Saturday coffee №110

At Saturday Coffee No. 108, we, together with Xiaomi, held a competition where we raffled off two Mi Smart Band 4 NFC fitness bracelets with the possibility of contactless payment, today we are ready to announce the winners.

Saturday coffee №109Saturday coffee №109

If you saw your work here, then write to from the address from which the photo was sent. I ask the rest of the participants not to get upset, we will have more contests, and more than one.

Marvin from MTS

MTS has developed its own voice assistant and named it Marvin. Users can download the MTS Marvin mobile application in Google Play or the App Store and use it to control music, listen to audiobooks, schedule scheduling, receive the latest news and control smart home devices. Subscribers randomly selected by the company will be able to purchase a set of MTS smart speakers and Agara lamps for a nominal fee of one ruble and test the capabilities of the voice assistant. The company intends to further integrate the virtual assistant into various services and will continue to expand the functionality of the smart speaker. It will be possible to organize voice calls to phone book subscribers, control a TV set-top box and smart home system sensors, and interact with the company’s services. The MTS smart speaker is equipped with six microphones, works with Wi-Fi, ZigBee, AirPlay, Bluetooth EDR connection standards and is capable of operating independently from the built-in battery.

Saturday coffee №109

Alisa, Marusya, Oleg, Marvin – there are many different voice assistants in our market. I see no reason for companies like MTS to develop their own voice assistant – too narrow a niche, too few users, which complicates the further development of the project. Now on the Russian market, the leader is still Yandex with Alice, the company came out first with its product, presented a lot of devices, its own and jointly with partners, and successfully integrates it into all its products., which not so long ago presented their first column with Marusya inside, is still lagging behind, they are promoting their assistant too sluggishly, although the company has a chance to compete with the product from Yandex. Well, Marvin for MTS is, apparently, more of an image product, relying only on your subscribers in promoting a voice assistant is very courageous. The only thing that is interesting in the story with MTS is the speaker, it has built-in batteries, so it can work in standalone mode, and also supports AirPlay. It remains to understand how the speaker will sound and how much it will cost in the end, maybe it will be an interesting option for reasonable money. True, retail sales are only scheduled for September this year.

We did not have materials on new music speakers this week, but there were several reviews on new headphones, which, by the way, can work with voice assistants. True, there is no question of any Marvin here, Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon are supported:

In the meantime, MTS dabbles with a voice assistant, the Tele2 operator has released a special tariff for those who like to play on a smartphone, for more details – in our separate material:

Digital badge data deleted

According to the head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Maksut Shadayev, the information collected when issuing digital passes to Russians during the restrictions in force in the country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic was destroyed. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications launched an application for obtaining digital passes in the regions in April. In Moscow, citizens received passes on the website, and on June 8, representatives of the Moscow authorities announced that the data of digital passes obtained in Moscow would be destroyed in the near future. The system of digital passes for transport trips was introduced by the Moscow authorities on April 15 and canceled on June 9. The law requires, within 30 days from the moment the goals of obtaining personal data are achieved, to delete them. The delay in their removal is due to the ongoing legal proceedings by Muscovites, who accuse the Moscow authorities of the illegality of the introduction of digital passes and a number of restrictions.

Here I don’t even know, I hardly believe in the complete removal of the database, with a high degree of probability more than one copy has already been made from it, and most likely it is already available on the black market or will soon be available. Do you believe that all data has been completely deleted?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra design revealed

On the website of the Russian representative office of the South Korean company Samsung Electronics, in the description of the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, the designers accidentally posted an image of the new, but not yet officially announced, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phablet instead of the Galaxy Note10, which is proposed to be purchased instead of the outdated “eight”.

Saturday coffee №109Saturday coffee №109

An interesting leak, but back in May @OnLeaks posted a render of a new Samsung smartphone. The smartphone, according to the first images, will be interesting, especially in bronze color, however, it will not look as impressive in real life as it does on renderings. It’s not so long to wait for the presentation of new products from Samsung, according to rumors, the Koreans will hold their presentation on August 5.

Saturday coffee №109

Flagship smartphones are, of course, always interesting, but smartphones of the middle and lower price segment are in the greatest demand in Russia, so I suggest you read the latest review of the new Nokia 5.3:

Summer cinema from Xiaomi

Xiaomi company announces the launch of a new project in the field of cinema in Russia with the participation of partners – the Delimobil car sharing and the Svyaznoy retail network. The free Let Mi See cinema in a safe drive-in format will open on July 6 at the Aviapark shopping center parking lot at 4 Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow, and will be open until July 30.

