Saturday coffee №132

It has been a good week for news. So, in Russia new flagships Xiaomi were presented, Qualcomm talked about its top chipset, and a whole bunch of news arrived from Hyundai, including the full launch of an online platform for the sale of new cars of the brand in Russia.

Saturday coffee №132

In the era of the pandemic, many have gone online, and this is not only sales and various services, but even museums. For example, LG launched the LG SIGNATUREx Pushkin Museum project, and together with the online cinema IVI, a series of virtual tours of the museum’s expositions was created, available to millions of subscribers on the platform. The series of films opened with an episode dedicated to the film by Claude Monet “Breakfast on the Grass”.

Saturday coffee №132

And there are a couple of days left before the end of our game chair draw on Instagram, so you can still take part!

Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro in Russia and the new Qualcomm chipset

This week, Xiaomi held a local presentation and announced the start of sales in Russia of its flagship smartphones Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro. New items will arrive at retail on December 10, Xiaomi Mi 10T with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of main memory will cost 44 rubles, the Xiaomi Mi 990T Pro model with 10 GB of RAM and 8 GB of main memory will cost 256 rubles.

Saturday coffee №132

New items received a 6.67-inch IPS-screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, in the left corner of which there is a tiny 20 MP front camera. Smartphones have a capacious 5000 mAh battery, which can be charged from the complete 33 W charger. The smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. The older model has three image sensors: 108MP wide-angle, 13MP ultra-wide-angle and 5MP macro, the younger version has 64MP wide-angle, 13MP ultra-wide-angle and 5MP macro. Smartphones support dual SIM, NFC and can work on 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks.

The devices turned out to be interesting and at a very attractive price. Some users complain that the display is in IPS models, and not AMOLED, but as for me, it’s even better. It’s a pity they didn’t add moisture protection and removed wireless charging. The latter, apparently, was done on purpose so that there was no competition within the lineup. In general, these are quite powerful devices with good cameras and balanced characteristics, if you do not mind that this is Xiaomi (although it is 2020 and the Chinese manufacturer has already earned a good reputation for itself today), then you can safely take these smartphones.

We have already released a full review of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro model, read if you missed:

And we also have some interesting material on the topic of the ideal smartphone:

Yes, even on Thursday, fresh leaks appeared on Weibo regarding two Xiaomi smartphones: Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro. According to reports, the devices will be equipped with S-AMOLED displays that support Quad HD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The Mi 11 series will be the first on the market to offer devices with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, in addition to LPPDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. The leak says that Mi 11 will receive a triple camera with a resolution of the main sensor 108 MP and 13 MP ultra-wide and 5 MP macro lens. The Pro version will be equipped with a triple camera configuration of 48 MP (OmniVision OV48C), 20 MP (ultra-wide), 12 MP (telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom). In this case, the front camera of the two smartphones will be the same – 20 MP.

Saturday coffee №132

The Mi 11 will be powered by a 4780mAh battery with support for 50W fast charging and 30W wireless charging. The Mi 11 Pro will receive a 4500 mAh battery, but the wired charging power will be 120 W, wireless – 80 W. Other features include a sub-screen fingerprint scanner, face unlock, infrared and NFC. The Xiaomi Mi 11 version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is expected to cost from 3 yuan (about $ 999) to 610 yuan (about $ 4), while the Pro model with the same memory set will start from 499 yuan (about $ 686). $ 5) to RMB 299 (about $ 808).

Everything is clear with these devices, the most powerful hardware and the corresponding price, and the cost in Russia, apparently, will be under 100 rubles.

If anyone doesn’t know, Qualcomm’s annual summit took place this week, which was held online this year. During the conference, the company announced the launch of a new mobile platform – Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. The platform should soon appear in the flagships of next year. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is manufactured using a 5nm manufacturing process and will have a 5G modem built into it, which the company claims will be able to provide global 5G compatibility across all bands. It will also support multi-SIM, SA, NSA and dynamic spectrum utilization. The company says the Snapdragon 888 will provide a significant improvement in computational photography thanks to the Spectra ISP, which will take photos and videos at speeds up to 2.7 gigapixels per second, or around 120 12MP photos, making it 35% more powerful than the previous generation. The company also claims that the new platform will show a significant leap in the use of AI.

