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  1. Introduction
  2. True wireless charging
  3. Tesla, in which you can play “The Witcher”
  4. How to master 2 demanded professions at once in six months and start earning from 100 rubles a month?
  5. Women’s smartwatch from Garmin
  6. Microsoft attacks Apple
  7. Ours at Apple Arcade

It became known this week that Sberbank will acquire a part of the shares of, which currently belong to the M.Video-Eldorado Group. As a result, the share of Sber in the capital of may amount to 85%, the M.Video-Eldorado Group will retain 10%, and 5% will remain with Alexander Tynkovan. It is planned that all parties will be represented on the Board of Directors of the marketplace.

Sony has announced its strange smartphone – Xperia PRO, which is positioned as a device created for some professional users, and at the same time they are going to sell it for a crazy $ 2 and only in the USA.

Saturday coffee №138

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled a fun DAL-e customer service robot that communicates with people on its own thanks to its recognition and mobility capabilities.

Saturday coffee №138

And a 550-horsepower crossover Aston Martin DBX arrived in Russia, the price of which starts at 18 rubles. Today it is the most expensive crossover in our market, the price of which is higher than the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga.

Saturday coffee №138

True wireless charging

Xiaomi has introduced a fundamentally new charging technology called Mi Air Charge. This technology allows users to remotely charge electronic devices from a distance of several meters without any cables or wireless charging cradles.

Mi Air Charge currently supports 5-watt remote charging and allows you to charge multiple devices at a distance of several meters at the same time. Charging is carried out thanks to the Mi Air Charge antennas, which determine the exact location of the phone. On the side of the smartphone, a miniature antenna array created by Xiaomi operates, which allows signal exchange.

Saturday coffee №138

An interesting and, probably, promising technology, but there is a question of how it will all work in a commercial product and how safe it is for humans. And in general, so far it turns out that you, of course, can charge your smartphone without connecting a cable and without using a wireless charging pad, but only somewhere near such a charging station. And if you are sitting on the same couch, to which she finishes off, wouldn’t it be easier to connect fast wired charging or put the device on classic wireless charging? For recharging some smart home devices, it is perhaps an interesting solution, since it will allow you to use these gadgets without laying cables and without thinking about changing batteries. True, in this case, the charger should cover a very large area, since it is unlikely that you have all smart things clustered within a radius of a couple of meters from each other.

And last week we had a review of two products from Xiaomi. This is the Mi Watch smartwatch test:

And an article about the compact cordless vacuum cleaner Mi Vacuum Cleaner mini:

Tesla, in which you can play “The Witcher”

Tesla unveiled an updated version of its Model S electric car. The company refreshed the exterior of the car, the interior and electronic filling were also improved. But the main thing the company is focusing on is that the updated model has a computer with a capacity of 10 teraflops, which is comparable to a gaming PC and modern consoles, on which you can even run Witcher 3. The game will be displayed on the head 17-inch screen with a resolution of 2200 x 1300 pixels. By the way, it was deployed horizontally, so that, if desired, it will really be possible to play comfortably on it, taking into account the fact that Tesla also supports controllers from game consoles. And also the screen has the ability to turn slightly towards the driver and towards the passenger, and the rear passengers have their own display for access to the entertainment system. In addition, it should be said that the updated Model S received a steering wheel in the shape of an F1 steering wheel, although, perhaps, this is an option and it will be possible to choose a car with a classic steering wheel.

Saturday coffee №138

On sale, the appearance of an updated version of the Model S is expected in March this year. The buyer has the choice of the power of the vehicle. The oldest version, called Plaid, can accelerate to 100 km / h in 2 seconds and will be able to travel 627 km on a single charge. The price of this version is $ 119.

Saturday coffee №138Saturday coffee №138

Of course, Tesla does not exist in the auto industry. While others boast about the driving performance of their cars, Elon Musk just takes it and says: “And in the new Tesla, you can play Witcher 3.” Well, that is, Tesla is being presented as a gadget, not as a car. Although the company, of course, necessarily shows the acceleration figures from 0 to 100 km / h, which are comparable to supercars. But in reality, no electric car owner will start like this all the time, unless in the city he has a Supercharger at every corner.

Yes, here’s another, according to a fresh report from Korean media, Samsung and Tesla have teamed up to create a 5nm chip for self-driving cars. The event took place against the backdrop of a shortage of electronic components for the automotive industry, which gives Samsung the opportunity to expand its presence in this market. The chipset is reportedly under research and development (R&D) at the Samsung Foundry Division and is intended for Tesla-branded autonomous vehicles. As reported above, the chip will be manufactured using the 5nm Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) process technology, which is currently available only for two companies – Samsung and TSMC. We add that Samsung is already a partner of Tesla and supplies 14 nm chipsets for the needs of the automaker.

