Review of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

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  1. Contents of delivery
  3. Positioning
  4. Appearance, ergonomics
  5. Display, interface
  6. Functional features, application, running time
  7. Competitors, conclusions

Contents of delivery

  • Watches
  • USB cable with charging connector
  • Two straps
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card

Review of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

Materials Case – aluminum, straps – silicone, leather
Size 41 × 41 × 11 mm
The weight 36 grams
Built-in Memory 1 MB, flash memory 64 MB
RAM 128 KB
Screen diagonal 1,22 “
Screen Type IPS, touch, toughened glass 
Screen resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Battery 150 mAh
Sensors Accelerometer, heart rate monitor, pedometer, SPO2
communication Bluetooth 4.0
Compatibility Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+
functions Optimized sport modes, alarm (in-app), stopwatch, heart rate measurement, women’s calendar and cycle tracking (in-app), call and message notifications, weather information
Additionally IP68 rated, sleep monitoring, data sync with Canyon Life app, remote camera control, interchangeable watch faces, inactivity reminder
Color versions Pink, black, blue
Cost 3 990 rubles


One of the recent innovations in the Canyon line of smart watches is the Marzipan model. The gadget is clearly aimed at the fair sex: there is a pink case and a strap, a compact display, and a colorful interface design, as well as a dedicated function in the software. As for the name, its dessert component, apparently, is designed to attract sweet lovers to a healthier lifestyle, while not excluding their favorite delicacy.

In the line of wearable devices, the model is part of a series of full-fledged smart watches for tracking individual body parameters under stress and in everyday life. Visually, the watch looks like a nice and neat accessory, while it can also be used as a fitness tracker. Based on this concept, the kit includes two straps of the same color – one in leather, the other in silicone. The pink version was tested, there are more strict and universal colors – black and blue.

Appearance, ergonomics

Canyon Marzipan are simple and concise in terms of the exterior: a circular display with a diagonal of 1.22 inches, a FPG sensor and charging connectors on the back – and that’s it, no physical controls, minimalism as it is. Not to say that this is a minus, because the sports component works quite successfully without external buttons, but fans of analog controls will have to put up with it. On the other hand, accidental presses are excluded, plus the whole watch simply has nothing to catch on clothes or surrounding objects, especially if a silicone strap is used. The latter is fixed with a standard clasp, its end is tucked in through the hole in the strap, on the leather version there are additional rings to fix the free part of the strap. The materials used did not cause any skin reaction during testing. I would not recommend a leather strap for sports and contact with liquids, it dries for a long time, and this is not good for him. Changing the straps is carried out using the fastening lever, the replacement takes literally a minute.

Review of smart watches Canyon MarzipanReview of smart watches Canyon MarzipanReview of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

The watch case is small and compact, its weight is only 36 grams, it is easy to forget that the watch is on the wrist. Canyon Marzipan are reminiscent of themselves with a moderate vibration when a notification, call or message is received. The watch will easily fit under any long-sleeved clothing, except perhaps for shirts with tight sleeves. In pink, the model is, of course, one hundred percent for the fair sex, in black and blue, the watch is quite universal, we will come back to this moment. The watch has IP68 protection, due to the absence of a shockproof case, tempered glass with a hardness of 6H is provided as a protection for the display, according to the Mohs scale this parameter corresponds to the strength of opal, orthoclase and other minerals. During the daily testing of the watch, no scratches or damage to the glass appeared, as well as on the aluminum case, the metal withstood all external influences.

Display, interface

Despite the compact size in comparison with the same Canyon Wasabi, the display diagonal in the reviewed model differs slightly, only 0.8 inches. It is worth noting that in the Marzipan model the active part of the display is not round, it is slightly cut off at the bottom, so that visually it seems smaller. This model has slightly better readability and clarity of images and text, the resolution does not differ from the mentioned sports model, but the number of dots per inch is slightly higher. IPS technology provides good viewing angles, traditionally brightens the black color a little, making it dark gray, this is noticeable at maximum brightness, which the display definitely has. From the point of view of customizing dials, only three options are available – in my opinion, not enough, perhaps their number will expand with a software update. From the point of view of management, there are no problems, all commands are processed without errors.

