Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers


Life consists of stripes, it is all striped. And despite the isolation and quarantine, it is in full swing for me, it’s good that not as much as it could. A fire in our house, a bunch of parallel events and a very difficult last year. But every time I am grateful that there are so many people around who support, lend their shoulders and help. Both small and large. Thank.

The first topic is directly related to the fire in our apartment building, where the wiring is still periodically smoking, firefighters have poured water over everything so that pools can be opened on some floors. But my story is about something else. Go!


  1. About smart home and fire – disappointing conclusions
  2. How Bose threw their customers and thought that everything was fine
  3. Cleaning a key on MacBook Pro is simple and easy
  4. Changed habits of people – growth of mobile traffic
  5. And again about Apple, iPhone SE and other thoughts about the situation in general
  6. Letters from readers – about the work of courier services in a crisis

About smart home and fire – disappointing conclusions

The past week has worn off for many, and the days have become similar to one another. Few worked outside the home; most were getting used to the same daily routine. In my usual format, there was an involuntary failure, as there was a fire in the apartment above us at three in the morning. Either the apartment caught fire, or the fire started in the attic, there is no final conclusion yet, but the story is not about that at all. You can read about how everything burned and what actions the firefighters took on my blog.

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

I have a smart home working in my apartment, these are different sensors that are configured for different events. I will not say the name of the company that produced them, since I am still trying to find out why this happened and whose fault it is. In short, at four in the morning the smell of burning has already begun to fill the apartment, the sensors were silent, although they should have turned on and warned about what was happening. They were silent even at five in the morning, when there was no one in the apartment, and it was definitely difficult to breathe there, everything was in the smoke from the burning roof, the fire was 2 square meters. Even in the morning, entering the apartment, I felt a sharp smell of burnt wiring, plastic.

And now the most unpleasant thing I can say about the sensors. They react to an open fire nearby, that is, it is worth lighting a match and bringing it close, and they work. If you send in a special aerosol to check their work, they also start working. This has already been verified after the fire. But in the conditions of real smoke, they showed themselves in such a way that one could simply get fired up and not feel it. I woke up at four in the morning very hard, thanks to the firefighters for swearing at full throat in the yard, they woke me up (there were no sirens, no loudspeakers, just a good old shout at each other).

A fire is a very rare situation for any person, for many it does not even happen once, and this is good. But when it seems to you that you did everything right, spent money on sensors to protect yourself and your family, and in the end you got a puff, it’s frustrating. The perceived sense of relative security is much more terrifying, because it seems to you that everything is fine. At the first moment in the morning, I thought that nothing serious was happening, because the sensors would have worked and warned. If I were naive, I would waste a lot of time, and the poisoning by combustion products would be much worse. We spent a little time getting out of the apartment to the street. But a couple of minutes were definitely eaten up by the fact that there was a certain relaxation from the fact that the sensors did not report anything.

You will like the second part of the situation just as much. Leakage sensors once yelled that there was water in the bathroom, they reacted to steam. I wanted to turn them off, but in the hustle and bustle I forgot and waited for the messages to go non-stop, this did not happen. The whole house was shed, almost to the first floor. Somewhere the water was weaker, somewhere stronger. Everything floated on the upper floors, I was a little more fortunate. But the moisture was not only present, it was part of the days that followed. The smell of dampness, drops of water that dripped in the ceilings and went outside. Sensors? They found absolutely nothing.

This is not some old smart home system that has been around for years. Alas, she is not even one year old, she is considered one of the most popular both in Russia and outside our country. The preliminary conclusions that I made from this situation are as follows: you need to install a professional and certified fire alarm. All these “smart” things do not guarantee that they will work at the most crucial moment. It is clear that my experience should not be extended to all smart home systems, but I liked the answer that is currently available from the manufacturer: “Since the fire was not in your room, the sensors should not have responded to it. Smoke in your room is not a sign of a fire. Difficulty breathing is your personal assessment, not supported by anything. ” Answers in the style of “the fool himself” are very invigorating, although, of course, I was a fool here, because I trusted that such sensors work and never tested them in conditions close to real ones. I will not be a fool, I will improve. From a funny thing, in the Netatmo weather station, the development of the fire was well illustrated, you can see how the CO2 level is growing (the station does not measure CO). I will do without illustrations of this whole process, since I will use them in communication with the manufacturer of a smart home, I will try to achieve changes in these quality standards so that such situations do not recur. I’m not sure if this will happen quickly, but, in the end, it will most likely result in an article in which I will tell you about the results.

