Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

In the episode before last, on the occasion of the second anniversary of Saturday Coffee, we ran a competition with Huawei. Today we are pleased to announce the winner of the new Huawei P40 lite E smartphone. Here is his work:

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

I ask the winner to write to me at from the address from which the photo was sent. I ask the rest of the participants not to get upset, we will have more contests, and more than one.

Our TikTok

The social network “VKontakte” announced the appearance of a new section “Clips”, presented in the form of an endless tape, in which users can find thousands of short videos. “Clips” are a kind of Chinese service TikTok, only integrated into the domestic social network. Currently, the videos on VKontakte are published by Pavel Volya, Ekaterina Varnava, Evgeny Kulik, Ilya Sobolev, Philip Kirkorov and hundreds of other invited authors. And soon, other users of the social network will be able to create them.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

I do not know if the new VKontakte service will be able to shoot, in my opinion, the world is quite enough and TikTok for senseless wasting of time.

Alice learned to draw

The developers of Alice’s voice assistant have added a new function to the assistant, now you can ask him to draw a picture. For drawings, two neural networks are involved, the first is trained on the works of artists and generates an image, the second determines what is depicted on them. Alice’s first works look creepy, but let’s see how quickly the assistant learns to draw really understandable and high-quality images. At least Alice became the first assistant in the world who learned to draw, and it’s great that this is precisely the domestic development.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

On the topic, I will recommend you our material about artificial intelligence, which came out this week:

Apple blocks stolen devices

Amid ongoing protests in the United States, cases of looting and vandalism have increased. Some illegal citizens took advantage of the situation and plundered the Apple Store, taking iPhone smartphones with them. However, Apple quickly tracked down the attackers and sent out a warning to the stolen smartphones. There are already images on the web showing an iPhone screen with the message: “This device has been disabled and is being monitored. Local authorities will be warned. ” Apple has made it clear that it is tracking the stolen devices, but whether the company plans to transfer its data to law enforcement agencies is still unknown.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

It is good when a company has a tool for remote blocking of stolen devices, however, this still does not compensate for the losses, but it will at least somehow teach the attackers a lesson. Only now, such measures will not save from the further spread of pogroms, thefts and looting, look, the destruction of the same Mercedes-Benz salon in the USA is proof of this, they cannot steal cars – they will spoil them.

And in the subject of this news, I recommend you our material, read:

Tiny SEGA console

The Japanese company Sega has decided to revive its first and only handheld Game Gear, which was released in the early 90s. last century. She stood out for the presence of a color display, which was quite innovative at the time. The console was supposed to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy, but did not gain much fame.

Despite the outright failure of the original portable console on the market, in honor of its 30th anniversary, SEGA decided to revive the console called Game Gear Micro. The new game console will be released in four colors, and each will be pre-installed with its own set of masterpieces of its time: Sonic, Puyo Puyotsu, Shining Force and Megami Tensei. Game Gear Micro in Japan will cost 4 yen (about $ 980). The start of sales is scheduled for October 45 this year.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

The new console turned out to be very specific, with a screen of only 1.15 “and, as I said, with a fixed set of preinstalled games depending on the color of the console body. Despite this, I want to get one of the consoles in the collection, however, it is doubtful that it will be sold outside the Land of the Rising Sun, and I see the game on it like this:

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

Since we have touched upon the topic of nostalgia and the past, I recommend you our material about the first Android smartphone:

Let’s play all summer!

Cloud gaming service GFN.RU announced the extension of free access for the whole summer. Until August 31, users will be able to play the most popular and technologically demanding games for free from almost any device – including weak PCs, Mac computers, TVs and Android phones.

We have already talked about the GFN.RU service itself, it really makes it possible to play modern games even on weak computers and smartphones:

You can play even on the flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the review of which came out with us this week:

At least on any other smartphone, for example, from our selection of new products in May, with the exception of Nokia, since this is just a phone:

It became easier to connect to “Beeline”

The Beeline operator has expanded the pilot’s territory for self-registration of SIM-cards. Now you can buy a kit with an inactive SIM card in popular grocery networks and online stores in the regions of Russia, and choose a suitable tariff during the self-registration process.

On inactive SIM-cards with self-registration, the tariff plan and the region of use are not pre-installed – the client chooses all this during the self-registration process. Thanks to this, it has become much easier to become a Beeline subscriber, and during a pandemic, reducing contacts between people is the right decision, because a SIM card can be ordered with other online purchases or bought during a grocery shopping trip in a nearby store, and choose a tariff and register – already independently from home.

Autonomous cars “Yandex” are now based on Sonata

The new generation of the Hyundai Sonata sedan has become a platform for a joint project between Hyundai Mobis and Yandex to develop a new generation of autonomous vehicles. The first five autonomous Hyundai Sonata units have already joined Yandex’s Moscow fleet in March. As part of the partnership, by the end of 2020, Yandex’s autonomous fleet will include 100 unmanned versions of the Sonata model.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

Autonomous Hyundai Sonata is the first generation of Yandex unmanned vehicles, created in cooperation with the largest automaker. The vehicle’s electronic control units have been modified by Hyundai Mobis engineers to better interact with Yandex’s autonomous driving technology. The engineers of the Russian company, in turn, have significantly improved the set of sensors. The number of cameras has been increased to include devices with different focal lengths. Radars are now located on the roof, which allows the system to distinguish even more objects in front and behind the car. Lidars on the front fenders can even better “see” pedestrians and vehicles in blind spots. Thanks to the new arrangement of sensors, different objects in the road scene around the car are detected simultaneously by a large number of sensors. This allows the system to receive the most detailed and reliable information about road users and various road conditions.

