Saturday coffee №129

The week has been rich in news. So, Google announced that from June 1, 2021, it will change the terms of use of their cloud storage, and not for the better for customers. Now all office documents created in the company’s proprietary application will be counted in the total user storage. And Google Photos will no longer have unlimited downloads for images in “high quality”. And also, if a user has not logged into the company’s services for two years, all his data stored in the cloud will be deleted after several warnings.

Yandex took and updated its Yandex.Music application, adding support for Apple CarPlay, so that now their service can be used in cars that support this platform. So, you see, in a couple of years Yandex.Navigator will appear in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

And also this week in Russia, sales of the new generation console Xbox Series S and Series X from Microsoft started, and Apple began selling the new iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Saturday coffee №129


  1. Apple moves to ARM
  2. New Vertu
  3. Search apps for Huawei and Honor
  4. New from Dyson
  5. Jacket from Xiaomi
  6. Two Nokia phones
  7. Column from Huawei
  8. Electric BMW
  9. Hyundai partners with NVIDIA
  10. A week with Pikmin 3 Deluxe
  11. … and dessert

Apple moves to ARM

Unveiled at the One More Thing event, the new ARM-based M1 chip will be used in new Macs and should be consistently introduced to all Mac models. This chip is built using a 5nm process technology based on the A14 Bionic chip. Apple claims that thanks to the use of energy-efficient cores, new computers based on the M1 can last up to 18-20 hours on a single charge. The processor uses eight cores, four of which are fast and four are energy efficient, delivering both power and efficiency at the same time. The chip integrates an eight-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine memory architecture, as well as a Thunderbolt controller, image signal processor, and many security features. According to Apple, the chip allows you to instantly wake up the Mac from sleep mode, similar to how it works on the iPhone and iPad. The company said it plans to migrate all of its computers to use its own M1 chips within two years.

Saturday coffee №129

In addition to the beautiful stories from the company itself about the superiority of the new processor, the results of synthetic tests appeared on the network, and they are certainly impressive. But, as you know, the benchmark numbers are one thing, but the actual operation is another, and, probably, the first buyers of computers on the M1 chip in the first year, and possibly longer, will face difficulties during operation in the form of incompatibility or inaccessibility of a part of the software. … Yes, you can run iPhone and iPad applications on new devices, but these are half measures, there is, of course, an emulator that allows you to work with programs for current computers, but often with such solutions, everything is not as simple as we would like.

Saturday coffee №129

Along with the new chipset, Apple presented computers based on them. The first is the MacBook Air, the solution on the M1 completely replaced the line with Intel, so if someone was aiming at the Air, then it’s time to take the previous model from the leftovers in the store, they are no longer on the company’s website. The second laptop built on the new solution was the MacBook Pro 13, but, unlike the Air, Apple did not completely change the lineup, but replaced the initial modifications on Intel with solutions on the M1 and left the top modifications on Intel processors. Unlike the new Air, which completely lost the active cooling system, it was left in the MacBook Pro 13, apparently, the capabilities of the chipset in the first case will be programmatically limited, and in the second it will work at full capacity. The third computer on the M1 was the Mac Mini, but, in my opinion, this is more of a solution for developers, well, or for those who want to experiment and take part in the beta test for their money.

Saturday coffee №129

What I liked about the new laptops was the battery life, and the MacBook Pro 20’s 13 hours of surfing the web is impressive, especially considering that Apple’s claimed battery life is roughly the same. It is also, of course, nice that all the company’s proprietary software has already been sharpened for the new chipset, as well as software from major third-party developers who are planning to transfer their developments to the new system. I didn’t like the fact that it’s possible to wait for a decision from third-party companies for more than one year, but today we will have to use alternative tools and wait for this bright future. I didn’t really like the price of the new devices, they fell into the same niche as the proven solutions on Intel, although Apple could have offered better conditions for the first users. So, Air starts at 999 US dollars, in Russia everything is simple, multiply by 100 and get the price in rubles, so this machine will cost us from 99 rubles. And the MacBook Pro 990 in the US starts at $ 13 and, accordingly, at RUB 1 in Russia.

Saturday coffee №129

Of course, it’s great that Apple took such a bold move and switched to its own ARM processors. But this transition can be very difficult and time-consuming for the company, since in this situation it is highly dependent on third-party developers who, for some reason, may be long and reluctant to transfer applications to a new platform, or may not do it at all. Similar situations have already been on the market, and they did not always end with a happy ending.

We have published material on the site following the presentation:

And more material about the company’s transition to ARM:

If we are talking about Apple, then this week we released a review of the new Beats Flex headset from the company, which is now a division of the Apple manufacturer:

New Vertu

A group of former Vertu employees wants to revive the company’s legacy under the Xor brand. It is co-founded by Hutch Hutchison, former head of design at Vertu. The Xor was funded in part by former Vertu buyers who miss such devices. The brand’s first product will be the Xor Titanium phone with a titanium casing and a leather back. The functionality of Xor Titanium is not rich by modern standards: only voice calls and text messages. At the same time, the device supports some modern functions, such as active noise cancellation and wireless charging. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the phone’s battery can provide up to five days of battery life.

