Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo – nostalgic …


  2. Introduction
  3. Set
  4. Appearance
  5. Screen
  6. functions
  7. Working hours
  8. Impressions
Screen 1,2 ” Monochrome STN Backlit Display
Size 40,3x41x11,7 mm
The weight About 32 grams
Color 3 options: black, green and red
connection Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
SENSORS Accelerometer, optical sensor BioTracker ™ 2 PPG
Buttons 4
Housing material Plastic
Strap material Polyurethane
Strap length 12 + 8,6cm
Strap width 20 mm
impermeability 5 ATM
Battery life 160mAh (minimum value)
Li-ion polymer battery
In normal mode: up to 28 days
Power saving mode: up to 37 days
Charging time: about 2,5 hour
Sports Modes 3
Notifications Yes
Accessories Strap, charger, user manual
Supported devices Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 or higher


This year, the Amazfit brand decided that it is necessary to please not only high-tech lovers, but also those who prefer retro gadgets. This is how a watch called Neo appeared. I don’t know if there is a reference to the movie “The Matrix” and the main character named Neo (an anagram of the word “One” – “the chosen one”) or the manufacturer means the word “new” from the Greek and Latin languages. In any case, I personally associate Neo with something futuristic. And when two Amazfit Neo and Zepp E watches arrived to me, it seemed to me that the latter are a retro watch. Well, you know, maybe Zepp is from the abbreviation of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.

In fact, there has long been a trend in the film and media industry to attract attention with references to the 80s and 90s. They say that people are nostalgic for those times, which means that it will be better to consume such information, be it movies and TV shows, games and consoles, watches and various things.

All countries have hit this, including Russia. For example, this year a good series “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”.

Singer Dima Bilan is releasing a hit at the beginning of this year “About White Roses”.

A fantastic film “Sputnik” is released in the cinema.

And on federal channels from morning till night show “soap operas” about the life of the citizens of the Soviet Union. All this is not just “suddenly they wanted it that way,” but because now retro is perfect for the consumer. And if so, then it is selling well.

Wow, what a powerful eyeliner to the Chinese Amazfit Neo watch 🙂

In fact, before you is a plastic miracle, reminiscent of a Casio G-Shock watch, however, 5-10 times cheaper and with all sorts of smart technologies. The Amazfit Neo watch can measure heart rate, count steps, display the weather when synchronized with a smartphone, display notifications about messages and calls.

Today the device can be bought in the official Amazfit store on Tmall (delivery from a warehouse in Russia) at a price of 2 rubles.


  • Watches
  • Network cable
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...


Available in three colors: black, green and red. If you want a real old school, then you need to take a black watch. But outwardly, I like the Neo red. Greens are also okay, but they look peculiar.

As mentioned above, Amazfit Neo resembles Casio devices of different series – Vintage, G-Shock and so on. In the pictures, it probably looks cool, but in real life, the Neo is completely plastic, not even looking at 3 rubles. If you delve into the Web, then for 000-500 rubles you can find similar ones (google “Wristwatch CBTX”). Another issue is that they will not support smart features. Apparently, the manufacturer takes an additional 600-2 rubles for this.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

The body is rectangular, the screen is slightly recessed into the body. By the way, the display is protected not by plastic, but by glass – already well. After several weeks of use, no scratches appeared.

There are two mechanical buttons on the right and left. Their stroke is minimal, pressing is soft. When you press, you hear a not very loud squeak. He’s nice. But the manufacturer could attend to and install a couple of melodies, as on the Montana watch. If we are to tackle retro, then in full! But there are no melodies here, so it all looks rather primitive.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

The upper left button is responsible for turning on / off the clock, as well as for selecting certain parameters.

Bottom Left: Activates the backlight and resets the stopwatch data.

Above right: moving up through functions, storing the stopwatch result.

Bottom right: navigate down by function.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

The strap is long, suitable for almost any wrist girth. Material – silicone, hard. There is no quick replacement of the strap, apparently, it is necessary to carefully pull the rods.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

Below you will find two sensor backlight lamps, the sensor itself and two contacts for charging the battery.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...


This is a monochrome 1,2-inch SNT display with blue backlighting. It can be conditionally divided into three zones:

  • The one on the left in the circle. Icons are displayed inside: battery, boot, map pointer, fire, cloud, month, timer, bell, word “pai”, heart, up arrow (when updated).
  • Top right. It displays information about the selected mode, day of the week, day and month.
  • The lower part is with hours, minutes and seconds.

In principle, there is enough information, but I would like to see it in Russian.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

The backlight is not very bright, but it can be seen during the day and does not blind the eyes at night. In general, I turned it off for the entire time of use, since it is not needed with this type of screen. Actually, just like on Amazfit Bip.


What can be measured or adjusted with the Amazfit Neo?

  • Battery. Displayed as a percentage.
  • Steps (boot icon). Measuring the number of steps. Counts plus or minus in the same way as Zepp E, that is, exactly.
  • Distance. Indicates the number of kilometers traveled.
  • Calories.
  • Weather.
  • Sleep. Turn on, turn off, smart mode.
  • Timer. Launched by the top left button. The results are marked on the upper right, and the results are reset with the lower left button.
  • Alarm clock. Set via the Zepp app on your smartphone.
  • Pai. I have already told many times. A number appears here, reflecting your physical form.
  • Measurement of heart rate.

When a call comes in, a name is displayed on the second zone (even in Russian, the first 9 characters), and the clock starts beeping.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

When there is an incoming message, “APP” is displayed in the first zone, and the number of “+1”, “+2” and so on in the second zone. That is, the text of the message is not visible.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

Through the app, you can find the watch, turn on warm-up reminders, activate heart rate measurement on an ongoing basis, turn on the hourly chime, choose to turn on / off the screen backlight when lifting your wrist.

Working hours

The 160 mAh battery lasts about 25-30 days. The battery is charged from USB (cable with magnetic holder) in a couple of hours.


The Amazfit Neo watch is most likely suitable for men and women over the age of 35 who are nostalgic for electronic gadgets from their childhood.

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

Мне кажется, Neo – этот тот случай, когда себе, наверное, не купишь, а вот в подарок получить такую штуку вполне хотелось бы. Ну, потому что за 3 000 рублей можно присмотреться к более умным часам с отображением текста уведомлений. А если уведомления не нужны, то проще взять что-то из продуктов бренда Casio за 1 000 — 1 500 рублей. В случае, когда нужны просто часы за 100 — 200 рублей, вам всегда рады в магазинах типа «ФиксированнаяЦена» 🙂

It seemed to me that Neo should have been improved: make the body more elegant and expensive in appearance, use melodies and vibration (yes, I forgot to say that it is not here), play more on the feelings and emotions of potential buyers.

In general, the watch is cool, I enjoyed it!

Review of the retro watch Amazfit Neo - nostalgic ...

And what have you read, watched, bought recently to feel nostalgic? 🙂

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