In the meantime, my advice to you is – do not trust the smart home with your lives, use a fire alarm that has been certified by the relevant authorities. Check these alarms from time to time that everything works. This is important and can save your life.

How Bose threw their customers and thought that everything was fine

During the crisis, many companies begin to show their real attitude towards consumers, cut all possible expenses, and first of all, on service. Initially, such a thing as a world warranty (and there is also a lifetime warranty or a warranty for the product’s service life), I rejected, as there were always many restrictions and reservations. For example, you buy something in China with a worldwide guarantee, and then you find out that it does not work in Russia or the United States. You buy a smartphone with such a warranty in the United States to find out that the manufacturer’s notion of “peace” is limited to North America. There are a lot of pitfalls that are initially forced to treat this concept with prejudice. Sometimes it works within Russia, and then it’s nice, for example, American iPhones could be repaired in Russia until the end of last year under a warranty, now the company has refused it, it’s too expensive. But what to do when the manufacturer made a constructive miscalculation, the defect is equal to one hundred percent, since it is incorporated into the structure or part? This is where the funniest thing begins – there are companies that are ready to incur losses, because they are aware of their guilt, and there are those who do not do this in principle. And the calculation here is very simple – people will forget about this situation, and when they encounter it themselves, then they can be dealt with according to a proven scenario.

The Bose company has been known for its headphones for a long time, these are not some upstarts that no one knows. Bose headphones can be bought literally anywhere in the world, they are international sales. In 2017, the company decided to draw attention to an unusual product – sleep headphones that generated white noise and made it possible to fall asleep comfortably. The product was even launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to get attention – Bose’s development tools were clearly not needed. We have a review of these unusual sleep headphones, an interesting device for the target audience.

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

But then a sad story begins. Many Bose Sleepbuds users started having problems with the battery, it sometimes did not charge to the end, then it suddenly discharged, in a word, behaved unpredictably. In 2019, there were many messages on this topic, but wherever the company could delete them, it did it. It reminds me of sweeping dust under the rug, like the dirt is out of sight, which means that decency is observed and everything is fine. Is not it?

Here you can find the official message from Bose regarding this situation.

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

First and foremost, the company admits that some of the devices have hardware problems, moreover, when offering replacement of such headphones, Bose warns that they will still not be free from this shortcoming. But they offer to exchange them for free, more about this, however, below.

In a situation where a product is dangerous, its withdrawal from the market is used, in the case of Sleepbuds it is simply a stop of production on the part of Bose. In an amicable way, the company should recall this product, in this case it will be liable for logistics (sending the product from anywhere in the world, since it has a worldwide guarantee), refunding funds to customers. And it’s expensive! Therefore, Bose decided not to do this and considered that they would cost a little blood.

A friend of mine bought these headphones in Singapore from an electronics store at the airport. He faced this problem, and the solution that was proposed to him causes amazement – hand over where you bought (remember the eternal about Sberbank – close where you opened it. Sberbank has already experienced this, but not in Bose). Or you can use a specific delivery service so that we replace your headphones with new ones, but with the same problem. Shipping to the US is roughly half the cost of the earbuds (they cost $ 250). For any customer who has bought headphones in another country, this is not an option, since the shipping costs are too high, it is easier to forget about the headphones.

The lack of product recall from the market does not allow demanding money from the company, more precisely, this procedure becomes complicated, you need to go to court and incur additional costs. The expectation that many will not follow this path. I’m not sure that if I faced such a situation, I would do it – after all, these are just broken headphones, and they do no harm. But, without a doubt, the company’s approach is questionable.

