Spillikins # 604. Fortnite’s Rotten Apple Attack on Apple


The refrain, with which the last issues of Spillikins begin, that the world has become a branch of an insane asylum. You read texts about technology in large publications, and the hair begins to take on a life of its own, it leaves my head like that, as if I’m telling you. One of these topics will be in this issue. The American stock market is showing a different degree of madness, where, despite the objective market results, a huge bubble is inflated, which is already starting to crackle at the seams. The feeling that someone is trying to create a safety cushion for themselves and earn some money in the end.

I am slowly finishing my review of Galaxy Buds Live, but looking ahead I will say that this is the best headset in the last few years. It is excellent as a headset, the interlocutor hears you in any conditions. Sounds good too, but any TWS earbuds are always a compromise.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Other novelties from the latest announcement from Samsung are also in the queue for publication, some reviews have already been released, so look on the site. Buyers of Note20 Ultra write in different social networks and in the mail asking how to make the device warm up. I have nothing to answer them, I spread my hands. But this is such a lyrical digression, let’s start our release, let’s go!


  1. Epic Games vs. Apple – the war for app profit
  2. Reducing the cost of the iPhone 12 – cheaper components
  3. Blackberry 2021, how Foxconn dug up a flight attendant
  4. The quality of mobile Internet in Russia on the example of St. Petersburg
  5. What do you think about fake headphones? About the dangers of such headphones?
  6. Adobe erases custom files and Lightroom settings
  7. 8K Camera & Video Makers – The Adventure Begins

Epic Games vs. Apple – the war for app profit

The recession is not the best time for those hoping to make money, and perhaps that is why Epic Games attacked Apple and the App Store rules. I feel that the discussion of the vicissitudes of the struggle against Apple may become weekly, as many facts are revealed, each of which deserves separate attention.

In addition to the fact that Epic Games prepared for an attack on Apple and launched the 1984 video, which we discussed in previous Spillikins, the company took an unprecedented step, namely, announced a new season with a “rotten apple”. And indicated that users of iOS and other Apple products will not be able to participate in it. Fortnite has announced this in all countries, in different languages, and the attack on Apple looks unambiguous. I can’t remember such a PR attack on Apple, Epic Games encourages players to express their Apple phi.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on AppleSpillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on AppleSpillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on AppleSpillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

It is difficult to predict what the outcome of this PR move will be; Epic Games can pay dearly for it. And it’s not just about losing access to iOS, which has already happened. Apple cannot back down and allow its own business practices to be questioned, this threatens to destroy the entire business of the company, throw the current strategy into the dustbin, in which services and tax collection on access to iOS come to the fore, which is imputed to everyone who wants to be on this platform. The developers are watching this fight with great interest, and if Apple gives up, the situation will become uncontrollable, the company will simply be crushed. Therefore, there should be no doubt that Apple will defend itself in every possible way.

After removing Fortnite from the app store, Epic Games went to court to temporarily veto the decision and force Apple to keep Fortnite on the App Store pending consideration. In turn, Apple went to court, where they clarified their position. The company’s lawyers do not eat their bread in vain, the logic of the appeal is very simple and understandable.

According to Apple, Epic Games wanted special conditions only for themselves, which is proved by the letters written by the company’s CEO, they are attached to the documents for the court. The company also describes the events as planned, that is, a sequence of actions that should have led to the removal of the application, which happened. Epic Games was preparing for this, which is proved by both the filmed video and the appeal to the court. But of course I was struck by one of the phrases: “If a developer can avoid payment, then this is comparable to the fact that a customer leaves the Apple store with a stolen product. Apple doesn’t get money. ” (If developers can avoid digital checkout, it is the same as if a customer lives an Apple reatil store without paying for shoplifted product: Apple does not get paid ”.

This logic jarred me a little, since the comparison of Epic Games with thieves is somewhat far-fetched. They create and sell their own product, they want to have control over this product and achieve transparency from the App Store, moreover, they want the same transparency for all iOS developers.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, responded to the accusation that he wanted special conditions only for his company, he cited exactly the same letter that Apple’s lawyers attached in their appeal to court.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

And the letter says in black and white that the company wants to make changes for all iOS developers. The text of the letter is transparent, there are no ambiguities in it, which lawyers want to add later. Tim speaks on behalf of his company, which is logical, he is not the head of any association. Apple’s line of defense is built to portray Sweeney as a money-hungry man trying to make as much money as possible thanks to Apple. The position is at least surprising, since Apple’s greed for other people’s money has become legendary in the market.

