Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer – Smartphone and More

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Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More


The pandemic leaves its mark on us, whether we like it or not. You constantly need to be in a mask in transport, in public places, someone uses disposable masks for weeks on end, someone uses a cloth one. Doctors argue that masks need to be changed as often as possible, and constant wearing of the same mask does not lead to anything good, microorganisms begin to multiply on the surface. I do not like disposable masks, I use cloth masks, I throw them in the wash every couple of days, although I need to do it every day. But every time you say the same thing to yourself, it will do.

At the end of December, Samsung began selling an ultraviolet sterilizer, this accessory was released by a partner of the company under a special program, this is not Samsung’s own development. But the device has been tested by Samsung, is covered by the company’s warranty, plus a number of functions have been added to it, for example, wireless charging for a smartphone. Which is more of an additional feature to attract attention than a necessity.

Let me remind you that a year ago a free service appeared in Samsung service centers, when your smartphone could be sterilized with ultraviolet radiation, very few people knew about it, and there was little sense in the service itself. Now you can do it yourself at home.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

In a small white plastic box (dimensions – 228x133x49.5 mm) you can place your phone or other object. The internal space is quite voluminous – 196x96x33 mm.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

On the sides there are two UV lamps (wavelength – 253.7 nm), they turn on only when the box is closed. The instructions say that in 10 minutes the sterilizer destroys 99% of pathogenic bacteria (there is not a word about viruses prudently, understand it as you want). The effectiveness of the sterilizer is confirmed by independent medical research in the laboratory, there is hardly even a fraction of a lie.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and MoreSamsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

Reading the instructions, I understand that they wrote it as clearly as possible in order to explain the basics even to those who are not used to thinking about what he is doing. You can put an object (phone) on one side, after ten minutes the lamps will turn off. To sterilize all surfaces, turn the object over and repeat the disinfection.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

For a smartphone, wireless charging is provided inside (Qi standard, up to 10 W). Everything works fine, you just need to put the phone down first (for obvious reasons, there will be no charging), after ten minutes turn the phone over, and charging will begin. After turning off the lamps, charging will continue.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

There is a power button on the front panel. To start sterilization, you need to press a key. Shutdown exactly the same by button or timer after ten minutes. It is impossible to set the timer for another time, it is always exactly ten minutes. For masks and their sterilization, I use this box as follows – first one side of the open mask, then the other for ten minutes.

Samsung Portable UV Sterilizer - Smartphone and More

I see no reason to put several masks inside at once, you need ultraviolet light to flood the entire surface, otherwise what’s the point?

If you try to open the box during operation, the lamps will turn off. They will also turn off if overheating occurs (I did not have this even in an hour of work, 6 sessions for 10 minutes).

I don’t see much point in disinfecting the surface of the phone, since this is a personal thing and you constantly come into contact with it. And the fact that your biome is on the surface of the phone is absolutely normal. But for masks, this sterilizer came in handy, since it replaces everyday washing, which my hands have never reached.

Surprisingly, few people know about the sterilizer, although it is often purchased not only by ordinary people, but also by companies. It turned out that in places where employees are given phones (for example, for the duration of a shift), they need to be disinfected, now they do it with an antiseptic, which, of course, is not a good idea. Someone does this using UV lamps indoors, but such a box as a sterilizer is more appropriate here.

The price of the device is not the lowest, it is sold for 3 490 rubles. On the other hand, the language cannot be called prohibitively high, because a separate charger for a smartphone can cost exactly the same. I looked for similar models on the market, I realized that there are dozens of sterilizers for different tasks, the price range is from 3 to 15 thousand rubles, so the price for this model from Samsung looks adequate. The only question that remains open is how long the lamps will last, because their resource depends on how much you can use the sterilizer for its intended purpose. It is not possible to answer this question, I think, at least a year of daily use (warranty period), it should live without problems.

Laughter laughter, but I practically don’t use a sterilizer for phones, but for masks it suited me perfectly. This is an accessory of the era of a pandemic, and the device is useful and necessary in the household. Of course, only if you understand that bacteria on reusable masks can live, they need to be cleaned. If you think that these masks are “eternal” and do not carry any threat in themselves, then such a sterilizer will definitely be superfluous for you. Surprisingly, we live in an era when the use of certain things directly follows from the beliefs and knowledge of consumers. To some extent, natural selection in action, as crude as it sounds.

Tell us, do you find such a sterilizer useful? Or not?


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