Everything is done in order not to return the money. For Bose management, the brand image is an empty space. After all, it is not difficult to return the money to all the victims. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s better to do so than to lose these people in future sales. Loyal Bose users, after being thrown at the company like that (it’s hard for me to find another word), suddenly turn into angry consumers who tell everyone that Bose needs to be bypassed, since they are not responsible for anything.

Want the cherry on top? The lack of a Sleepbuds recall means that this defective item is still being sold in various stores around the world. It was not removed from the shelves, the company did not return deliberately defective goods to its warehouses, and did not pay the expenses to partners. Not! Bose just pretended nothing happened and continued to sell these headphones through partners. The remaining quantities in Bose’s own warehouse were replaced by those who decided to apply for compensation, more precisely, for an exchange.

In the production of electronics, mistakes happen, no one is immune from them, and this is normal. But it is American companies that are used to acting as if there are no problems and pretending that everything is fine. Remember how Steve Jobs talked about the fact that the iPhone has no problems with antennas, and people just hold these devices incorrectly? After massive lawsuits, this resulted in the recognition of the problem, partly the issue of bad engineers was solved with a free cover that was given to users in the United States, plus a change in the software that added additional divisions of the signal level where it was not there.

I don’t know about you, but for me these are always wake-up calls. With a specific example, I can say the following: I bought Bose headphones and gave them to my friends, because I knew that they loved them, now I will stop doing it. It’s possible that the headphones are quite good, but if they break, I don’t want people to come across such a service. At the very least, this is simply unpleasant, and no one needs these negative emotions, especially since there are many alternatives.

On the other hand, my American friend, with whom we chatted the other day, said that “this is a common situation, until the company gets kicked, it will not do anything, they need money, this is a business.” But to be engaged in the struggle for what should go by default, I somehow do not get my hands on it. What do you think about such situations?

Cleaning a key on MacBook Pro is simple and easy

While writing this text, the O key on my keyboard stuck. Let me remind you that my MacBook Pro at the end of 2013 is almost 7 years old, I bought it in the summer of 2014. I would like to say that they do not live so much, but my car proves the opposite. She is productive, suits me one hundred percent. Recently replaced the battery to extend the life of the computer, and so far I’m happy with how the new battery works. Morally I was ready for the fact that some keys should begin to fail, since their safety margin has long come to an end. If we proceed from the work time, which is laid down by the manufacturer, then I have an overexpenditure of the resource by about 5-6 times, I write a lot of texts. And then the O button said that it was tired and could not work as before. I drew attention to this yesterday, the presses became insecure, a letter was eaten with speed dialing.

I decided to remove the key and clean it, in some cases it helps, especially since I never did it. The process itself is described in many places, it is not difficult. So, there was a lot of dust inside, it bunched into rollers, there was hair and other fine dirt.

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customersSpillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customersSpillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

I cleaned the key, put it in place. The situation has improved, but not much, you can press the key, but the move remains soft, it sags. It is absolutely certain that the button is under replacement. If we didn’t have isolation mode, the button could be replaced quickly and painlessly in a lot of places. And it might be worth replacing the entire keyboard. Now this is not so easy to do. The service does not work these days, and I am out of town. But in any case, I will look for where this can be done, work here for five minutes. Yes, and the laptop pleases, as always, perhaps this is the best machine that I have had over the years. And the resource of the keyboard turned out to be simply unthinkable. But every thing gradually starts to break down, this is normal, nothing is eternal.

Changed habits of people – growth of mobile traffic

The fact that many people stay at home also affects mobile traffic, it has grown sharply, since in summer cottages this is often the only option for the Internet. And remote work, one way or another, involves more traffic. Operators have certainly lost their roaming revenues, there are not many people outside the country who use Russian SIM cards. But they also compensated for this moment due to the fact that many began to switch to tariff plans that include more data, and people pay more monthly.

The struggle of operators has reached a fundamentally new level, so many operators are trying to drag subscribers to their side, new connections are offered at bargain prices, they are not widely advertised. The first month is conditionally free or costs 50 percent of the real cost, while the tariffs are maximum, for example, you are given a large amount of traffic. Here the operators are torn between the desire to attract new customers to their side, on the other hand – not to scare away those who already use their services.

