Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

When it comes to truly rugged laptops that can stand up to any adversity, there are many worthy manufacturers of such solutions on the fingers of one hand – Panasonic, Getac, Durabook from Twinhead International. Of course, Acer should be added to this list, but nevertheless the Taiwanese corporation stands apart, since, among other things being equal, Acer is a world leader, included in the top 5 players in the personal computer market and, as a result, has access to advanced technologies. as well as vast practical experience and quality of service support for their products.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

I was delighted to have the opportunity to get to know the Acer ENDURO N7 better, because, I confess, I am extremely impressed by various protected gadgets for the reason that I love the most versatile things that do their job and do not have to worry that it is hot, cold, rain, snow, mud or pets.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out


  1. Protective properties
  2. Appearance
  3. Screen, webcam and battery life
  4. Keyboard and performance
  5. Conclusion

Protective properties

After unpacking the box and putting the Acer ENDURO N7 on the desk, I thought how interesting it looks against the background of a familiar laptop. There are protective bumpers in the corners to ensure that the laptop will survive falls, ports under rubber caps to ensure tightness, and the laptop itself is made of shock-absorbing materials, and the thickness is 37 millimeters (which, by the way, is quite small by the standards of such devices) – a laptop, certainly intriguing. And thanks to the pen, the Acer ENDURO N7 resembles a spy movie laptop, which usually stores some kind of missile launch codes.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The rugged properties and reliability of the laptop will be appreciated by everyone who has to work a lot in difficult conditions outside the office, who often travel for both work and personal purposes. Of course, a modern laptop of a fashion brand in a thin case looks more stylish. Another question is how many minutes it will last at a temperature of -20 degrees in a snowdrift or in construction dust. The Acer ENDURO N7 will run for hours and won’t complain.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The protective properties of the Acer ENDURO N7 are impressive. This is perhaps one of the most secure solutions, even against the background of colleagues in the shop. Most rugged laptops are tested and certified to the MIL-STD-810 standard. There are many tests in the standard, but the Acer ENDURO N7 has undergone the most severe of them:

  • For example, instead of the typical 70cm or 7 meter height, the Acer ENDURO N122 has passed the XNUMXcm drop test.
  • He showed that he is able to work even in pouring rain (precipitation 342.5 ml / m2 / min). Protection according to IP65 standard.
  • He proved that he is able to work in 60-degree heat and 21-degree frost. But most importantly, the Acer ENDURO N7 is not afraid of temperature changes. In tests, the laptop was quickly moved from frost (-21) to hot (+60). This allows, after returning from the street, to immediately continue working, while in most “civil” devices, due to such treatment, condensation forms and either a short circuit occurs or corrosion begins to form. By the way, thanks to the frosts of the last days, I managed to carry out this test myself (with the only exception that my apartment is not +60, but typical +24 degrees). While shooting, the laptop worked for about 2 hours covered with snow on the street, and then, as if nothing had happened, continued to work in the apartment.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

  • The laptop is not afraid of sand with dust, and salt fog.
  • Well, about the fact that Acer ENDURO N7 is not afraid of shaking, vibrations, high humidity and the laptop can work even in the mountains, even in space, perhaps, you can not even speak.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out


Despite the powerful armor and overall massiveness that goes against the trend for ultra-thin civilian laptops, the Acer ENDURO N7 is beautiful in its own way. Looking at him, you experience the sensations, as at the sight of some Land Rover Defender: not joke, but do business.

The appearance is due to the increased ability to survive in the most difficult conditions. The body is made of metal and special shock-absorbing plastic. At the corners there are reinforced rubberized bumpers. The screws that secure the bumpers to the body are easily accessible. This is done so that bumpers can be easily replaced after damage.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The laptop is equipped with a rubberized handle for comfortable carrying. A latch is visible under the handle, which fixes the screen in the closed position. Thus, even after a fall, the laptop will not open.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

All ports and connectors are hidden under caps. The port selection is clearly one of the strengths of the laptop. The Acer ENDURO N7 has everything you may need – HDMI, 4 USB Type-A (both regular and SuperSpeed), and an SD card slot. And there are as many as 2 Ethernet (RJ-45) ports. If you plug in two wires, then the bandwidth will double. But formally, this is necessary in order to create a small mini-network and the laptop performed the functions of a router. This is a rather rare need that will be in demand in situations related to the organization of a mobile office. However, it’s great that Acer has tried to cover all the options. My copy did not have only a USB Type-C port, but, as I understand it, there are various modifications of the laptop with different port options. So here everyone chooses for themselves.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand outRugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand outRugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

On the left side, as if there is nothing. However, this is actually the SSD slot. You need to unscrew the two screws and flip the switch on the bottom cover, after which you can quickly get out and replace the SSD. By the way, the test unit had one 512 GB SSD drive, but inside the laptop there is room for an HDD.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The Acer ENDURO N7 has a well thought-out design in terms of both reliability and user friendliness. I also like the location of the ports. They did not clump together on one side, but they were evenly distributed. It is especially good that some of the ports (such as HDMI and RJ 45) were placed on the back, where it will be most convenient to use them.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Many screw heads are visible on the case. On the one hand, this is a brutal design element. On the other hand, a tribute to practicality. Armed with a screwdriver, you can easily disassemble your laptop to upgrade or repair components.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Screen, webcam and battery life