In order not to delve into a huge number of examples of Apple’s greed, I will cite only one, which perfectly characterizes the situation in which the developers find themselves. Surely you know what WordPress is, it is a free platform for creating your own blogs on the web. The founder of the company Matt Malenweg (Matt Mullenweg) said that his program was blocked by Apple in the App Store. No updates or changes to the software were allowed, the main reason is that WordPress on iOS was free! Apple demanded to add paid plans (they are on the WordPress site, but not in the app) so that the company can receive its 30% of each payment. WordPress is going to comply with this decision, but apparently the application with paid options will become a separate one, and the free version will continue to develop. Will this raise questions for Apple? Nobody knows.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

I think the WordPress story is a very good example of how Apple is trying to squeeze all the money out of the App Store. And when the company says that the working conditions of the developers are equal to those in the Play Market, then they are, at least, dissembling. On Android, the user can install any application on his own, it is not at all necessary to be in the Play Market for this. On iOS, there is no way to be on devices, bypassing Apple, this is a key difference. And so we can say that Apple has a monopoly on iOS, the system is 100% owned by the company, it comes up with the rules, breaks or changes them. Moreover, there is no transparency in these rules.

After the hearings in the US Congress, many publications have a question why Amazon Prime received special conditions from Apple and pays a lower percentage than others (15% in the first year, not 30% like everyone else). There is no transparency on the part of Apple, the rules and agreements are hidden from other players. The nonprofit Digital Content Next includes the Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other leading American publications. An email was sent to Tim Cook asking him to clarify the criteria by which Amazon received such conditions, and to understand who falls under them. Chances are good that, by pulling this thread, it turns out that Amazon’s special terms were a one-off deal, since this online platform is important to Apple. And then the antitrust authorities will be happy to bring these violations to the company. And those who overpaid 15% and still fit the criteria for Amazon, will be able to recover their losses, plus interest over the past time. Whatever one may say, but this is an extremely difficult situation for Apple and the strategy that the company has chosen.

I repeat that Apple will defend its business model to the last, since this is the only option to somehow increase its own sales, to milk the developers dry. Will the company be able to do it? Chances are good not. Congressional hearings have already outlined the attack vector for officials, this is the app store and what rules Apple sets. Therefore, the very same Epic Games acted so openly, this is creating a precedent for congressmen, additional points against Apple. I doubt that this crusade is not fueled by any promises or preferences in the future. The attack on Apple comes from different directions, but the goal is the same today – the app store and its rules. I think that changes in it are inevitable, the only question is when they will be introduced and what kind of compromise will be reached between the state and the company. Lawyers will be busy this year, the proceedings promise to be extremely interesting.

Reducing the cost of the iPhone 12 – cheaper components

Curious information from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has contacts inside Apple and fairly accurately outlines the production timeline and the changes that are made to the products. The key problem for Apple is that the cost of 5G smartphones is noticeably higher than that of conventional 4G models. The growth in the cost of the iPhone 12 in older models will be $ 125-135, which is critical. The company cannot raise retail prices by this amount, iPhone sales are declining. Apparently because of this, the rejection of the charger in the kit was discussed, this is an attempt to reduce the cost

And here is another option for reducing the cost – reducing the price of components. In particular, Apple wants to use cheaper batteries. The battery board for the iPhone 12 will be 40-50% cheaper due to the simplified design. What does this mean for users? The answer is obvious – the deterioration of the characteristics of the battery, or rather its life, it will decrease.

Now about the timing of the release of the new iPhone 12 line. We already know that it will have four models: two simple iPhones, as well as two Pro models. Simple iPhones 12 will appear in October, but older models – in November or even later. Due to the pandemic, the development timeline has shifted, Apple simply did not have time to finalize the devices and were forced to abandon many new functions. That is, year-on-year changes will not be very great, and the main stake is on the fact that the devices will support 5G. In my opinion, this will not be enough for many markets.