Interestingly, the change in consumer behavior leads to a different perception of the services of operators, it is possible that people have more time to figure out what is happening. An acquaintance of mine complained to me that he had connected the Tariffische tariff plan from MTS and immediately faced hidden payments. He was attracted by the opportunity to get 25 GB of traffic that the operator provided. But, without having studied in detail the description of the tariff, he did not know that using torrents costs 75 rubles per day, the limit is 5 GB per day. This question never bothered me, I decided to check how this mechanic works in practice. I had an ancient tariff “Smart” from 2017, this is a number that I practically did not use. Quite recently, the monthly subscription fee was debited from me, I decided to change my tariff to the same “Tariffische”. In the MTS application, I see that the subscription fee was charged for “Smart”, as well as for “Tariff”, that is, in fact, the service was not recalculated. I think we need to figure it out, maybe MTS will return the money at the end of the month? I don’t know, I want to deal with this separately.

I tried to download a torrent, immediately received a message that it costs 75 rubles a day, everything is exactly as described. The mechanics are not very clear to me, because, in an amicable way, the operator, making a distinction between different traffic, must warn before debiting money. For example, to block a torrent and then send a message to the application or SMS that it costs so much money, and if I am ready to spend it, then I must agree with this by sending a response or choosing an option in the menu. There is none of this, that is, the offer has no alternative, and this is frustrating.

In my case, I had to turn off my usual VPN, since nothing like this ever happens from under it. MTS cannot check the traffic of subscribers (in theory they can, in practice it is very expensive and practically impossible for the operator). Therefore, if you want to comfortably use any services and not think what the operator will think of, how he will try to make money on you, then use a VPN. I have a paid subscription, there are no restrictions on the volume of traffic or speed. Plus VPN is needed in order to avoid any blocking, it is convenient not to think about it at all. Well, at the same time, your operator does not see what resources you are accessing, what you are doing on the network.

At the same time, I decided to check another complaint that I heard in the Rogovskoye settlement, this is the territory of New Moscow. This area is considered the home zone of MTS, that is, it is included in Moscow and the Moscow region. A tower has appeared relatively recently, which has improved the coverage, and it serves nearby settlements, including Rogovskoye. My neighbor’s complaint was related to the fact that his phone in the MTS network thinks that it is in the Kaluga region and counts traffic outside his native region. Being here, it was easy for me to look at where my device is connected, both in Rogovo and in the Kaluga region on the border with Moscow, it was the same base station. And then I was wondering how MTS will start counting traffic, how they will understand where I am.

I conducted a simple experiment, spent half of my package, being physically in the Kaluga region, spent the second half of the package, having arrived in Rogovo (this is not the border of the settlement, I downloaded data, as they say, in the very middle of the village). In MTS, all traffic was counted as traffic outside the home region. I did not have the opportunity to buy a SIM card from the Kaluga region, but I suspect that I will have it in roaming in Moscow, although physically I will be in the Kaluga region and will be served by exactly the same base station.

Contacting the subscriber service robbed me of my peace of mind. The first operator, a nice girl, explained that I am in roaming, outside my home region, and therefore I need to select a network manually – search in the menu and connect to the MTS Moscow base station. I thought that MTS support knew what it was saying, and it was useful to check, MTS Bud’Doma appeared in the list of operators. It is clear that now it is impossible to routinely find out which base station “shines” on me. In fact, this is not so important, there is one base station that serves several villages at once. I don’t understand the logic that was laid in MTS in determining who and where is, but the fact is that physically being in Moscow, I receive traffic, as if I were in the Kaluga region. The operator does everything in his favor.

The second call to support was very funny. I was told that I was connected to someone else’s base station. From this I was somewhat surprised and tried to find out what a “foreign base station” is. Here, apparently, the correct scripts were used, since the girl responsibly and repeatedly ignored this question. But she offered to contact the manufacturer of the phone, since MTS is not responsible for where my device clings. The conversation went in a circle, and I was told that it would now be interrupted, since I was given all the answers and now “the questions are cyclical.” My surprise increased when, in response to the phrase that “you are inadequate,” I was told that after insults the operator has the right to hang up. Work in the support service is certainly not sugar, people are annoyed, as they try to solve their problems, what worries them. But I never knew that mentioning inadequacy was an insult.

