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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020

This week, the Korean manufacturer Samsung held a large event, Galaxy Unpacked 2020, at which it presented a whole scattering of new products.

Saturday coffee №115

So, the Galaxy Buds Live TWS noise canceling headphones were shown. Small in size, with a convenient case and in three colors. Taking into account the battery built into the case, the headphones can work up to 21 hours with active noise cancellation, and 5 minutes of charging in the case allows the headphones to play music for 1 hour. The cost of the new Galaxy Buds Live is 13 rubles. Interesting, but you have to listen and see how the bean-shaped headset will fit in your ear and will not fall out. We have already published material on this product on our website:

The company also showed the flagship phablet Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with an improved S Pen stylus, a triple camera with a main 108 MP module and fast laser autofocus. Display in 6.9-inch AMOLED model with 120 Hz refresh rate. Prices for the new flagship of the Note20 series start at 99 rubles.

A slightly simplified version of the flagship, the Galaxy Note20, was also presented. The model received a simpler camera, but also with three modules, a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with FHD + resolution and, which is strange for me in a smartphone for 80 rubles, a plastic case – glastic. Of course, you have to twist the device in your hands and then draw some conclusions, but 000 rubles and the plastic-plastic case sounds somehow strange to me.

They also showed the new Galaxy Watch 3, nice, in two sizes, 45 and 41 mm, with the ability to measure ECG and blood pressure. The price, however, has grown, for large ones they ask 35 rubles, for small ones – 000 rubles, and this is the price of Apple Watch, however, the latter are useless without their own ecosystem. You can read about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 30 in our material:

Tablets were not ignored either, the company introduced the Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 +. Devices with good 120 Hz AMOLED screens and powerful stuffing, and this is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and from 128 to 512 GB of storage. There are versions of tablets with Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G, and prices start at 58 rubles. You can read more about the devices here:

And here:

The Korean manufacturer also spoke about the new device with a flexible screen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, but the full presentation of this product is scheduled only for September. In the meantime, it is known that the external screen now occupies the entire panel area, its diagonal is 6.23 inches (instead of 4.6 inches in the first generation), and the resolution is 2260 x 816 pixels. The front camera is located in the hole in the top center. The internal screen has also become larger, now it is a 7.6-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, with smooth frames, and on top it is covered with Ultra Thin Glass. Inside there is also a 10MP front camera in a notch in the display itself. We just have to wait for the presentation of this device to find out about the rest of its features and, of course, the price, which, I’m afraid, will definitely exceed 2 US dollars.

Saturday coffee №115

New Tecno Mobile

I have heard rumors (have you already watched the Umbrella Academy series?) That Tecno Mobile plans to present at least three new smartphones from the Camon line to the Russian market in the near future. The flagship Camon 15 Pro model will be equipped with a 6.6-inch IPS display with FHD + resolution and no notches, as the 32MP front camera will be housed in a retractable module. The eight-core MediaTek Helio P35 processor will be responsible for the performance, the amount of RAM will be 6 GB, and the permanent memory will be 128 GB, the latter can be increased using microSD memory cards. The main camera in a smartphone with four modules: 48 MP f1.8, a wide-angle 5 MP module with a 115 ° viewing angle, a 2 MP camera for shooting with bokeh effect and another incomprehensible module designated as AI, although, in theory, this is just an algorithm processing using artificial intelligence. Dual-band Wi-Fi is available, like Bluetooth 5.0, only the NFC module is missing, and the presence of a microUSB connector, and not the modern Type-C, is a little embarrassing. The battery in the device is 4000 mAh, and it will work on the basis of the Android 10 OS with the proprietary HiOS 6.0 shell.

Saturday coffee №115

The second novelty Camon 15 is simpler, here a 6.6-inch IPS-display with HD + resolution and a cutout for 16 MP front camera, however, with a micro-flash, apparently for selfie lovers or bloggers. The processor is already MediaTek Helio P22 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory, also expandable with microSD memory cards. The camera also has four modules, the main one is 48 MP, but the rest are simpler: 2 MP + 2 MP + AI. The battery in the smartphone is 5000 mAh.

