Samsung’s Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!


Tradition is something you can’t live without. Samsung’s Galaxy Note line appeared on the market almost ten years ago, the first device was shown in autumn 2011 in Berlin. It was the first Note that started the race for screen size and disproved the stereotype that large screens are inconvenient and unnecessary for users. But beyond that, the Note line has created a new quality of devices in which the user can write by hand, draw, create graphics and much more. This is a huge world that no smartphone manufacturer can access. In the modern world, uniqueness is a rarity, as you can usually copy anything you want. But the amount of technology that is in the Note line cannot be taken and applied in other devices. You will have to change the screen technology, write complex software, and the cost of your device will be closer to the same Note line or even higher. This begs the question: why should buyers choose your brand over Samsung?

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

Galaxy Note was originally created as an experiment, but it quickly became clear that this creative flight had a lot of fans around the world. For example, the first Note seemed to me strange, unusual, it was clearly not my device. And after a couple of years and a couple of generations of Note, everything changed, it became difficult to imagine life without such a smartphone.

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

The Note line is successful in the market, the devices are sold in circulation of millions, and have a good margin. They are released six months after the main line of flagships, the S-series, which creates additional diversity on the offer. Not all Galaxy Note buyers choose them for the S Pen, someone buys it based on novelty and cost. But this approach is not the best kind, as purchasing such a device is only justified if you plan to use the capabilities of the S Pen. There are millions of loyal users of the line, they change their devices every few years. Escape from the Note line to other smartphones happens less often than for any other line of devices, having tried the S Pen in operation, it is very difficult to refuse it.

But I started this material with a tradition that has already become a sign of the times; in recent years, the funeral of the Note line takes place strictly on schedule and does not differ much in variety. Individual statements that the Note line is not needed by anyone appeared from the first day of its existence. But the news about the cancellation of the line with reference to unnamed representatives of the company has been actively promoted on the network for the last three years, this is an achievement of the latest time. It is interesting that this “news” appears simultaneously with the release of the new generation Note (or very close to it). Why this happens, we will discuss at the end of this material, but for now – a few examples. I didn’t pick something on purpose, I just went through the search and chose the one that popped up first.

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

Original news

Let’s read the text: “According to Korean media reports, next year Samsung plans to merge the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines into a single series of devices. There are several reasons for this decision.

Firstly, for several years now, Chinese vendors have won a huge market share from Samsung in the middle and budget segments, and users who prefer flagship models are unhappy with constantly rising prices and refuse to purchase the next top. As a result, the company faces the problem of very low sales.

Secondly, already last year, users began to doubt the advisability of switching to the new flagship Note 8, which was almost no different from the Galaxy S8 + released six months ago. A similar situation is likely this year, with Samsung only planning to sell 12 million Galaxy Note 9 – one million more than the Note 8.

Finally, the main reason: in 2019 Samsung will release three versions of the flagship Galaxy S10, differing in display diagonal, number of cameras and some specifications. Most likely, the largest model will receive support for the S Pen and will become an alternative to the Galaxy Note smartphones, which Samsung will abandon once and for all. “

In the middle of summer 2018, Chinese vendors won a “huge market share” from Samsung. But if you look at the IDC data for the entire 2018, then this drop was not a disaster, and, being at the end of 2020, we see that the short takeoff period of Chinese companies has hardly changed Samsung’s position in any way. So the explanation, to put it mildly, does not stand the test of time.

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

The structure of news about the rejection of the Note line always contains several thoughts, I will highlight them separately:

  • The Galaxy Note line is abandoned;
  • The reason for the refusal is low sales;
  • The S-series will get some Note capabilities, it will be the flagship;

This is clearly seen in the news above, all messages are present. Let’s fast forward one year.

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

The original news can be found here.

I love that this news headline states that these are rumors. Many didn’t bother to do that, it was widely discussed that year that Samsung would abandon the Note line, and this note is fairly neutral. To quote an excerpt from the text:

“The point is, first of all, in the screens. So, if earlier the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models seriously differed in screen sizes, then in the current generation the difference has practically disappeared. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has a 6,4-inch display, while the Galaxy Note10 has a 6,3-inch display. In a sense, the release of the Galaxy Note10 + with a 6,8-inch screen is a necessary measure to somehow differentiate these models. With almost identical hardware components, the only major difference between these two models is the S Pen stylus.