The appearance for the first time in the main line of the basic model with a small screen is also a response to the challenge of the times. The expansion of the model range increases the initial shipments, which is so important for the company. It is important to show that the iPhone is in demand and that everything is fine. But the leapfrog with the release dates, the reduction in the cost of most of the components, all this rather well characterizes the crisis that is inside Apple. For the first time in 2020, Apple is betting on low-cost devices, and more and more of them will appear as the company cannot compete with other brands. There will be inexpensive watches, other accessories, discounts on the current lineup. And this destroys the image of the same iPhone as a fashion product, it has already ceased to be such. And this process is only gaining momentum. The photo below shows unofficial renders of new products.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Blackberry 2021, how Foxconn dug up a flight attendant

Sometimes they come back. The last Blackberry-branded smartphone was launched by TCL Mobile in 2018. The Blackberry Key 2 never became popular, although it gained some popularity among the brand’s fans.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Now Foxconn and their daughter FIH Mobile (they love three-letter names in Foxconn, the same HMD Global), in collaboration with OnwardMobility from Texas, are planning to launch a 2021G smartphone under the Blackberry brand in 5. The statement of intent was made, it was noted that the stake will be made on data security, for which the phones of this company were once so famous. No details, no description of what might appear in this model.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

I see this as a shot into the void, since even an audience loyal to Blackberry has already retrained and switched to ordinary smartphones with touch screens, typing has long ceased to be a problem and a physical keyboard is not needed. And if we talk about the fact that Blackberry was and was positioned as a business tool, then those days are gone. Mail and a set of business tools are in any modern smartphone, both inexpensive and flagship. One question arises, for whom will such smartphones be needed? There is no answer to it and there cannot be. There is no potential audience.

A friend of mine shared pictures of what a Blackberry might look like in 2021 – a flexible screen, a large QWERTY keyboard, a Galaxy Fold-style clamshell. Then my first question arose, why make a flexible screen, if such a structure can be built without it? To make it fashionable? Some kind of utopia, which raises many questions, but does not give a single answer. It is impossible to revive the Blackberry brand, or it will cost so much that it is easier to start from scratch. The problem with old brands is that they already carry the burden of the past and are associated with something. And such associations are not good for new products.

The quality of mobile Internet in Russia on the example of St. Petersburg

I am constantly in St. Petersburg and prefer to go there on Sapsan, I know the way by heart. Over the past couple of years, the coverage along the road has improved for all operators, the connection speed and quality have increased. This is a process that takes place throughout the country without exception, but it can be seen in the example of large cities. For example, I have a lot of conference calls every week, some last 2-3 hours, most of the time I speak as a listener, occasionally I give comments. Previously, I traveled around the city exclusively by car, since during a call the descent into the metro meant that it would be interrupted and would need to be reconnected. The torn connection was annoying, and you lost the thread of the discussion, missed important points. Today, in Moscow, you can move as you like within the center, communication in the metro is not interrupted, rather, the problem areas are separate crossings on the streets, where the signal leaves for a minute. The quality of coverage has improved for all operators, without exception, and they are working on this further.

Let’s go back to Peter, where communication lagged behind Moscow noticeably, the speeds were lower. Today, this difference is no longer fundamental in most cases, since you can get speeds of 100-120 Mbit, which is not bad for the mobile Internet and covers the needs of the vast majority of people. The average subscriber in St. Petersburg has less traffic than in Moscow. Here the dependence, which has developed historically, first increases the traffic in Moscow, then, with a delay of a year, one and a half years, other cities are pulled up to this level, and the closest is St. Petersburg. Krasnodar and Novosibirsk are performing well, the rest are slightly behind. Therefore, the fact that operators do not create networks with maximum access speeds is quite justified, why stand idle for capacities if they are not in demand in practice?

The other side of the issue is the availability of smartphones that support the aggregation of frequencies in LTE, high speed of access. The stereotype says that in order to achieve maximum speed, we need a flagship, preferably something from the latest models. I confess that I have about the same way of thinking, I didn’t ponder at this moment at all, since there was no need.