The laptop has a 15.6-inch screen and Full HD resolution. This is an extremely powerful IPS panel. After all, the main problem of modern “civilian” laptops is faded screens designed for office work. Most laptops have screen brightness below 300 nits. It is still comfortable to work with artificial office lighting, but even if you sit by the window on a clear day, the image fades.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The Acer ENDURO N7 is obliged to give its user a great picture in any environment. For this reason, an ultra-bright 700 nits screen was installed here. Such brightness is more typical for flagships in the smartphone market. A powerful backlight is necessary for a laptop so that all information on the screen is readable even in direct sunlight. The screen has a maximum viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Even on a clear winter day, the laptop screen is perfectly readable

There is a webcam above the screen. There are not enough stars from the sky, but the picture is not bad. The design feature should be noted separately. Just above the webcam is a screen latch. It acts as a kind of visor, thanks to which, for example, during a snowfall, the camera remained clean.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

When such a powerful screen, then I immediately want to ask about the battery. And here Acer ENDURO N7 surprises, since the laptop has not one, but two batteries at once. One battery is inside the case, while the other is accessible on the bottom cover of the case. It is easy to remove. Thus, the laptop is hot-swappable.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The built-in battery has a small capacity, allowing you to work for 35-60 minutes. However, its main purpose is to provide hot-swappable main battery.

Acer claims 10.5 hours battery life. And, in general, this is a true figure. With a brightness of 250 nits, comfortable for indoor use, the battery life will be just the declared 10 hours. In maximum performance mode and at 100% brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, open text editor, browser and messenger client are on, the battery life will be 5-5.5 hours. This is a great indicator. It should also be borne in mind that if complex tasks are planned, then you can buy replacement batteries.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

The laptop relies on a 65W power adapter, and a proprietary connector is used for charging. And this is perhaps the only thing to find fault with. It would be more convenient if charging was possible through the Type-C port. However, manufacturers are very conservative and prefer not to use this type of charging for now.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Keyboard and performance

The laptop keyboard is excellent. The excellent positioning and deep travel of the keys will allow you to work comfortably even outdoors with gloves. Separately, we need to praise the Acer ENDURO N7 for the presence of a digital block and separate arrow keys.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

There is a fingerprint scanner under the keyboard. There are no complaints about his work. He coped with dignity even covered with snow. Windows Hello IR camera optionally available.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Speaking of the keyboard, one cannot fail to mention the device operation indicators located above the function keys. And next to the power button is a programmable key. In fact, it acts as a hotkey for quickly launching the desired application.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

There is a touchpad under the keyboard. It is equipped with two mechanical keys. I’m used to the fact that usually protected laptops have a tight uninformative touchpad, which is difficult to cope with. The Acer ENDURO N7 is a welcome exception. The touchpad is precise and responsive.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

One of the features of the Acer ENDURO N7 is the presence of AEMS (Acer Enduro Manageability Suite) and Trust Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. AEMS allows you to quickly install and configure software on a variety of devices. Also AEMS allows you to customize your laptop. Certain ports and communications can be disabled. For example, disable USB or Bluetooth.

TPM 2.0 is a separate crypto processor that is melted onto the motherboard and cannot be physically removed or hacked. When booting, it checks the system for security and looks for signs of unauthorized access.

Acer promises improved Wi-Fi signal reception, even in challenging conditions, as it reimagined the location of the Wi-Fi antenna in the laptop. It uses the Wi-Fi 5 module.

Also, the laptop is equipped with a GPS receiver. This option will be in demand among travelers. And given the advanced remote control capabilities, in this way you can track the location of the laptop if it suddenly gets lost.

In terms of performance, the Acer ENDURO N7 is a robust workhorse with enough power to tackle any typical task. The laptop uses a 4-core Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM and a smart SSD drive. Obviously, each user will customize the hardware for himself. Someone will find 16 GB of RAM a lot, but someone will not be satisfied with a 512 GB SSD disk, and he will supply a combination of SSD + HDD. It should also be understood that this is not a gaming solution, but a productive workstation for conditions in which a regular laptop will not last 10 minutes.


It is difficult to look for cons of Acer ENDURO N7. Since, firstly, each user can customize the device for himself. Secondly, can you find fault with the weight? 3 kilograms by modern standards, it seems, and a lot. On the other hand, in general, and not much, and the laptop has a 15.6-inch screen, and it can withstand falls from a height of more than a meter and just physically cannot be smaller and lighter.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

Rugged laptops are always the most technically challenging solution for any manufacturer, as you need to ensure not only performance, but also stable operation in the most difficult conditions.

Acer ENDURO N7 is just such a model. The laptop is built to survive. It will not let its owner down under the bright sun, rain or snow. The abundance of ports and connectors will allow you to connect all the necessary peripherals. And having stocked up with a couple of replaceable batteries (for example, a couple of spare batteries will give up to 20 additional hours of screen operation), you can take your laptop with you on long business trips and hikes. At the same time, there is no need to worry not only about difficult weather conditions, but also about cybersecurity, since a separate TPM 2.0 crypto processor will protect both keys and passwords, as well as the overall integrity of the system.

Rugged Acer ENDURO N7 laptop: to make work stand out

In conclusion, let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • High security, IP65
  • Super bright 700 nits screen
  • Dual batteries, hot swappable battery, long battery life
  • Good set of ports + 2 RJ-45 connectors
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Easy access to laptop stuffing for upgrades or repairs)
  • Crypto processor TPM 2.0
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Full-size keyboard + programmable quick launch button


  • Proprietary charging connector
  • Windows Hello IR camera only available as a standalone option

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Published – 16 February 2021


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