The request to connect with the senior operator resulted in an answer that I was already talking to an “expert” and I could not get anyone else. In total, the whole situation left an unpleasant aftertaste, no solution to the issue followed. Answers in the style of “you are a fool” to some extent make you think that the operator does not really care what I think about his work.

During these weeks a personal manager recruited me to Beeline, reminded me of my existence and that I was ready to solve all my questions. There is also not the main number, but the tariff is at the level with MTS, I spend about a thousand rubles a month. In MegaFon, where the main number is, it is clear that it is more difficult to check the operator’s work, since it is a dedicated support service and many other pleasant little things, but there are more expenses there (especially due to roaming on trips, now the amount of spending has decreased).

We continue the story about MTS. My friend said that he has an unlimited option for 200 rubles in his native region, in Moscow he uses the phone to distribute the Internet. In MTS they give only 10 GB for distribution, and then they block traffic. It is very easy to work around, you need to change one parameter on the computer (on a smartphone it is a little more difficult, but still easy) so that the operator does not see that you are using the Internet on different devices. A friend’s question to me sounded like this: They understand that this way of bypassing their blocking is well known, who needs it, found everything and use it, why make problems?… I don’t have an answer to this question, I also don’t understand why it’s necessary to create such slingshots, isn’t it easier to immediately create optimal tariffs in which you don’t need to fight with your subscribers around what they are doing. For example, prohibit unlimited Internet as such or limit it to some volume (especially since the operator on its own website writes that it restricts torrents, without specifying that it takes money for it).

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

Any change in the tariff plan for a person is a way out of the comfort zone, when he knows exactly how much he spends a month, what services he receives. Now it seems to many people that they pay much more, but get about the same, plus the features hidden behind asterisks or full descriptions of tariffs – all this does not add transparency. I described MTS, because I could test this operator on my own skin, but I am sure that everyone has about the same jambs, this is a standard story for our market. You can share your horror stories about communicating with operators and what you have encountered in recent weeks in the comments.

And I would like to end this part of Biryulek with a story about how broadband access operators saw opportunities for new connections in a fire in an apartment building. Historically, the most popular broadband access provider in our country is a local company, it operates in our area and provides high-quality Internet, it is difficult to complain about it. After the roof burned down, all the equipment burned down in the same place, several entrances were left without the Internet as such (this is more than a hundred apartments at least). Literally the next day, offers from MGTS appeared, and they promised to connect everything almost tomorrow. Many agreed to this, the connections were in the entrances that were extreme in relation to the fire, but where it mostly burned, this did not happen. In addition to MGTS, other broadband access providers appeared, all vying with each other to assure that the Internet would appear just about. It is clear that this depended on the speed of restoration of the roof (it has already been partially restored, emergency repairs are in full swing). And our home provider, who honestly spoke about the timing, was at a disadvantage, others announced the connection at the time of the conclusion of the contract. But this is not so important, rather it is interesting how quickly large companies reacted to the situation, how they immediately got their bearings. It is clear that a hundred subscribers is a tidbit, but within the framework of large operators, these are tears. Perhaps this shows how much competition in the market has intensified during the crisis.

And again about Apple, iPhone SE and other thoughts about the situation in general

I don’t know about you, but I give a standing ovation to the wheels for the $ 700 Mac Pro. Nobody, except Apple, could show and prove to the whole world the level of margin on their products. After all, when I say that the iPhone, and any of them, costs twice as much as it should, they tell me that these are just my ideas about the beautiful, but in fact it contains a sea of ​​technologies that is a cut above the competitors. …

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

I hope that these same people will be able to explain to me everything about technology in wheels. Even in the heat of excitement, I wrote a text about wheels from Apple, perhaps we will publish it on the weekend. What would happen if Tim Cook decided to make a separate presentation about this accessory.