Saturday coffee №132

As a result of the summit of the company, we published a separate material, you can read:

iPhone without cameras

The company Caviar, engaged in expensive tuning smartphones, presented the original version of the iPhone 12 Pro. Caviar made its body titanium and removed the camera block, thereby stating that it seeks to protect smartphone owners from covert surveillance. The smartphone received a corresponding name – iPhone 12 Pro Stealth, which means “invisible”. The company believes this is the perfect smartphone for minimalist lovers. Currently, there are two models of the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth smartphone: with a case made of hardened titanium with laser coating in black and a version of hardened titanium with a durable gold PVD coating. The Caviar company believes that such a smartphone will be of interest to people seeking to preserve privacy and at the same time wanting to get an aesthetic pleasure from using the device. The cost of the model will start at 299 rubles.

Saturday coffee №132

It seems to me that this is the ideal smartphone for our high-ranking intelligence officers and sensitive facilities where devices that allow shooting are prohibited.

Yes, this week we published an article about the cost of the new iPhone 12:

And in the topic I will recommend one more article:

And the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini are on our monthly selection of new smartphones:

And in Brazil, they are trying to force Apple to return the chargers in the kit with smartphones. The São Paulo State Consumer Protection Agency said Apple should include a power adapter with every iPhone 12, as it is an essential part of the device. The lack of charging means that the company is deliberately grossly violating the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code, and, according to representatives of the department, this outrageous behavior must be suppressed. The agency also mentioned that Apple did not provide enough material to prove that removing the charger could benefit the environment. So far, this decision applies to the state of São Paulo, but the authorities are seeking to expand it throughout the country.

New Year gifts from “Beeline”

The Beeline operator gives New Year gifts to its customers in the updated version of the My Beeline application. In the latest version of the program, right on the main screen, there is a banner “Get a gift”, clicking on which, you get to the section with personal offers. There are several gifts, and you don’t know exactly what will fall out. Among the New Year’s surprises from Beeline: unlimited social networks, unlimited messengers, unlimited YouTube, +10 GB every month, unlimited Internet, unlimited calls within Russia, discount on smartphones, discount on accessories and free internet distribution. I got unlimited messengers, which is very useful.

Saturday coffee №132

Lots of news from Hyundai

Hyundai has unveiled its new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) platform. E-GMP is designed specifically for battery electric vehicles and can help reduce production times and costs. The company estimates that its dedicated global modular E-GMP platform will enable Hyundai to reduce component counts by 60% when launching new EV models. Modularity and standardization should drive the rapid expansion of Hyundai’s EV lineup. The platform will have to support the creation of electric vehicles with a range of 500 km, which is 23% more than the current results of the Kona EV. Hyundai does not plan to engage in its own production of batteries and is pleased with the cooperation with existing suppliers – LG Chem and SK Innovation.

Saturday coffee №132

The E-GMP platform offers charging capability as standard at 800V and also allows charging from a 400V source without additional adapters. Today, most EVs and express charging stations provide approximately 50-150 kW of charging and are also equipped with a 400-volt system, but the development of an 800-volt infrastructure capable of recharging up to 350 kW will further reduce charging times.

From 2021, new battery electric vehicles will be built on the basis of E-GMP, including the IONIQ 5 electric crossover and Kia’s first battery electric vehicle, which is scheduled for release in 2021, as well as a number of other models. By the way, next year it is also planned to enter our market for the company’s electric vehicles under the IONIQ brand.

And the Russian division of Hyundai Motor CIS announced the entry into the Russian market of the full-size crossover Palisade. The novelty is available in Lifestyle, Prestige, High-Tech trim levels and in an exclusive top-end version of COSMOS. The Hyundai Palisade is 4 mm long and 980 mm wheelbase equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive HTRAC system with a function of driving modes depending on the type of road surface Multi-Terrain Control. For all trim levels, two power units are offered – a 2 CRDi diesel engine (900 hp and 2.2 Nm) and a 200 MPI gasoline engine (440 hp and 3.5 Nm).

Saturday coffee №132Saturday coffee №132Saturday coffee №132

The price of the model in the Lifestyle configuration starts at 3 rubles for a car with a diesel engine and 149 rubles for a petrol one. The Prestige package costs RUR 000 3 199 for the 000 CRDi version and R 3 399 000 for the 2.2 MPI version. The maximum price for the High-Tech configuration is 3 rubles.

In addition to the purchase, the Palisade crossover can be purchased through the Hyundai Mobility online subscription program. The available subscription period is one year. The monthly payment for subscribing to a Palisade model with an allowable mileage limit of 12 km / year will be 000 rubles, with an extended mileage of 67 km / year – 900 rubles.

And the premium brand Genesis, which belongs to Hyundai, has announced prices for the new generation of the G80 sedan and the first ever GV80 crossover in Russia.

