Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The tablet market has been experiencing some stagnation for several years. Users are not eager to change their devices, and companies are not particularly trying to surprise us with something new in this segment. On the other hand, the tablet remains a popular device for entertainment and study, which is why some brands offer customized versions of their devices that are designed for a specific group of users, for example, children.

Today’s guest, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, is a striking representative of the children’s tablet segment. Removing the bright cardboard packaging and opening the box, we see a tablet case inside, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2019 device itself, packed separately, is at the very bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The cover itself is bright green, made of expanded polypropylene, it is quite bulky and soft to the touch. The case reliably protects the device from damage, it is not afraid of falls either sideways or flat on the screen. The only thing is that if the device in it falls with the display, for example, on the corner of the table, then the cover there may not be able to save it.

On the back wall of the case there is a plastic insert with a ring, the latter is used as a stand. But, in my opinion, for a child the movement of the ring is too tight, he himself will not be able to bend it, plus the indentation made on the inside does not allow conveniently picking up the stand, it is easier to do it from the outside. The stand has one fixed position, but since its course is very tight, you can set any position, it will not collapse itself if you wish.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The dimensions of the Galaxy Tab A8 2019 tablet itself, which is enclosed in a metal case, are 210 × 124.4 × 8 mm, and the weight is 345 grams. With the case, the gadget becomes larger and a little heavier, but, in general, for a five-year-old child, holding it with both hands is not a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

As you can see, on the box, and in the advertising campaign for Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, there is a mention of the characters of the animated series “Smeshariki”. In the tablet itself in the “Children’s Mode”, which we will talk about below, there is a screen with partner applications of the manufacturer, among which, of course, there are games based on the cartoon “Smeshariki”. The proposed applications are paid, and there is an option to play without purchasing the program, but then standard Google advertising screensavers without any filters will appear through the level. A life hack that I found was to turn off Wi-Fi on the tablet, after which the ads no longer appear, although the message of the game itself about the opportunity to buy the application regularly pops up.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

the set with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition tablet comes with “gifts” from the company’s partners, in fact, certificates for trial access to various services. For example, 3 months of a Kinopoisk HD subscription, 2 weeks of free lessons in the app, and so on.

Now, in fact, let’s move on to the device itself. The tablet is set up like any other Android device, you can enter your own Google account or create one for your child. In the latter case, you will be able to make restrictions on certain functions, as well as get remote access to the gadget through the Family link application. In the standard interface of the device (it runs on Android OS 9.0) with a customized child record, there will be no differences from the regular version, just some applications from Google itself will be missing, and the Google Play store will display applications that correspond to the age rating you set. But for a child, of course, the standard view of Android OS is unlikely to be a joy, so we open the shutter and go to the “Children’s Mode”, which is called Samsung Kids. This mode is not something unique, created for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, it is a standard for devices from the Korean manufacturer. Samsung Kids is available in tablets and smartphones of the company and allows you to give the device to a child without fear for the safety of your own data.

Samsung Kids interface is pleasant and convenient for little users. The system is already preinstalled with several completely free applications from the manufacturer, thanks to which the child will have something to do. There is a children’s browser where you can add links to the necessary resources, applications for drawing and recording music, access to the camera and gallery, as well as a couple of games with a funny Crocodile crocodile. All branded content is completely free and ad-free, which is very good.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

On the left working screen, to which Croco lures you, there are links to install applications of the company’s partners, it is there that you will find paid versions of Smeshariki, which you will not be warned about in advance, as well as several other partner programs, fortunately, a couple of them are free … You can install all other content yourself from Google Play or Galaxy Store, and then add them to the Samsung Kids home screen through the Parental Controls menu. Yes, in the settings you can set how many hours a day your child can spend at the tablet, and after this time expires, access will be blocked until the next day or until you enter your password. True, this function is not unique, you can set the same restriction using standard Android tools, via the Family link. And also in both cases, you can track the actions of the child and see how much time and in which applications he spends.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

As for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition itself, as mentioned above, this is the Galaxy Tab A8 2019. The tablet has a good 8 ”TFT display with a WXGA resolution (1280 × 800), without glare and with good viewing angles.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The hardware here is not super powerful, it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 chipset and 2 GB of RAM. But since the tablet is positioned as a children’s tablet and is clearly not intended for the age category of users who are already playing PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, the performance is quite enough for the tasks at hand. You will not notice the brakes in games like Smeshariki, everything goes smoothly, in similar applications everything is as smart as, however, just when working with the interface. If you are looking at a tablet as a device not only for a child, but also for yourself, for more tasks than surfing the net and watching TV shows, then yes, you need to watch tablets with more powerful hardware. Otherwise, the performance of the Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition is enough for your child.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab A Kids EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

The device has 32 GB of permanent memory, of which about 21 GB is available to the user. For children’s needs, this is quite enough, but if you go to a place where there is no access to the network and plan to load the device with content to the eyeballs, then support for microSD memory cards up to 512 GB will come to the rescue.

There are two cameras in the tablet, the main one is 8 MP with autofocus and the front one is 2 MP. The capabilities of the first child are clearly enough for the eyes, and the second will be useful if you are going through some kind of online training or just plan to get in touch with the child through some kind of messenger with video calls support.

In the product description, the manufacturer mentions two speakers in the device, but apart from the headroom, this solution no longer has any advantages, since both are located on the underside of the tablet, and are not spaced apart on different sides.

The tablet’s communication capabilities are standard, it has a dual-band WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n 2.4 + 5 GHz, which has no complaints about its operation. And there is also support for Bluetooth 4.2 and the main navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo.

The Galaxy Tab A8 2019 battery has a capacity of 5100 mAh. At first, I had a noticeable self-discharge on the device, the tablet sat down on level ground without load in 3 days, but after resetting and installing all the updates, it works for about a week with 1-1.5 hours of use by a child per day, plus I sometimes delved into it to install this or that application. But battery life depends directly on the time of use and on the tasks for which the tablet is used. If you are ready to let your child watch cartoons and play games 24 hours a day, then I’m afraid you will have to charge the device at least once a day. Yes, the minus of the tablet is that an outdated microUSB is used for charging, since my entire fleet of equipment has long been migrated to Type-C, I have to keep a separate complete cable for the tablet.

The cost of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition for today is 11 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

As a result, I can say that Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition turned out to be a good solution for children. A high-quality screen, small dimensions, convenient for a child, acceptable performance and a comfortable Samsung Kids mode for the perception of young users with the ability to control the use of the tablet by parents. The only pity is that the manufacturer offers paid versions of applications as partner content, and does not warn about this in advance.

Published – 30 January 2021


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