Saturday coffee №114

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This week there was a lot of news, so, Apple reported on a successful second quarter, and besides this, for the first time, it officially announced that the release of new devices would be delayed for several weeks (we are talking about the iPhone 12, which everyone is waiting for in September). In the United States, a meeting of Congress on the antitrust case was held, and top managers of the four largest corporations were summoned to the carpet: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. The companies are suspected of abusing their dominant market position and violating US antitrust laws. The spectacle was interesting, the congressmen put forward direct accusations and clearly made it clear that they were closely monitoring the activities of corporations and could press them if something happened.

American toy manufacturer Mattel has partnered with Disney to unveil the Star Wars x Barbie series of dolls. The legendary Barbie doll features six characters from the Star Wars space saga. Perhaps I don’t even know how else toy manufacturers can be perverted.

Saturday coffee №114

And GMC has released a new teaser for its electric Hummer pickup with American basketball player LeBron James. The manufacturer promises that the electric car under the Hummer brand will receive 1000 hp, acceleration to 96 km / h in less than 3 seconds, and the release will take place this year.

Qualcomm has announced Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm has announced a new version of the fast charging technology – Quick Charge 5. According to the manufacturer, Quick Charge 5 supports a 100W power supply and is capable of charging a 4500mAh battery from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes, and a full charge takes only 15 minutes. Qualcomm promises a 12-level protection system that guarantees the safe use of Quick Charge 5 chargers. Also, according to the manufacturer, smartphones will heat up less when using this charging, the average temperature of the devices will be 10 degrees lower compared to the previous version. According to the company, the first manufacturer to show a device with support for Quick Charge 5 will be the Chinese Xiaomi, and the announcement of these devices will take place in a few months.

Saturday coffee №114

Until there is some kind of strong breakthrough in the development of new batteries, manufacturers continue to increase the capacity of the chargers. Sure, it’s great when you can fully charge your battery in 15 minutes, but it would be better if the devices last longer. Yes, and fast charging, despite the assurances of the developers, reduces the battery life, and maybe then smartphone manufacturers should go back in time and again offer removable batteries to the market?

MTS now with 5G

While MegaFon and Beeline report that they began to issue eSIMs in test mode, the mobile operator MTS announced that it received the first license in Russia to provide 5G / IMT-2020 mobile services in the 24,25-24,65 range. GHz in 83 regions of the country. The license was granted by Roskomnadzor for a period until July 16, 2025. The first users of the “fifth generation” network will be business clients and large manufacturing enterprises.

In the near future, MTS is going to present to the market solutions for industrial enterprises using fifth-generation networks. The company is currently developing and testing 5G use cases in a dedicated range for industrial and business cases, in particular:

  • in industry – machine vision, predictive analytics and digital twins for equipment control;
  • in agriculture, forestry and oil and gas complex – inspection of infrastructure facilities using drones;
  • in medicine – remote surgical operations and patient monitoring;
  • in retail – digital trading floors and full-format biometric payment systems;
  • in logistics – automation of warehouse operations and unmanned control of forklift trucks.

You can find out about other news of domestic operators from our separate material:

New Xiaomi in Russia

Xiaomi has brought new devices to Russia, presented just recently as part of a global presentation. Here is a complete list of gadgets that have already arrived or will soon be on sale in our market: wireless headphones Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic, Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S, fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 5, electric scooters Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Electric Scooter 1S, Mi Electric Scooter Essential, Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 ″, Mi TV Stick media player, as well as 2 routers – Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AC2350 and AX3600.

Saturday coffee №114

We have already written about the products after their global announcement:

Also, we have already released material with the first impressions of the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which in Russia will appear so far only in the version without NFC and will cost 3 490 rubles:

The company’s electric scooters are also interesting, especially given the fact that the season is still going on, and interest in such transport has grown since last year. True, the prices for Xiaomi products are not to say low, they are in the market. So, Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 will cost 46 rubles, Mi Electric Scooter 990S – 1 rubles, Mi Electric Scooter Essential – 38 rubles.

Saturday coffee №114

We just released a review of the competing Ninebot-Segway KickScooter E22 electric scooter this week:

Xiaomi also introduced two new Wi-Fi 6 routers with Qualcomm processors and AIoT smart antennas. The AC2350 has a maximum speed of 2 Mbps and the AX183 reaches 3600 Mbps. The models have an automatic search for new Xiaomi devices, which will be appreciated by people who use the company’s ecosystem. The price of the younger model is 2 976 rubles, and the older one was estimated at 3 490 rubles. Here, by the way, the Chinese Xiaomi will also compete with the Chinese Huawei, the latter is also starting to sell routers with Wi-Fi 7 with us, and the prices for the devices are comparable.

And the company also presented the Redmi 9 smartphone in Russia. It received a 6,53-inch IPS-display with FHD + resolution and a cutout for the front camera. MediaTek Helio G80 is responsible for the device’s performance. The 5020mAh battery supports 18W fast charging. NFC module available. Redmi 9 went on sale on July 30 at a price of 11 rubles for the 990 + 3 GB version and at a price of 32 rubles for the 13 + 990 GB version. The smartphone is among the contenders in the news of the month:

Saturday coffee №114

By the way, the device runs on Android 10 OS with its own MIUI 12 shell, and we released a separate article on it:

Tamagotchi for hackers

Russian Pavel Zhovner, together with his friends, launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter for the device Flipper Zero – a project of a pocket multitool for hackers in the Tamagotchi form factor. “Tamagotchi for hackers”, as the creators call it, was very popular with the crowd of the crowdfunding platform, in just a few minutes the initial amount of 60 US dollars was collected, and within a day the project raised almost 000 million US dollars. Flipper Zero can be used to emulate various devices such as proximity keys and IR remotes, as well as to flash and debug various electronics. The device is completely legal, since it does not fall under the description of a special means or device for secret information collection. Fundraising will run until August 1, with the first devices shipping from February 29.