Saturday coffee №132Saturday coffee №132

The G80 business sedan will be available in five trim levels. The price of a model with a 2,5-liter engine starts at 3 rubles, and for the G500 with a 000-liter 80-horsepower engine they ask for a maximum of 3,5 rubles. The new GV379 crossover will also be available in five trim levels, a car with a 5-liter petrol turbo engine starts at 500 rubles, in the maximum Elite configuration it can be purchased only with a 000-liter petrol engine and a diesel engine at a price of 80 2,5 4 rubles and 050 000 3,5 rubles, respectively.

Saturday coffee №132Saturday coffee №132

We have already published material on the new Genesis after their official presentation in Russia:

Streaming services take stock

Subscription audio streaming service Spotify has analyzed what music was chosen by 320 million users from different countries in 2020, and collected the tracks and artists who were preferred by Russian listeners since the launch of the service in Russia on July 15.

The interests of many Spotify listeners in Russia in 2020 were in line with global trends, but in the top musicians, domestic artists outnumber foreign ones. In the rating of the best performers, the leadership was taken by rappers from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus – kizaru, MORGENSHTERN, Scryptonite, LSP and Boulevard Depo. And in the ranking of the most popular performers, world stars took leading positions, but remained in the minority compared to domestic performers. Of the music in Russian, the listeners liked most of all the guitar pop from Dora, indie rock from Alena Shvets and hits from Zivert. Of the foreign singers, they most often listened to the winner of the prestigious Grammy 2020 music awards Billie Eilish, as well as Ariana Grande, who was named the most popular female singer of the decade by Spotify in 2019.

K-pop tops the list of the most popular bands. Top 5 topped by Korean boy band BTS. Their first English-language single “Dynamite” set the Spotify global record (12.6 million plays in the first 24 hours) and was ranked third on the list of the most popular songs of the year in Russia. K-pop girl group BLACKPINK also entered the rankings.

In addition, the leading positions are occupied by the legendary Russian rock band “King and Jester”. And, of course, it was not without hip-hop – the Russian duo Miyagi & Andy Panda and the American duo $ uicideBoy $ entered the top five bands.

The streaming audio service SberSvuk, which was bought by Sber this year, formerly simply Sound, also spoke about the musical preferences of Russians this year. The showman and musician MORGENSHTERN took the first place in terms of the number of auditions, the pop group Artik & Asti took the second place in popularity, the Russian singer Zivert took the third place. The album of the year was named “7 (Part2)” from the group Artik & Asti, the second place was taken by the album “Vinyl #” by the singer Zivert, and the third place was taken by the album “Credo” from GAYAZOV $ BROTHER $. Took the lead in search queries for MORGENSHTERN. Among musical genres, Russians chose pop and hip-hop. It is noted that during the quarantine restrictions, people began to listen to music more often, daily listening by one user increased by 6%. The most popular composition in “SberZvuk” was “Lubimka” by NILETTO, followed by “Dance Girl” by Artik & Asti, and the composition “The Moon Doesn’t Know the Way” by Agunda and Taipan closes the top three.

Saturday coffee №132

As you can see, the most popular performers among Russian listeners coincide in foreign and domestic services. The only surprising thing is that the King and the Jester got to the top of Spotify, which clearly stands out against the background of the other leaders in the rating, although it’s great that there were enough listeners who brought our rock group to the chart.

By the way, what audio streaming service do you use? I still have three subscriptions open, these are Spotify, SberSvuk and Yandex.Music, so far I still cannot choose one service that would completely suit me.

If we’re talking about music, then this week we released a review of the Nakamichi column:

Pivo Pod Smart Tripod

Pivo has presented its artificial intelligence-enabled tripod platform to the Russian market – Pivo Pod. The device rotates 360 °, automatically tracks the position of the user and keeps him in the frame. It can be used as a webcam for dynamic presentations, video conferencing or online lessons. With the help of a proprietary application for smartphones on Android and iOS, the user will be able to create creative photo and video content – for example, put several of his images into the frame at once, make time-lapses and arrange virtual 3D tours. The gadget also has a “smart” mode for activating shooting by gesture, voice or pose, as well as multi-streaming on several platforms at once. Pivo Pod went on sale in Russia on December 1. The suggested retail price for the Pivo Pod Red is RUB 9, and the Pivo Pod Silver is RUB 990.

Saturday coffee №132

According to the description, the thing is interesting, but you need to test it to understand how useful and convenient it can be. Well, the name “Beer” so generally makes you immediately run to the nearest “KB” and ask if they have brought fresh Pivo Pods to them.

And in the subject he will recommend you our material with the gadgets of the month:

… and dessert

And for dessert today, we have a beautiful commercial from Microsoft:

Yes, we also had a review of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go this week, read:

And as a dessert – a rather controversial video from Sberbank, where one of the characters in the film Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession gets into the future:

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