Saturday coffee №115

And the third smartphone is Camon 15 Air, but the Air prefix does not seem to be in the sense that it is thin and light, but that the device is the simplest and most affordable in the line. It also has a 6.6-inch IPS-display with HD + resolution and a cutout for the front camera, however, already 8 MP, but also with a micro flash. The processor is MediaTek Helio P22, but the memory is 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of constant memory, and there is also support for microSD memory cards. The main camera is similar to that in Camon 15: 48 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP + AI. Battery 5000mAh.

Saturday coffee №115

In general, all three Tecno Mobile novelties look interesting, it remains to wait for the official release of the products to find out the prices, twist the smartphones in your hands and get a general impression of them. In the meantime, among the shortcomings, I note microUSB and the absence of NFC, otherwise it is quite good.

Apple has updated the iMac

Apple updated the iMac 27 ″ this week without noise and dust. All versions of the monoblock now come with SSD drives with a capacity of 256 GB or more, the minimum amount of RAM is 8 GB, and the video card is in the younger model Radeon Pro 5300 with 4 GB of memory. The processors in the updated iMac are 10th generation Intel, and the camera is finally 1080p instead of the long-obsolete 720p. And the update also brought the True Tone candy bar, the ability to optionally order nano-coating, like the Apple Pro XDR Display, in addition, the device received new studio-level speakers and microphones. Prices for the updated iMac 27 ″ in Russia start at 169 rubles.

Saturday coffee №115

The best news, of course, is the abandonment of the rather sluggish Fusion Drive and the transition to an SSD. It’s also nice to see, finally, the upgrade of the FaceTime camera, still 720p, which was in previous models, this is already the last century, especially during a pandemic, when many have to work remotely and often conduct videoconferences.

If we’re talking about computers, then this week we released a review of the Predator X38 monitor, read:

Pixel 4a officially presented

Google officially unveiled the Pixel 4a smartphone, which was originally supposed to be announced back in May at the I / O conference. Most of the rumors about the filling were confirmed. The device has a 5.81-inch OLED display with FHD + resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor with 6GB of RAM, a Titan M security chip and a 12MP main camera, this is the same sensor used in older models. The camera received optical stabilization, has dual autofocus and offers a standard set of modes for this line: portrait, night, astro photography. The 8 MP front camera is located in the hole in the upper left corner of the screen. Internal memory capacity is 128 GB. The fingerprint scanner is located on the back cover. The 3140mAh battery supports 18W fast charging. The Pixel 4a runs Android 10 and is guaranteed to receive updates for 3 years. The price of the new item is 349 US dollars, it is interesting, but it is a pity that the device is not officially supplied to our market, so only geeks will be interested.

Saturday coffee №115

And in the subject – our new material “You don’t need a flagship smartphone in 2020!”:

And also Google has officially announced that the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G smartphones will be released this fall. Both models support fifth generation networks and will be available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. The official price for the Pixel 4a 5G has also been announced, which will retail for $ 499 in the US, € 499 in Europe and £ 499 in the UK.

Saturday coffee №115

New Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

The Japanese company Sony has unveiled a new version of its popular product, the Sony WH-1000XM4 full-size wireless headphones. The headphones have remained practically unchanged in terms of design, but they received a number of new features, for example, technology for improving sound quality using artificial intelligence, a modified noise cancellation system and the ability to simultaneously connect to two devices. The QN1 processor and two microphones are responsible for noise cancellation. There are special modes, one of which is customized for a specific user, and the second is adapted for flying on an airplane. In the mobile app, you can adjust the sound settings according to your location. The Speak-to-Chat function temporarily pauses playback while talking, the same happens when the headphones are removed. Finally, there is the Quick Attention function, which allows you to lower the volume by touching the right ear pad. According to the manufacturer, WH-1000XM4 can work in standalone mode for up to 30 hours, and a 10-minute charge will provide up to 5 hours of sound. In the US, the new Sony WH-1000XM4 is already available for pre-order at $ 349.99.

