Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: “We are in style”


  2. Set
  3. Positioning
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Display
  6. Working hours
  7. System and fitness functions
  8. Notifications
  9. Conclusion
Size 32x32x9 mm, Interchangeable straps
The weight 57 grams including strap
Battery 188 mAh
Screen 1.26 inches, 416×416 pixels, AMOLED, AOD, interchangeable dials
Water protection 5 ATM
Bluetooth version 5.0
Sensor BioTracker ™ 2.0 PPG
Price 17 000 rubles


  • Watches
  • Power cable
  • Instructions
  • Two straps in two different sizes
  • Warranty Card

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"


This fall, a new smart watch called Zepp E appeared on the Russian market. The developer is Huami, known for its wearable devices.

Zepp’s target audience, according to the manufacturer, is “successful people who not only care about their health, but also strive to combine style and practicality.”

Apparently, that is why the new gadget went on sale at a price of 17 rubles, which is quite bold, given the not very widespread popularity in our country.

The watch with the shortest name “E” received two types of design: rectangular and round. I had a second option on my review, more suitable for ladies. However, they sit well on a man’s hand. It’s also a matter of color selection, since depending on it, the set will include straps of different colors and from different materials. For example, there is Zepp E in gold: the watch bezel is gold, the strap is the same color, and it is also made of metal. Onyx Black has a silicone strap and a black piping.

The main features of the new model are a nice design with streamlined shapes, high-quality oleophobic display coating, high speed and smooth animation. Naturally, they did not forget about fitness functions – everything is as it should be. Of course, there is an analysis of the oxygen level in the blood.

We look at the device carefully 🙂

Graphic Design

As mentioned above, the watch is sold in two case versions – rectangular and round. A round version has come to our review so far.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

There are 5 colors in total: Polar night black, Moon gray, Champagne gold, Onyx black and Ice blue. As far as I understand, “polar night” and “gray moon” are equipped with leather straps, “golden champagne” – metal, and “black onyx” and “blue ice” – fluoroelastomer (something between rubber and silicone).

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

I do not like to divide devices for men and women, but in this case I think that the round Zepp E watch is more suitable for the weaker sex. However, he himself would gladly use even a gadget in the color of “golden champagne” – I have no prejudices.

However, the review showed a watch in black – unisex. They look expensive, they feel expensive. I immediately remember the song “On the Style” by the group “Time and Glass”.

Well, when the screen with a white dial, which is drawn to the smallest fraction, lights up, you understand that it was not in vain that you gave 17 rubles. First of all – sensations! We will give any money for them. Buying technical specifications at the end of 000 is at least strange. For example, in the watch video review, they already began to write to me, they say, you didn’t say what kind of processor is here! If not chip X, then I will not take it! Are you seriously? No, it was not about Exynos 🙂

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

As for the materials: the upper part is glass, the lower part is steel. The front side has an oleophobic coating, prints are almost invisible, the finger glides as if on … (I wanted to say “oil”, but why does the finger slide on oil?). In general, it is a pleasure to do swipe movements here.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

There is one button on the right. She is responsible for activating the screen, for entering the menu, as well as for exiting it. A long hold brings up the training section.

The watch can withstand rain, shower, sweat. Swimming with them is undesirable.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

Didn’t mention vibration. It here resembles the hammer Taptic Engine, as in the Apple iPhone. True, I would like more power.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

Total: the most ergonomic watch with very pleasant tactile sensations from them.


The screen diameter is 32 mm, or 1.26 inches, the resolution is 416×416 pixels – this is just an excellent indicator for such a device, since the density here turns out to be about 460 PPI. Individual pixels are very difficult to see. AMOLED matrix. There is an automatic and manual brightness of the matrix backlight. High level of readability in all lighting conditions.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

Of course, there is an AOD mode. The choice is made from three options: digital clock, analog clock of two types. The first ones are simple – only two arrows are displayed, the second ones are drawn better, in addition, information about steps, day of the week, date is displayed. In the video in the comments, they wrote to me about the missed events. No, they are not displayed on the AOD screen.

In the screen settings, you can choose one of 9 watch faces. There are many more in the phone app. Some watch faces are easy to edit: choose the data displayed: battery percentage, calories, steps and so on.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

The only strange moment: when you activate the screen with a button, the upward swipe starts working only after a couple of seconds. This movement opens a section with notifications – inconvenient when you want to quickly find out who wrote what.

