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The main event of the week is, of course, Apple’s presentation, the premiere of a secondary product from OnePlus faded into the background, but there were other interesting news. For example, Adobe announced that it will host the first online Adobe MAX conference on October 20-22, 2020. According to the organizers, this platform brings together designers, musicians, writers, videographers and other creative enthusiasts from all over the planet. A year ago, when the conference was held in Los Angeles, representatives of 68 countries gathered at it, and the attendance was paid. Now the geography can become much wider: everyone can join Adobe MAX for free from anywhere in the world. So if you are interested, then register and join the event.


  1. Apple introduced the iPhone 12
  2. New OnePlus
  3. Amazfit X sales start
  4. Netflix came to Russia
  5. LG warns
  6. The first smartphone with Android 11 in Russia
  7. Hyundai Mobility one year
  8. … and dessert

Apple introduced the iPhone 12

The main news of the week is the presentation of new smartphones from Apple. As insiders said, in the iPhone 12, the company returned to the chopped-up shape of the iPhone 4, while leaving the rest of the proportions and design elements from the previous iPhone 11. It is difficult to say how good or bad it is, it is necessary to watch the devices live. The minus of the chopped edges, according to the experience of using the iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S, is only that the device quickly wipes the pocket, and also the bottom corner unpleasantly digs into the palm when using the smartphone.

Saturday coffee №125

Now the line of new devices is clearly divided into iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Unlike last year’s devices, the regular 12th version also received two variants, this is the regular iPhone 12 and the new iPhone 12 mini with a 5.4-inch display, according to the manufacturer, this is the most compact 5G smartphone on the market. Yes, as you can see, now the new iPhones support 5th generation networks, the company even made a lot of emphasis on this point during the presentation. But for our market, 5G support is not very relevant today, although in the future, of course, it will be useful. The entire line is powered by the new A14 processor, which is made using a 5nm process technology. According to the manufacturer, it is better and faster than last year’s solution, but no one doubted that. By the way, pay attention to how Apple sticks out information on new chips, while keeping silent about the type and amount of RAM and battery capacity.

Saturday coffee №125

The older models with the “Pro” prefix, as before, differ in display sizes (6.1 “and 6.7”), as well as cameras. The most advanced will only be in the iPhone Pro Max, and if you want to get the most of the shooting opportunities, and this is a new telephoto lens and matrix stabilization at the wide-angle module, then you have to fork out and put up, if you are not satisfied with this moment, with the dimensions of the device. By the way, in the Pro versions, LiDAR is installed, which is used not only for AR, but also for autofocusing, which in the future should provide a high-quality blur of the background. Another new feature for “proxies” is support for Apple ProRAW, which provides ample opportunities for post-processing photos, and directly from the device, but remember that RAW takes up a lot of space. Yes, for the “firmware” the minimum amount of available memory has become 128 GB, while for the regular iPhone 12 it starts, as before, with 64 GB.

Saturday coffee №125

Of the not very clear options for all new iPhone 12s, it is worth noting MagSafe, a new format for mongrel charging, to which a magnet was added. For charging, you need to magnetize a special connector to the area on the back of the device. The same connector can be used in accessories, for example, Apple showed a proprietary cardholder that attaches to the back of the smartphone. For accessory makers, MagSafe’s presence is now opening up new perspectives. For example, Belkin has already presented a desktop docking station and a holder for a car with support for this type of connector, I think other manufacturers of accessories will not be left behind, so soon the market will be flooded with various cases, holders and chargers with this type of connection. But the very idea of ​​making wireless charging with a magnet looks strange, just putting the device on the charging pad and removing it from it is much easier. Plus, those who use other wireless charging devices besides the iPhone will have to choose between universal solutions or charging with MagSafe, but only for a smartphone with a bite of an apple. Perhaps, by introducing this type of connector, Apple is creating a reserve for the future and in the next models will simply remove Lightning from iPhones, leaving only MagSafe.

Saturday coffee №125

Among the innovations we’ve been waiting for but not getting are the downsized bangs with FaceID, a 120Hz display, and fast 65W wired and wireless charging. But Apple has given us a new “innovation” that we did not ask for: under the sauce of concern for the environment, the company will not put a power supply in the set with the devices. Fly dabbled in this in its best times, but in the end they returned the charger to its place, since not all smartphone users are geeks with a dozen power supplies in a box, and an ordinary owner uses the adapter from the kit. It turns out that most users will now pay 1 rubles from above to get a new iPhone with a power adapter. Yes, the company quietly removed the adapter and headphones from its other current smartphones, so now all iPhone buyers receive only the device itself and the Lightning – Type-C cable included.

Saturday coffee №125Saturday coffee №125

Prices for the iPhone 12 mini start at 69 rubles, the iPhone 990 is 12 more expensive – 10 rubles, the cost of the iPhone 000 Pro starts at 79 rubles, and the iPhone 990 Pro Max will cost from 12 rubles.