Saturday coffee №129

The phone is powered by Linux based software. The developers are especially proud of the well-thought-out security system. When communicating with a subscriber with the same Xor Titanium, you can use end-to-end AES256 encryption for secure communication. Another interesting feature is the secret key, which can be used to remotely delete all data stored on the phone. Xor Titanium will be handcrafted in England. The phone will be priced at £ 3 (about $ 000) and is scheduled to go on sale in the first quarter of 3975.

Saturday coffee №129

I don’t know, but, in my opinion, the market for luxury pipes died at the same time as Vertu. Now, if a wealthy person wants to stand out, he buys some kind of case from Louis Vuitton or another premium brand for his flagship, but if he is already completely unbearable and needs to spend several thousand dollars, he takes a customized device, for example, from Caviar. Who needs Xor Titanium in 2020 is a mystery to me, especially considering that this is a completely empty dialer.

Search apps for Huawei and Honor

In the AppGallery store, I came across the Petal Search application, which helps users search and install popular programs for Huawei and Honor devices. The application, powered by the Petal search engine, is a software aggregator with its own search. All you need to do is download Petal Search from the AppGallery app store, open it and enter the name of the program or game you want to find and install. Moreover, it is convenient that Petal Search immediately indicates the source of the application download and also, if necessary, offers to update it if it has already been installed on the device. For example, the same Instagram, which is so demanded by the modern audience of smartphone users, was easily found through Petal Search in APKPure, as, incidentally, Facebook was found in all its editions, as well as Twitter. In general, for users of devices from Huawei and Honor, this program is an excellent opportunity to quickly find the necessary software without having to study forums or other resources.

Saturday coffee №129

New from Dyson

Dyson introduced the first Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic humidifier-air purifier. Thanks to a new filter with Dyson Cryptomic technology, the device separates formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide, the company says. The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic air purifier captures formaldehyde and breaks it down into harmless chemicals. In addition, the device uses a new ultraviolet C (UV-C) illumination system that kills 99,9% of bacteria in water almost instantly. At the same time, the biostatic evaporator with silver thread helps prevent bacterial growth, ensuring a truly hygienic humidification and cleaning of the entire room. The price of Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic in Russia will be 64 rubles.

Saturday coffee №129

As far as I understand, Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic is a modification of the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool humidifier-air purifier, which we already talked about, only in a different color and with an additional filter. The device is good, but if you want to save some money and also get control of the climate system from a smartphone from anywhere in the world, which Dyson does not have, then you can look towards the solution from Philips. Yes, of course, Dyson takes design, there is no dispute, but the company also takes additional money for it.

Jacket from Xiaomi

NINETYGO, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, is launching its new product on the territory of Russia – the NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka winter jacket. The jacket is made of water-repellent material that meets the IPX4 waterproof standard and is 80% natural duck down. Heating is carried out three seconds after connecting a battery with a capacity of 10 mAh or more, and the USB cable for connection is hidden in a zippered pocket on the right.

Saturday coffee №129Saturday coffee №129Saturday coffee №129

The jacket is interesting, it looks not to say that it is somehow exquisite, and does not differ in design bells and whistles, but in general it is neat enough, it should appeal to most buyers. The size grid is European, I wear L, and the NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka in this size fits me perfectly, so don’t even think about taking one size larger. NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka is already available on Tmall for 9 rubles.

Two Nokia phones

HMD Global has unveiled two new 4G push-button phones – the Nokia 6300 4G and the Nokia 8000 4G. The Nokia 6300 4G is a classic push-button phone that has new features thanks to its 4G connection. And Nokia 8000 4G is a premium model in an unusual glassy polycomposite body with a chrome frame. The devices are built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and operate under the KaiOS operating system. The phones will go on sale in Russia in November, the Nokia 6300 4G will cost 4 rubles, and the Nokia 990 8000G will cost customers 4 rubles.

Saturday coffee №129

HMD continues to develop its line of KaiOS phones, but their prices are still quite high and comparable to budget Android smartphones that can do much more than Nokia devices. Yes, KaiOS devices have WhatsApp, Facebook and Google Maps, but only the messenger is relevant for our market, our compatriots need VKontakte as a social network, and Yandex.Maps for navigation.

Column from Huawei

Huawei introduced the Huawei Sound speaker to the Russian market, created with the support of the French audio technology company Devialet. The compact unit is equipped with a subwoofer and three Devialet full-range speakers. Huawei Share technology allows you to quickly connect to smartphones and other signal sources, while support for High-Res Audio and Devialet’s proprietary processing algorithms ensure balanced playback of music from different genres. In Russia, Huawei Sound will be available at a suggested retail price of 13 rubles. Sales start on November 990, 25.