Also, I didn’t like the on-screen notification system itself. The notification appears literally for a second, then AOD turns on, then you press the button (or raise your hand), wait a couple of seconds and only then swipe upwards. All these actions take about 5 seconds. It seems that it is very little. But do not forget that during this time it is easier to get the phone out of your pocket.

Working hours

Inside the watch is a 188 mAh battery. The operating time strongly depends on the operating experience: if you train every day and measure different data, the device will function for 3-4 days; if training is infrequent and short-lived – up to 7 days; no workouts with enabled notifications – up to 14 days.

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

Considering the absence of any kind of artificial inhibition (for example, a decrease in the animation frame rate), the running time of Zepp E is very good!

Charges from a special magnetic USB holder in two hours.

System and fitness functions

The device runs on its own proprietary system. The animation, its speed and frame rate are at a high level. Almost never slows down, does not freeze, and fps does not drop. This is captivating: in all menus, everything functions extremely smoothly. This is especially noticeable against the background of using all Huawei watches. However, due to the decrease in the number of frames, the operating time increases. To whom is more important.

Swiping from top to bottom opens a panel with quick access to the flashlight, brightness control, Do not disturb mode, power saving mode, screen lock, find my phone, theater mode and always-on mode.

Swipe from left to right or vice versa – navigate through applications: workouts, heart rate, music controls, weather, PAI index. On some screens, you can additionally receive information – swipe from bottom to top.

The main menu consists of the following items:

  • PAI index.
  • Pulse. It is displayed in real time and then displays the average result. Measures accurately.
  • SpO2. Measurement of the oxygen level in the blood. I wouldn’t rely heavily on this feature. From experience with other gadgets from Huami, I can say that the data is, to put it mildly, strange. In five minutes, you can measure values ​​from 94 to 100% in a row.
  • Training. Quite a few options. But many times less than in Huawei devices.
  • Activity. All your workouts are located here, or rather, their data.
  • Pressure. I don’t understand why this item is called that, but it measures stress levels.
  • The purpose of the activity. Information for the current day, your goals in terms of training.
  • Weather. No comment.
  • Music. You can control the player on Google Android and Apple iOS systems.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Events. They are created in the smartphone app and displayed on the watch.
  • Widgets. There are mini-applications: compass, stopwatch, timer, phone search.

In general, the usual set of any smartwatch without any bells and whistles.

During sports, the screen displays typical information such as distance, heart rate, time, calories and so on. The display does not light up and is activated only when you raise your hand or press a button. It is interesting that the data is measured even in the background: press the button and use the menu, and then return to the workout.

What I didn’t like: from the moment you raise your hand with the watch to the moment the information is displayed on the screen, it takes up to a couple of seconds. The screen does not light up immediately. That is, you are forced to run for a while with your hand raised. I am sure that at this moment many of the readers mentally said: “So what?” – and shrugged. And you try to check the information during a long race like this. Only in advertising it looks cool, but in real life everything is different. In addition, viewing white numbers on a black background is not very comfortable for the eyes – it is too contrasting. On the contrary, it is another matter. But there is nothing you can do about it: almost all watches display information this way.

Screenshots from the application:


Everything is like everyone else, that is, you cannot reply to messages. But the menu itself is beautifully designed, the animation is smooth. The font is small, be prepared for that. If there is an application icon in the clock base, it will be shown. If not, the word “APP” will be displayed.

There are call notifications. Can only be rejected. For some reason, in the comments in the video, they wrote to me about eSIM, about talking by the hour. Where did you get this information? There is no such thing in Zepp E. Moreover, commentators wrote with anger, they say, the author is a sucker, does not understand anything.


Despite the fact that I criticized the watch a little in terms of software, I still agreed: Zepp E is one of the coolest watches at the moment.

They are cute, ergonomically comfortable, they have smooth animation in all menus, they work for a long time for their class, they have a full set of important functions – heart rate, SpO2, stress and training.

Once again I would like to repeat my theory: in 2020 there is no point in buying a piece of hardware with characteristics, you need to get positive emotions. And here Zepp E gave me those same impressions with a plus sign!

Review of premium smart watches ZEPP E: "We are in style"

Competitors? Any smart watch up to 17 rubles:

How do you like the new Zepp brand with such an interesting entry in the form of a premium watch called E?

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