Saturday coffee №133 with New Year’s gift

There is very little time left until the New Year, and in order to make December a little more fun, otherwise the pandemic has thoroughly spoiled the whole of 2020, today we, together with TP-Link, decided to play a gift among you. As a prize, we have a wonderful TP-Link Archer AX6 dual-band gigabit Wi-Fi 50 router. Details of the drawing are at the end of the article, but for now let’s move on to the news of the week.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift


  1. Apple introduced AirPods Max
  2. Games without ads and donations
  3. Changing your profession remotely
  4. Motorola razr 5G in Russia
  5. Best Products of the Year # 1
  6. … and dessert
  7. Presents!

Apple introduced AirPods Max

Rumors that have been circulating around the net since the summer turned out to be true, and Apple unveiled its full-size active noise canceling headphones this week. The AirPods Max model will go on sale on December 15 and will cost 62 rubles in Russia. The earbuds are available in five colors: gray, silver, blue, green and pink.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

AirPods Max features 40mm drivers, each of which has three outward-facing microphones and one inward-facing microphone. Sound processing is handled by Apple Hi chips, one in each cup. The ear cushions are made of acoustic-optimized memory foam for better fit and passive noise isolation. The Digital Crown wheel on top of one of the cups allows you to fine-tune the volume, start and stop playback, switch songs, answer calls, and activate Siri. A separate button is used to toggle between active noise cancellation and transparent mode. AirPods Max support dynamic head tracking spatial audio. Thanks to optical sensors, the headphones detect whether they are wearing or not. A full battery charge is sufficient for 20 hours of operation. The set with the headphones comes with a soft case, and if you put the headphones in it, they automatically go into ultra-low power mode.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

To begin with, I would like to scold the Russian representative office of Apple for the price tag for new headphones, which has turned from 550 dollars in the US and 597 euros in Europe into 63 rubles. It is clear that the company sets the course based on a long-term perspective, but still today the difference in price with Europe is 000 rubles, which is a lot. And, of course, AirPods Max become the most expensive headphones on the mass market even without the Russian margin, the same Bose Headphones 10 cost 000 rubles, the Sony WH-700XM33 in our retail is offered for 000 rubles, and the product from Apple was rated twice as high and it’s a little shocking. Well, one more stone in Apple’s garden is that the AirPods Max ear cushions are made of fabric, which is absolutely impractical, I say as the owner of the Blue Bowers & Wilkins P1000. By the way, the manufacturer of the latter corrected itself, and Bowers & Wilkins P4 series 30 made ear pads from leather.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

And so the AirPods Max turned out to be beautiful, there are no questions here, plus they, like regular AirPods, will work very well in the Apple ecosystem. We still have to find out how the full-size headphones from the Cupertinians will sound, but I very much doubt that they will be able to surpass the leaders of this segment, it will be good if they sound at least at their level.

About AirPods Max, we released material this week, read:

And here are our competitor reviews from Bose and Sony:

And more news about Apple. It turns out that films and TV shows with Russian dubbing have appeared on Apple TV +. Among the projects already announced are Tehran, Protecting Jacob, The Last Drop, In Truth, The Morning Show, Ted Lasso and For All Humanity. The catalog of the show with Russian-language dubbing is constantly updated, apparently, dubbing will soon receive almost all exclusive content. Apple had to immediately enter our market with duplicated projects, since many at the start were frightened off by the lack of Russian-language voice acting.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

And here’s our Apple TV + material:

And if we are talking about Apple, then it is worth saying that last week we released a buyer’s guide comparing iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. I use the 11th iPhone and see no reason for myself to switch to the 12th model, if only it will be not the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but there the price bites a lot.

Games without ads and donations

Google has launched a subscription service Google Play Pass in Russia. Subscription enables users to play mobile games and use apps without ads or in-app purchases. Currently, 700 applications and games are available to users. The service works only on devices with the Android operating system. The company offers to test the service’s capabilities within one month of free use, then the cost of access will be 149 rubles per month or 1 rubles if paid for a year. There is also a family subscription, which provides access to the service for five family members.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

It seems that this is a good alternative to Apple Arcade, although it will be more interesting to use these services in conjunction in order to have access to different releases, of course, if you have devices on both iOS and Android. Who has already subscribed to the Google Play Pass, how do you like the service?

And a little more about games, the GFN.RU cloud gaming service opened access to the most anticipated game of the outgoing year, Cyberpunk 2077, at the time of its release. The game appeared in the GFN.RU catalog on December 10, 2020, and today anyone can play it, even if the user does not have a powerful gaming PC.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

By the way, here is our material on GFN.RU, if someone is not yet familiar with the service:

Yes, about gaming computers, we had a review of the first gaming laptop from Honor this week:

Changing your profession remotely

Since now many people work remotely with constant access to a computer, then surely someone had an idea to change not only the place of work, but also the type of activity. The easiest way now is to learn a new profession in the IT field, since the pandemic has given a tangible boost to online education in this sector and several large projects in this segment have appeared on the market. But it is clear that it is not so easy to take and learn to be a programmer on the fly, especially if you have no technical education behind you. But in IT there are simpler specialties, and no less in demand than a programmer, for example, a system administrator.