Look at the data transfer rate on my Galaxy Fold in the Sevkabel space in St. Petersburg.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

When a thought comes to you, then it’s time to test it in practice, so I annoyingly pestered those around me asking what their phone number was. I asked to check the connection speed using a test, and I did it both with friends and strangers. I just stopped at the second ten of the respondents, because the picture had taken shape. Take a look at the connection speeds on the same carrier for last year’s Galaxy A50.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on AppleSpillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

In fact, it can be argued that in terms of the quality of the connection with mobile networks, devices that cost more than 15 thousand rubles from large manufacturers provide the maximum possible. I do not take into account the quality of the connection in terms of reliability, antenna performance, just head-on speed. And here there are simply no differences between flagships and mass models, you get a similar speed. I understand that the adherents of the specialness of the flagships will now scream and begin to prove that this is not so. But facts are stubborn things, this is exactly the case in practice and nothing else.

From the funny in the process of studying other people’s phones and the speed of their connection. I got acquainted with a whole dance studio, they recorded a video (they made a video sooner), they are very creative guys. It’s amazing how much our people are drawn into experimentation and how curious we are. When he explained what exactly I wanted to understand and see, they vied with each other to participate in this spontaneous experiment. And thanks to them, it took ten minutes at most. You need to talk to people, and then they will help you in your endeavors, I was always convinced of this, and once again I was convinced of this in practice.

It is clear that my sample is completely unrepresentative, these are just observations from life. But I concluded that many have fairly fresh devices, which give out a good connection speed. This is great news for operators, as their networks are doing the best they can, and people can actually take advantage of that speed in practice.

I had an event at Sevkabel, Beeline launched a 5G test zone together with Nokia. There is a large playground where you can play cloud games, ride bicycles and generally have fun.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

The site itself will be open until September 30, everything is absolutely free, so stop by. Those who are now shouting that all operators have excellent Internet and good speeds on Sevkabel, they will be right. But I looked at the quality of the connection and tormented those around me in other parts of the city, somewhere better, somewhere worse, but the trend is exactly the one described above.

Another observation that amused. Most people said before the test that their connection speed was “normal,” but not fantastic. As soon as they saw the numbers, they were surprised and said that it was better than the home Internet. Also the stereotype of perception that wired internet is better than mobile, this stereotype is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and with the advent of 5G it will disappear altogether.

What do you think about fake headphones? About the dangers of such headphones?

Several people asked me questions about the publications that they read on Lenta.ru, they give advice on what is good, what is bad about mobile devices. I read a few notes, and I became firmly convinced that it is impossible to write such nonsense so seriously. I won’t go through all the notes, but I’ll start with the harmful wireless headphones.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Quote: The main danger of wireless headphones is that they emit electromagnetic waves near the human brain. This is especially true for copies of the original gadgets..

Ahem, I started to cough, because I felt like this text was generated by an AI algorithm, just slicing from some database, which collected all sorts of horror stories. In general, all the texts with comments are Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics of the PRUE named after G.V. Plekhanov Alexander Timofeeva differ in one and the same – these are horror stories that have nothing to do with life. It is sad that something like this appears, because for someone, perhaps this will become a real confirmation that there is a danger of something. And at the same time, we see here an outright misunderstanding of even the basic principles of how technology works. Let’s start debriefing.

No one would argue that wireless technology is built around electromagnetic radiation. It is a fact. Copies of original devices, for example, the same AirPods, work exactly like the original headphones, the principle of their operation is the same, nothing new has been invented here. These headphones are built on one or another version of bluetooth, their power class may differ (in fakes it is lower! As it is cheaper). There is nowhere on our planet to take a technology other than bluetooth for wireless headphones. And the main harm that fakes bring is the sound level, sometimes prohibitively high, harmful plastic, but not the increased level of radiation. It’s just bullshit.

It is possible that you can decipher this phrase: “In humans, the activity of the nervous system also has electromagnetic currents, and the number of people suffering from magnetic oscillations of nature is only increasing.” I couldn’t, no matter how much I struggled.