More about electric vehicles and the United States. US President-elect Joe Biden is set to shift all American public transport to electric vehicles. There are currently 645 vehicles in the US federal vehicle fleet, of which 000 are civilian vehicles, 245 military vehicles, and 000 Postal Service vehicles. According to the President of the United States, it is planned to replace all this transport with “clean electric vehicles” made in the United States, at American factories and created by American workers. This announcement provides a powerful impetus for investment in the development and creation of electric vehicles, such investments have already been announced by several automakers. Thus, General Motors intends to invest $ 173 billion in the production of new electric vehicles by 000. Ford said it will spend $ 225 billion on electric vehicles in the coming years.

Interestingly, such a solution will require the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles and, accordingly, the injection of additional funds into its construction. In the US, things are much better with EZS than in Russia, but only a couple of states have the most developed network of gas stations, and in most of North America, the infrastructure for electric transport is not very good.

Since I have already mentioned Samsung, it would be useful to advise you on our material about the new chipset of the company:

And the smartphones of the Korean company appeared in our article about the new items of the month along with devices from another manufacturer:

How to master 2 demanded professions at once in six months and start earning from 100 rubles a month?

For example, go to study at Product LIVE for the “System Analyst PRO” course and in 6 months improve the skills necessary for both business analysts and system analysts.

Saturday coffee №138

It sounds impossible, but this is only at first glance. On practical tasks, it will always be possible to get feedback from experts from IBS and Alfa-Bank. They teach not only how to work with SQL, API (SOAP and REST), but also think in a systematic way. And the Career Center will help you write your resume, direct it through the network of partner companies and prepare you for the interview.

Product LIVE is a Skillfactory project. The direction of management has grown so much that now it is a separate large school. They continue to improve the line of courses every day so as not to fall out of market trends for a second.

Strong mentors and experts, relevant and exclusive course content, practice on real projects from partner companies – all this is Product LIVE.

Women’s smartwatch from Garmin

Garmin has announced the small and sleek Garmin Lily women’s smartwatch with full health monitoring and smart notifications. On the small screen of the watch (its dimensions are 2,5 x 2,1 cm), you can not only view information about daily activity, keep track of steps taken, minutes of intense exercise and calories burned, but also monitor your health.

Saturday coffee №138

Lily allows you to monitor breathing, pulse oximeter readings, energy levels, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, water balance, stress levels, sleep, and heart rate (including warnings for too high or low heart rate). The watch supports a wide variety of activities, including swimming (Lily’s water resistance up to 5 ATM allows you to withstand short-term dives to a depth of 50 m). The claimed operating time of the device from a full battery charge is 5 days.

Saturday coffee №138

An interesting device for a purely female audience, it seems to me that there are not enough such devices on the market. Moreover, smartwatches from Garmin look stylish and are made in the spirit of classic women’s watches.

We also released material on men’s smartwatches from Montblanc this week:

Microsoft attacks Apple

Microsoft has released another video in which it tried to pry Apple, this time in the video comparing Surface Pro 7 and MacBook Pro. The boy in the video lists the advantages of the device from Microsoft, which includes a detachable keyboard, a touch screen and opportunities in games, along the way reproaching Apple, for example, for the Touch Bar, they say, instead of it, you could put a touch display.

If we’re already talking about laptops, then it’s worth saying that this week we released material on the device with the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080:

And also a test of a cool ultrabook from Huawei, a really worthwhile machine that is worth taking a closer look at:

Ours at Apple Arcade

Studio Fiftytwo, consisting of three young people from Nizhny Novgorod, released Populus Run for Apple Arcade on Friday. Cool runner in a new format in which you have to control not one character, but a whole group. The game has very good design and high-quality voice acting, so it’s nice to pass the time with it. Take a look at the project, support our guys.

Saturday coffee №138Saturday coffee №138

And in the subject, I will recommend our material about the mobile application market in 2020:

… and dessert

This week a trailer for the film “Godzilla vs. Kong” was released, which will be released worldwide on March 26, but the premiere in Russia will take place only on May 20. Of course, this is no longer a movie in the usual sense of the word, but some kind of attraction that must be watched in a movie or never again.

And I will also advise you on our fresh selection of new series and films:

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