Review of smart watches Canyon MarzipanReview of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

The interface of the watch can definitely be called simple, there are not so many screens and options as in the already mentioned Canyon model. Switching from the main desktop to the only screen to the right will lead to a screen with basic functions outside of sports activity: here you can choose a dial style, adjust the brightness of the backlight, start a timer, and also enable the remote release of the smartphone camera when paired and select the appropriate item in the Canyon app Life. Interestingly, in the case of Canyon Marzipan, the main camera of the smartphone is correctly selected. In the above-mentioned function menu, you can turn off the clock and also reset it to factory settings. Subjectively, the option to extend the screen activity time is not enough, it goes out very quickly. Most likely, this was done in order to save battery power due to the relatively small battery capacity.

The text of incoming messages and notifications is available when you move up from the main screen. Depending on the privacy settings of the applications, either the first three lines of the message are displayed, or the addressee and the name of the application through which the message or notification was received. The list of the last three notifications is simply replenished with new ones, there is no access to earlier notifications. The screen to the left of the home screen displays the software version of the watch, its MAC address and battery level, which is not so important for most of the fair sex. There is no access to the internal memory, apparently, it stores animated images of the interface, as well as messages and training data.

Functional features, application, running time

The main modes of use are available by scrolling down the screens. Each screen displays one function, each of which is accompanied by a nice animated picture in its own color scheme. The following features are available for Canyon Marzipan:

  • Track your steps
  • Sleep monitoring: tracking, like in Wasabi, after a short awakening, it is considered that the user is awake
  • Heart rate monitoring: minimal differences from Wasabi and Mi Band 4
  • Sports Mode: Tapping on the icon offers eight activities that the manufacturer believes are the most popular among the target audience – walking, running, cycling, jumping rope, badminton, basketball, football and swimming. When you select an activity, monitoring immediately begins with subsequent uploading to the application. Total shows distance traveled and calories burned
  • Blood oxygen monitoring (calculated oxygenation) is a useful sensor in COVID 19, even if it cannot be equated with a medical device. It will rather help to approximately track this parameter and, possibly, notice any deviations in time.
  • Weather

The interface of the Canyon Life application for the Marzipan model practically does not differ from that described in the review of Canyon Wasabi watches. However, there are some peculiarities. First of all, when you set the female gender in the settings in a separate screen, a female calendar appears in the application, in which the cycle parameters are set and for which you can activate and configure certain notifications. Accordingly, when choosing a male, this tab disappears.

Another difference is the ability to select a watch face directly from the app. From wishes for further updates: in my opinion, the paradigm of setting notifications needs to be revised. In Wasabi, in Marzipan, notifications are active by default for all applications and system processes. That is, the watch vibrates from each pop-up notification of applications and the system: the song was switched, a screenshot was taken, NFC is on, and so on. It is unrealistic to sustain such a stream of signals and correctly track it, so you have to manually disable many items in the settings. It would be more logical to have notifications already disabled for all applications by default, so that the user can independently select the necessary applications, processes and services. At least, this approach seems more logical to me.

Review of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

Depending on the mode of use, Canyon Marzipan will work from 5 to 20 days, this parameter is traditionally influenced by the frequency of measurements, incoming notifications and the presence of constant pairing with a smartphone or tablet. The average performance, however, the decrease in battery capacity is an obvious consequence of the use of a compact form factor. Charging is carried out using the supplied USB cable with a contact pad, the wireless protocol is not supported.

Competitors, conclusions

If you choose from smart watches within 4 rubles with IP000 protection and a pulse oximeter, then the search will return a lot of models, often from practically unknown companies. For example, ColMi Sky 68 and Jet Sport SW-1 have similar functionality, the quality and usability of which I personally do not know anything about. Judging by the performance characteristics, they have a more capacious battery, and the gradation of prices depending on the seller can play into their hands. There is an analogue in the Canyon line itself, this is the Lemongrass model, which differs from Marzipan, in fact, only by a metal strap and the absence of a cycle tracking function, its cost starts at 8 rubles. If we take the functionality of the cycle tracker as a starting point, then there are no special options, it is found in the more expensive models of Garmin, FitBit, Apple, Huawei, Honor, but not in the mentioned price range. This is what makes Marzipan stand out from the many monotonous devices on our market.

Review of smart watches Canyon Marzipan

As for me, the watch is quite universal, regardless of gender, if, of course, we talk about the blue and black versions. They are pleasant to use, they are compact and neat, there are a number of good functional features with tolerable autonomy. If we are talking about the target audience, then the fair sex will accurately appreciate the presence of a calendar of cycles, sports modes, as well as diminutiveness and the ability to change straps depending on scenarios, whether it is working in the office, communicating with friends, colleagues and partners or playing sports.

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