Saturday coffee №129

Everything would be nice in the speaker if it still had a voice assistant. It is strange that Huawei could not agree with Yandex to preinstall Alice in it, so it would be a good alternative to Yandex.Station and LG Xboom AI ThinQ.

And last week we released a review of two new headsets from Huawei, read:

Electric BMW

In November 2021, the start of production of the new electric crossover BMW iX is scheduled. The car, comparable in size to the BMW X5, will have two electric motors, one on each axle, with a total power of 500 horsepower, which will allow the crossover to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than five seconds. Also, buyers will be offered a more powerful version and a weaker version. The 300 horsepower version will be able to travel about 400 km on a single charge, and the top version with a 100 kilowatt-hour battery will be able to travel 600 km on a WLTP cycle. The fast charging time of the battery to 80% should not exceed 40 minutes. The machine is promised advanced electronics built using 5G next-generation communication networks. The operation of the electronics will be provided by 30 antennas, various sensors and processors capable of implementing third-level autopiloting, i.e. the car will be able to drive on its own on the highway without having to keep your hands on the steering wheel. To implement these capabilities, the electric car will be constantly connected to the Internet and will be able to exchange traffic information with other road users and a cloud service that accumulates information from various sources. The instrument cluster will be a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with fully customizable elements. In the center of the cabin there will be a 14.9-inch screen curved towards the driver, which will reflect all the technical information on the car. At peak times, vehicle information systems will be able to transfer up to 30 gigabits of information.

Saturday coffee №129Saturday coffee №129

Of course, we all say that the existing electric cars lack a certain futurism, but in the case of the BMW iX, the manufacturer did something very boldly, although, perhaps, in real life the car will not look quite the same as in the press photo. And, of course, it’s great that more and more automakers are pouring into the electrification of transport, this will allow the necessary infrastructure to develop, and over time, electric cars themselves will become more and more affordable. Now on the Russian market two electric vehicles are officially presented, these are Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron, both belong to the premium segment and cost a lot of money. BMW iX will also not become a people’s car, the brand is still not the most affordable, but in 2021 Hyundai should officially come to our market with its IONIQ electric cars, and this will be interesting.

Hyundai partners with NVIDIA

Hyundai Motor Group and NVIDIA Expand Smart Car Partnership. It has already been announced that all new models from Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands will use the NVIDIA DRIVE connected car platform from 2022. The platform will integrate audio, video, navigation and communication functions, and will also provide support for systems based on artificial intelligence. Thus, the system will provide a single information space with constant software updates.

Saturday coffee №129

In addition, future car models will use the ccOS (connected car operating system) operating system, a proprietary development of the Hyundai Motor Group. The OS will combine the data generated by the vehicle’s built-in sensors, as well as information coming from external data centers. As a result, users will receive an information space that ensures safety and comfort for both drivers and passengers. We add that Hyundai Motor Group has been cooperating with NVIDIA since 2015, and the NVIDIA DRIVE platform has already been used in the Genesis GV80 and G80 models, about which we wrote:

A week with Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch is the 3 re-release of Pikmin 2013 from the Nintendo Wii U. In terms of graphics, nothing much has changed in the new edition, but despite this, the game on Switch looks pretty nice.

Saturday coffee №129

According to the plot, food is running out on the planet Coppai, researchers Alf, Brittany and Charlie go to the uncharted planet PNF-404 in search of fruits and seeds. After a series of tragic accidents, the heroes make a hard landing on the planet, and their ship is seriously damaged. Now the astronauts have to collect food and repair the ship. However, they are not alone on the planet, tiny creatures called picmins come to the aid of the heroes.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a mix of adventure, puzzle and real-time strategy games. You need to manage the picmins that will help you complete the mission, and these flower inhabitants of the planet are of four types, each of which has its own abilities that will be useful for a particular operation. In the game, you see everything from above, as in strategies, and you can control the picmins that will perform the necessary actions, for example, build bridges or fight monsters.

Saturday coffee №129Saturday coffee №129

Pikmin 3 Deluxe does not seem very interesting at first, but once you get used to it a little, it is immediately addictive. Despite the fact that the Pikmin 3 Deluxe edition came out without localization, this will not cause any difficulties, even my 5-year-old son quickly figured out what was what, and calmly plays it. Yes, there is a demo version of the game in the Nintendo eShop, so you can evaluate it yourself before purchasing a release.

… and dessert

On Friday, November 13, the exclusive premiere in Russia of Stephen King’s new book “There Will Be Blood” took place in the MyBook subscription book service. The work is presented in two formats at once: electronic and audio. In addition, users will be able to use the service’s function – synchronization – and while familiarizing with the new product, it is easy to switch between formats. According to the tradition that the writer adheres to for many years, the collection includes four short stories: There Will Be Blood, whose main character Holly Gibney is already familiar to readers, as well as Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, The Life of Chuck and The Rat. I guess I know what I’m going to do this weekend.

Saturday coffee №129

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