  • Watches
  • USB cable with charging connector
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card
Realme Watch specifications
Materials Case – plastic, strap – polyurethane
Size 36.5 × 256 × 11.8 mm
The weight 31 grams
Screen diagonal 1,4 “
Screen Type IPS, touch
Screen resolution 320 x 320 pixels
Battery 160 mAh, up to 20 days in energy saving mode, up to 8 days in active mode
Sensors Accelerometer, pulse oximeter, pedometer
communication Bluetooth 5.0, realme Link app
Compatibility Android 5.0 +
functions 14 sport modes, automatic heart rate measurement, real-time heart rate and blood oxygen measurement, sleep tracking, alarm clock, stopwatch, remote camera and music playback, call and message notifications, achievement recording
Additionally IP68 protection level, data synchronization with the realme Link app, 12 dial options, informing about an increased heart rate and the need to drink water 
Color The black
Cost 5 590 rubles

Realme Watch smartwatch review


At the moment, realme Watch is so far the only wearable gadget of the company’s smart home ecosystem that has officially appeared on our market. In the future, it will be possible to control other IoT devices from the clock according to the realme version, but this option will appear only in upcoming updates, like the rest of the ecosystem members – Smart TV, an air purifier, a column and others. The story is relevant and fashionable, for a young company it is of additional interest in terms of attracting and retaining new users.

Realme Watch smartwatch review

The watch is designated as a predominantly sports model for those who are accustomed to monitoring the performance of their body both during training and off-load. At the same time, the exterior of the watch is quite universal and strict, suitable for most cases. IMPORTANT: we reviewed the realme Watch version for the Indian market, it differs from the Russian one in its strap. For our market, the realme Watch will be supplied with a flip strap, which is shown in the renders, but I had a version with a classic strap in my hands.

Appearance, ergonomics

The watch design is strict: a square display, the manufacturer’s logo, there are no bright and large elements. The only button on the right side protrudes from the case literally by a couple of millimeters, there is nothing corny to cling to clothes with. To improve its tactile and visual perception, it features a small cutout with a metallic gold accent. If we talk about the exterior itself, then it has become a kind of benchmark, on the market a wagon and a small cart of watches and trackers in a similar design.

Realme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch review

For its 1.4-inch diagonal, the realme Watch is rather small and compact, the lack of a shock-resistant case plays into your hands in every sense and makes the watch as convenient as possible to use. I remember Canyon Wasabi, the diagonal of which is slightly smaller, but the watch itself is felt on the hand twice as much. Of course, compared to Mi Band 4, the weight of the watch from realme is felt, but after a couple of days of use, you forget about it. The glossy black plastic of the display bezel quickly gets rid of fingerprints, as does the screen itself.

In the process of testing the watch, I realized that the classic strap is not very to my liking, it is not particularly convenient to put it on, tucking the free edge inward through a special hole. So it’s definitely for the best that there will be a different version on our market. Straps are easy to change, standard lever system. The length of the strap in the Russian version is adjustable from 164 to 208 mm.

Display, interface

The realme Watch touch display is activated by default after pressing the button. This is useful, there will be no accidental clicks and accidental reset of the workout tracking. The screen has 10 levels of brightness, a level of 60-70% was enough for me for comfortable use. Of course, I would have preferred AMOLED for deeper blacks, but what can you do, taste is like that. Touches are clearly recognized, there are no problems with this. I would call the interface speed average, personally it does not cause any dissonance to me, but there may be opinions on this score.

Realme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch review

If you flip through the interface with swipes to the left / right from the initial screen, the user will go to the tabs with the weather, sleep and heart rate monitoring, a detailed activity report, and also the quick settings panel. Here you can turn on the power-saving mode, increase the screen brightness, turn on the “do not disturb” mode for those who do not want to turn off the clock and wake up from the notifications received at night. Scrolling down the interface will open the main menu with realme Watch functional modes. First of all, we are interested in sports modes, namely – 14 types of active pastime: aerobic training, badminton, basketball, running in the hall, exercise bike, cycling, yoga, cricket (hello, India), table tennis, walking, strength training and ellipsoid … Some modes require location access, GPS is activated, but not all. All results are saved and subsequently synchronized with the realme Link app, a mechanic familiar to most trackers. Scroll further down and get to the points with the measurement of the pulse and the level of blood oxygen saturation. The manufacturer claims high measurement accuracy in comparison with medical devices, it would be nice to compare, which I advise to do to those who care about the accuracy of the readings. Below is the item with the training results, a good option for those who want to immediately get acquainted with the indicators of their activity, without waiting for synchronization with the application.

Realme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch review

Then there is the sleep dashboard, which stores data about the last night’s sleep, of course, provided that the watch is worn. And right after that – my favorite item: music control. If connected to a smartphone, you can switch tracks and control the volume. Not to say that this is something new, like the option with remote control of the camera release, but personally I like that you can switch the song without taking out your smartphone. The remaining items here are meditation (turn off notifications from 1 to 10 minutes), search for a smartphone (voice signal when pairing), alarm clock, stopwatch, weather and settings. From the last item, you can select the on / off activation of the screen by raising the wrist, adjusting the brightness and vibration level, as well as the power saving mode and turning off all notifications (“do not disturb”). Finally, incoming messages are available by swiping from top to bottom, the last three are displayed, you cannot reply, just clear the list. A long press on the start screen displays a menu for choosing a dial from 6 available and pre-configured in the application, and we’ll talk about it.


To synchronize the watch with a smartphone, the realme Link application is required, I talked about it in the review of the realme Buds Air headphones, in the context of launching the watch in Russia, it recently became officially available in the Google Play catalog, you no longer need to search for .apk, this is a plus. Here, the indicators of activity, sleep, heart rate and workouts are displayed as standard, the software of the watch and, in general, all supported realme devices is immediately updated. 12 dials are available in the settings, only 6 will be displayed, so you can choose to your taste. Most of the settings duplicate menu items in the watch interface; a user manual is available, though only in English.

As such, the watch does not have its own OS, however, nowhere is the “smart” nature of the device emphasized, all the work on synchronization and configuration falls on realme Link. But in general, the watch functions quite adequately without it. The iOS app is under development, so at the moment realme Watch only supports Android devices.


Charging is carried out through contacts on the side of the watch adjacent to the hand, they are located next to the photoplethysmograph. In less than two weeks of testing in the mode of pairing with a smartphone, once every few days I still could not discharge the clock, at the time of writing the text the charge level is 25%. The autonomy is affected by all the same aspects: the presence of a permanent connection to a smartphone, activation of training with GPS, as well as the heart rate measurement, which can also be set in the settings. It seems to me that in my mode realme Watch will be able to work even more than the stated 20 days: daily activity is now not as relevant as sports (unfortunately), the alarm settings are already in the device, and you do not need to go into the application.

Realme Watch smartwatch reviewRealme Watch smartwatch review

Competitors, conclusions

Of the watches I know with a pulse oximeter in the range of up to 6 rubles, we can note the already familiar Canyon Marzipan, as well as the Lemongrass model from the same manufacturer, otherwise there are a lot of devices with which I had no experience of communication, maybe for the better. In my opinion, the main plus of realme Watch is its polished work combined with a wide range of settings and sane autonomy. Yes, it would be possible to speed up the interface and put an AMOLED screen, these aspects I personally would like to see.

Realme Watch smartwatch review

Last but not least, the new product will be appreciated by owners of realme smartphones. The prospect of the realme ecosystem entering the global market looks like a logical step. Let’s see what happens, it will be interesting to watch her.

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