Digging through the search, on the first lines I came across our old acquaintances, the SkillFactory online school, which has a course on system administration. The company promises that many stages of training are carried out in practice, which, of course, is a plus. Also, students will study the basics of networking architecture, databases and servers, Linux administration, network security, as well as current technologies for clustering and virtualization. In general, everything you need to get a job as a Junior System Administrator after completing the training. It is clear that if you do not study hard on the course, then you will not be able to get the coveted position as a result, but for those who have a desire, this is a good opportunity to change their occupation and start working in IT.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

Yes, it was at SkillFactory that a 11% discount on tuition began to operate on December 50, and the school also gives several courses as a New Year’s gift. Among a pleasant bonus, the company offers: a micro-course on creating a telegram bot, a resume writing guide and a course on Google Sheets (to my shame, I don’t even know what it is, but surely something useful).

Motorola razr 5G in Russia

Svyaznoy has opened a pre-order for a smartphone with a flexible Motorola razr 5G screen. The price of the product, which will be exclusively presented in this store, is 119 rubles. Of course, it’s great that the device has finally made it to our market, but the price is very invigorating, besides, the competitor in the person of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip costs 990 rubles, and even cheaper for stocks. By the way, in order not to create internal competition, Svyaznoy still keeps the price of the Galaxy Z Flip at 99 rubles, while the other players have already dropped it for a long time.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

By the way, here is our review of the Motorola razr 5G clamshell:

And here is a review of the competitor Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:

And last week we released a review of the Motorola E7 Plus smartphone:

Best Products of the Year # 1

December, it’s time to take stock, so I decided not to lag behind and, within the framework of Saturday Coffee, also talk about a selection of the most interesting products of the outgoing year. But first, about the disappointments of the year. Number one is the Jabra Elite 85t headphones, which have become larger than their predecessors, which is why they are not so comfortable in the ear, and the case has also grown in size, and noticeably. And most importantly, the Elite 85t began to sound completely different than the Elite 75t, and the latter still differed in a very decent sound for TWS headphones. Number two, I have a smart watch OPPO Watch, which looks like an Apple Watch, costs the same, but does not know how much, and even work no more than a day.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

Of the best products of the year, I will note the new LG TONE Free FN6 TWS headphones, which have a case with a bacteria cleaning function using UVnano technology (triggered when the headphones are on charge), which is useful in the era of a pandemic. They also sound pretty good, although some people may not like the sound from the Meridian, since there is not enough bass in it. They can be charged in a case using a regular Qi wireless charger or a Type-C wire. In addition, the headphone case is quite neat and miniature, and the headphones themselves sit well in the ear. Of the minuses, I note the glossy finish of the headphone case, so when you take them out / take them away, they just strive to jump out of your hands.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

I also celebrate Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for a whole new augmented reality experience. A cool car, on which even just driving around the apartment is interesting, controlling it from the Nintendo Switch console and looking at the usual things through the lens of the camera installed on the go-kart. For those with kids and a Nintendo console, I recommend this set, it’s a whole new AR experience. Of the shortcomings, probably only the price, although 10 rubles for a high-quality car with remote control and the ability to play races using augmented reality, maybe not so much.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

And the final product for today, which is not so much a gadget, although it depends on how you look at it, is the bobber Tumbler from the domestic company bobber. A very nice mug with an unusual design and pleasant colors, I have a green one, but I really want an orange one. The toggle switch has a convenient lid, so you can drink from it on the go without any problems, and most importantly, it retains heat for a long time. In my 4 hours in the car in the cold, the coffee in the bobber Tumbler, although it cooled down, remained warm, so it could still be drunk with pleasure. Of the minuses of this product, I note that it lacks some kind of cuff in the kit, nevertheless, in the cold, the metal cools down, and it becomes uncomfortable to hold the toggle switch.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

And we have released a buyer’s guide with a selection of New Year’s gifts in the price range up to 6 rubles, look, suddenly you pick up something:

… and dessert

Jeep and the LEGO Group have unveiled the new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon from the LEGO Technic series. With LEGO Technic solutions, the toy car reproduces the SUV features: 1WD, brutal tires, folding rear seats and a classic seven-slot grille. The model will be available to order from January 2021, 49.99 online at, at LEGO brand stores and other retail locations around the world for $ XNUMX.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift


As mentioned at the beginning of the material, today, together with TP-Link, we decided to play among you a wonderful dual-band gigabit Wi-Fi 6 router TP-Link Archer AX50.

Saturday coffee №133 with New Year's gift

The rules of the competition will be extremely simple: write in the comments to this article a short letter to Santa Claus (no more than one paragraph), beginning with the words “Santa Claus, I want a TP-Link Archer AX50 router, because …”. The participant, whose letter will be the most interesting, and will also collect the largest number of likes, will receive our present as a gift for the New Year holidays. So invite your friends to vote for you. To exclude cheating, we will select the original letters with the greatest number of likes and among them we will independently choose the winner.

Competitive posts left before December 17, 2020, inclusive, will be taken into account, and we will name the winner in “Saturday Coffee No. 134”, which will be released on December 19, 2020. We will send the prize across Russia, or you can pick it up in Moscow yourself.

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