Review of TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

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Contents of delivery

  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • Silicone inserts in different sizes
  • USB Type C cable
  • Instructions

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700


  • Dynamic headphones, closed
  • Each earphone weighs 8 grams, case weight 46 grams
  • Neodymium, 12 mm
  • Frequency range 20 – 20 Hz (000 kHz)
  • IPX4
  • Full charging time of the earbuds – 2.5 hours, charging time for the case – 3 hours
  • Talk time – up to 5 hours, listening to music – up to 9 hours (one full charge from the case)
  • 10 minutes of charging gives 60 minutes of listening
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Codecs – SBC, AAC
  • Extra bass
  • Colors – blue and black

Headphones from Sony always cause a mixed perception, there are those who do not like them, and there are those who consider them overvalued and expensive. It would be foolish to deny that Sony is a great sound guy, but how much you like or dislike the sound of a particular model is another question. Unfortunately, it is often believed in absentia that it is not worth looking for good sound in basic models, the model in question refutes this consideration – the sound in it is excellent. It’s a pity, but Sony adheres to the index system, which is difficult to understand, there are no proper names for the headphones, like other companies. It’s one thing to remember Galaxy Buds Live or AirPods, quite another to play the WF-XB700 from memory. Even working in the field of electronics, I could not train myself to reproduce such names. This particular model deserves a name of its own, as it is good, though not in all aspects.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

Let’s start with the fact that the headphones are available in two colors – black and blue.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

The first thing that you pay attention to is rough plastic, it is pleasant in the hand and will not wipe off over time. The top cover is translucent, under which you can see the LEDs when charging. The case is large, massive and very different from all competitors, for example, the same Galaxy Buds.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

The larger the case, the more budgetary headphones are in front of us, as a rule it works flawlessly. There is no wireless charging in the case, only a USB Type C connector, with its help the case charges one hundred percent in 3 hours. The headphones themselves are half an hour faster. And discharged headphones will receive a charge for an hour of playing in ten minutes.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

Opening the cover with one hand is difficult, you need both limbs. The earbuds don’t look bulky in the case, but once you take them out, you’ll appreciate the size.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

It is impossible to place the headphones in the case incorrectly, but you still need two hands. The magnetic mount is excellent, even if you flip the case, the headphones will not fly out.

It is important to select the correct silicone inserts so that the passive insulation is of good quality. The design of the headphones is such that passive isolation is excellent, cutting you off from outside noise. The headphones are very comfortable, despite their size, they are securely fixed in three points and do not cause irritation, the ears do not sweat. The ergonomics are such that in a few hours no painful or unpleasant sensations arise in the headphones.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

Sweat proof IPX4, which is quite enough even for those who play sports. The headphones do not have touch controls, this is a budget model. But there are buttons on each earpiece, they are easy to find. On the left earpiece, this is the volume control, single press – increase, hold – decrease. Pressing on the right earpiece means play, pause, rewind. The buttons are not accidentally pressed, everything is fine here.

The headphones look massive in your ears, see for yourself.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

The headphones have two codecs – SBC and AAC. The sound quality is excellent, although the mids sag, not always clean (but the bottom and top are well displayed, which is a rarity in such headphones). The mention of Extra Bass is not without reason, the bass is well highlighted in these headphones, they are not very bright, but they color the music. Moreover, the headphones are universal, and this is a plus for them, here you can listen to different music, there is a volume margin even for an urban environment. And this is what is worth highlighting for headphones as a great advantage.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology, there are no discoveries here, everything is familiar. Unfortunately, unlike the older models, there is no smartphone app, no additional equalizers. Everything is very simple, you get exactly what you have originally.

Review of basic TWS headphones Sony WF-XB700

As a headset, these headphones are none, the sound is dull, the interlocutor hears you very badly. And for those who want a universal device, headphones are definitely not suitable.

Initially, the headphones came out at a price of 10 thousand rubles, it was inadequate value and a poor price / quality ratio. But the current price is about 7 rubles, it looks much nicer, the price is correct. Headphones are interesting for those who want to get good sound without needing a headset. In this price range, the sound of these headphones is one of the best.

Alternatively, look at the Galaxy Buds, these headphones sound great, they are noticeably better in headset mode (but not as good as the Buds Live). At the moment, the cost of these headphones is about 8 rubles, they belong to a different class of devices (wireless charging, different design and ergonomics). And here it is worth considering whether you need to overpay or not.

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