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“Budget” smartphone from OnePlus

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, owned by the BBK Group, has unveiled the “budget” smartphone OnePlus Nord. The model is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, supports 5G networks, is equipped with 4/6/8 GB LPDDR12X RAM and 2.1/64/128 GB UFS 256 permanent memory, there is no support for memory cards. The display in the device is 6.44 inches 90 Hz AMOLED with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, and a fingerprint scanner is located under the screen. The main camera with four modules, the main Sony IMX586 at 48 MP, has an ultra-wide lens, a macro camera and a depth sensor. The battery in the device is 4115 mAh, there is support for fast charging, and a 30W Warp Charge power supply is already included with the smartphone.

Saturday coffee №113Saturday coffee №113

The OnePlus Nord smartphone is interesting, with OnePlus proprietary chips like a lever for quick switching of the sound profile and its own Oxygen OS shell, for the latter the company’s devices are very much loved by the brand’s fans. In general, it may well become quite popular in the market, yet it is not as expensive as the OnePlus 8, and its capabilities will be enough for most users.

The start of OnePlus Nord sales in Europe is scheduled for August 4, the price for the 8/128 GB model will be 399 euros, and the 12/256 GB version will cost 499 euros. The 6/64 GB version will only go on sale in India.

By the way, we have published material about just such middle peasants who are becoming more and more popular on the market:

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In addition to the smartphone, the manufacturer OnePlus introduced the fully wireless OnePlus Buds headphones. The headset provides up to 7 hours of continuous operation, and with the case the total time is already 30 hours. Support for fast charging is declared, a 10-minute recharge will provide up to 10 hours of operation. The headphones are equipped with 13.4 mm drivers, there is support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby Atmos, as well as protection against moisture according to the IPX4 standard. The OnePlus Buds will be priced at 89 euros in Europe.

Saturday coffee №113

OnePlus Buds TWS headphones have good characteristics, quite an acceptable price, interesting colors, but I personally don’t like the format of the earbuds at all. And does the market need another clone of Apple AirPods ?!

And on our site there was a material about Motorola Verve Buds 100 TWS headphones, read:

It is worth saying that OnePlus held its presentation in augmented reality format. To access the latter, you had to download the OnePlus Nord AR app, which was released for the Android platform, after which you could watch the event in a new unusual format. The application is available for download now, and by running it, you can perform a virtual unpacking of a new device. The format of an AR presentation is interesting and unusual, but in terms of information content it is still inferior to the classic presentation, and the smartphone gets very hot while viewing this format, and the battery flies away before our eyes.

Saturday coffee №113

Amazfit PowerBuds in Russia

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On July 25, Russia will start selling TWS headphones PowerBuds from the Amazfit brand, which is well known in our market as a manufacturer of smart watches. The new headphones are aimed more at athletes, they have protection against moisture and dust according to the IP55 standard, are equipped with a heart rate measurement sensor, and come with removable earhooks for secure fixation of the headset during exercise.

Saturday coffee №113

Amazfit PowerBuds can work from one charge up to 8 hours, another 16 hours of battery life will be provided by a compact case with a built-in 450 mAh battery. A 15-minute charge allows the earbuds to work for up to 3 hours. To charge the case, a modern Type-C connector is used, which currently looks like the most relevant solution. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0, there is a convenient application for Android and iOS platforms.

Fully wireless headphones Amazfit PowerBuds will be sold in Russia at a recommended retail price of 7 rubles, you can buy them on Tmall. And with the promotional code TMALL999 you can get a discount of 1000 rubles on them.

We have already released a detailed review of the new PowerBuds TWS headphones from the Amazfit brand, read:

New Gorilla Glass

Corning has unveiled a new generation of toughened Gorilla Glass Victus that can withstand drops from two meters and even better resists scratches. It will be used not only in smartphones, but also in tablets, laptops and wearables. The manufacturer claims that the solutions of competitors are able to withstand drops from a height of no more than 0.8 m. The scratch resistance of the new product is 2 times that of Gorilla Glass 6 and 4 times that of competitors using aluminosilicates. However, dirt, sand, and metal can still damage Victus quickly.

Saturday coffee №113

According to The Verge, the first device with Gorilla Glass Victus will be released in the coming months, and the first company to use it will be Korean Samsung. In all likelihood, the first device with Victus will be the Samsung Galaxy Note20, the presentation of which should take place on August 5.

And on our website there was material on a new product from Samsung, Eldar Murtazin, having collected all the rumors and leaks related to the new Galaxy Note20, tried to tell what the new product of the Korean company will be:

Yes, an image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has surfaced this week, rumored to be the name of the new Galaxy Fold. Although the picture is of low quality, it can be seen that the unit of the main cameras of the device will be similar to that on the new, not yet announced Galaxy Note20, and the display on the front panel will occupy the entire available area.

Saturday coffee №113

realme will release a clone of Honor

Chinese manufacturer realme has revealed the design of its new smartphone, the realme V5 5G, and it looks a lot like the recently launched Honor 30 Pro + smartphone. It is expected that the device will receive a 6.5-inch IPS-display, a main camera with four modules and a 48 MP main camera, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with support for 5th generation networks will be used as a processor. The European premiere of the smartphone is scheduled for September and will be held within the framework of the IFA exhibition, although the announcement for the local market should take place in the near future.

Saturday coffee №113Saturday coffee №113

If earlier Chinese companies copied the Apple iPhone en masse, and then got to Samsung, now they have already begun to circle the models of direct competitors. Well, really, to lick so insolently Honor 30 Pro +, is this what they thought in realme ?! Moreover, the company borrowed not only the design of the smartphone itself, but even the color and layout of the official images.