As our social media polls show, users are choosing the new iPhone 12 mini, which is understandable, since this is the most compact device, moreover, not cut in terms of features. As well as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the flagship model that offers the most features in a lineup of new devices. Some of the owners of previous iPhones do not plan to change their devices yet, but I agree here, since I myself do not see any reason to switch, for example, from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12. The latter, by the way, received an AMOLED display, while the previous model there was a high-quality IPS-matrix.

Saturday coffee №125

Apple also introduced an update to its BeatsX wireless headphones – the Beats Flex. The headset runs on the same W1 chip as the previous model, and will be available for sale at a price of 4 rubles. It is a pity that the company did not make more changes to the new product, on the other hand, the manufacturer and the price set for the Beats Flex is reasonable enough, so maybe you shouldn’t complain. Yes, for the AirPods and AirPods Pro headphones, the Russian office of Apple has adjusted the prices in accordance with the increased rate, so if you wanted to purchase this headset, then rather look for it in stores at the old prices, while it is possible.

Saturday coffee №125

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New OnePlus

OnePlus unveiled the new OnePlus 8T smartphone this week. The model received a boring and quite common design for today, it seems that the parent company BBK Electronics limited OnePlus in the budget and the brand has to take the developments that are already within the concern. Previously, OnePlus smartphones differed from the products of other subsidiaries of BBK Electronics, and 8T has become some kind of faceless, and you can’t immediately understand whether it’s realme, or vivo, or maybe OPPO.

Saturday coffee №125

OnePlus 8T received a 6.55-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and an Always-on display, the last two parameters are a distinguishing feature of the new item in comparison with the previous OnePlus 8. The processor in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 device, the amount of LPDDR4X RAM is 8/12 GB, and permanent UFS 3.1 – 128/256 GB. Main camera with four modules: 48 MP + 16 MP ultra-wide angle + 5 MP macro + 2 MP depth sensor. The battery in the new OnePlus 8T with a capacity of 4500 mAh has support for fast 65W charging, which allows you to charge your smartphone’s battery up to 100% in 39 minutes.

Saturday coffee №125

The OnePlus 8T kicks off in the US at $ 749. I don’t know, I am not imbued with the magic of OnePlus, and now, when the device has also outwardly become “like everyone else,” there is generally a desire to pass by such an update.

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Amazfit X sales start

Advertising 12+

The new Amazfit X smartwatch goes on sale after a successful campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, which raised almost US $ 2 million. Amazfit X is a unique “smart” watch with a curved 2.07 ”AMOLED screen and support for all the functions required by the modern lover of sports, fitness and stylish gadgets. The novelty is able to work for a whole week on a single charge and is protected from water ingress when submerged to a depth of 50 meters. The Amazfit X display is protected by scratch and abrasion resistant tempered glass. Biological optical sensor BioTrackerTM PPG, patented by Huami Technology, improves the accuracy of heart rate monitoring and is comparable in this parameter to sports bracelets. In addition to round-the-clock heart rate monitoring, it warns of excessively high values ​​of this indicator and its interval. The Amazfit X smartwatch weighs only 39 grams. The device is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Saturday coffee №125

The start of sales of smart watches Amazfit X will take place during the big Aliexpress Brand Fest, which will take place from 20 to 21 October 2020. On these dates, the first 500 buyers of Amazfit X watches will receive PowerBuds headphones as a gift, and the first 300 buyers of Amazfit GTS watches will receive an original black strap. Amazfit also lowers the price of its other products, for example, smart watches GTR, Bip S, Neo, a Band 5 fitness bracelet and PowerBuds headphones. You can familiarize yourself with the offer on the official Amazfit page on Alierxpress.

Saturday coffee №125

Netflix came to Russia

The streaming platform Netflix launched a Russian-language version of its service and began accepting payments for the service in rubles. Netflix in September agreed with the National Media Group to fully localize the content and basic information of the service in Russia. Now customers will be offered several tariff plans. The basic plan will cost 599 rubles per month, the standard plan will cost 799 rubles, and the premium plan was estimated at 999 rubles. The basic plan includes the ability to view content on one device and no HD content. In the standard version, it is already possible to watch HD content and viewing will be available on two devices. The premium plan offers 40-device viewing and Ultra HD quality access. At the first stage, the Russian-language version of the service will have access to 100 Russian films; in the future, this list will expand. Russian-language content will increase and should make it possible to watch several thousand TV series and films in dubbed translation. Up to XNUMX Russian projects will appear on the platform by the end of the year.

Saturday coffee №125

Honestly, the event turned out to be not as pleasant as the recent official launch of Spotify on our market. For some reason, Netflix did not optimize prices for the local market, but simply fixed them. The last time at the rate I paid for the maximum subscription was even less than 1 rubles, and recently the service has already sent an offer to subscribe at a discount, and the final price would have turned out to be around 000 rubles. But okay, they did not adjust the prices, but left them at the European level, so also, according to user reviews on the network, with the advent of localization, some films and series with a rating of 800+ disappeared from Netflix, and this is already very bad. It turns out that now we have to pay almost the same money as before, but at the same time some of the content will not be available to Russian users. The fact that 18 domestic projects will appear on the service in the near future does not save the situation, since we can watch local releases on other platforms, which are significantly cheaper. In general, I would like to advise the National Media Group to agree with the copyright holder on revising the pricing policy and returning hidden content, but for now, let’s say the service “Bye!”