Here is another quote: The expert pointed out that the most dangerous are “replicas” of devices. They are the ones that are most harmful to hearing and vision. To check the safety of the gadget, Timofeev suggested putting the phone down and moving away a certain distance in the headphones connected to it. If the signal becomes weak at a distance of several meters, then the headphones are safe..

Ahem. How can you check the signal strength? How are headphones harmful to eyesight? The bluetooth technology allows the headphones to work at a distance of 10 meters from the source, this is in an open space. The sound in the headphones doesn’t get quieter, it just cuts off when you get far enough away. The quality of the original headphones is such that, due to their antennas, they provide a better connection at a greater distance, that is, according to Mr. Timofeev, this confirms their danger. You can find the original text here.

Since Lenta.ru is a resource with a large audience, and publications should go through at least some reconciliation with reality, I decided to see what else is there with the comments of Alexander Timofeev. I plunged into a wonderful world and now I will be a guide for you in this kingdom of ignorance.

Here is another note on the “danger” of smartphones, you can find it here.

Quote: The scientist pointed out that telephones should not be placed on top of each other, since in this case, radio signals are present in large quantities in one place, which can be dangerous for people nearby.… I am more and more inclined to believe that this is a generator of random phrases and this is just such an experiment, I did not specifically look at how real the person being quoted is, I do not want to spoil my impression. This phrase (“there are a lot of radio signals”) can be hung in a frame on the wall. Anyone who has studied physics will cry all day after that.

And here’s another wonderful thing. The expert emphasized that the negative effect of radio emission on the skin and decorative cosmetics was revealed, in most cases it can manifest itself in the form of acne (inflammation)… The previous text was also about diseases. The risk of developing cancer due to wireless headphones has been announced by scientists from 40 countries. At the same time, Bluetooth technologies are recognized as safe, which is why they are widely used all over the world.… But there these are the words of the editorial board, not Timofeev, which to some extent excuses him. In two adjacent sentences, bluetooth is dangerous and safe.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Want more fun? I have this publication for you.

Quote: It is better to lay the smartphone face down – this simple action will extend the life of the device. Alexander Timofeev, associate professor of the Department of Informatics of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, told the Prime agency about this. Thus, the camera located on the back of the gadget will be less scratched and the display will heat up. The expert explained that most smartphone owners purchase special protective glasses or films for screens, so the face down position will not scratch the display. At the same time, cameras usually protrude above the surface of the phone, which is associated with the number of lenses in the lens, and it is difficult to protect them from damage..

I looked at my phone, it always lies on its back, there is no need to lay the phone face down. All manufacturers design smartphones so that they lie on their backs, this is logical, and allows you to avoid even the slightest scratches on the screen. And many models can simply slide off an uneven surface, as they tend to slip when you ring or vibrate, if you put them as advised.

You know this is both funny and sad at the same time. I haven’t come across such nonsense for a long time, why experiment on my own audience, because someone sincerely believes in this and then carries this knowledge further. So we have a sect of witnesses to the harm of 5G and other technologies. Clickbait is great, but you probably need to know when to stop. I am sincerely disappointed, because I know the guys from Lenta as smart, professional and trying to get to the bottom of the issue. In some way influence your comrades who publish such nonsense.

And it reminded me of a story a year ago, when a “review” was made on the Galaxy Note10 +, I even recorded a video about it, there was also a lot of funny things there.

Adobe erases custom files and Lightroom settings

Many people have become reckless and trust technology more than they should. And at the same time, the developers, which can be safely called krivoruk. This time, Adobe stood out, when updating Lightroom for iOS to version 5.4, many users found that all their files were erased. In addition to the files, settings, watermarks and other working tools, including those purchased from the company, were erased. This affected both those who used the free version of the program and paid subscribers. The exceptions were those who used the cloud from Adobe, the necessary files are saved there.

A description of this issue can be found on the Adobe forum.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Mistakes happen to everyone, but communication from Adobe is not very intelligible, they decided to silence the problem, they say, it will resolve itself. It is possible that there is no point in repenting, tearing your hair, but you need to give all the victims compensation in one form or another. It is possible that you do not want to do this, as it will affect the company’s revenue. But the situation itself is wild and it’s worth talking about how we protect our files on mobile devices. In our Telegram channel, I conducted a small survey on this topic, if you have not voted, then you can participate here.