Saturday coffee №109

Viewers will be able to enjoy watching new movies and cult films of recent years. The program includes “Swindlers”, “Escape from Pretoria”, “Gentlemen”, “Green Book” and other films of famous directors. And in order to get to the cinema, it is enough to book a ticket on the website and on the day of the screening arrive by a Delimobil car.

Interesting news, you will have to try the Let Mi See cinema, and besides, I still haven’t watched Gentlemen, so there is a chance to watch the movie on the big screen of the cinema from Xiaomi. It’s a pity that you definitely have to come to the cinema by car-sharing “Delimobil”, and somehow I didn’t really make friends with this service, and it would be much more comfortable to drive a personal car. In addition, the use of carsharing makes visiting Let Mi See not so free, there is a special tariff in the parking lot of the cinema, but for 1.5 hours, whatever one may say, you will have to pay about 300 rubles, although it is cheaper than a ticket for an evening session in a classic cinema.

In the news topic, I will recommend you our selection of new films and TV series:

Yes, and read the material on the novelties of June, three new smartphones from Xiaomi were released there at once:

New Audi Q5 presented

German automaker Audi unveiled the updated Q5 crossover this week, which will reach our market next year. The design of the car body has been updated in the spirit of other new models of the company, the option to order rear OLED lights has been added, and with the possibility of choosing a pattern. Inside, the changes are minimal, the center display has grown in size, now its diagonal is 10.1 “, but it still sticks out in the center. The manufacturer abandoned the touchpad on the center console, so all control now falls on the touch screen and voice control.

Saturday coffee №109Saturday coffee №109Saturday coffee №109

The update is very modest, and the cardinal changes in Q5 will come only with the new generation. Honestly, I expected that at least the Germans would change the interior and make it in the spirit of the latest models of the brand, for example, as in the new Q3:

A week with Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus was released in June exclusively on the Apple Arcade platform, and this is one of the few projects that both pleased and disappointed me. Let’s start with disappointment, at the start of the game there were quite a lot of gameplay bugs, the character could get stuck at some points, and you could not pass the level further, the exit and re-entry into the game helped. And there were also graphic bugs, and they were visible even on the small screen of the iPhone 11, not to mention the game on the big screen of the TV via Apple TV. And besides that, the developers poorly optimized the application for Apple TV, and, as users write for the iPad, visually the picture was soapy, plus there was some slowdown. The developer coped with some of the bugs by releasing two major updates, I will not say about optimization for “large” devices, since, spitting on everything, I went through Little Orpheus completely on the iPhone.

Saturday coffee №110Saturday coffee №110

I think you already realized that the game turned out to be so addictive that you could even put up with its flaws. A beautiful picture, an interesting story, good humor, quite convenient controls, which were further improved with the release of the update – all this made them devote their free time to the game. By the way, about the story, it’s pretty funny:

Saturday coffee №110Saturday coffee №110

“It’s 1962 in the yard. NASA is trying to send a man to the moon, and at the same time, in the depths of Siberia, a Soviet cosmonaut is moving in the opposite direction. Comrade Ivan Ivanovich is lowered into the crater of an extinct volcano in the “Little Orpheus” research capsule to explore the center of the Earth. Soon, communication with him disappears.

Saturday coffee №110Saturday coffee №110

Three years later, he returns, claiming to have saved the world. He also lost the atomic bomb, which generated energy for Little Orpheus. The cosmonaut is taken to a top-secret bunker under the Ural Mountains, where he will be interrogated by General Yurkova, a man so fearful that Stalin himself avoids him. The general rolls up his sleeves, sticks his steel gaze into Ivan and says: “So … where have you been, comrade? And where is my bomb? ” Ivan, without lowering his eyes, replies: “Well, comrade general, you may not believe me, but I will try to explain everything. Here is how it was…”.

Saturday coffee №110

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, I recommend that you definitely play Little Orpheus, especially now that the developer has fixed most of the bugs. This is one of the projects worth subscribing to Apple Arcade for.

By the way, according to Bloomberg, Apple is unhappy with the results of the Apple Arcade service and terminated the contract with some developers who made exclusive projects for it. Now the Cupertino-based company is going to focus on working on better content that will force Apple users to renew their subscriptions to the service.

… and dessert

Since I remembered the Gentlemen movie above, it is worth mentioning that the British clothing brand Lonsdale London presented a collection of Lonsdale Gentlemen tracksuits, just like the heroes of the movie of the same name. So for £ 75, anyone can try on a Guy Ritchie costume.

Saturday coffee №109

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