Up to this point, Yandex autonomous cars were built on the basis of the Toyota Prius, which, as it seems to me, is a worldwide practice. Now the fleet of such cars will also be replenished with Hyundai Sonata, and the joint work of Hyundai Mobis and Yandex specialists will make it possible to develop the direction of autonomous cars faster.

We have already told you about the new generation of the Hyundai Sonata sedan, read if you missed:

Hyundai fully revealed the appearance of the new Santa Fe

Korean automaker Hyundai fully revealed the exterior of its new Santa Fe crossover this week. The car received an updated appearance, the designers further narrowed the upper headlight block, where one of the two parts of the running lights is located, so that Santa Fe began to somewhat resemble the previous generation of Jeep Cherokee. The low and high beams are on the second tier, not as low as in the current generation, so there is a hope that they will not be heavily splashed in bad weather. Otherwise, the new Santa Fe retains some of the features of its predecessor, although it began to look larger.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

The interior of the new Hyundai Santa Fe has been updated more significantly, there is a new console with an abundance of keys and an automatic machine with buttons, as in the new Sonata. The center display of the media system has become larger and is now shifted slightly lower, and the dashboard has become virtual, again by analogy with the new Korean sedan.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

The new Santa Fe will arrive in its native Korean market in June, and the car will arrive in Europe in the fall.

We already talked about the current generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover last year:

A week with a laser projector LG HU85LS

In connection with the pandemic that has covered the world, cinemas have closed everywhere, and their opening seems to be scheduled for mid-summer, but with some significant restrictions and new rules established by Roskomnadzor. What will happen to the cinemas, what prices will be set for tickets and how the seating process will take place, we will find out in the near future. But sitting in the current situation wearing a mask, or maybe even wearing gloves, in a closed room with strangers is a so-so pleasure, and it is hardly possible to immerse yourself in the picture and relax as before. But there is a way out: you can buy an ultra-short-throw laser projector LG HU85LS at home and enjoy watching new films, sitting on your favorite couch in your pajamas, and if you have a mask on your face, then only cosmetic.

Yes, I’ll say right away that a laser projector, and especially the LG HU85LS model, is not a cheap pleasure, this model costs 559 rubles today. On the other hand, for half a million you can buy 000 square meter of an apartment near the Third Ring Road in Moscow, a used Hyundai Solaris, 1 acres for 6 km or a winter coat from Loro Piana, here everyone decides for himself what to spend that amount of. If you compare LG HU101LS in price with TV, then for about this amount you can buy a 85 “77K OLED TV from the same LG, as well as a 4” 77K model from Sony or a 4 “65K TV from Samsung. However, there is one “but”, 8K ultra-short throw projector from LG when installed 4 cm from the wall will give a picture with a diagonal of 5 “, and if you move it 90 cm, it will be 18.5”. Ordinary TVs with a diagonal of 120 ”, which are now on the market, cost some completely indecent money, for which you can take an already good premium crossover. So if you want a 98 ”screen at home for watching movies like in a movie, then a laser short throw projector is now the best option.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

Unpacking the LG HU85LS, for some reason I thought that a half-million projector would definitely amaze me with the materials of the case, but no, it turned out that it was just a box of high-quality white plastic. There is no metal, wood or any other delicacy, only a fabric insert on the front panel, behind which there are speakers, however, from the famous Danish textile company Kvadrat, founded in 1968. Yes, all the money spent on the LG HU85LS you pay for the technology, not for any premium materials.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

Another slight disappointment was that, despite the brightness of 2700 lumens and the fact that the manufacturer says that there is no need to completely darken the room, the best image quality is still obtained only when it is dark enough. Yes, it’s worth mentioning that there are special ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screens for short-throw projectors that block parasitic illumination, and then the picture becomes better and clearer. But it is clear that I did not spend from 60 rubles on such a screen for a week of testing, so I watched without it. In the daytime, the image quality from LG HU000LS is much better than many projectors, and you can even watch it, but without the ALR screen, it still opens up in a darkened room, and if there is also 85K video with HDR, then it’s generally beautiful.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

Like LG TVs, the HU85LS laser projector runs on the webOS operating system, which means you get a fast, beautiful and user-friendly menu. A large number of applications, including online cinemas and the ability to watch videos from various external sources. For example, I watched Bad Boys Forever in 4K HDR from my home server, and the projector pulled everything perfectly, and the movie was so-so, the worst part of all.

I parted with LG HU85LS easily, nevertheless 120 “for a room of 23 squares turned out to be a lot, and I got used to my 65” OLED LG TV, however, now I want a 77-inch model. But if someday I move to an apartment where there will be a large living room, I will definitely think about purchasing an ultra-short-throw laser projector from LG, nevertheless it gives more immersion and emotions when watching a movie. There is a certain spirit of the cinema, only at home and on your favorite couch.

… and dessert

For dessert, we have new Nike sneakers from the Space Hippie collection, which are at least 25% recycled. During the production of the model, a minimum amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. The Space Waste Yarn upper is made up of 85% recycled polyester – a material made from recycled plastic bottles, T-shirts and yarn leftovers. Sales of sneakers will begin on June 11, and the price will be from 11 490 rubles, depending on the model.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

And don’t miss the new BMW 4 Series Coupé either. The coupe got some really huge nostrils and an expressionless rear end, very similar in lines to the Infiniti Q60 coupe. It is necessary, of course, to see the car live, but the impressions from the press photo are not the best. Prices for the new BMW 4 Series Coupe in Russia will start at 3 rubles, a more or less interesting option will be around 130 million.

Saturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHousesSaturday coffee №106. #SittingHouses

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