Lenovo introduced a gaming smartphone

The Chinese company Lenovo has announced the Legion Phone Duel gaming smartphone, equipped with the latest top-end Snapdragon 865 Plus processor from Qualcomm and “sharpened” for use in landscape orientation. For this purpose, engineers have placed key elements in the center, including a retractable 20MP front camera that sits on the side. The main dual camera (64 MP + 16 MP) is also located in the center of the structure on the back. The novelty is equipped with two batteries at once, located along the edges. To charge them, the smartphone has two connectors at once: one is located at the bottom as standard, and the second is located on the side – on the side opposite to the camera, so that you can play comfortably while charging. The total capacity of the batteries is 5000 mAh, and with the help of a 90W charger, they are charged in half an hour. The device has a 6.59-inch AMOLED-display with FHD + resolution and 144 Hz scanning.

Saturday coffee №113Saturday coffee №113

The cost of the Legion Phone Duel model in the local market will be 3 yuan (about $ 499) for the 500/8 GB version, 128 yuan (about $ 3) are asked for the 899/557 GB modification, and the top configuration with 12/128 GB memory will cost 12 yuan (about $ 256).

A very strange smartphone and very narrow focus due to optimization of elements for use in landscape orientation. Honestly, I still don’t understand the niche of gaming smartphones, which, in my opinion, serve more as some kind of marketing products for companies, and Legion Phone Duel turned out to be a purely exhibition product.

ASUS releases ROG Phone 3

Right after Lenovo, the Taiwanese company ASUS has introduced a new generation of gaming smartphone ROG Phone 3. The novelty is the second device on the market with a single-chip Snapdragon 865 Plus system. The smartphone has a 6.6-inch AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution, 144 Hz image refresh rate, 270 Hz touch layer polling rate, HDR10 + support and 18 ms response time. The volume of LPDDR5 RAM can be up to 16 GB, and internal, UFS 3.1, up to 512 GB. A new cooling system was installed, which includes an enlarged radiator, evaporation chamber and a graphite plate. The battery capacity is 6000 mAh, there is support for fast charging with a power of 30 W. On the back cover there are 3 cameras: Sony IMX686 64 MP, wide-angle 13 MP with a viewing angle of 125 degrees and macro 5 MP. The front camera is one, 24 MP.

Saturday coffee №113Saturday coffee №113

ASUS ROG Phone 3 in 12/512 GB version costs 999 euros, and 16/512 GB – 1 euros. And also the manufacturer offers a more affordable version with Snapdragon 100 on board and with 865/8 GB for 256 euros.

Here, of course, everything is much nicer than Lenovo: a classic smartphone with flagship hardware, additional chips for games and a bunch of accessories that can be purchased separately. But again, I don’t see buyers for this product. What will make people buy ASUS, when for the same money they can buy almost any flagship of more famous companies, including even Apple products? Are there owners of gaming smartphones among the readers? Write in the comments why you chose such a product and how satisfied you are with it.

Self-isolation through the eyes of the operator

The Beeline operator, following the results of the first 100 days of self-isolation, made a great analytical report “Great self-isolation through the eyes of a telecom operator,” and Vladimir Nimin briefly spoke about it in a separate article:

In short, during the period of self-isolation, and in general during the pandemic, which is still ongoing, remote forms of work, education, and leisure have become in demand. Video conferencing, video tutorials, and just meeting friends through the same Zoom. The demand for remote services, namely online shopping, has grown, which, in turn, has led to an increase in the number of courier companies, although at first there was clearly a shortage of them, and at this moment new technologies would be very useful: drones, drones and others. automated processes related to logistics.

There was also a question related to remote identification of users, which is especially important in the banking sector. So Beeline believes that in this moment it is worth developing biometrics, which will facilitate remote user identification. The demand for telemedicine has increased, this sector has been developing in Russia for a long time, but somehow slowly, and the pandemic has made a leap in this segment. And, of course, an acute question arose of robotization of production, and in general the introduction of such systems even at the household level. Who had to disinfect the same entrances during isolation? Ordinary people who endangered their health, but if robots did it, the processes would go faster and better, and a person would not have to expose himself to the risk of infection.

Saturday coffee №113

All the points raised in the report allow us to say that we need the development of current networks and the transition to 5G, since the new standard will allow us to develop areas in demand by humans. Drones, robotization of production, telemedicine, which includes not only video consultations, but even remote operations, and even remote work and entertainment require high network bandwidth.

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

Logitech teamed up with Herman Miller to unveil the Embody Gaming Chair. The price of such a chair is rather big, asking for $ 1, and this is higher than the cost of most gaming chairs. But Herman Miller has 495 years of history behind it, and some models of their office chairs have become very popular and in demand in the market. The Embody Gaming Chair looks fantastic, and knowing the reputation of Herman Miller, we can confidently say that there is complete order with ergonomics and comfort.

Saturday coffee №113

… and dessert

The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World has presented the first trailer for the game STALKER 2. The developers report that for the first time in the history of the series, the Zone will be available for exploration as one of the largest open worlds in the post-apocalypse setting. The player’s decisions will influence what is happening around – both on a small and global scale. And a variety of options for the development of events makes each playthrough unique. STALKER 2 will be released on Xbox Series X as a console exclusive at launch.

And the film company CTB has published a new trailer for the Russian science fiction film “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, which should premiere on August 27. The Russian motion picture is based on the 2006 French animated series Galactic Football.

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