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Huawei will stop producing its own processors

Continued US sanctions on Huawei have forced Huawei to announce the end of production of its Kirin processors from September 15, said Richard Yu, General Director of Huawei’s Consumer Business Division. US pressure has deprived HiSilicon of its ability to produce key components for Huawei. … HiSilicon used software from American manufacturers Cadence Design Systems Inc and Synopsys Inc to develop its microcircuits, and also located chip production at the facilities of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), which, in turn, uses American technologies and equipment to produce chips. … Sanctions imposed by the US government prohibit Huawei suppliers using technology and equipment developed in the United States from working with Huawei, and key Huawei suppliers are forced to refuse to cooperate with the company. According to Richard Yu, stopping the production of its own processors is a huge loss for Huawei.

It seems that Huawei will no longer be able to withstand such a blow, but it is likely that the company still has a backup plan to which it will move. The situation with the disconnection from Google services seemed also deplorable for the Chinese corporation, but it reacted quickly, and today devices with Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery can be used without any problems even without installing GMS, and every month the situation is only getting better. So this is not the time to bury Huawei, it can still do a lot and will certainly pleasantly surprise us. And we have published a detailed analysis of this situation on our website:

And another week, a review of the Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020 laptop came out, read:

And also a review-comparison of smartphones Honor 30 and Honor 30s:

Epic Games vs. Apple

Fortnite has been removed from the App Store and Google Play. This happened due to the fact that the game developer Epic Games introduced in-game currency in the game and began to sell it through its own store in order not to pay Apple and Google a 30% commission. But since the rules of the App Store and Google Play stores prohibit embedding alternative payment systems in applications, the Fortnite game was removed from both platforms. Epic Games, apparently, was ready for such a turn of events and immediately filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of a monopoly, the developer plans to file a similar claim against Google. By the way, the lawsuit against Apple was also supported by the streaming service Spotify, so it is not even an hour, and other companies will support Epic Games.

In general, the situation is, of course, strange, it is clear that the developers do not want to pay a commission to either Apple, Google, or anyone else, and they are ready to put all the money in their pocket. But on the other hand, they themselves came to the App Store and Google Play, agreed to all the conditions and immediately got access to millions of devices, rather than sitting and developing their own distribution system, investing their money in it. In addition, Epic Games has an interesting position, they sell Fortnite players, in fact, air for real money and at the same time do not want to pay a commission for a service that helps with the distribution of the application and additional earnings in it in the form of in-app purchases. And the latter is still more convenient for the player to do right from the application through a convenient platform, separate manipulations with payment will only lead to an outflow of buyers of new hats and other virtual trash for the characters.

There is, of course, the possibility that this move by Epic Games is just a Fortnite PR campaign, because absolutely all media will tell about the current situation and will definitely name the product, and this is what the developer needs. Indeed, introducing an alternative payment system, the company absolutely knew that the game would be removed from stores, and it reacted very quickly and filed a lawsuit against Apple, and at the same time released a video copied from an advertisement for an apple company in 1984.

Back to school with Amazfit

Advertising 12+

Amazfit, a renowned manufacturer of smart wearable electronics, is launching a special “Back to School” promotion, in which it lowers the price of its GTS and GTR smartwatches. The GTS model is participating in the promotion, as well as the GTR 47 and 42 mm models, which from August 10 to September 10 can be purchased in partner stores for 8 rubles, 990 rubles and 9 rubles, respectively.

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The Amazfit GTS smartwatch model is ideal for teenage schoolchildren and students, it is not bulky, quite thin and light (weight only 24.8 grams), made in an aviation aluminum alloy case, which is available in several colors. The strap in the model is made of hypoallergenic silicone, very pleasant to the touch, and besides, there are 6 variants of its colors to choose from.

GTS is made in the traditional rectangular design for smartwatches, and the top is covered with a curved 2.5D glass, which only enhances the visual appeal of the model. If we are talking about a watch for a teenager, then we should not forget about protection, in addition to a durable case made of aluminum alloy, it can be noted that the GTS screen is covered with third generation Corning Gorilla Glass, and the device is also protected from water, which allows you not to fear for the safety of the watch, even if they went to take a shower.

Saturday coffee №116

The Amazfit GTS and GTR smart watches are equipped with high-quality AMOLED screens, have 12 built-in sports training programs, can control music players, display app notifications and work with calls. For the GTS model, widgets are available for quick access to one of the 17 device functions. In total, you can customize up to 7 widgets. And of course, all Amazfit smartwatches have the option to set different dials, bright and discreet, classic and modern. The watch works from a single charge up to 14 days, so it does not need to be recharged daily. And the proprietary Amazfit app is available for both Android and iOS. In general, it will be an excellent gift for a schoolchild or student on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, especially given the pleasant price of the “Back to School” promotion.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra presented

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Xiaomi has introduced the new Mi 6.67 Ultra smartphone. The device received a large 120-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 865 Hz, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor, from 16 to 5 GB of LPDDR128 RAM and from 512 to 3.1 GB of constant UFS 48. But the main difference of the anniversary novelty is a new block of cameras with large lenses. The main camera is 1 MP with a matrix size of 1.32 / 1.85 “, an aperture of f / 2.4 and a pixel size of 48 microns. There is another 1MP telephoto module with a 2/5 “sensor and 20x optical zoom. And there is also a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 2MP portrait module with 10x optical zoom. DxOMark has ranked the Xiaomi Mi 120 Ultra at the top of its camera ranking. The block of the main cameras is also interestingly designed, somehow old-school, and visually it resembles solutions in old Nokia smartphones, especially with this large signature “4500x”. The smartphone has a 120 mAh battery, divided into two cells, since the device supports fast charging at 5 W, which allows you to charge the battery by 41% in 23 minutes, and it takes only 10 minutes to fully charge. The jubilee Xiaomi Mi 750 Ultra will not come cheap, with prices starting at around $ XNUMX.