Saturday coffee №115

And here’s our review of the previous Sony WH-1000XM3:

And this week we released material on TWS headphones EVA2020 x final:

Instagram launched a direct competitor to TikTok

As TikTok is under unprecedented pressure from the US government and ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is being forced to sell part of its business for the US audience, Instagram launched a direct competitor to TikTok called Reels. Similar to TikTok, Reels allows users to create short videos of 15 seconds in length, add popular music to them, apply various filters and effects, share these videos with friends and subscribers, and launch them while watching the application. There are private and public profile options. Reels launched in 50 countries, including the US, UK, Japan, Australia, simultaneously on iOS and Android devices. According to Robbie Stein, Director of Product for Instagram, TikTok was the first to popularize the short video and achieved great success in this, but the Instagram product has its own differences, because Reels is not a separate world like TikTok, but one of the formats on Instagram, and perhaps , he will manage to make his service better.

Saturday coffee №115

I don’t know, I haven’t tried TikTok, although I honestly made several attempts, apparently, the new Reels service will not work for me. Although the brainchild of Instagram has every chance to shoot, especially in the United States.

LG supports youth

For 11 years LG Electronics has been cooperating with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and for the 6th year it has been a partner of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Territory of Senses”, which takes place at the Senezh Management Workshop in Solnechnogorsk. For the participants of the 2nd shift “Civil Society” LG held a Donor Day, as well as a set of educational and entertainment events as part of the #LGLifeIsGood campaign and with the participation of LG Ambassadors of Good Deeds: Polina Kitsenko, Yulia Baranovskaya, Igor Chapurin, Yegor Konchalovsky, Artem Rebrov, Vlad Piskunova and Niki Ganich.

Saturday coffee №115

On the shift, a new film by Yegor Konchalovsky “On the Moon” was shown with a preliminary word from the director himself. It is noteworthy that the picture was edited on professional LG UltraFine monitors, created specifically for working on photo, video and audio content. During the screening, the director and organizers of the forum were assisted by universal monitors LG UltraWide 34WN80C-B with cinematic aspect ratios of 21: 9 and active multi-window mode.

Saturday coffee №115

Unfortunately, it was not possible to attend the performance of Yegor Konchalovsky, but he attended the performance of the designer Igor Chapurin, who together with LG created a donor T-shirt LGXCHAPURIN with a unique print in gratitude to doctors and donors. The design features a beating heart, a life line and a fingerprint – this is a symbol of goodness and hope, the DNA of that very collective donor who saves lives, doing it for free and leading. From something interesting for myself, I also learned that the polka dots on the fabric used by the designer are not polka dots at all, but the fingerprints of the company’s employees, including the imprint of the designer himself.

Saturday coffee №115

New scooter from Segway-Ninebot

The Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 electric scooter enters the Russian market. The compact KickScooter Air T15 has a light weight of 10.5 kg and a small volume when folded. The power reserve is 15 km, the maximum speed is 20 km / h. The dashboard displays speed, fault status, temperature and other parameters in real time. The scooter has an energy-saving mode, in which a lower speed is maintained, normal riding and sport modes are also available. The Air T15 is equipped with cruise control, which will automatically maintain the speed set by the driver. The cost of the KickScooter Air T15 is 51 rubles.

Saturday coffee №115Saturday coffee №115

I liked the KickScooter Air T15, the model looks futuristic and compares favorably with its design against the background of similar competitors. At the same time, it is quite compact when folded, the kit includes a vertical rack for storing and charging it at home, and a power reserve of 15 km should be enough for daily rides in the city.

Electric Cadillac and Infiniti cross-coupe

On Thursday, GM unveiled the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq crossover. The premium crossover will receive a large number of modern electronic options, and the declared power reserve from one charge will be almost 500 km. True, the new Cadillac Lyriq will have to wait a long time, GM said that global sales will begin only in 2022. The car looks futuristic, both outside and inside. I wonder if he will make it to the Russian market.

Saturday coffee №115Saturday coffee №115Saturday coffee №115Saturday coffee №115

And the Japanese automaker Infiniti has officially announced that it will unveil a new model, the Infiniti QX11, on November 55 this year. The manufacturer promises that it will be a new coupe-like crossover, and when creating the model, the designers were inspired by the style of the legendary Infiniti FX model.

Saturday coffee №115

… and dessert

On August 14, 2020, the new sports comedy series “Ted Lasso” starts on the Apple TV + platform. The film tells about the coach of the Kansas college football team, who, by a strange coincidence, moves to England, where he is offered to coach a professional football team. But the difficulty is that Ted Lasso doesn’t really understand the difference between American and English football.

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