Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

On May 12, Saturday Coffee turned 2 years old, and on this occasion, together with Huawei, we decided to give away a new smartphone Huawei P40 lite E.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

Details of the drawing are at the end of the article, but for now let’s move on to the news of the past week. launched group video calls Group announced the launch of a group video call service for all its users, which will be carried out directly from mail. Any user with an account on, using the link to the call in “ Mail” or “ Calendar”, can organize an online meeting for 100 participants. The service is accessible from a browser or mobile application, does not require registration and can work without downloading the application.

Also, group video calls became available this week for VKontakte users. The option appeared in the messenger and at the start simultaneously allows a group of up to eight participants to communicate.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

In general, here acts as a catch-up. In the era of the pandemic, when Zoom soared to the top of popularity, other companies also rushed to offer group video calling services, but so far most users still do not seek to change the service, even despite the statement about the vulnerability of the leader of this segment.

And last week we released a detailed article about the new messenger from Yandex, which the Russian company presented just recently, read:

Microsoft Build Conference 2020

Microsoft made several announcements during the Microsoft Build 2020 conference, which was held entirely online for the first time. So, she announced the creation of one of the five most powerful supercomputers in the world, consisting of 285 thousand processor cores and 10 thousand graphics processors. The task of the supercomputer will be to train the next generation of artificial intelligence capable of performing a wide range of functions.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

Microsoft also launched Project Reunion, which aims to provide easy integration between Win32 APIs and the Universal Windows Platform to help developers build solutions for more than 1 billion active devices running Windows 10.

Launched Azure Synapse Link, a cloud-based hybrid transactional processing solution that combines operational databases and analytics. Free Microsoft Learn tutorials are provided to provide developers with training on quantum computing. As well as tools for the responsible use of machine learning, this functionality will be available in Azure Machine Learning and as open source on GitHub. Microsoft also announced an update to the Fluid Framework, an interactive web collaboration platform, and is making it open source.

A separate material on the results of Microsoft Build 2020 has been released on our website, read:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Samsung has announced a new version of the flagship Galaxy S20. It is called the Tactical Edition and is a “stocked military smartphone”. The novelty is the standard Galaxy S20, enclosed in a Juggernaut case. It has a 6,2-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB RAM, 128GB storage and three main camera sensors. However, there are additional software features: night vision mode, in which the screen turns off so as not to blind the owner when using night vision goggles, and the ability to unlock the device in a landscape orientation. There is a stealth mode that turns off LTE and other wireless interfaces. The Tactical Edition supports DeX, allowing operators to use the S20 “for reporting, training or scheduling missions.” And the Knox security system complies with government data protection standards. The S20 Tactical Edition will not go on sale, but should be available to the military in the third quarter of this year.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

It is a pity that this version of the smartphone will not go on sale. I think the demand for such a Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition without a couple of highly specialized options would be among ordinary users.

We have already published a detailed review of the regular version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone:

MIUI 12 Global Presentation

During the week, the Chinese company Xiaomi held a global presentation of its new MIUI 12 shell. The company did not say anything new about the software, but it presented a schedule for the release of the updated system on its devices on the global market. So, the first to receive the new MIUI 12 are the owners of smartphones of the Mi 9 series (Mi 9 / Mi 9T / Mi 9T Pro) and Redmi K20 / K20 Pro, for them the update will be available at the end of June. The rest of Xiaomi smartphone users will receive updates one by one.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

This week we released a review of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition smartphone:

And Vladimir Nimin speculated on whether the new POCO F2 Pro smartphone is actually a flagship killer:

MegaFon presented a new line of tariffs

MegaFon presented a new line of tariffs “No Overpayments” this week. The main tariff innovations are free access to the basic package of the MegaFon TV service with free traffic, work with the most popular instant messengers even with a negative balance, protection against accidental connection of paid subscriptions, the ability to share the Internet package without restrictions and transfer of unused GB from the package to the next month. In general, not bad, but it will be necessary to compare the new offer in detail with the current tariff and see how profitable it will be.

And Sergei Potresov has already published a detailed analysis of the new line of tariffs “No Overpayments”, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the material:

About music

Quite a lot of materials were published on our website this week, in one way or another, devoted to music. So, you probably already know that Google is shutting down its Play Music service and forcibly transferring all users to YouTube Music, which until recently existed in parallel with the first. In our article, you can find out if there is a difference between these two music services from Google:

And Eldar Murtazin wrote about how digital formats turned music into fast food, killed high-quality sound and why it’s not as bad as it seems:

And also we have released a review of miniature wireless speakers Huawei Mini Speaker dual:

And detailed material about the reincarnation of the legendary in the past music phone Nokia 5310 XpressMusic:

… and dessert

And for dessert today we have the Spanish-British thriller White Lines, the first season of which is already fully available on Netflix. I would not say that a masterpiece, but some episodes are very successful and make you keep watching the series further. By the way, the Netflix platform offered me White Lines after watching Ozark Season 3, which turned out to be quite good, and its finale is simply gorgeous.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses


On the occasion of the second anniversary of Saturday Coffee, together with Huawei, we want to give away a new smartphone Huawei P40 lite E.

Saturday coffee №104. #SittingHouses

Since many of us are still forced to stay at home, the conditions of the competition, which we decided to call “And from our window …”, will be as simple as possible. Take a photo of the view from your window, only so that any gadgets or gadgets are included in the frame. We will give a prize for the most beautiful and creative work.

Send your photos to with the subject line # coffee2year, one participant can send only one image, and works will be accepted until June 3 inclusive. I will publish the entries in the Stories on my Instagram account, so you can see all the photos, and the winner’s work will be published in Saturday Coffee # 106, which will be released on June 6, 2020. We can send the prizes across Russia, or you can personally pick them up in Moscow.

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