It is clear that the iPhone SE has lagged far behind the market, a device that in all aspects does not correspond to the current reality and at the same time costs twice as much as it can and should. I expressed my thoughts about this in the article, I will not repeat it.

I really tried to scrape together ten reasons for buying an iPhone SE in 2020, they turned out, frankly, tortured, since I can not get rid of the thought that this is a very expensive and very weak device.

One of these days, more precisely, tomorrow, an article will be released in which we will analyze ten reasons why you should not buy an iPhone SE, but for now there are a few thoughts that I think are important and highlight the logic of those who consider SE to be a great device.

The main and, perhaps, the only thesis of the iPhone SE fans is that it is a compact device. It’s hard to argue here, since it is quite small, but there are plenty of such devices on the market, the same Samsung S10e is small in size and fits perfectly in the hand. But I am confused by something else – a hardware fingerprint sensor that is built into the key. All manufacturers have switched to sensors built into the screen, this technology is not as complicated as it might seem, it is found in models that cost 15 thousand rubles and more. That is, the question of cost simply does not arise here, it is a question of the desire to use new technologies.

Spillikins # 586. Why companies forget about their customers

For most manufacturers, a fingerprint sensor built into the screen is the ability to increase the screen diagonal without increasing the size or thickness of the case. And it’s convenient. Many people use these sensors and find them comfortable. What is the problem for the most expensive company on the planet to add such a sensor? There is only one answer – greed. Apple wants to receive almost half of the value from each SE as its income. And this is a laudable wish.

Removing the sensor, it would be possible to put a bigger screen, get rid of the frames as such. But, alas, this is the prerogative of the models that will appear at the end of this year, such a design change has been reserved for them. It will be interesting for me to see how people who today condemn “holes in the screen” start to extol the same solution from Apple. There it will be a brilliant hole, and not like everyone else – just a hole for the camera.

But I also care about another point, the fact that Apple actually broke the user experience. Starting with the iPhone X, all models of the company did not have a fingerprint sensor, only face unlock. And now the iPhone SE breaks this approach, there is no face unlock, but the fingerprint sensor is returned. It just doesn’t seem very logical to me?

Another point that is overlooked or ignored. In 2016, the perception of Apple has already begun to break down in the market, the company has lost in sales. Since then, she has never been able to regain the level of sales she once had. The company’s strategy is to make their devices as expensive as possible in order to earn as much as possible. And this resulted in a record quarter at the end of last year, this is money that was overpaid for iron, which is not so expensive. Here one can only praise Apple, they can sell more expensive than anyone else, it is possible for them. But it all comes to an end, and the company’s loyal audience also comes to an end. This crisis is becoming a catalyst; in the United States, a significant number of iPhone users will not be able to buy these devices, they simply do not have the money. The situation is the same all over the world, there are no exceptions. A smartphone from Apple contradicts the situation on the market, the most severe economic crisis leads to the fact that people are beginning to save, and smartphones are something that they will change less often and choose more picky. Without the best iPhone alternatives on the market, it wouldn’t be in danger. But the alternatives in the face of Android smartphones are such that they easily outperform the iPhone, the latter, besides the Apple brand, has nothing to offer (for some, this is a lot, it’s a matter of habit). And while it was a question of a price difference of 20-25%, people could choose an iPhone, but when the difference in cost already reaches 50%, everything changes. The gap between Apple and reality is growing too much, the wheels are witness to this!

Letters from readers – about the work of courier services in a crisis

It is no secret that courier delivery services are now experiencing increased workload. But sometimes it is connected not only and not so much with the absence of couriers, but with the organization of work. Read the letter from our reader, which describes a similar situation, it is quite typical:

Good afternoon, Eldar.

Below is a wonderful story of relations with the notorious Beru marketplace and the logistics company with which this, without exaggeration, chic service works. It would be great to see this in the upcoming Spillikins, because now there are absolutely no levers of influence on them. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

Within two days, the bunch of Beru and the courier service of Vestova could not reconcile the delivery address of my order.

15.04 I made an order for I take headphones as a gift. The headphones are not very expensive (Jays-u-Jays wireless), however, the point, as always, is not at all about the price of the device.