Galaxy One, presumably (and quite logically) will replace both series: it will be a line of top-end smartphones with S Pen support. And what about the models with large screens? They will remain, but within the foldable Galaxy Fold series. “

In 2020, we can already say that no One line has happened, moreover, no one ever planned it. The analogy with Android One is very simple here and lies on the surface.

Let’s fast forward to 2020, see how successfully the Note line is being buried in our time.

Samsung's Galaxy Note funeral, Note smartphones canceled for good!

You can read the news here.

I see no point in quoting: as usual, there are poor sales of the Galaxy Note, a mention that there were already rumors of cancellation, but the cancellation did not take place. Quite typical text about canceling the Note ruler.

Such materials appear all over the world – for example, the text in the Korean edition. You can find the original here, below – a free translation.

Samsung has confirmed the closure of the Galaxy Note line of smartphones

The Korean edition of Ajunews, citing a Samsung representative, reported that the company is indeed abandoning a separate line of Galaxy Note smartphones, the main feature of which was the S Pen stylus.

It seems that Samsung does not see the point in releasing separate flagships with stylus support, so S Pen support will appear in certain models of “regular” smartphones – the first will be the Galaxy S21 Ultra. At the same time, it is not a fact that the stylus will be built into the body, it can be supplied separately as an additional accessory.

But stylus support will be more important for the foldable smartphone-tablet Galaxy Z Fold 3, which will be presented in June 2021 – this is also confirmed by a representative of Samsung. The larger screen will have more options for taking notes and drawing with the S Pen.

The company had to significantly redesign the flexible display, but, according to a spokesperson, they managed to implement stylus support.

What will happen with the Galaxy Note lineup next is unknown. According to rumors, the company is preparing a cheaper version of this year’s flagships, which will be called the Galaxy Note20 FE. Perhaps it will be the last smartphone under the Note brand.

Dozens of examples of such news could be cited, all of them built, plus or minus, according to the same patterns. For many years in a row, Galaxy Note sales have been falling, sources at Samsung claim that the line has been abandoned, a year passes, and new models are released. Moreover, not only new smartphones appear in the line, but it is expanding into those price groups that were previously unavailable, that is, it is becoming massive. The same Galaxy Note 10 Lite is sold in very large quantities. That is, on the one hand, we have a successful line that has existed for many years, a lot of money has been invested in its development and marketing, on the other hand, news is built in the same way and, as a rule, based on anonymous sources “from the company.” As well as all “failures” also with reference to company representatives, partners, and so on. But at the same time, real sales figures in the market prove exactly the opposite.

Why is this happening? The answer is obvious and lies on the surface. When you do not have the ability to resist the sales of a competitor who has the technology and he takes your market share, then you need to do your best to weaken it. The allegation that the Note lineup is closing may stop someone from buying such devices. The statement about unsuccessful sales serves exactly the same purpose, because other people have abandoned this model, which means they know something!

And the logic behind the funeral of the Galaxy Note in this aspect is clear, it is the burial of a successful competitor, and nothing more. It’s hard to imagine Samsung executives who are out of their minds and want to dump the S Pen and everything that makes the Note line stand out makes it unique in the market. It is possible that specifically you are not interested in such devices and do not need, but this does not mean that everyone thinks the same, and the sales volume proves it. There is no alternative for the Galaxy Note, which is a fact. So, you need to weaken the sales of the line in any way, even with the help of such a simple SMM. But, interestingly, such news in the comments are replicated on our site by the same people, they assure that it is true and they can definitely be trusted. It is especially interesting that usually these are people who have a dozen accounts and go out every day to comment on how to work, by the hour. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

You can believe even in the trait of a bald man, but you would always like to see some facts behind these beliefs. Reasoning and logic. Alas, she is absent in such news. And for now, I can congratulate all of us on the Galaxy Note funeral, which is not the first year in a row. There are no hopes that after this material the number of comments about the “failed sales” of Galaxy Note will decrease. It is common knowledge that Samsung as a whole is losing sales less than any other manufacturer, and further down the list. It is not clear why the whole company is not being closed? Although no, wait, there was such a thing in the past, albeit not so massively, this idea is too radical.

In the meantime, you can read a review about smartphones that do not exist, since they were canceled long ago!

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