Spillikins # 604. Fortnite's Rotten Apple Attack on Apple

Most people firmly believe that everything is in the cloud and there is no cause for concern. Indeed, if you have configured the synchronization of photos and videos, contacts and messages, then the bulk of your data is in the cloud. Messengers successfully save everything to the cloud, so you won’t lose anything here either. It is possible that some games and your achievements in them will not be synchronized, but this is not such a problem, is it?

The first problem is that we think that everything is in the cloud, but we never take the time to check how our data is saved, to what extent it is in the cloud. And we don’t spend too much time setting up individual applications. Those who use several smartphones or a smartphone and a tablet at the same time are in the best position. To create a unified working environment requires data synchronization and therefore you know exactly what you have in the cloud. In my opinion, this is a necessity, and the stake should be made on several independent systems (for example, Google Photos can be duplicated by Yandex.Disk). Why are independent systems needed in addition to local copies? The answer is obvious, and we started with it, no company can guarantee 100% safety of your data. This is, alas, a utopia. You always have to proceed on the worst-case assumption that there will be a failure and you will not be able to access your information from one of the sources, but you will always be left with another. It is possible that there is a little paranoia here, but as a person who survived the flooding, loss of data in the OVI service from Nokia, but saved all the information in the end, I can say that there are not many precautions.

Tell us how you protect your data, how you set up synchronization. Do I need to make an educational program on this topic in the form of a separate material and describe the basic principles?

8K Camera & Video Makers – The Adventure Begins

First, I will quote a letter from our reader, it perfectly reveals the topic:

Eldar, good day!

Thank you very much for contacting the photographer, which I once asked you in the Direct. It helped!

I would like to suggest a topic that interests me personally and, most likely, will be of interest to you: overheating of new Canon mirrorless cameras, specifically the R5. I myself am looking at the transition to a new system, but the topic is gaining momentum.

On the topic, thesis is how I see the situation:

  1. The R5 claims 8K RAW video recording, but the camera overheats (which is normal) and blocks the function for quite a long time (which is not normal).
  2. Many photo-video experts on YouTube and various resources note that one of the killer features of the new camera is in fact impossible to use due to the imposed restrictions, and the same Sony beats Canon, although it does not give out 8K.
  3. Enthusiasts test this aspect of blocking camera functions in detail and come to the conclusion that it is purely software and is not related at all to the actual processor temperature.
  4. Canon does not comment on this aspect in any way and is criticized for a similar approach to product positioning (why buy an expensive pro camcorder when a mirrorless can do the same).

It would be very interesting to know about this in Spillikins, and in general I look forward to hearing from you about the R5 / R6.

All the best!

Best Regards,
Dmitry Kulakov

I’ll start from the end, I wrote about the camera for the test at Canon, but I haven’t received an answer yet, I’ll knock again this week, it’s interesting to see the camera. But about overheating, I think that the problem is real, since camera manufacturers are just facing problems that they have overcome in smartphones. Heating the processor when processing large amounts of data, and this, for example, recording in high resolution, requires heat dissipation. For cameras, this is a new challenge, and engineers have never solved it to such an extent. Overheating can potentially damage electronics, and software restricting recording is a protective measure. But it certainly puts an end to using the camera for video, in the way it was planned to be done. How serious the problem is, and not far-fetched, we will learn in the near future, the discussion is only gaining momentum. But on my own behalf, I note that the research around the fact that the shutdown occurs before the processor heats up to critical temperatures contains a certain assumption. The processor does not warm up instantly, nor does it cool down very quickly. Therefore, disabling the function in advance is quite understandable. On the good side, Canon had to make a separate processor for video, that is, create a system with two processors, as well as work on the cooling system. But apparently the cameras were being built in the old paradigm, but on the shore they did not think about these issues. For those who only take pictures and do not write video in 8K, this is not a problem at all, but it is still a shame that Canon fell into such childish mistakes at the design stage.

PS Have a good week, more positivity and mood that will support you every day. Summer flew by unnoticed, autumn is ahead, and it has its own charm. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Good luck to you!

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