Of course, it’s interesting how a seemingly niche product suddenly hits Kickstarter, apparently, here you really need to hook the audience in order to get such support. By the way, on Habr Pavel Zhovner told how they went to Kickstarter with the product, read it, it’s really interesting.

New TP-Link devices

TP-Link unveiled Archer AX series Wi-Fi 6 home routers and Deco X Mesh systems, suitable for effective remote work from home, connecting a large number of devices to the network, as well as online gaming. The new generation Archer AX20, Archer AX11000, Deco X20 and Deco X60 are capable of solving many tasks simultaneously, including creating a secure wireless and wired network.

TP-Link Archer AX20 is an entry-level dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router with a 1,5 GHz quad-core processor based on a solution from Broadcom. It has already gone on sale at a price of 6 rubles.

Saturday coffee №114

The Archer AX11000 router is a powerful device with a wide coverage area and Wi-Fi speeds up to 10756 Mbps. Equipped with a 4GHz quad-core processor powered by Broadcom and 1,8GB of RAM, the Archer AX1 delivers high bandwidth and performance for wired and wireless networks. The price of the device is rather big – 11000 rubles, but this is not unusual for “game” routers.

Saturday coffee №114

Deco X20 and X60 are home Wi-Fi Mesh systems designed to eliminate weak signal areas and provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage in any room in a residential building or large apartment. They provide high-speed wireless connections as well as wide coverage and reliable connections for devices connected to the network. The price of the younger version is 23 rubles, and the older one costs 990 rubles. I don’t know about new items, but I have only positive impressions from the Deco M31 Plus Mesh system.

Saturday coffee №114

A week with Philips Hue Go

In June, the smart lighting systems Philips Hue, produced by Signify, officially came to Russia. Today, the following devices of the Philips Hue ecosystem are available for sale on our market:

  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Starter Kit. It includes three lamps for classic and color lighting, a Philips Hue Dimmer remote control that allows you to remotely adjust the brightness and color of the lighting, and a Philips Hue Bridge control unit, the heart of the system, with which you can control all the lights in your home via your smartphone. … It allows you to combine up to 50 lamps and 12 accessories into one system. All devices included in the kit will be available separately, and the kit itself costs 16 rubles.
  • Philips Hue Play is a luminaire with one or two panels that synchronizes lighting with music or images on a computer or laptop monitor (via Philips Hue Sync, available for Windows and Mac OS). The monitor image can also be displayed on the TV screen. Philips Hue Play lighting panels can be installed behind or on either side of the screen to enhance your TV or movie viewing experience by illuminating the surroundings in 16 million colors. A set of two lamps costs 11 rubles.
  • Philips Hue Go is a portable lamp that runs on a built-in battery and does not require a mains connection. You can take it with you for reading on the balcony or in bed before bed. It can gradually turn on in the morning and darken in the evening, mimicking the natural light cycle and helping to maintain circadian rhythms (the cycle of production of necessary hormones in the body, which is influenced by light). The price of the lamp is 7 rubles.
  • Philips Hue Lightstrip is an LED strip that allows you to decorate the space while remaining hidden. The price of a basic 2 meter module is 6 rubles, and an additional 990 meter module costs 1 rubles.

Philips Hue Go is a portable lamp that can be used as a stationary one thanks to the power adapter with a 2m cable, for example, I installed it in a nursery. The device has its own battery, so it can work in stand-alone mode, and the operating time depends on the selected lighting mode.

Saturday coffee №114

The device can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet through the proprietary Hue application, connecting to it via Bluetooth, but it is more interesting to use it in conjunction with the Philips Hue Bridge control unit. In the latter case, Philips Hue Go can be connected to the network and controlled not only from a smartphone, but also through speakers with voice assistants. For example, my Philips Hue gets along well with Alice, and now in order to turn off the light in the child’s room, I just have to say “Alice, turn off the light in the nursery.” Yes, the voice assistant has glitches, rarely, but still, instead of controlling the light, Alice can turn on some songs. The list of voice commands that the assistant understands for controlling the lamp is quite extensive, you can not only turn it on / off, but also adjust the brightness and change the color of the lighting. Through the Hue app, more control options open up, besides changing the light settings, you can turn on the wake-up and sleep mode, when the device will smoothly turn on and off at the right time. Or, for example, make the lamp turn on when you come home and turn off when you leave. In terms of colors, it was great, of course, to play around with the lighting palette at first, but later on you still start using ordinary warm or cold lighting.

In general, Philips Hue is an interesting solution, but it costs a lot, the same Philips Hue Go was estimated in our market at 7 rubles, but in order to reveal all its capabilities, you should also buy a Philips Hue Bridge, which is another 990 rubles. … On the other hand, using Philips Hue solutions, you can create interesting and comfortable lighting solutions in your home, and even customize the use scenarios specifically for yourself.

… and dessert

On July 31, the second season of the fantastic series Umbrella Academy was released on Netflix, and, as it happens with this service, all the episodes are already uploaded. So I guess I know what I’m going to do this weekend.

And also I offer you our fresh selection of films and TV series that will be released in August:

And material about the difficult fate of Netflix in the Indian market:

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