I previously also made an order for Beru (more on this below) with delivery to a different address. In this regard, the service remembered it and did not even specify at the time of ordering, to which address I need delivery. 4,5 months have passed since that attempt to use this marketplace. I noticed the inaccuracy of the address immediately after placing and paying for the order.

On April 15.04, during my call, the hotline employee informed me that the delivery address had been changed and I would be contacted within XNUMX hours to confirm it. A day later, not a single answer was received.

On April 16.04, I myself called the hotline again, where the employee Beru also assured me that the order would be delivered to the changed address and there was no reason for concern.

17.04 on the day the delivery was scheduled, the courier called me and said that he was ready to give me the order at the ORIGINAL address.

Let me remind you that more than 2 days have passed since my call with a request to change the delivery address. In addition, please note that this initial call was made no more than 10 minutes after placing and paying for the order.

On April 17.04, I again had to call Beru’s hotline to clarify further actions. There I was informed that the order should be delivered today (17.04) to a new address. After that, I voiced what the courier told me and the employee noted that, indeed, the request to change the delivery address has not yet been processed (2 days have passed).

At the same moment, I turned to Vestova’s company to clarify this issue on their part. On the delivery monitoring site, I was provided with information that the order was postponed to April 20th!

Therefore, I again turned to your support service, where I was transferred to a senior specialist, due to the fact that it was not possible to resolve this situation at the level of an ordinary hotline specialist.

The girl was polite and acted absolutely correctly and with full understanding of the situation. As a result, she was able to agree on the postponement of the delivery to April 18. I agreed to reduce the shipping requirements and agree to this delivery date. Also in this conversation, it was promised to tackle this issue the next day in the context of the exact delivery time (the condition was not met in the end).

At about 9:30 am on April 18th, I called Vestova’s courier service, where they told me that my order should be delivered on April 18.04th, IF they find a courier to do this. It took THREE days from the moment of ordering and changing the delivery address on my part and agreeing it with the Beru support service.

Also K. Vestovoy told me that “perhaps at 12 noon there will be information on my order, while it is not there.” To my remark that the delivery time is from 10 to 18 and how orders can be distributed at 12, they answered me with a quote: “Well, after all, until 18”.

After that, through several employees of the hotline, I was connected with another Senior Support Specialist, whose name will be left outside the brackets. As a result of a 10 minute conversation, “name” was able to provide only the information that was already known (delivery interval). To my question about the exact time of delivery, he replied that he could not find out such information and did not see “any problem that the order was delayed for reasons beyond the control of the buyer.” Alexey repeated this phrase several times and also refused to provide an opportunity to communicate with his manager, referring to the fact that in the company such communication for the consumer is carried out exclusively through the feedback form.

Why do you need a support service that is able to provide only the information that is indicated in open sources on the Internet and in the user’s personal account? No employee who can be contacted directly is able to provide anything other than this and is not able to solve any problems on orders – all this is incomprehensible.

PS In winter, in the pre-New Year period, I also made an order in Beru. The order was placed a WEEK before the expected delivery date, which, of course, was disrupted for this company, in the same way there were no decisions or compensation.

UPD: During the time of writing this “message” (18.04.2020/12/35 19.04:XNUMX PM), the news came that the c. The messenger again cannot deliver the order to me, due to the “high workload” and “lack of couriers.” The delivery is thus postponed to XNUMX …

In this regard, there is one more question: is it not worth changing the logistics company, which brings such colossal problems to customers? I am sure that given Beru’s scale, such cases are not just isolated, they are of astounding proportions.


Your letters allow for a fuller disclosure of topics, which is why I like them so much. And that’s why they appear in Spillikins. As they say, news from the fields that cannot be replaced by the experience of one person. This is our collective experience, what we face in life. Write!

PS Have a good week, do not be sad in isolation, try to keep yourself occupied with books, films and, of course, work. There are very interesting and difficult times ahead, use this time wisely, try not to lose it. Let everything go well in your life, all the obstacles are within our power, the question is in our perception of what is happening. Have a good week and see you on our pages.

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