Saturday coffee №125

LG warns

LG announced that new updates for its TVs will disable the LG Smart TV function on devices not intended for sale in Russia. In simple words, if you upgrade a TV purchased from a servo truck, your smart TV will turn into a pumpkin.

I don’t even know what to say here, since I sincerely don’t understand those who, trying to save money, buy “gray” TVs. Just, if something happened, I would not want to drag the same 65 ”OLED somewhere to the backyard into a dubious service, it is still a pleasure to carry it around the apartment, otherwise the master will come to you and make repairs on the spot (as if it works for OLED LG TV, I do not know how with other models of the company).

Yes, last year the Russian office of Samsung did the same, disabling some of the functions on the “gray” TVs of the brand that were used in Russia.

The first smartphone with Android 11 in Russia

The Chinese company vivo presented its new V20 series smartphones in Russia, which includes the vivo V20 model with the world’s first 44 MP selfie camera with an eye AF mode. And also vivo V20 SE, equipped with 48 MP main camera, 16 MP front camera with night mode and fast 33-watt FlashCharge charging. Vivo V20 will be the first smartphone in our market to run the latest version of Android 11 OS.

Saturday coffee №125

You can read more about vivo V20 in our material, which has already been released on the site. From myself, I note that the brand has a very strange pricing policy in Russia, in our market the company is practically unknown to the mass buyer, while the prices for its products are higher than the cost of devices from the same Xiaomi. What the Russian office of vivo is counting on is not very clear, with such prices, sales cannot be done.

But for comparison, our fresh review of the POCO X3 NFC smartphone only presented in Russia, which costs 7 rubles cheaper than the vivo V000, and, in my opinion, also outperforms it in some respects.

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Hyundai Mobility one year

Hyundai has summed up the results of the first year of operation of the online subscription service for Hyundai Mobility cars. The presentation of the platform and the official launch of Hyundai Mobility took place exactly one year ago – on October 14, 2019. In the first year of the project, 1 customers used the Hyundai Mobility online subscription service.

Most of the service clients are from Moscow, where the project actually started, slightly less of them are in St. Petersburg, and the rest are from the regions where Hyundai Mobility came later. The most popular model was the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover, the second in demand is the Hyundai Tucson. The most demanded tariff was the long-term Freedom subscription for a period of one year. Users also took cars for a shorter period – at the Country rate from day to month and at the seasonal Leto rate, for which there was a double mileage offer in the summer.

Hyundai Mobility service allows you to quickly and remotely subscribe to available Hyundai models for any convenient period from one day to a year. All actions are performed through a mobile application that exists for Android and iOS, and the process of issuing and returning a car is completely remote and does not require the signing of any papers. Also, a Hyundai Mobility subscription relieves customers of paying vehicle tax, MTPL and CASCO insurance, maintenance at their own expense, in addition to offering XNUMX-hour roadside assistance, a range of useful accessories, storage and replacement of seasonal tires.

Saturday coffee №125

In addition to the Hyundai Mobility project, in June this year the company brought the subscription service to the premium segment with the launch of the Genesis Mobility service. So far, only the Genesis G70 model is available in it, but later it will be expanded to the entire model range.

Yes, it should be said, of course, that just last week Yandex entered our market with a similar long-term rental service. We are already trying to negotiate with a Russian company about the possibility of a full-fledged test of the “Subscription to a car” service, so perhaps soon we will be able to personally test the service from “Yandex” and tell you in detail about all its pros and cons.

Saturday coffee №125

But back to Hyundai, at the conference dedicated to the year of Hyundai Mobility in Russia, the company also announced that online sales of almost all cars of the brand will start on the official website of Hyundai this December. Customers will have access to remote purchase of cars for personal funds and on credit, as well as insurance services. The automaker announced this decision back in December last year, and now, a year later, full-fledged online sales will finally start in Russia.

And the company also plans to launch a proprietary mobile application for the sale of used cars Uka. Thanks to the installed telematics device, all Hyundai cars sold on this platform will have the most transparent history. This is already an interesting topic, since the secondary car market is quite large, and it is sometimes difficult to get the full history of a car, nevertheless, we came across the announcements “Not bit, not beautiful. My grandfather went to church on Sundays, “but in fact there is such a car that I don’t even want to take it for free, let alone pay for it out of my own pocket. So, the Uka service should resolve the issue with the purchase of Hyundai cars in the secondary market, since it will provide a complete history of the car.

Since in the Hyundai Mobility service the most popular cars are Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai Tucson, then, perhaps, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with our tests of these models:

… and dessert

A new trailer for the animated film “Soul” from the creators of the “Puzzle” and “Up” cartoons has been released. The premiere of the film in Russia is scheduled for January 21, 2021.

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