Saturday coffee №116

The device turned out to be really interesting, but what I would like to check personally in practice is the operation of the main camera of the device. The DxOMark rating is good, but sometimes they got high marks for devices that were clearly not worthy of it. And, of course, 120 W charging is interesting, fully charging the device in 23 minutes is not a dream, although no, a dream is for a modern smartphone to work for a week without recharging.

In addition to the smartphone, Xiaomi, as part of a presentation dedicated to its tenth anniversary, also presented the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition transparent TV. The company calls it the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV and says it will be available for purchase in China on August 16 for 49 yuan, or $ 999. The TV is a 7-inch transparent OLED panel with a thickness of only 195 mm, and the original matrix manufacturer is the Korean LG Display. The TV screen has a 55Hz refresh rate, 5.7-bit color depth and 120% DCI-P10 color gamut coverage. The screen is characterized by rich blacks, high static contrast ratio of 93: 3 and infinite dynamic contrast ratio. All electronic components are housed inside a round stand on which the TV sits.

Saturday coffee №116

It is interesting to take a look at the product from Xiaomi, but I saw the original transparent panel from LG in action and would not say that it is now completely ready for use as a home TV. The Koreans themselves so far only offer it to commercial customers for implementation with the help of various advertising and are in no hurry to bring it to the mass market. Of course, someone might say that the matter is in the price, the same Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition costs an impressive 7 US dollars, but LG has a premium SIGNATURE series, for products from which Koreans do not hesitate to expose high prices. As an example – the new LG SIGNATURE 000 ″ 88K OLED (model OLED8ZX88LA), the first OLED TV with a diagonal of 9 inches, which in Russia costs like a decent foreign car – 88 rubles.

Saturday coffee №116

Microsoft Surface Duo Coming Soon

The Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone will go on sale September 10 for $ 1. The device will receive two separate 399-inch OLED displays with a resolution of 5.6 x 1800 pixels and an aspect ratio of 1350: 4. The diagonal of the entire panel is 3 inches, and the resolution is 8.1 x 2700 pixels. They are covered with Gorilla Glass. Responsible for performance are the Snapdragon 1800 processor, 855 GB of RAM and a 6 GB drive. The camera is one, 256 MP with aperture f / 11. It is used both for basic shooting and for selfies with video calls. The total capacity of the batteries distributed across both screens is 2,0 mAh. At the same time, Microsoft promises a whole day of work: up to 3577 hours of video viewing and up to 15.5 hours of calls. The company claims that any Android app will run on Surface Duo without any modifications, but developers can leverage the unique capabilities of the device.

Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116

I have only one question: who needs such a strange smartphone from Microsoft for $ 1 with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold400 on the market ?! And for an ordinary smartphone, Surface Duo is too bulky, for a tablet too small, but it reminds me of the Sony Tablet P, which failed miserably in sales.

Saturday coffee №116

You can read about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which is much more interesting than the Microsoft Surface Duo, here:

And I recommend you one more of our material:

Kia unveils Optima successor

Korean automaker KIA has announced prices for the new KIA K5 sedan in Russia. The model will start at 1 rubles for the Classic trim level, and the maximum version of the GT Line + will cost 489 rubles. The car will receive two gasoline engines 900 MPI (in conjunction with a 2-speed automatic) and 199 GDI (will come with an 900-speed automatic), and the drive in all versions will be front. The top trims will receive a new media system with a 2,0-inch display, navigation that can handle traffic jams, and support for Android Auto / Apple CarPlay. And also the maximum configurations will be equipped with a 6-inch Supervision digital dashboard, intelligent cruise control with a temporary stop and resume function, a frontal collision avoidance system with a collision avoidance function when turning at an intersection, a lane departure prevention system, a lane, collision avoidance system when leaving the parking lot in reverse, driver attention control system and high beam assistant.

Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116

Rumor has it that KIA will ban the use of the new KIA K5, the successor to the Optima, in taxis. The widespread use of KIA Optima in the field of passenger transportation has spoiled the image of the model so much that ordinary buyers practically stopped looking in the direction of this car.

If you looked closely at the new Hyundai Sonata, but you didn’t like the design, you can look at the K5, the cars are built on the same platform, are comparable in performance and have a similar set of options. And here is our test of the Hyundai Sonata 2020:

Mercedes-Benz reveals details of the new S-class

Mercedes-Benz has released some more images of the interior of the new flagship S-class sedan. It is already known that the car will receive the second generation of the MBUX media system with separate screens, a new format of the air duct grilles, updated control keys for seat settings, a massive front panel, expanded atmospheric interior lighting and completely new seats.

Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116Saturday coffee №116

And also this week the Russian office of Mercedes-Benz disclosed the price of the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the cost of new items in our market will start at 14 rubles.

Saturday coffee №116

… and dessert

Kanye West will soon unveil a very strange new Yeezy D Rose sneaker, created in collaboration with basketball player Derrick Rose. Rose’s wife Alaina Anderson shared photos of the model this week.

Saturday coffee №116

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